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2010-08-21, 02:05 AM
If this is in the wrong place, just say.

Hello Playgrounders! I run a semi-succesful god game dubbed "Godhood (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=155369)" (still recruiting!) on these very forums, and I have recently been thinking about making a more rule oriented game, that I would theoretically run here also.

I am posting this instead of just posting a recruitment thread once its done because I need help to decide which one I should persue, and maybe some rules suggestions would be nice if you have them. Here are the concepts I have so far:

Cult Master:
The battleground is a large metropolis, and the goal is control of the senate! Once you conquer that, you conquer the nation! The only problem is that you are alone with your stunning charisma, and don't have an army to conquer the palace with, much less keep the citizens in line afterwords. So, after much thinking, you have decided to start a group that would eventually allow you to control the nation from the background, through corruption.

Your plan has no flaws except for one; There are many other groups vying for control too, so you have to rise to the top of the pack, killing, manipulating, blackmailing, or otherwise disposing of anyone in your way. Who will be the master of corruption?

• Rule a Cult, Church, Guild, Gang, or many more, each with their own benefits and downsides, vying for control of the city block by block!
• Hire spies, town criers, thugs, mind control wizards, payed off nobles, and more to help you on your quest.
• Work to gain more followers by increasing your influence block by block, eventually having so many followers that you can lobby to/mind control/kill the king directly.
• Fight the other players in backstreet battles and assassination attempts, because they sure aren't going to sit there while you take over their blocks! You wouldn't, would you?

My Comments: This one is rough, but from what I imagine, it would be a semi-strategy game where the players would spread their influence through the city blocks of a metropolis, resting control of blocks from the enemy, or maybe causing "unfortunate accidents" to enemies areas and leaders, all the while defending their district against enemy propaganda and, if it comes to it, arsonists, assassins, and thugs.

There would be a fairly large combat factor, but it would be based around back-street knife fights, raids against secret gathering places of the enemy, assassination attempts, and inn brawls that secretly have purpose beyond drunkenness.

Tribal Wars:

This one is even more rough than the last, but it would also be a strategy game, but less so. You would play as a young god, who must prove to the overgod that you are worthy of the power of an elder god. To do this, you must pick a tribe out of the primitive peoples of a small planet, and lead it to victory above the others, crushing the other mewling gods tribes in your way through your tribe.

• Control a tribe of a human-like species, striving towards domination above the other tribes!
• The rough system would be that each turn you get to improve your tribe in two chosen paths (i.e. Food, Medicine, Warriors, Weapon Tech, etc) plus do RP and combat.
•The last tribe alive wins, be it through surviving the drought, killing off all the other tribes, advancing to a level of technology that makes you far superior, or a mix of the above and more. You have to figure out the right mix and couple that with a good imagination and a good sense for strategy.
• I have a concept for combat involving D10s, but I haven't fully fleshed it out yet. Maybe a hex system for movement outside of camp?

Comments: Needs allot more, maybe a way to build more camps, plus NPC barbarians to keep it spicy? It would be RP based like common god-games, but it would also be quite competitive.

As you can tell, the first is much more thought out than the second, but with a douse of imagination I think they both have opportunity to be awesome! Both would be semi free-form along with the rules also (I interpret that as bending the rules for what makes sense instead of what the dice say), and have a GM. I am sorry if they seem un-coherent, I have problems translating my ideas to writing. So yea, thoughts?

2010-08-21, 02:09 AM
Cult Master sounds awesome, what system would you use for it, or what kind of freeform. Never mind read the bottom, missed that lol.

Edit: A modern setting or close future setting would be interesting as well.

2010-08-21, 02:11 PM
Cult Master sounds awesome, what system would you use for it, or what kind of freeform. Never mind read the bottom, missed that lol.

Edit: A modern setting or close future setting would be interesting as well.

Nice, futuristic? Now thats something that just might work. At the very least, maybe a tech level above fantasy.

Wait, what if Tribal Wars was in steampunk or post-apocoliptic? Man, now I have to make both of em eventually :smalltongue:.