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2010-08-25, 12:08 PM
I iz working on fictional character~


Catelin Smidhe is the daughter of someone who once was well respected as the village's only blacksmith. Sadly, the man was hung for heresy just a few weeks ago, and Catelin is grieving and confused. As far she knew, her father was a faithful and honest man, and that now he's dead, she is a lone young woman in this world.

This just means she has to find someone else to protect her, someone whom she can trust. The headmaster of the college of magic steps into this void, portraying himself as someone who genuinely cares about her. And he does, in a way, care about her. Not as a person, true, but as a potentially useful tool.

Catelin has always been frail and sickly. She has trouble with many physical tasks, as they tend to wear her out quickly, leaving her fatigued and in pain. Worse, her condition has been getting worse, leaving her with even less tasks she can still do without wearing herself out.

However... she knows her father was looking for a cure, something that could help her out. Catelin knows her father had made notes on his progress, but she can't seem to recover those notes. In fact, she fears those notes are what made the inquisition decide her father was a heretic, and that those notes will be forever inaccessible to her.

Catelin has an innate gift for weaving magic, and she enjoys doing such. She doesn't do it too often, however, as she is not always capable of keeping the magic within the borders she assigns to it. As such, she either uses very minor magic, or when she really needs it.

Her gift is, unbeknownst to Catelin, the result of her mother's adultery, as the woman slept with a being of the underworld. This being is known as Gazsi, and is the prince of unbound magic. It is the unbound nature of her magical gift that makes it so easy to use and so hard to control.

Catelin is a reasonably pious follower of the state religion, the worship of the Glorious Sun and the Veiled Lady, the two celestial divinities. However, she occassionally wonders about other forces she has heard about, and what they mean, why their worship is banned. She doesn't voice these questions however, knowing that they are heresy.

These thoughts are usually easily ignored, but when she uses her magical gift, they become more present, harder to ignore. This is due to her ancestry, as the daughter of an underworld prince, which causes thoughts about the underworld to be tied to her gift. These thoughts become like whispers when she uses a lot of magic, suggestive whispers that try to influence her.

While she is a bright girl, Catelin hasn't had any formal education. She knows how to cook and clean, like a proper young woman, but she hasn't the foggiest on more academic subjects. However, the headmaster of the college of magic has heard about her innate skill, and is planning on taking her under his wing.

The headmaster's primary reason, however, is his knowledge about Catelin's ancestry. The nature of her true father, rather than the person who always behaved like her father, is interesting to the headmaster. More interesting however, is that halfbreeds like Catelin aren't terribly common, and this might be his chance to study - and influence - one of them.