View Full Version : I got a break from DM last gaming session

2010-08-24, 02:04 AM
So awhile back I was posting on here for a couple of ideas for possible visions for an ongoing campaign I'm running in D&D 4ed.

Well it took longer to get to the spot I needed the visions but the group finally got there. I had typed up a brief scene description I read for each of the visions and then handed each player a hand out with an npc they would be playing with their motivations and goals (originally I was going to make them full characters but I was looking at 25 characters of various levels from 5 to 20 but it was going to take to much time)

I sat back and let them roleplay through each scene. No dice rolling. well very little. There was some when they had to fight each other.

The players enjoyed it and it let them play different race/class combinations for part of the night.

Just thought I would post on here how good it went. No real reason for posting it lol. Unless some of you DMs out there were thinking of doing something like this but weren't sure I would say do it.