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:xykon:Tbone's Compendium:xykon:

This thread will soon become a compendium for the house rules, revisions and homebrew I use in my games. My style of play lends itself to a much higher power level than most games are set at, but my reasoning is as thus: if you can choose between pretending to be a warrior with a greatsword who is fighting an orc warlord, or a warrior hounded by the agents of fate for defying the destiny chosen for him by the gods, wielding a soul-drinking greatsword possessed by the defiant spirit of an ancient holy warrior, fighting the warlord chieftain of a vast orcish army poised to invade the nation's capital with the help of it's fiendish and ogre allies, in the control room of a flying fortress made by the demonic archmage of the enemy army, which would you choose? The choice, to me, was obvious. But originally, D&D just wasn't awesome enough to pull it off, not until far too high of a level.

Heroes should be able to take risks to save the day, they should do the stunts we see in movies and video games. They should wield unique, awesome weapons and have a deep, dramatic impact on the world around them. The player characters, I believe, should be capable of going beyond the impossible, performing actions that most would think impossible or laughable - in a world filled with monsters and corrupt politics, warring kingdoms and petty gods, fiends that seek to destroy mortals and angels that would enforce their own moral codes on all the land, the legendary champions, the player characters, are the defiant ones, the ever-burning sparks of hope in a seemingly endless darkness.

Assuming of course, they stop killing each other for treasure.

NOTE: I use the Pathfinder (http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/) system, which is a fully (I think) backward-compatible revision of D&D 3.5.

The Rules
Character Creation (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=9352424#post9352424)
Skills (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9333436&postcount=4)
Feats (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9352244&postcount=6)
Proficiencies (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=11500184&postcount=61)
Fighting Styles (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=10440251&postcount=57)
Classes (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9428797&postcount=14)
Equipment (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=11448621&postcount=58)
Prestige Classes (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9815826&postcount=46)
Martial Disciplines (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9350383&postcount=5)
Expanded Domains (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9509473&postcount=33)

To-Do List (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9428708&postcount=12)

We Are... The Crew (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9789855&postcount=35)!

And our enemies (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9888843&postcount=47)!

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On the differences between PF point buy and 3.5 point buy:

Pathfinder point buy starts at 10 and the cost for a new ability point is equal to the ability modifier you'd get from that point. For example, 14 costs 2 points.

3.5 point buy starts at 8 and the cost for a new ability point is equal to the ability modifier you already have. 14 costs 1 point in 3.5, but 15 costs 2 points.

Both systems have a minimum point cost of 1, obviously.

2010-09-09, 08:19 PM
Any particular fanmade classes or Sublime styles that you like to use in your games? What about minor tweaks to the rules you like to include? Those would be nice additions.

2010-09-10, 11:14 PM
Skills work as they do in Pathfinder, with the following exceptions...

Athletics: This replaces Climb and Swim, and functions as both of them.
Concentration: This works as it did in 3.5.
Craft: This is now trained only. I would have no idea how to even begin making a decent sword (beyond DC 10), even though I have a positive Intelligence modifier.
Fly: This does not exist; flight functions as it did in 3.5
Knowledge: These can be used untrained. It's amazing the random crap people know in real life, and this particular point of realism is funny.
Linguistics: Decipher Script, Forgery and Speak Language are now all separate skills. Any class that had Linguistics has all of these. I don't mind PCs ignoring these and hiring specialists to do them.

Non-class skills do not cost double any more. All skills have a maximum skill rank equal to your hit dice. You do not get the x4 bonus to skill points at level 1 (this is in Pathfinder already, I am simply re-iterating).

You get a bonus to class skills based on your total hit dice and how many ranks you have in the skill, as indicated on the following table. You only get the bonus if you meet the prerequisite hit dice and skill rank requirements, not one or the other.

Hit Dice|






Class Skills: If a skill is a class skill for any of your classes, it is a class skill for you always. This is just simpler.
Prerequisites: If a skill is a class skill for you, all skill prerequisites are lowered by 3 for that skill. (Since the max skill rank is now your hit dice).

2010-09-13, 05:00 PM
Martial Disciplines
The following martial disciplines are available in my games.

Army of One (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=5710173)
Black Heron (http://sorcererstudios.com/showthread.php?6-Black-Heron-%28Complete%29)
Black Rain (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=5471518)
Chthonic Serpent (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=131567)
Coin's Edge (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=75548)
Crescent Moon (http://www.enworld.org/forum/3334705-post1.html)
Dancing Fox (http://www.enworld.org/forum/3334705-post1.html)
Dancing Leaf (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=85614)
Desert Wind
Devil Tiger (http://sorcererstudios.com/showthread.php?101-Devil-Tiger-%28Use-This-One%29)
Devoted Spirit
Diamond Mind
Dread Crown (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=76218)
Fool's Grip (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=67879)
Golden Saint (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=76150)
Heaven's Arc (http://www.enworld.org/forum/3334705-post1.html)
Iron Heart
Iron Tortoise (http://sorcererstudios.com/showthread.php?9-Iron-Tortoise-%28100-%29-%28BETA-COMPLETE%29)
Jade Throne (http://sorcererstudios.com/showthread.php?32-Jade-Throne-%28BETA%29)
Jade Viper (http://www.enworld.org/forum/3334705-post1.html)
Kaleidoscopic Dream (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=86163)
Madness (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3410915&postcount=5%20Maneuvers%20of%20Madness)
Narrow Bridge (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=113982)
Oncoming Storm (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=54816)
Riven Hourglass (http://sorcererstudios.com/showthread.php?15-Riven-Hourglass-%28BETA-COMPLETE%29)
Sanguine Lotus (http://www.enworld.org/forum/3334705-post1.html)
Scarlet Bravura (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=5569037)
Setting Sun
Shadow Hand
Silver Crane (http://sorcererstudios.com/showthread.php?7-Silver-Crane-%28BETA%29)
Sleeping Goddess (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=5408276) (any psionic character gains this discipline automatically)
Steel Serpent (http://sorcererstudios.com/showthread.php?84-Steel-Serpent-%28BETA-COMPLETE%29)
Stone Dragon (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=165906) (Endarire's re-write)
Tiger Claw
Twin Spirit (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=40991)
White Raven

New Feat: Discipline Training
Prerequisite: Initiator level 1, one discipline available to you that you know no maneuvers or stances from
Benefit: You replace one of your current disciplines available to you in one class that grants martial maneuvers with any other discipline, even one normally unavailable to your class. You may only exchange a discipline in this way if you have knowledge of no maneuvers or stances from it. This feat also grants you one bonus 1st-level maneuver known from your new discipline and a +2 bonus to the discipline's primary skill.

Oncoming Storm[spoiler]Sudden Slash (1st level): Attack a foe, deal 1d10 damage plus your Dexterity modifier in the next round.
Damage increased to balance against other 1st-level damaging maneuvers like Sapphire Nightmare Blade and Lunging Assault.

2010-09-13, 09:33 PM
All feats not detailed in the sections below function as they do in the book they were found in.
Core Rules featsCore Rules feats
Acrobatic: Replaced by Fitness.
Arcane Armor Training: This and the greater version do not require activation, their benefit is always active.
Arcane Strike: Functions as detailed under Complete Warrior.
Armor Proficiency: Lacking proficiency inflicts the traditional penalties to all movement skills in addition to attack rolls.
Athletic: Replaced by Fitness.
Fitness: Grants a +2 bonus to Acrobatics and Athletics.
Great Fortitude/Iron Will/Lightning Reflexes: These are now [luck] feats. In addition to their normal benefits, they each grant you one bonus luck re-roll and the ability to spend one re-roll to re-roll a failed saving throw of the type they grant their +2 bonus to as an immediate action.
Improved Disarm/Grapple/Trip: The bonus these feats grant increases to +4.
Power Attack: Base effects are doubled (-2 attack, +4 damage) and the power of the feat increases at every 3 points of BAB.
Precise Shot: Grants the benefit of Point Blank Shot and Precise Shot. Has no prerequisite.
Run: In addition to the normal benefits, you gain +5 ft. to your base land speed when wearing light or no armor.
Snatch Arrows: This feat does not have to be used on the projectile you deflected, allowing to negate a total of two projectiles per turn.
Toughness: You gain +2 hit points as well as one additional hit point for every Hit Die you possess (and you continue to gain an extra hit point at each subsequent hit die after you take this feat). In addition, you get a +2 bonus to Fortitude saves and heal naturally at double the normal rate. You can spend an action point to ignore the fatigued and exhausted conditions for a number of rounds equal to your Constitution modifier.
Weapon Finesse: The benefits of this feat also apply to any one-handed melee weapons for which you have the Weapon Focus feat.
Weapon Focus: This grants a +2 bonus to attack rolls that increases by +1 four every 4 points of BAB the character has.

Two-Weapon Fighting
Two-Weapon Rend: In addition to the normal benefits, the damage from this feat ignores DR and hardness. The BAB prerequisite is lowered to +7.
Improved Two-Weapon Rend: The damage from Two-Weapon Rend increases to 3d6 + twice your Strength modifier. Requires Two-Weapon Rend and BAB +11.
Complete Warrior (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9930416&postcount=50)
Eberron Campaign Setting (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9930346&postcount=49)

Divine Metamagic
Natural Spell

2010-09-13, 10:01 PM
Character Creation
These are changes to the fundamental rules on character creation.
All characters get a bonus to Initiative check equal to half their character level, rounded down.
Saving Throws work differently. See Below.
Every character has a tier, as detailed below.
Casters get a bonus to the save DC of their spells, as detailed under Spellpower (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9449707&postcount=24).
Every character gets a defense bonus to AC (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9449903&postcount=26) based on their class and level.
Armor grants damage reduction (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9452134&postcount=28) now, mostly.
Multiclassing grants less starting feats (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9449942&postcount=27) and first-level proficiencies work slightly differently.

Saving ThrowsSaving Throws: All characters get a level bonus equal to half their character level, rounded down, to all saving throws. Every class gives a class bonus to certain saving throws, based on the following table. In addition, Reflex is now modified by the better of Dexterity or Intelligence, and Will is now modified by the better of Wisdom or Charisma.
Class Save|
Class Bonus





Prestige classes grant a bonus one "rank" higher than they normally would (so Bear Warrior gives an Excellent Fortitude bonus), unless they have especially high-level requirements, in which case they give bonus two "ranks" higher than normal (so Archmage gives a Perfect Will bonus).
Why? A few reasons.
1) In gestalt, heroes can take a very large number of classes in their secondary class "slot" if their main class covers most of what they care about doing, as it often does. Because Pathfinder does not penalize multiclassing, and I don't want to anyway, this prevents a large bonus to saving throws building up from taking a great number of base classes.
2) Fighters having a really crappy Will save sucks, a lot. Same for most classes. Most important characters with class levels probably shouldn't be gimped by a wizard who knows the right spell to target their one weak save. This does increase a Wizard's survivability, but it also reduces an enemy mage's ability to make non-casters feel useless. While doing this, the barbarian is still tougher than most people, the wizard still gets sick all the time because he dumped CON, and the monk still laughs at everyone's tiny saving throws.
3) One of 4th editions best points was making the archetypes of a calculating warrior and a charismatic, strong-willed leader more viable with their saving throws changes. This replicates that. Constitution is health and stamina, Strength has literally nothing to do with that and is already the primary stat for warriors.
4) The least important reason. It makes figuring out your saving throws just a wee bit easier.

Tier System
I use my own "Character Tier" system for creation of characters. There are 5 tiers: legendary, heroic, elite, standard and mundane. In most of my games, the player characters are legendary-tier and very few other characters share that position. All CR adjustments are based upon this.

Legendary: A legendary-tier character is one of the most important beings in the campaign world, no matter how powerful they already are. This is the hero who held off the invincible demon lord for a year straight in a duel while his allies prepared the ritual to banish the fiend. This is the upstart wizard who shakes the world to its core as he grows beyond the gods in power. These are the player characters and the few individuals scattered across the world who can match their power, versatility and strength of purpose.

Gestalt (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/classes/gestaltCharacters.htm). Dual-progression casting classes are allowed, but all of the spellcasting ability the prestige class affects must be limited to one "side" of the character's class progression. In other words, you cannot make a Mystic Theurge with full caster levels by taking extra levels of cleric and wizard as your secondary class to make up the lost caster levels.
Why? Pure awesome. More character options and versatility makes for more interesting characters, and more variety. I just love gestalt.
Hit points are maximum at each hit die; in addition they add their Constitution score to their hit points. A legendary character dies when their hit points are -(Constitution score + twice character level).
Why? Simple, it sucks when the PC dies. This gives more breathing room in the dying zone and allows the hero to absorb the increased damage - because a legendary character is so powerful, their opponents likely will be too.
Legacy Inheritor: Legendary characters can ignore the penalties associated with one legacy item. The rituals must be performed, but there are no costs or penalties involved with the item and it does not count against the character's Wealth Balance by Level.
Why? One of the coolest things in a video game is often the unique weapon that stays with the hero through his adventures. This makes replicating that easy.
Destiny: Legendary characters have a Destiny and get one Fate point per level. These can be saved from level to level, unlike action points. A newly created character starts with half his level, rounded up, in Fate points or exactly 1 Fate point. Ask the DM.
Why? This is originally from the Star Wars Saga Edition rules, and it serves the same purpose here as there. A Destiny gives a player character a real, solid reason to keep working toward their story goal and some incentive for reaching toward it. Fate points ensure that a fluke die roll doesn't end the story, or that bad circumstances or one wrong tactical choice does not doom the hero or his plans.
Action Points: Legendary characters get 5 action points each level, plus one for every 2 character levels. Every time they level up, they lose all remaining action points. Spending an action points adds 1d6 to one d20 roll, and the use of one can be declared after success or failure is determined. At level 7, the player rolls 2d6 and chooses the best of them. At level 13 this increases to 3d6, again with only the single best roll used.
Why? Fate points are so rare that players may well not want to use them except in emergencies. Action points, given they are lost if not used and can be used after realizing potential failure, encourage risk-taking and cooler stunts.
Beyond the Impossible: Legendary characters have access to the Badass Universal Substitution level (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=6527724).
Why? Primarily because it is cool, but also to encourage players not to worry about making sure their hit die, skill points, attack bonus and saves are all taken care of by their gestalt nature. With the potential to gain this, the player can focus instead on making a cool character. As a bonus, it encourages player ingenuity away from breaking the campaign setting and toward being so awesome that they earn this reward.
Ability scores are generated using 28 point buy (note: Pathfinder point buy works very differently from 3.5).
Why? Legendary characters are supposed to be the peak of power in the game, not be restricted from playing a monk or paladin because of MAD. Weakness is not inherent to these individuals.

Heroic (CR -1): These are the most powerful individuals most are ever likely to encounter. Their ability and versatility reach the peak of mortal potential. They are rare and always impressive; indeed in most cases there is little to differentiate a heroic individual from a legendary one, until fate itself or the gods try to strike them down. A heroic character is the most powerful the world knows. A legendary character redefines and shatters the former limitations of the world.

Gestalt (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/classes/gestaltCharacters.htm). Works as for legendary characters.
Hit points are maximum at each hit die; in addition they add their Constitution score to their hit points. They die at -(Constitution score + character level).
Action Points: As legendary characters.
Ability scores are generated using 25 point buy (note: Pathfinder point buy works very differently from 3.5).

Elite (CR -2): These individuals are naturally more talented than most, they excel at what they do. Within their specialty they are nearly the best, potentially even as skilled as a less focused heroic character. The vast majority of ambitious and powerful individuals, most important NPCs, fall under this category.

Hit points maximum at each hit die. They die at -(Constitution score).
Action Points: As legendary characters, but elite character receive only 3 action points per level, never more.
Ability scores are generated using 20 point buy (note: Pathfinder point buy works very differently from 3.5).

Standard (CR -3): A mercenary for hire, a sheriff, an apprentice wizard, a high priest. Most individuals who go beyond the norm have no ambition to become a warlord or spread their god's will across the land. The majority of them are just like normal people, but with skills most never access. Monsters used directly from the Pathfinder bestiary also fall under this category.

Ability scores are generated using 15 point buy (note: Pathfinder point buy works very differently from 3.5).

Mundane (CR -5): This is the average Joe. He is nothing special, and he probably likes it that way. Indeed, satisfaction with a low, safe position in the status quo could be considered the defining feature of this tier of character, just as defiance of the very idea of being limited by anything is defining of a legendary character.

Limited to NPC classes such as commoner, expert, and warrior.
Half normal hit points.
Ability scores are generated using 5 point buy (note: Pathfinder point buy works very differently from 3.5).

2010-09-13, 11:55 PM
Well, this is... pretty hard to judge. It basically just boosts everybody's power a massive amount, but that may not be enough.

It certainly makes HP damagers a lot worse, though, since most opponents you will fight have maximized HP and die at lower HP, while still having saves exactly the same and minimal/no action points to burn. However, with the massive amount of action points PCs get (at 20th level, getting 45 3d6 bonuses is more than enough), they're basically never going to die from anything but continual wear and tear.

2010-09-15, 03:42 PM
Hit Points: Ah, actually, I make most enemies at Standard tier. "Boss" fights are usually elite, maybe heroic if I want an especially versatile enemy who without making them really high level.

Saves: You have a point here, I've been thinking about this. While monsters are about the same, I'm going to do a slight a boost to the way saving throws works that also will disable a bit of potential gestalt min/maxing by lots and lots of multiclassing.

Action Points: A 20th level hero has 15 action points (half character level, +5), and the bonus is the best roll of the d6 rolls. I'll see if I can make the wording a bit better so that misunderstanding isn't as easy to make.

DCs: A result of the PC's increased power from being Legendary or Heroic tier, is that the monsters they fight are either stronger or in much greater numbers than they usually would, so the saving throw DCs they face are a bit higher anyway. For a grittier game where special abilities are more terrifying, the heroes could be just elite, or even standard. Obviously, I prefer epic heroic fantasy, but I do want my house rules to be flexible enough to accomodate for something else. A team of Standard-tier heroes against a Legendary BBEG who is trying to re-write the cosmos in his image could be really cool.

So, I don't think it's as overpowered as you thought it was, but I most certainly give heroes a large boost to power, especially at Legendary tier. Oddly, my players still worry about the lethality of my adventures; I really am surprised by that at times, how convinced they are that they're all going to die horribly.

2010-09-17, 12:48 PM
Oddly, my players still worry about the lethality of my adventures; I really am surprised by that at times, how convinced they are that they're all going to die horribly.

Probably has something to do with your muchinkiny instincts giving villains the ability to easily dish out 24d6 damage with at will touch attacks. :smalltongue: In all seriousness though, Tatsel is right. Legendary tier is not going to make your players invincible. After all, they have to follow the point buy and progression you set for them, while you can Schrodinger their foes in to being anything you want. As has been said before, making the most powerful character possible, point for point, and leaving you fellow players in the dust is counterproductive when faced with challenges put forth by someone who can simply shove a bolt of divine retribution up your rear end. All Legendary tier does is increase the power scale of the game.

2010-09-24, 02:48 PM
A legendary-tier character is one of the most important beings in the campaign world, no matter how powerful they already are. This is the hero who held off the invincible demon lord for a year straight in a duel while his allies prepared the ritual to banish the fiend. This is the upstart wizard who shakes the world to its core as he grows beyond the gods in power. These are the player characters and the few individuals scattered across the world who can match their power, versatility and strength of purpose.

I'm not all that surprised that nobody gets the upstart wizard reference, but I would've thought that someone would've gotten the "held off the invincible demon lord for a year straight" reference. Oh well. On a more serious note, I would suggest merging skills like Pathfinder did (i.e. Hide and Move Silently are now Stealth). After all, who wants to make two rolls and invest twice the normal amount of skill points to do a single task?

2010-09-26, 12:39 PM
To-Do List

Dread Necromancer
Favored Soul
Monk (re-do, similar to Ultimate)
Paladin (redux)
Psychic Warrior
Soulknife (Mentalist)
Spellthief (Nexus)

New Classes

Adventurer (by Szatany)




Dispel Magic

2010-09-26, 12:52 PM
The Bard
As in Pathfinder (http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/classes/bard.html#bard), except...
Any round in which the bard spends a standard action maintaining bardic music, the round does not detract from your daily allotment of bardic music. Activating suggestion still costs a round of music.
The saving throw DC against Fascinate and Suggestion are equal to 10 + your Bardic music level + your Cha mod. Your "Bardic music level" is equal to your Bard level, plus your levels in any classes that advance bardic music (such as Seeker of the Song), limited by your total character level. Not a complicated number to figure out.
At each level in which a new level of spells is accessed, the bard knows double the normal amount of spells for that level.
The saving throw DC against a spell cast by a Bard is equal to 10 + 1/2 caster level + Cha mod.
Bardic Knowledge grants their full class level to Knowledge checks instead of half.
Performer (lv. 1): Bards can cast spells as though they were applying either the Silent or Still Spell metamagic feat without increasing the effective spell level or casting time, as long as they are using a perform skill.
Comprehend Languages (lv. 4; Su): The bard understands all spoken and written languages, as the spell comprehend languages, though he does not speak them without spending the required skill points.
Versatile Performance: Whenever the bard gains this ability, he regains all skill points invested in the newly covered skills and can re-spend them as he sees fit.
Bardic Music performances are chosen from a list of possible performances. Bards know 4 at level 1 and learn any one they meet the prerequisite for at levels 3, 6, 8, 9, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18 and 20. See spoiler below for list.

Bardic Performances
All performances have a prerequisite of a number of ranks of perform in a Perform skill that could be used to activate the ability (such as singing for countersong, or dancing for distraction). Countersong (1 rank): As in Pathfinder.
Distraction (1 rank): As in Pathfinder.
Fascinate (1 rank): As in Pathfinder, except as above.
Inspire Courage (1 rank): As in Pathfinder.
Inspire Strength (1 rank): While the bard performs, he and allies within 30 feet get a +4 bonus to Strength checks and Strength-based skill checks, and their effective Strength score is increases by +2 for the purposes of carrying capacity.
Tale of the Careful Thief (1 rank): For 1 hour, the bard can tell a story which cannot be interrupted more than once, up to 5 minutes. Any creature with Intelligence 8 or more (including the bard) listening to the bard gains a +4 morale bonus on saving throws against one school of magic (of bard’s choice, same school for all characters) for the next 24 hours. Requires perform (oratory).
Tale of Revenge (1 rank): For 1 hour, the bard can tell a story which cannot be interrupted more than once, up to 5 minutes. Any creature with Intelligence 8 or more (including the bard) listening to the bard gains a +1 morale bonus on attack and damage rolls against one specific race (such as mind flayers or storm giants) for the next 24 hours. Requires perform (oratory).
Inspire Competence (3 ranks): As in Pathfinder.
Dirge of Doom (3 ranks): As in Pathfinder.
Encourage Failure (6 ranks): All opponents within 30’ that can hear you receive a -3 penalty on all rolls. This penalty increases at 8th level and every five bardic music levels thereafter by 2. The effect lasts as long as the opponent hears the song and for 5 rounds thereafter. A Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 bardic music level + Cha mod) will negate its effects. This requires an auditory component.
Suggestion (6 ranks): As in Pathfinder, except as above.
Bolstering Ballad (6 ranks): The Bard can bolster his or an ally's ability to resist harmful effects. The ally to be affected must be within 30 feet and able to hear the bard. The bard can affect an extra ally for every 3 levels beyond 11th. They gain a +4 competence bonus to all saves while the bard performs; this bonus increases to +6 at level 13. This requires an auditory component.
Tale of Overcoming Difficulties (6 ranks): For 1 hour, the bard can tell a story which cannot be interrupted more than once, up to 5 minutes. Any creature with Intelligence 8 or more (including the bard) listening to the bard can re-roll one failed saving throw at any time within next 24 hours. Anyone who does that must accept second result even if it’s worse than the original one. Requires perform (oratory).
Sway (8 ranks): When a target is fascinated, the bard can force another Will save against the same DC to avoid being affected as though by charm person for the duration of the song.
Unravel (8 ranks): The bard spends one round performing to make a dispelling check (using his bardic music level as caster level) against a DC of (10 + CL) to dispel an ongoing Enchantment or Illusion effect. The bard must be able to perceive the affected object, person or space and must be actively aware of the magical effect's presence. Requires countersong. Requires an auditory component.
Dancing Fiend (8 ranks): By focusing on only one target, the bard may affect cause the target to dance as though affected by the Irresistible Dance spell (DC 10 + bardic music level + Cha mod). This requires an auditory component.
Incite Rage (8 ranks): A number of targets within 30 feet equal to the bard's Charisma modifier plus 1 may enter a state a rage as a level 1 barbarian for the duration of the performance. Requires an auditory or visual component
Wanton Tune (8 ranks): The bard can wake to life objects within 60 ft. He can animate up to one tiny object (see Monster Manual, page 13) per Perform rank, or one small object per 2 ranks, or one medium object per 4 ranks, or one large object per 7 ranks, or any combination of those. Objects remain animated for as long as the bard is playing (but no longer than 10 minutes) and they stay within 60 ft. For this ability to work, there must be suitable objects to be animated. Requires an auditory component.
Inspire Greatness (9 ranks): As in Pathfinder.
Dishearten (9 ranks): One opponent (plus one for every three bardic music levels above 9th) within 30’ that can hear you moves 10' slower in all movement modes and receives a -4 penalty on saving throws and AC. At 12th level and every three levels thereafter, this penalty increases by 2 and 5'. The effect lasts as long as the opponent hears the song and for 5 rounds thereafter. A Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 bardic music level + Cha mod) will negate its effects.
Tale of the Resourceful Wanderer (9 ranks): For 1 hour, a bard can tell a story which cannot be interrupted more than once, up to 5 minutes. Any creature with Intelligence 8 or more (including the bard) listening to the bard who has one or more abilities that are usable a limited number of times per day (spells do not qualify), can use one of those abilities one extra time per day any time within the next 24 hours.
Soothing Performance (12 ranks): As in Pathfinder.
Dirge of Binding (12 ranks): One opponent within 30’ becomes paralyzed for as long as the opponent hears the song. A Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 bardic music level + Cha mod) will negate its effects. This requires an auditory component.
Frightening Tune (14 ranks): As in Pathfinder.
Intriguing Tune (14 ranks): The bard can use a round of music to re-roll any Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate check.
Great Heroes Through the Ages (14 ranks): The bard can activate Inspire Heroics and Inspire Greatness at the same time. Requires Inspire Heroics and Inspire Greatness.
Hindering Tune (14 ranks): While the bard performs, spellcasters within 30 feet must make a Concentration check (DC 10 + bardic music level + Cha mod) to cast spells, as though were casting defensively. Requires countersong. Requires an auditory component.
Inspire Heroics (15 ranks): As in Pathfinder.
Mass Suggestion (16 ranks): As in Pathfinder, but requires Suggestion.
Tale of Powerful Magic (16 ranks): For 1 hour, the bard can tell a story which cannot be interrupted more than once, up to 5 minutes. Any creature with Intelligence 8 or more (including the bard) listening to the bard adds +1 to caster level of spells she casts (invocations do not qualify) for the next 24 hours. Requires perform (oratory).
Drain Prowess (18 ranks): One target within 30 feet saves (DC 10 + 1/2 bardic music level + Cha mod) or gains one negative level. This repeats each round the song continues. This requires a visual or auditory component.
Song of Freedom (18 ranks): By spending a full minute performing (10 rounds) the bard can use break enchantment, as the spell (CL = bardic music level) on a single target within 30 feet. Requires countersong and unravel. Requires an auditory component.
Tale of Potent Powers (18 ranks): For 1 hour, the bard can tell a story which cannot be interrupted more than once, up to 5 minutes. Any creature with Intelligence 8 or more (including the bard) listening to the bard adds +1 to DC of their special abilities (spells do not qualify) for the next 24 hours. Requires perform (oratory).
Mass Dancing Fiend (20 ranks): Your dancing fiend ability affects up to one target/bardic music level within 30 feet of you. Requires dancing fiend.
Domination (20 ranks): If a target is already fascinated through another performance, the bard can expend 2 rounds of music to use dominate person as a spell-like ability on the target (DC 10 + 1/2 bardic music level + Cha mod). Requires fascinate, sway and suggestion.
Deadly Performance (20 ranks): As in Pathfinder.

New Feat: Extra Performance
Prerequisite: Bard level 1
Benefit: You learn one new bardic music performance that you meet the prerequisites for.

2010-09-26, 12:54 PM
Barbarian (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9429724&postcount=16): Embrace the power inside yourself, turning your rage and connection to the natural world around you into a finely honed tool for slaughter and survival.
Burning Heart Ace (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=167979): A headstrong hero with a burning will, cutting a path through his enemies with the power of his mad self-confidence and inability to understand his own physical limitations.
Crusader (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9461659&postcount=30): Your unyielding faith grants a font of martial inspiration and tenacity that allow you to overpower enemies with raw force of might and will.
Fighter (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9449843&postcount=25): In a world of wizards, dragons and artifacts you are the fighting man - set apart by your complete mastery of tactical combat and every aspect of war.
Monk (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9449105&postcount=18): Become a living weapon with martial arts talent, mystical powers, and a disciplined mind and body that grant supernatural agility.
Paladin (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9429128&postcount=15): Wield the blessings of your God in one hand and the weapons of your church in the other in a holy war against the enemies of righteousness!
Ranger (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9449517&postcount=22): Become one with your chosen territory and hunt down those who cross you with bow, blade and a vengeful spirit.
Swordsage (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9461574&postcount=29): Master the ancient styles of supernatural combat and perform seemingly impossible stunts with your weapon and body through training, discipline and understanding.
Warblade (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9461809&postcount=31): Unleash the full potential of martial excellence with weapon skills that test the limits of possibility and demonstrate the strength of the pure will to win.

Bard (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=9428786#post9428786): The magic of music and travel offer themselves to you, making you the ultimate magical ambassador or trickster.
Factotum (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=11502382&postcount=62): A jack of all trades that can fill any role for a short time, using inspiration and intellect to make sure to be ready for anything.
Inquisitor (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?374794-3-5-PF-The-Inquisitor-redux-(Tbone)): Grim, brutal agents of faith who hunt down and annihilate corruption. Know everything, then kill it.
Monk (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9449105&postcount=18): Become a living weapon with martial arts talent, mystical powers, and a disciplined mind and body that grant supernatural agility.
Ninja (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=127673): Use supernatural talents and a variety of deception skills to assassinate and confuse your enemies.
Rogue (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9449547&postcount=23): Be a master thief, assassin, scout, and general scoundrel, wielding the greatest possible array of skills and underhanded abilities possible without powerful magic.
Swordsage (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9461574&postcount=29): Master the ancient styles of supernatural combat and perform seemingly impossible stunts with your weapon and body through training, discipline and understanding.
Artificer (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=11546248&postcount=63): Create magical items and invent fantastic devices with magical scientific mastery.
Bard (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=9428786#post9428786): Aid your allies and influence your enemies with a variety of skills and your magical music.
Cleric (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9449333&postcount=21): Draw power from your belief in external sources of divine power, such as deities or a philosophy you believe deeply in and wield it alongside the power that your belief grants you to embody your faith.
Druid (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9449006&postcount=17): Wield the power of nature itself with elemental magic, animal familiars and the ability to take the shape of primal predators.
Ebon Initiate (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=163297) (by ErrantX): Infuse yourself with pure necromantic magic, becoming a veritable gateway to undeath itself and mastering the unlimited font of dark power.
Inquisitor (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?374794-3-5-PF-The-Inquisitor-redux-(Tbone)): Grim, brutal agents of faith who hunt down and annihilate corruption. Know everything, then kill it.
Psion (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9487140&postcount=32): Focus the energy of your mind to warp reality around you, slowly becoming a creature of pure thought in the process.
Sorcerer (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9449160&postcount=19): Call on magical power latent within your bloodline to pour vast amounts of arcane power forth while you slowly transform into one of the magical creatures you inherited the powers from.
Warlock (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=13791666&postcount=66): Call on powers granted you by a foul bargain with fiendish powers to decimate foes and survive impossible odds.
Wilder (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=9815703#post9815703): Use your emotions and raw passion to force reality into a controlled reflection of your intense mind and send yourself into a psionic frenzy.
Wizard (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9449202&postcount=20): Master arcane magic through study and practice, weaving enchantments, crafting magical items and using the power of your mind to remake reality itself as you please.

2010-09-26, 01:52 PM
The Paladin
As in Pathfinder (http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/classes/paladin.html#paladin), except...
4 + Int mod skill points per level.
The paladin knows a small number of martial maneuvers (see table below). They have no method of recovery except 5 minutes of prayer and exercise. The paladin has access to one discipline, chosen from among the list given below the table.
Paladins have a list of spells known that they cast spontaneously from. They know a number of spells equal to the number of spells of that they can use each day (before adding bonus spells from a high Wisdom modifier) +3.

Why? The paladin received a substantial buff in Pathfinder, but it still lacks combat options. They're the sort of characters that really like being able to do one awesome, heroic thing. With no method of quick recovery, only a high-level paladin will be able to use a maneuver every round of the fight.





















Disciplines: Army of One, Crescent Moon, Devoted Spirit, Diamond Mind, Golden Saint, Iron Tortoise, Jade Throne, Scarlet Bravura, Silver Crane, Stone Dragon, Twin Spirit, and White Raven.

2010-09-26, 03:32 PM
The Barbarian
As in Pathfinder (http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/classes/barbarian.html#barbarian), except...

Rage no longer gives a bonus to Constitution; it gives temporary hit points equal to one-half the bonus it used to grant to Constitution multiplied by your hit dice. The morale bonus now applies to all of your saving throws.

Why? This eliminates the problem with barbarians dying as soon as they drop out of their rage, such as by falling unconscious.

2010-09-29, 04:24 PM
The Druid
As in Pathfinder (http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/classes/druid.html#druid), except...

No medium armor proficiency; light and shields only.
Nature's Bond: List of available domains is expanded to include Darkness, Sun and Vermin.
Wild Shape: This ability is replaced in whole by the Shapeshifting ability from the Player's Handbook 2.
Spells Known: Druids now have a spells known list. Every level they gain a level of druidic casting, they learn 3 new spells of any level available to them. They know an additional number of 1st-level spells equal to their Wisdom modifier. They know all orisons. They still have to prepare spells as normal. By spending time and resources in the same way a wizard would to study a new spell, but including time spent meditating in the wilderness or otherwise focusing on the relevant elements, druids can add to their list of spells known. Having another druid teach you the spell eliminates the material cost, but not the cost in time.

Shapeshifting Forms by Level
Lv. 1: Predator Form
Lv. 5: Aerial Form
Lv. 8: Ferocious Slayer Form
Lv. 12: Forest Avenger Form
Lv. 16: Elemental Fury Form

New Feats:
Extended Beast Shape
Prerequisite: Druid level 1.
Benefit: All beast shape spells you cast have a duration of 1 hour/level.

Improved Shapeshift
Prerequisite: Shapeshift supernatural quality
Benefit: You gain the additional benefit of a temporary bonus feat while in shapeshifted forms, according to the list below.

Predator Form: Mobility
Aerial Form: Fly-by Attack

2010-09-29, 04:37 PM
The Monk
As in Pathfinder (http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/classes/monk.html#monk), except...
Fleet of Foot: At 2nd level, a monk gains the ability to ready a move action to move up to their land speed as a move action.
Still Mind works against all mind-affecting effects.
Ki Strikes can use the monk's Wisdom modifier in place of Strength for the attack roll.
Changing Fist: At 2nd level, the monk can change whether her fist deals slashing, piercing or bludgeoning damage as a free action.
Supernal Shell: At 3rd level, the monk's body gains a +1 enhancement bonus as though it were a weapon. Every 2 levels thereafter, the enhancement bonus increases by +1; the monk can choose special abilities such as flaming or holy instead, just like with a normal magical weapon. The monk can change the enhancements to her body by meditating for 12 hours.
Ki Pool aligns your unarmed attack with your alignment at level 10. If you are True Neutral, it remains aligned as Lawful.
Mental Reach (Su): Starting at 11th level, a Monk gains telepathy out to 50ft and as a standard action can duplicate the effects of the Detect Thoughts spell as a supernatural ability against a creature within his telepathy at will.
Diamond Soul only defends against unwanted spells. In addition, it grants SR = 5 + monk level + Wisdom modifier.
Sight Beyond Sight (Su): Starting at 13th level, as a free action, a Monk can expend a readied maneuver of 7th level or higher to gain the benefits of True Seeing until the beginning of his next turn.
Ascetic Curtain (Su): Starting at 15th level, as a swift action, a Monk can expend a readied maneuver of 8th level or higher to issue forth an Antimagic Field effect as the spell for which lasts a number of rounds equal to 1/2 his Wisdom modifier, with the exception that the Field doesn't effect the Monk's possessions or class features.
Tongues of the Sun and Moon (Su): Starting at 16th level (instead of 17th), a Monk can speak with any living creature, and is able to communicate even complex ideas to living creatures of negligible intelligence, such as animals or even vermin.
Zen Perception (Ex): Starting at 17th level, a Monk constantly benefits from a Foresight effect, as the spell.
Perfect Self: The monk instead gain DR 10/-, universal energy resistance +20 and fast healing +5. In addition, if the monk dies, they are instantly resurrected one week later within the realm of dreams as though affected by a wish spell.
Monks have 6 + Int mod skill points per level.
Monks now gained martial maneuvers as the 3.5 Warblade, except with one less maneuver known and readied at any given level. They select two of the following disciplines to have access to: Crescent Moon, Dancing Leaf, Devil Tiger, Diamond Mind, Dread Crown, Golden Saint, Narrow Bridge, Sanguine Lotus, Setting Sun, Shadow Hand, Stone Dragon and Tiger Claw.

2010-09-29, 04:43 PM
The Sorcerer
As in Pathfinder (http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/classes/sorcerer.html#sorcerer), except...
4 + Int mod skill points per level.

2010-09-29, 04:49 PM
The Wizard
As in Pathfinder (http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/classes/wizard.html#wizard), except...
4 + Int mod skill points per level.

2010-09-29, 05:04 PM
The Cleric
As in Pathfinder (http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/classes/cleric.html#cleric), except...

4 + Int mod skill points per level.
Bonus Domain Spell Slots: Clerics do not get these.
Spontaneous Casting: Clerics no longer have the ability to spontaneously cure or inflict. Instead, they can spontaneously cast their domain spells.

New Feat: Selective Channeling
Prerequisite: Energy Channel class feature
Benefit: You can choose to not affect any number of targets caught in your energy channel's area of effect.

COMING SOON: Expanded domains.

2010-09-29, 05:32 PM
The Ranger
As in Pathfinder (http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/classes/ranger.html#ranger), except...
Add Acrobatics to their class skill list.
Level 20: Remove Master Hunter.
Select one of the following sets of abilities to gain: Marksman, Vengeant Hunter, or Steel Tempest. See below.
Track gives their full class level as a bonus to the check instead of half.
Rangers have a spells known list that they cast spontaneously from. They know a number of spells equal to the amount of spells they can cast each day of any given level (before additional spells from a high Wisdom) plus 3.
Rangers know martial maneuvers as a 3.5 warblade would, but with 1 less known and readied maneuver at any given level. The ranger selects two disciplines from among the following to have access to: Army of One, Black Rain, Dancing Leaf, Devil Tiger, Heaven's Arc, Iron Heart, Jade Viper, Oncoming Storm, Shadow Hand, Steel Serpent, Tiger Claw and White Raven.MarksmanPrecision Targeting: A Marksman can choose to fire a single shot as a standard action. This shot deals extra damage equal to the Marksman's Ranger level.
Lethal Ricochet: A 5th level Marksman's aim is incredible, allowing him to ricochet arrows off of objects, hard surfaces or even enemies to damage a hidden or additional foe. When using his precision Targeting ability on a target within his first range increment, the Marksman may choose attack a second target within his first range increment as though he were shooting from that position, with the same attack roll. If there is only one target within range, you may ricochet the shot off of a 5' space to gain a better vantage point on the enemy. The Marksman may effect a third target at 10th level, and one additional every five levels afterward.
Stopping Arrow: A 10th level Marksman becomes adept at not only hitting where it hurts, but also hitting places that will stop a target in his tracks. When a Marksman uses his Precision Targeting ability, he may choose to make a trip attempt against a single foe. He uses his dexterity modifier instead of strength modifier on this trip attempt.
Knockback Arrow: A 15th level Marksman's talents become nearly magical, allowing him to hit a target with such force that he pushes it back. When using his Precision Targeting ability, the Marksman may initiate a bullrush attempt on a single target. He uses his dexterity modifier instead of his strength modifier on this bullrushing attempt.
Full Precision: Once a Marksman reaches 20th level, he can fire his shots with such speed and precision that he can level small armies in seconds. The Marksman may now use his Precision Targeting, and all related abilities on a normal attack action (thus becoming able to make a full-attack with all the special bonuses.)
Vengeant HunterPayback: Once per encounter, a Vengeant Hunter can switch his Favored Enemy class skill for the remainder of the encounter so that it effects one particular enemy. The foe must have attacked him one round prior for this ability to be used. If the Vengeant Hunter possesses multiple Favored Enemy abilities, he may use this ability once with each of them.
Hated Enemy: A 5th level Vengeant Hunter deals an extra 1d6 of damage to all favored enemies. Each time he upgrades a Favored Enemy, the extra damage dice increases by 1d6.
Instant Vengeance: A 10th level Vengeant Hunter may make an attack of opportunity on any enemy who attacks an ally of his. If the Vengeant Hunter is armed with a ranged weapon, he can attack the foe only if he is within his first range increment. If the Vengeant Hunter is armed with a melee weapon, he may move half his movement toward the foe; if he reaches the enemy, he may attack.
Strike of Hatred: A 15th level Vengeant Hunter who has used his payback ability on a foe may choose to end it's effect in an extraordinarily powerful attack. The Vengeant Hunter may choose to end Payback's effect in order to deal five times the number of favored enemy damage and dice in one shot. The Vengeant Hunter must designate he is using this ability before making the attack roll. He retains all Favored Enemy bonuses to attack for this ability, but not afterward.
Moment of Frozen Spite: A Vengeant Hunter who reaches 20th level gains the ability to enter a mindset of pure, icy malice once per day. He treats all enemies present as favored enemies, adding the effects of each of his Favored Enemy and stacking the extra damage dice from Hated enemy to each attack. This mindset lasts for a number of rounds equal to the 1/4 Vengeant Hunter's Ranger level + his Wisdom modifier.
Steel TempestCombat Trance: A Steel Tempest can cast emotions away and enter an icy state of mind allowing incredible speed and power. A number of rounds per day equal to his Ranger level, to a maximum per encounter equal to his constitution modifier +3, a Steel Tempest gains a +2 morale boost to dexterity and strength. At sixth level, and every six levels afterward, he gains an additional +2 to these bonuses. The combat trance is taxing on a Steel Tempest's mind and body, and applies a -2 to all saves until the end of the encounter once it wears off.
Parry: A Steel Tempest of 5th level can block incoming strikes with his own weapons. By expending an attack of opportunity, a Steel Tempest may make an attack roll in response to an incoming melee attack. If his attack roll is higher than that of the attacker, the attack is negated.
Steel Mind and Body: Upon advancing to 10th level, a Steel Tempest adds a +2 bonus to all saves during his combat trance. Note, however, that he still takes the -2 penalty after his trance ends.
Opportune Strike: A Steel Tempest who strikes a target successfully may spend an attack of opportunity to strike it again. If he possesses the Combat Reflexes feat, he may continue striking, so long as he hits, until he runs expends all attacks of opportunity that round.
Hurricane of Blades: When a Steel Tempest finally achieves 20th level, he gains the ability to, once an encounter, unleash a devastating storm of merciless winds to cut his enemies to ribbons. As a full-round action, the Steel Tempest creates a sixty-foot cone of intense winds, dealing a number of d6 equal to the Steel Tempest's Ranger level, plus his dexterity modifier in slashing damage (Reflex save DC=10+1/2Ranger level+dexterity modifier -- half).

2010-09-29, 05:35 PM
The Rogue
As in Pathfinder (http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/classes/rogue.html#rogue), except...
Sneak Attack deals only half damage to targets traditionally immune to it (plants, constructs, undead, etc.) and no damage to those explicitly immune to it under Pathfinder rules.
Trapfinding adds your full class level to skill checks, rather than half.

2010-09-29, 05:59 PM
All spellcaster get a bonus to the DC of their spells based on their caster level.
Why? Saving throws are increased significantly in my games, so casters are allowed a free catch-up.

Rank A: Max spell level 4 (example: paladins, rangers).
Rank B: Max spell level 6 and Invokers (example: bards, psychic warrior, warlocks).
Rank C: Full casters (example: sorcerer, beguiler, druid, generalist wizard).
Rank D: Specialty casters (example: specialist wizard, domain spells for cleric).

Caster Level|





















2010-09-29, 06:18 PM
The Fighter
As the Fighter created by Realm_of_Chaos (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=140278), except... Medium Will save.
4 + Int mod skill points per level.
Fighters have a list of gambits known. They learn one gambit of any tier they have access to at every level, and get an extra number of Minor gambits equal to their Intelligence modifier.
Level 1: Bonus Feat
Level 2: No Quick Draw, Bonus Feat instead.
Level 3: No Bonus Feat, Specialized Swing instead.
Level 4: Bonus Feat replaces Specialized Swing.
Level 6: Bonus Feat
New Feat: Extra Gambits
Prerequisite: Fighter level 1
Benefit: You learn one extra gambit of each tier (Minor, Moderate, Major, Perfect) available to you.

2010-09-29, 06:25 PM
Level-Based Defense
All characters get a defense bonus to AC equal to one-third their character level, rounded down. Individual classes increase this bonus based on the armor proficiency they normally grant, as detailed in the table below.





A character can, upon first gaining proficiency with a tier of armor, refuse the proficiency in exchange for a permanent +2 dodge bonus to AC. This can only be done once for any given type of armor. Forfeiting shield proficinency only grants a +1 dodge bonus to AC. Once forfeited, the character can never gain proficiency in the armor.

2010-09-29, 06:30 PM
Starting Feats
Starting feats are the free weapon, armor and shield proficiencies you get at 1st level in a class.

When you take a level in a new base class after level 1, you only gain one of that classes' starting feats. You gain another starting feat from the class at every even level you take in it.

Classes that previously granted proficiency with all martial weapons now grant proficiency in three weapon groups OR exotic weapons of your choice. Classes that granted proficiency in one martial weapon grant proficiency with one martial weapon group instead. You can exchange a weapon group proficiency for a single exotic weapon proficiency instead.

Note: Martial adepts are proficient with all non-exotic discipline weapons of their chosen disciplines.

The weapon groups are...Axes: battleaxe, dwarven waraxe, greataxe, handaxe, heavy pick, light pick, orc double axe, and throwing axe.

Blades, Heavy: bastard sword, elven curve blade, falchion, greatsword, longsword, scimitar, scythe, and two-bladed sword.

Blades, Light: dagger, kama, kukri, rapier, sickle, starknife, and short sword.

Bows: composite longbow, composite shortbow, longbow, and shortbow.

Close: gauntlet, heavy shield, light shield, punching dagger, sap, spiked armor, spiked gauntlet, spiked shield, and unarmed strike.

Crossbows: hand crossbow, heavy crossbow, light crossbow, heavy repeating crossbow, and light repeating crossbow.

Double: dire flail, dwarven urgrosh, gnome hooked hammer, orc double axe, quarterstaff, and two-bladed sword.

Flails: dire flail, flail, heavy flail, morningstar, nunchaku, spiked chain, and whip.

Hammers: club, greatclub, heavy mace, light hammer, light mace, and warhammer.

Monk: kama, nunchaku, quarterstaff, sai, shuriken, siangham, and unarmed strike.

Natural: unarmed strike and all natural weapons, such as bite, claw, gore, tail, and wing.

Pole Arms: glaive, guisarme, halberd, and ranseur.

Spears: javelin, lance, longspear, shortspear, spear, and trident.

Thrown: blowgun, bolas, club, dagger, dart, halfling sling staff, javelin, light hammer, net, shortspear, shuriken, sling, spear, starknife, throwing axe, and trident.

2010-09-30, 12:06 AM
Armor as Damage Reduction
Rather than grant an armor bonus to AC, armor grants an equivalent hardness rating.

Hardness now also applies against acid damage, is ignored by sonic damage, applies double against fire (for metal) or lightning (for organic), or fire and lighting (for mineral), and applies triple against cold damage.

Magical Armor: A magical enhancement bonus to armor grants the normal Armor bonus to AC.

Rend: Creatures that rely upon multiple attacks to deal damage (like hydras) get this ability. A creature with this ability gains additional benefits if it hits with multiple attacks. All of the creature's attacks against a given target count as one hit for purposes of penetrating armour and causing massive damage. If the attack gets through their armour, the target suffers +1d6 additional damage per 4 HD the creature possess.

Natural Armor: One-fifth of a creature's natural armor is removed from it's AC and becomes a "non-metal hardness."

2010-10-01, 12:30 PM
The Swordsage
As in Tome of Battle, except... Stances gained at 1st level, and every even level afterward.
Quick to Act bonus increases by +1 at all levels (resulting in a bonus of +6 at level 20).
Insightful Strike: Add half your class level (rounded down) to the damage bonus.
Additional abilities at previously empty levels, as listed below.
Lv. 2: Adaptive Recovery (as a bonus feat)
Lv. 3: Maneuver Training: The swordsage considers their base attack bonus to be equal to their hit dice for the purposes of Combat Maneuver Bonus and Combat Maneuver Defense.
Lv. 6: Magical Strike: When using a preferred weapon (any weapon from a discipline for which the swordsage has chosen with a Discipline Focus ability or has taken the Weapon Focus feat for) their attacks pierce damage reduction as though his attacks were magical.
Lv. 11: Imbue Magic Arms & Armor: As the Warlock ability Imbue Magic Item, except the swordsage can only create items that can normally be made with the Craft Magic Arms and Armor feat.
Lv. 13: Aligned Strike: When using a preferred weapon, their attacks pierce damage reduction as though they were aligned with the same alignments the swordsage is. If the swordsage is True Neutral, his attacks instead pierce all damage reduction of outsiders with no aspect of neutrality in their alignment.
Lv. 14: Spell Deflection: While holding a preferred weapon, the swordsage can use an immediate action to gain Spell Resistance 10 + their Initiator Level for 1 round.
Lv. 18: Dual Boost 1/day
Lv. 19: Adamantine Strike: When using a preferred weapon, their attacks pierce damage reduction and hardness as though they were adamantine.

Disciplines Available (choose six)
Black Heron
Black Rain
Chthonic Serpent
Coin's Edge
Crescent Moon
Dancing Fox
Dancing Leaf
Desert Wind
Devil Tiger
Diamond Mind
Fool's Grip
Golden Saint
Jade Throne
Jade Viper
Kaleidoscopic Dream
Narrow Bridge
Oncoming Storm
Riven Hourglass
Sanguine Lotus
Setting Sun
Shadow Hand
Silver Crane
Steel Serpent
Stone Dragon
Tiger Claw

2010-10-01, 12:49 PM
The Crusader
As in Tome of Battle, except... Furious Counterstrike has no maximum to the bonus it grants.
Smite becomes Smiting Strike, but otherwise works the same (Smite has been changed in Pathfinder).
Hit Die is d12
Lv. 01: Furious Counterstrike, Steely Resolve 10
Lv. 02: Indomitable Soul
Lv. 03: Zealous Surge 1/day
Lv. 04: Steely Resolve 20
Lv. 05: Smiting Strike 1/encounter
Lv. 06: Bonus Feat
Lv. 07: Zealous Surge 2/day
Lv. 08: Steely Resolve 30
Lv. 09: Mettle
Lv. 10: Bonus Feat
Lv. 11: Zealous Surge 3/day
Lv. 12: Steely Resolve 40
Lv. 13: Smiting Strike 2/encounter
Lv. 14: Bonus Feat
Lv. 15: Zealous Surge 4/day
Lv. 16: Steely Resolve 50
Lv. 17: Improved Mettle
Lv. 18: Bonus Feat
Lv. 19: Zealous Surge 5/day
Lv. 20: Wrath of God, Steely Resolve 60

Bonus Feat list: Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Diehard, Great Fortitude, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Overrun, Improved Shield Bash, Improved Sunder, Iron Will, Power Attack, Shield Focus, Toughness. In addition, any feat that requires a maneuver from a Crusader discipline the character has access to may be taken as a bonus feat.
Improved Mettle: Whenever you fail a Fortitude or Will save against anything that would have only partial effect on a successful save, you instead only take the partial effect.
Wrath of God: The attack and damage bonus from Furious Counterstrike count double when making a Smiting Strike. In addition, as a full-round action you may restore your uses of Smiting Strike.

Disciplines Available (choose three)
Black Heron
Black Rain
Devil Tiger
Devoted Spirit
Dread Crown
Golden Saint
Iron Tortoise
Narrow Bridge
Sanguine Lotus
Scarlet Bravura
Silver Crane
Stone Dragon
Twin Spirit
White Raven

2010-10-01, 01:19 PM
The Warblade
As in Tome of Battle, except... Maneuvers known increases by one, maneuvers readied increases faster, stances gained at different levels.
New abilities, as detailed below.
Expanded bonus feat list.
Lv. 01: Battle Clarity (reflex saves), Weapon Aptitude, (+1 maneuver known)
Lv. 02: Uncanny Dodge
Lv. 03: Battle Ardor (critical confirmation)
Lv. 04: (+1 stance and maneuver readied)
Lv. 05: Bonus Feat
Lv. 06: Improved Uncanny Dodge
Lv. 07: Battle Cunning (damage vs. flat-footed/flanked)
Lv. 08: (+1 stance and maneuver readied)
Lv. 09: Bonus Feat
Lv. 10: Warcraft
Lv. 11: Battle Skill (combat maneuver bonus)
Lv. 12: (+1 stance and maneuver readied)
Lv. 13: Bonus Feat
Lv. 14: Warcraft
Lv. 15: Battle Mastery (opportunity attack & damage)
Lv. 16: (+1 stance and maneuver readied)
Lv. 17: Bonus Feat
Lv. 18: Warcraft
Lv. 19: Battle Supremacy
Lv. 20: Stance Mastery, (+1 stance and maneuver readied)

Bonus Feat list: Acrobatic, Agile, Athletic, Blade Meditation, Blind-Fight, Combat Reflexes, Diehard, Endurance, Evasive Reflexes, Great Fortitude, Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Quick Draw, Run, and Toughness. In addition, the warblade may select any feat that has maneuvers from one of his available Warblade disciplines as a prerequisite.

Battle Supremacy: The Warblade adds his Intelligence modifier to his weapon damage whenever he scores a critical hit.

At levels 10, 14 and 18, the Warblade selects one of the following abilities. No ability can be selected more than once unless otherwise specified. Adapt to Opponent (Ex): The Warblade knows how to adapt to an opponent’s combat techniques and thus gain an advantage over the course of a battle. For every two rounds the Warblade is engaged in combat with an opponent, or observes that opponent fighting, he gains a cumulative +1 circumstance bonus on attack rolls, damage rolls, and AC against that opponent until the end of the encounter. This bonus cannot exceed +1 per 5 Warblade levels.
Adaptive Flurry: When the Warblade refreshes his maneuvers with a flurry, he can change what his readied maneuvers are.
Armored Mobility (Ex): The Warblade treats any medium armor he wears as light for purposes of determining his speed and running capabilities.
Articulation (Ex): The Warblade ignores 2 points of armor check penalty and increases the maximum Dex bonus of any armor he wears by +2.
Battlefield Superiority (Ex): The Warblade suffers a cumulative -3 penalty on all iterative attacks, instead of the usual -5. For example, a character with BAB +19 and this ability performs full attack with +19/+16/+13/+10 bonuses, not +19/+14/+9/+4.
Charging Strike: The Warblade can use a martial Strike that takes a standard action to initiate as his attack at the end of a charge.
Counterstrike (Ex): The Warblade quickly responses to every attack. Every creature which attacks him with melee or ranged weapon and is threatened by him, takes damage equal to his Intelligence modifier.
Counter-Tactics: Archers (Ex): The Warblade knows how to defend himself from projectiles and thrown weapons. He gains a +3 dodge bonus to AC against all ranged attacks.
Counter-Tactics: Brutes (Ex): The Warblade knows how to fight melee opponents who rely on brute force. Opponents gain only half their Strength bonus to attack rolls against him.
Counter-Tactics: Flyers (Ex): The Warblade knows how to fight flying creatures. He gains a +5 dodge bonus to AC against flying opponents, and a +3 dodge bonus to AC against opponents attacking from higher ground or horseback.
Counter-Tactics: Fencers (Ex): The Warblade knows how to fight melee opponents who use various skillful tactics. He gains a +5 bonus to Combat Maneuver Defense.
Counter-Tactics: Giants (Ex): The Warblade can undergo training similar to the dwarven anti-giant training. He gains a +2 dodge bonus to AC against opponents who are one size category larger than him. This bonus increases by +2 for each difference in size category. For example, a large warblade gains +6 dodge bonus to AC against all colossal creatures. Despite being of different types, this AC bonus does not stack with the dwarven AC bonus against giants.
Counter-Tactics: Leaders (Ex): The Warblade knows how to fight opponents who command their troops. As a standard action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity, he can make an Intimidate check to demoralize opponents (see Intimidate skill, page 76). Every opponent within 30 feet with an Intelligence score of 3 or more that becomes demoralized loses all morale bonuses to abilities, attack rolls, damage rolls, and skills (this includes bonuses from spells and spell-like effects), for a number of rounds equal to 3 + the warblade's Charisma modifier.
Counter-Tactics: Mages (Ex): The Warblade knows how to fight spellcasters. He gains +5 dodge bonus to AC against spells and spell-like abilities. In addition, he gets a +2 morale bonus on saving throws again spells and spell-like abilities.
Counter-Tactics: Mobs (Ex): The Warblade knows well how to defend himself from multiple opponents at the same time. He gains +2 dodge bonus to AC and Damage Reduction 5/- against attacks made by all opponents after the first one in any given round.
Counter-Tactics: Opportunists (Ex): The Warblade knows how to fight melee opponents who use opportunity to deliver deadly blows. He gains +5 dodge bonus to AC against attacks of opportunity and gains Damage Reduction equal to half his Warblade level against precision damage.
Counter-Tactics: Runners (Ex): The Warblade knows how to fight highly mobile creatures. As a free action after hitting with a melee attack, the Warblade can make a grapple attempt.
Counter-Tactics: Snatchers (Ex): The Warblade knows how to fight grasping creatures. He gains +5 dodge bonus against grapple attempts and bite attacks. He also gains Damage Reduction equal to half his fighter level against bite attacks, constriction, and crushing damage when swallowed whole.
Diversity (Ex): Each feat that works with only one weapon the warblade has, now applies not to one weapon, but to a number of weapons equal to 3 + the warblade's Intelligence bonus (if positive).
Thrown Strike: The Warblade can treat thrown attacks as melee attacks for the purposes of initiating martial maneuvers. In addition, he gains the Throw Anything feat.

Disciplines Available (choose five)
Army of One
Black Rain
Dancing Leaf
Devil Tiger
Diamond Mind
Iron Heart
Iron Tortoise
Jade Throne
Oncoming Storm
Scarlet Bravura
Stone Dragon
Tiger Claw
Twin Spirit
White Raven

New Feat: Extra Warcraft
Prerequisite: Warblade level 10
Benefit: You learn one new Warcraft.

Thanks to Szatany and the folks at the Ultimate Classes LiMaWiki for many of the Art of War abilities.

2010-10-05, 11:16 AM
The Psion
As the Ultimate Psion (http://www.liquidmateria.info/wiki/Ultimate_Psion), except... Different psionic power progression, as detailed in the table below
Maximum power level known is the same as in 3.5, not the Ultimate Psion
d6 hit die
Concentration returns to skill list
Font of Power (lv. 20): Once per day, a level 20 Psion can enter an enhanced mental state that last for 5 rounds. During this time, the Psion can manifest powers that would normally be a standard action as a move action by spending twice the normal amount of power points. In addition, the Psion immediately restores any power points spent on a power manifested as a standard action.
Power Points|
Powers Learned






















2010-10-08, 03:56 PM
Expanded Domains
All domains will be updated to become much more important choices for characters who have access to them, as in Pathfinder.

PainPain Domain
Granted Power, Sadistic Blow: The next melee attack you make grants you a number of temporary hit points equal to your cleric level. The temporary hit points last until the end of the encounter. If the attack misses, the ability still counts against your daily limit. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

1 Critical Strike
2 Decomposition
3 Blade of Pain and Fear
4 Wrack
5 Symbol of Pain
6 Fleshshiver
7 Energy Ebb
8 Horrid Wilting
9 Wail of the Banshee
SunSun Domain
Granted Power, Sun's Blessing (Su): Whenever you channel positive energy to harm undead creatures, add your cleric level to the damage dealt. Undead do not add their channel resistance to their saves when you channel positive energy.

Granted Power, Nimbus of Light (Su): At 8th level, you can emit a 30-foot nimbus of light for a number of rounds per day equal to your cleric level. This acts as a daylight spell. In addition, undead within this radius take an amount of damage equal to your cleric level each round that they remain inside the nimbus. Spells and spell-like abilities with the darkness descriptor are automatically dispelled if brought inside this nimbus. These rounds do not need to be consecutive.

1 Luminous Gaze (SC)
2 Searing Light
3 Light of Venya (SC)
4 Blistering Radiance (SC)
5 Lucent Lance (SC)
6 Anger of the Noonday Sun (SC)
7 Sunbeam
8 Sunburst
9 Undeath's Eternal Foe

List of Domains

fil kearney
2010-10-12, 03:33 PM

I'm not sure about this stuff. I like the ideas, but I haven't done any in-depth analysis of how they would work. These would replace the normal systems.

Weapons: Add a Speed rating to each weapon. The Speed rating determines the iterative attack penalty with that weapon. This carries with it a number of other potential changes, but that's the basis. If you're one of my players or close associates, you know what I'm talking about here. The following table explains the iterative penalty. No magic items or spells will affect weapon Speed, at all, ever, period. One feat will, and a mithral weapon will have Speed +1. Two-Weapon Fighting will also interact with weapon speed.

the Everquest RPG used this system... I assume you are referencing it?
There were a lot of holes in that system tho. I patched it HERE (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=9536577#post9536577)

2010-11-18, 12:11 PM
A strange pirate crew is forming!
Captain: Tatsel Ganav (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9789980&postcount=36)
First Mate: Karl Logan (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9809016&postcount=37)
Chef: Gann (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9809022&postcount=38)
Doctor: Feldon d'Jorasco (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9809027&postcount=39)
Engineer: Seebo (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9809029&postcount=40)
Musician: Spike (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9809044&postcount=41)
Navigator: Ciel d'Lyrander (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9809531&postcount=43)
Sniper: Tarisma Vonue (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9809099&postcount=42)

2010-11-18, 12:42 PM
Tatsel Ganav, the Captain
Legendary male human
Ebon Initiate/ Dread Necromancer 4
Character Theme: Welcome to the Black Parade
Battle Theme: Nightmare Fiction
Triumph Theme: Party Poison

STR: 15
DEX: 12
CON: 13
INT: 18
WIS: 8
CHA: 20

HP: 55
(Hardness 3, x0 vs. sonic, x2 vs. lightning, x3 vs. cold)
AC: 16 (+1 dex, +2 class, +3 dodge)
Init: +7
Fort: +11
Ref: +13
Will: +14
BAB: +3
CMB: +5
CMD: 16
Spd: 30
AP: 7
Fate: 2

[1] Appraise +8
[4] Bluff +22
[3] Concentration +7
[4] Diplomacy +22
[3] Heal +5
[4] Intimidate +12
[3] Knowledge: arcana +10
[1] Knowledge: history +8
[2] Knowledge: nobility and royalty +9
[3] Knowledge: religion +10
[2] Knowledge: the planes +9
[4] Sense Motive +6
[3] Spellcraft +10
[3] Stealth +7

Light armor only
Stingray whip

Fell Animate
Improved Initiative
Lightning Reflexes
Profane Lifeleech
Quicken Spell
Spell Focus: Necromancy

Dread Necromancer
Charnel Touch: As a swift action, he can add 1d8+1 negative energy damage to his next touch attack. This damage is minimized if used to heal undead, but he can heal himself like this as a swift action, requiring no actual action to do so.
Corporeal Bastion: He has a +2 bonus to Fortitude saves (included above).
Lich Body (DR 2/bludgeoning and magic)
Negative Energy Burst (1/day): 4d4 negative energy damage, 5-ft. radius.

Ebon Initiate
Aura of the Dead: -2 Diplomacy/Handle Animal and +2 Intimidate against targets unaccustomed to death, +4 Diplomacy against sentient undead.
Black Banner: Command Undead allows him to command up to twice his hit dice and can control up to six times his hit dice in undead with animate dead and similar abilities.
Dark Grace: Adds his Charisma modifier to his saving throws.
Detect Undead: Spell-like ability, CL 4, at will

Netherchannel +2d6
Allure of the Dead (1st) – By invoking the allure of the dead, the ebon initiate takes on some of the social grace and artificial charm of the vampire. While in use, the character gains a +10 to Bluff and Diplomacy checks, and this bonus persists for 24 hours.
Desecration Aura (2nd) – (Aura) Calling upon the powers of the Underworld, the ebon initiate may radiate energies in a 30-ft radius aura that is friendly to undead creatures. While this aura invocation is in effect, the character radiates a 30-ft radius aura of the spell desecrate, with a duration of 24 hours.
Nether Spear (2nd) – Allows for a long range (400ft + 40ft per CL) spike of necrotic energy as a ranged touch attack, used as a standard action.
Osseous Channel (2nd) – Netherchanneling attack becomes filled with spines and spikes of bone, causing its damage to become half-piercing damage, and causes bleeding wounds inflicting an addition 1d4 points of damage the following 2 rounds.
Spiderwalk (2nd) – Just as the vampire, the ebon initiate may borrow their affinity for climbing by use of this invocation. While under the power of this invocation, the character benefits from the effects of the spell spiderclimb for 24 hours.

Necrotic Energy: 27
Detect Magic
Dancing Lights
Disrupt Undead
Ghost Sound
Mage Hand
No Light
Preserve Organ
Slash Tongue
Touch of Fatigue
Unnerving Gaze

1st-Level Spells 6
Bestow Wound
Cause Fear
Chill Touch
Detect Undead
Hide from Undead
Inflict Light Wounds
Ray of Enfeeblement
Summon Undead 1
Undetectable Alignment

2nd-Level Spells 3
Command Undead
Death Knell
False Life
Gentle Repose
Ghoul Touch
Inflict Moderate Wounds
Spectral Hand
Summon Swarm
Summon Undead 2

Gear [10 gold]
Masterwork sharkskin armor (hardness 3, max dex +6, armor check -0, 10% spell failure)
Masterwork stingray whip
Panic button: escaping
Glamerweave clothing
Handy haversack
Acid, stonebreaker [2]
Acid, vial [2]
Antitoxin [2]
Bolt cutters
Candle [95]
Chalk, piece [5]
Clearwater tablets [7]
Dagger [2]
Everfull Mug
Expandable pole
Feather fall talisman
Feather token - anchor
Flint & steel
Flour, pouch of [4]
Garlic, clove [10]
Healer's kit
Healing salve [6]
Holy water [2]
Ink, black, 1 oz. vial [5]
Inkpen [2]
Insectbane candle [3]
Lock, amazing
Magnet, small
Magnifying glass
Manacles, masterwork
Marbles, pouch of [10]
Metal tongs
Mirror, small steel
Oil, flask of [10]
Paper, forger's [3]
Papers, ID and traveling (false)
Parchment [20]
Piton [10]
Potion of invisibility
Rope, earthsilk, 50 ft. [6]
Rust monster wand
Sack, empty [3]
Sausages, lightly salted [10]
Scroll of protection from arrows
Signal whistle
Slings [20]
Smokestick, noxious [2]
Soap, 1 lb. [6]
Spell component pouch [2]
Spellshard, blank [15]
Sunrods [2]
Tanglefoot bag [3]
Tindertwigs [10]
Trail bars [5]
Unholy water [2]
Universal solvent
Vial, empty [10]
Waterskin [5]

2010-11-21, 12:27 PM
Karl Logan, the First Mate

STR: 14
DEX: 18
CON: 14
INT: 14
WIS: 14
CHA: 12

[4] Acrobatics +11
[4] Athletics +9
[4] Bluff +10
[2] Disable Device +13
[2] Disguise +6
[2] Forgery +6
[4] Intimidate +10
[4] Martial Lore +6
[4] Perception +6
[1] Profession (Sailor) +6
[1] Profession (Gambler) +6
[4] Sense Motive +10
[4] Sleight of Hand +11
[4] Stealth +11

2010-11-21, 12:28 PM
Gann, the Chef

2010-11-21, 12:29 PM
Feldon d'Jorasco, the Doctor

2010-11-21, 12:30 PM
Seebo, the Engineer

2010-11-21, 12:35 PM
Spike, the Musician

2010-11-21, 12:47 PM
Tarisma Vonue, the Sniper

2010-11-21, 02:24 PM
Ciel d'Lyrander, the Navigator
Elite female half-elf
Storm Druid 4

STR: 10
DEX: 14
CON: 14
INT: 12
WIS: 20
CHA: 8

HP: 36
AC: 15 (+2 dex, +2 class, +1 dodge)
Init: +4
Fort: +6
Ref: +4
Will: +6
BAB: +3
CMB: +5
CMD: 15
Spd: 30
AP: 3

[2] Athletics +6
[2] Handle Animal +7
[1] Heal +9
[4] Knowledge: geography +8
[4] Knowledge: nature +10
[2] Linguistics +3
[2] Perception +10
[2] Profession: sailor +12
[1] Spellcraft +5
[4] Survival +13


Druid weapons: club, dagger, dart, scimitar, scythe, shortspear, sickle, sling, staff and spear.
Light armor

Augment Summon
Least Dragonmark of Storms
Precise Shot
Skill Focus (Profession: Sailor)
Spell Focus: Conjuration


Sudden Storm: She can spontaneously convert any spell into an equal or lesser-level domain spell.
Wild Empathy +3
Windwalker: The penalties from natural or magical wind effects are treated as one step less severe for her.
Stormvoice: Her voice can magically carry over howling winds and peals of thunder. Whenever a Perception check is needed to hear her voice, the DC is reduced by an amount equal to her level.
Eyes of the Storm: She can see through 10 feet of magical fog, mist, gas, wind, rain, or similar inclement weather conditions, ignoring any concealment it might grant..
Storm Burst (8/day): As a standard action, she can create a storm burst targeting any foe within 30 feet as a ranged touch attack. The storm burst deals 1d6+2 points of nonlethal damage. In addition, the target is buffeted by winds and rain, causing it to take a –2 penalty on attack rolls for 1 round.

Predator Form: Bite 1d6 (+1 enhancement), +4 Str, +4 natural armor, +20 ft. land speed, Mobility.

>> Orisons (4)
Detect Poison: Detects poison in one creature or object.
Know Direction: You discern north.
Light: Object shines like a torch.
Mending: Makes minor repairs on an object.
>> 1st-level (5)
Cure Light Wounds: Cures 1d8 damage + 1/level (max +5).
Delay Disease: Ravages of disease are staved off for a day.
Detect Animals or Plants: Detects kinds of animals or plants.
Entangle: Plants entangle everyone in 40-ft. radius.
Jump: Subject gets bonus on Acrobatics checks.
Longstrider: Your speed increases by 10 ft.
Magic Fang: One natural weapon of subject creature gets +1 on attack and damage rolls.
Obscuring Mist: Fog surrounds you.
Sandblast: You fire hot sand that deals 1d6 nonlethal damage, stuns enemies in 10-ft. burst around you.
Speak with Animals: You can communicate with animals.
Snake's Swiftness: Subject immediately makes one attack.
Wall of Smoke: Wall of black smoke obscures vision and nauseates those who pass through.
>> 2nd-level (3)
Barkskin: Grants +2 (or higher) enhancement to natural armor.
Chill Metal: Cold metal damages those who touch it.
Daggerspell Stance: You gain +2 insight bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls if you make a full attack, SR 5 + caster level if you fight defensively, and DR 5/magic if you use the total defense action.
Flaming Sphere: Rolling ball of fire deals 3d6 fire damage.
Fog Cloud: Fog obscures vision.
Resist Energy: Ignores 10 or more points of damage per attack from specified energy type.
Restoration, Lesser: Dispels magical ability penalty or repairs 1d4 ability damage.

Gear [6000]
Eternal wand of obscuring mist
Wand of faerie fire [50]
Wand of endure elements [50]
2 bone talismans of animal messenger
2 bone talismans of owl's wisdom
1 bone talisman of tree shape
Anklet of translocation
Dagger w/phoenix ash threat, least
Amulet of vermin, giant wasp
2 bone talismans of speak with animals
1 potion of mage armor
1 bone talisman of camouflage
1 bone talisman of beastland ferocity
1 bone talisman of branch to branch
1 bone talisman of horrible taste
Hermit's belt

2010-11-22, 02:36 PM
The Wilder
As in the 3.5 SRD (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/classes/wilder.htm), except...
Hit Die: d8
Powers Known: Two at level 1, one power gained every level.
Psychic Enervation: No percentage chance, Will save DC (5 + 5 times surge bonus + twice number of surges used in this encounter so far) negates dazing effect.
Volatile Mind: If someone targets you with a mind affecting spell, power, or ability, they must make a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 Wilder level + Cha mod) or be dazed for one round. This does not apply if you are in a mind affecting area of effect. Volatile Mind is a mind affecting ability, although it does not trigger Volatile Mind from other Wilders.

2010-11-22, 02:37 PM
The Pyrokineticist
As in the 3.5 SRD (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/prestigeClasses/pyrokineticist.htm), except...
+1 manifester level at each class level (full progression)
Fire Lash is a melee touch attack, not a ranged touch attack
Searing Will: At 5th level, the pyro's class features and psionic powers ignore half of any creature's fire resistance and even deal 50% damage to creatures immune to fire, except those with those fire subtype. At 10th level this ability improves to ignore 75% of fire resistance and immunity (including those with the fire subtype). In addition, a 10th level pyro's flames are not affected by fire absorption abilities.

2010-11-22, 02:54 PM
Prestige Classes
Pyrokineticist (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9815719&postcount=45): Wield the full power of the mind's fire.

2010-12-03, 03:37 PM
The Enemies of the Crew
Captain Frances d'Lyrander (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9888863&postcount=48)

2010-12-03, 03:40 PM
Frances d'Lyrander, Captain of the Four Winds
Heroic male Kyton-bound half-elf
Ranger/Warlock 5

STR: 15
DEX: 20
CON: 12
INT: 14
WIS: 8
CHA: 16

HP: 67
AC: 22 (+5 dex, +2 profane, +2 class, +3 dodge)
Init: +7
Spd: 30
AP: 7

Skills [45]


Light armor
Light blades

Least Dragonmark of Storms
Skill Focus (bluff)
Quick Draw
Lvl 3
Lvl 5

Favored Enemies
He gets a bonus on Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival checks against creatures of his selected type. Likewise, he gets a +2 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls against them. He may make Knowledge skill checks untrained when attempting to identify these creatures.
Humanoid: Humans +4
Monstrous Humanoids +2
Hated Enemy (+1d6): He deals extra damage to all favored enemies.
Payback: Once per encounter as a free action, he can switch his Favored Enemy for the remainder of the encounter so that it effects one individual target. The foe must have attacked him one round prior for this ability to be used. If the he possesses multiple Favored Enemy abilities, he may use this ability once with each of them.

Favored Terrain
He gains a +2 bonus on initiative checks and Knowledge (geography), Perception, Stealth, and Survival skill checks when he is in this terrain. When traveling through his favored terrain normally leaves no trail and cannot be tracked (though he may leave a trail if he so chooses).
Water +2

Special Qualities
Hunter's Bond (___)
Tracking +5
Wild empathy +8

Maneuvers (3 readied)
Black Heron
Intimidating Force
Strength of Two
Unfettered Progression

Tiger Claw
Claw at the Moon
Sudden Leap

Black Heron Stance
Blood in the Water

Contract Bound (Ex): A devil-bound creature has signed a contract of service in return for the abilities granted by this template. The devil must reveal its nature when the contract is offered, and it cannot hide the details of the contract in any way. The exact conditions of the contract vary with the individual devil, but all require that when the devil has accomplished certain goals or when a certain amount of time has passed, the signer must perform a specific task or set of tasks for the devil that offered the contract. The signer might or might not be granted the powers of the devil-bound template while completing the devil’s tasks. If the signer fails to complete the tasks as specified in the contract, its soul appears as a gem in the devil’s possession (as though the signer were the target of a soul bind spell), regardless of distance or plane of origin. If the devil is dead and the signer dies before completing her tasks, her soul is destroyed, and she cannot be brought back to life by any means. No magic can free a creature from a devil’s contract; only the intervention of a deity can break the binding.

Animate Rope or Chain (Su): At will, a Kyton-bound creature can animate a rope or chain of any thickness as if with the animate rope spell (caster level equals Kyton-bound creature’s character level). The Kyton bound creature can also cause any lock or manacle attached to a chain to lock or open when using this ability.

Unnerving Gaze (Su): A Kyton-bound creature can make its face resemble one of an opponent’s departed loved ones or bitter enemies. At will as a standard action, the Kyton-bound creature can target a single opponent within 30 feet with its unnerving gaze. The target must succeed on a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 devil-bound creature’s character level + devil-bound creature’s Cha modifier) or take a –2 penalty on attack rolls for 1d3 rounds.

Regeneration 2/silver or good (regrow in 2d6x10 minutes)

Immunity, fire and poison
Resist, acid and cold 10

2010-12-09, 03:30 PM
Eberron Campaign Setting feats
Action Boost: Grants an additional action point at each level in addition to the normal benefit.
Ecclesiarch: Grants Diplomacy instead of Gather Information to class skills.
Education: Grants +2 to any two Knowledge skills instead of +1.
Greensinger Initiate: Adds Stealth instead of Hide to class skills.
Warden Initiate: Grants a +2 bonus to Athletics checks instead of granting new class skills.

2010-12-09, 03:38 PM
Complete Warrior feats
Arterial Strike: Inflicts 1 point of bleed.
Dash: The benefits of this feat are now included in Run.
Favored Power Attack: Instead of the normal benefits, you increase the damage bonus gained from Power Attack by +1 per point of attack roll you give up when striking a favored enemy. The feat works as normal in conjunction with Improved Power Attack (below).
Improved Power Attack: When using the power attack feat you may sacrifice an additional amount of accuracy up to a combined maximum penalty equal to your base attack bonus. The additional attack penalty gives a 1-to-1 damage bonus per attack penalty, doubled for weapons held in two hands. (effectively this works as the original Power Attack but without the +5 limit, added onto Pathfinder's Power Attack). Requirements: Power Attack, BAB +5
Improved Toughness: Double the hit points gained from this feat.

Dante & Vergil
2010-12-26, 11:35 PM
Cool stuff. Keep it going!!

2011-02-04, 08:57 PM
Dread Necromancer
As in Heroes of Horror, except...
Cantrips: Dread Necromancers know the following spells as cantrips.
- Bleed
- Detect Magic
- Dancing Lights
- Disrupt Undead
- Ghost Sound
- Mage Hand
- No Light (Book of Vile Darkness)
- Preserve Organ (Book of Vile Darkness)
- Slash Tongue (Book of Vile Darkness)
- Touch of Fatigue
- Unnerving Gaze (Book of Vile Darkness)

Variant: Undead Dread Necromancer
Undead do not gain many of the benefits from being a dread necromancer. As such, the following is a set of alternate class features for an undead Dread Necromancer.
Level 4, Corporeal Bastion: The Undead Dread Necromancer gains a +2 bonus to Fortitude saves. This bonus increases to +4 at 14th level. This replaces Mental Bastion.

More to come if anyone ever wants to play a Dread Necromancer past level 8.

2011-02-06, 01:20 AM
Two-Weapon Fighting
Two-Weapon Fighting is replaced by the following special attack option and series of feats.

Two Weapon Fighting (combat option): You can attack with a second weapon in combat. If you do so as part of a full-attack action, you sustain a -4 penalty on all attacks that round. This penalty is reduced to -2 if your off-hand weapon is a light weapon. You may make one additional attack that round with your off-hand weapon. This attack occurs at your highest base attack bonus.

Two Weapon Fighting [Fighter]
You are skilled at fighting with two weapons.
Prerequisites: Dex 13+.
Benefit: When fighting with two weapons, your penalty on attack rolls is reduced by 2 points; you take no penalty if your off-hand weapon is light, and only a -2 penalty otherwise. Additionally, you apply your full Strength modifier with your off hand, rather than half your Strength modifier. Finally, once per round you may expend an attack of opportunity to make an attack with your off-hand weapon.

Improved Two Weapon Fighting [Fighter]
You are highly adept at two weapon fighting.
Prerequisites: Dex 15+, Two Weapon Fighting, Base Attack Bonus +6.
Benefit: Every time you make an attack with your primary hand, you may also make one with your off-hand. This ability does not apply to bonus attacks to your full attack routine, such as from a flurry of blows or a haste spell. It does, however, apply to attacks made using a standard attack action, attacks of opportunity, cleave attacks, whirlwind attacks, and the like.

Greater Two Weapon Fighting [Fighter]
You are wickedly precise with paired weapons.
Prerequisites: Dex 17+, Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Base Attack Bonus +11.
Benefit: When you make a full attack action while fighting with two weapons, your iteritive attacks are more accurate. You get a +1 bonus with your secondary pair of attacks, a +3 bonus with your third attacks, and a +6 bonus with your fourth attacks. Your iterative attacks can never have a higher modifier to your attack roll than your primary attacks. You do not gain any bonus on other extra attacks (such as from a flurry of blows or haste).

Two Weapon Defense [Fighter]
You are skilled at defending yourself with two weapons.
Prerequisites: Dex 13+, Two Weapon Fighting.
Benefit: When you are wielding two weapons and not flat-footed, you gain a shield bonus to AC equal to the number of attacks you could make on a full attack action with your off-hand.

Santoryu Initiate
Prerequisites: Str 15+, Dex 17+, Two-Weapon Fighting
Benefit: When making a full attack you can make an extra attack at your highest base attack bonus with a -2 penalty using a sword held in your mouth. You apply 0.5x your strength bonus to the damage with this attack.

2011-02-06, 05:38 PM
Devil Tiger is a discipline made by CMFJimmy from the ENWorld forums. The discipline is as-yet incomplete. This is the version I use.


Instinctive Slash: Strike - Make attack that has +1d6 damage, may daze opponent.
Unnatural Strength: Boost - Gain +4 Morale Bonus to Strength until end of turn.
Overhand Blow: Strike - make attack with -2 to hit but double the bonus to damage from Strength.
Aggressors Stance: Stance - While in this stance you take -2 on all attack rolls but gain +1d6 damage

Raging Retort: Counter - Make a counter attack after being hit by an attack, add damage equal to ranks in survival.
Unbalancing Hit: Strike - Melee attack deals +1d6 damage, causes foe to fall prone on a failed reflex save
Piercing Wave: Strike - Make a melee attack against all foes in 15 foot line.
Hack: Strike - Melee attack adds an additional 2d6 damage. Ignores hardness/DR equal to Survival ranks.

Stance of the Devil Tiger - Stance - While in thie stance attacks get a bigger bonus to damage from Strength.
Fury of the Berserker - Boost - Make a survival check as an additional save against any mind-affecting effect on you that you previously failed. If you succesful ignore the effect and gain the benefits of barbarian rage for 1 round.
REWORKEDEnraged Slash - Strike - Make attack that has bonus damage equal to a survival check if foe damaged you since your last turn.

Impale - Strike - Melee attack adds 6d6 damage. Ignores hardness/DR equal to 2x Survival ranks.
Shrug Off - Counter - Make Survival check opposing foes attack roll. If successful, ignore his attack.
Wild Blow - Strike - melee attack has -4 hit, but 4x strength modifier as bonus damage.

Frenzy - Strike - Make a melee attack with all wielded weapons against all threatened foes adding 2x your ranks in survival to damage.
Breath of the Bloodied Tiger - Stance - Ignore damage that would kill you, gain bonuses while below half health. Ignore Pain effects.
Devils Spirit - Boost - Gain DR 5+(1/2 your initiator level) until your next turn. This stacks with other Devil Tiger bonuses to DR.

Savage Death Blow - Counter - Make counter attack as attack hits you for over half your remaining hit points (even if attack would kill you). Add +4 hit, +4d6 damage, and 4x your strength modifier.
Charging Tigers Onslaught - Strike - As part of a charge attack you may make a counter attack against every foe that chooses to take an attack of opportunity against you. This Charge cannot be interrupted. Add 3d6 damage to all attacks.
Devils Ripsaw Slash - Strike - melee attack adds 2x your ranks in survival as damage, increases crit range by 3, and increases crit multiplier by 2.
POTENTIAL REWORK OF ABOVE STRIKE - Strike - melee attack gets 1x/2x/3x your ranks in survival as bonus damage based on Current Health 25%/50%/75% lost.

Ruin - Strike - Make attack that adds 12d6 damage. Ignores hardness/DR equal to 4x ranks in survival.
Gift of the Fury Lord - Boost - Gain a +10 Morale bonus to Strength until the end of your turn.
Hellcat's Blitz - Make 4 melee attacks adding your ranks in survival to each attacks damage. Increase crit range and multiplier by 2. Can use the attacks against any threatened target.

Infernal Onslaught Wave - Strike - Make 2 melee attacks against all foes in a 20ft cone.
Kill or Be Killed - Counter - Survival check opposing foes attack roll negates attack, allows counter attack.
War Dance of the Beastlands - Stance - While in this stance, gain +6 to Strength and Dexterity, DR 10/-, and +10 movement speed.
POTENTIALSpirit of Hatred - Stance - While in this stance, if a foe damages you, gain +12 bonus to strenght, DR 10/- and +10 movement speed while attacking that foe, but take -6 strength and lose all DR if you attack anyone else directly. Lasts until foe dies or end of combat. Can only affect one foe at a time.
POTENTIALBloodlusts Revenge - Strike - Attack deals additional damage based equal to the difference between your Max HP and Current HP

Devastating Blow - Strike - melee attack has -4 hit, 6x damage bonus from strength, POTENTIAL: Permenantly reduce DR of target by your ranks in survival. Can result in negative DR.

2011-02-07, 07:09 PM
The Battousai
The Battousai was originally made as a class based on the Samurai X manga (Rurouni Kenshin anime) on the Wizards of the Coast boards before they were renovated and had most of their old material deleted. The following is my revised version of the class.
Function: The Battousai is a primary melee class that functions like a more aggressive swordsage. In a straight fight the Battousai would defeat it's counterpart, but a Swordsage has more ways to deal with magical effects and is better at skirmishing and special tactics.

BAB: Full
Fort: Poor
Ref: Good
Will: Good
Skills (4): Acrobatics, athletics, bluff, craft, diplomacy, escape artist, perform, profession, ride, sense motive.

Proficiencies: The Battousai is proficient with three weapon groups, but no armor or shields.

Disciplines: The Battousai has access to 6 disciplines chosen from among the following list. Army of One
Crescent Moon
Diamond Mind
Hiten Mitsurugi
Hitokiri no Oni
Iron Heart
Jade Throne
Oncoming Storm
Sanguine Lotus
Shadow Hand
Steel Serpent
Tiger Claw

Maneuvers: The Battousai gains martial maneuvers and stances, as well as maneuvers readied, at the same rate as the Swordsage. Their recovery method is also the same.

Hitokiri State

Quick Draw

Killer Instinct


Shinsoku: At 2nd level, the Battousai can move up to 10 ft. in a straight line as a swift action. This ability can be used a number of times per encounter equal to the character's Dexterity modifier. At 3rd level and every level after that, the maximum distance increases by +5 ft.

Uncanny Dodge

Fast Movement: At 3rd level, the Battousai gains a +5-ft. bonus to base land speed. At 7th level, and every 4 levels after that, this bonus increases by +5.

Spring Attack

Lightning Strike

Warrior's Heart

Warrior Spirit

Lv. 01: Hitokiri State (+4), Quick Draw
Lv. 02: Killer Instinct (AC), Iaido +1d6, Shinsoku
Lv. 03: Uncanny Dodge, Fast Movement
Lv. 04: Iaido +2d6, Killer Instinct (critical confirmation)
Lv. 05: Spring Attack
Lv. 06: Iaido +3d6, Lightning Strike
Lv. 07: Improved Uncanny Dodge
Lv. 08: Iaido +4d6, Killer Instinct (opportunity damage)
Lv. 09: Warrior's Heart (self)
Lv. 10: Iaido +5d6
Lv. 11: Hitokiri State (+6)
Lv. 12: Iaido +6d6
Lv. 13: Warrior Spirit
Lv. 14: Iaido +7d6
Lv. 15: Killer Instinct (initiative)
Lv. 16: Iaido +8d6
Lv. 17: Warrior's Heart (ally)
Lv. 18: Iaido +9d6
Lv. 19: ----
Lv. 20: Iaido +10d6, Hitokiri State (+8)

2011-02-24, 12:57 PM
Weapon and Shield fighting style
Through the periods of history where melee combat was favored by warriors, the most traditionally effective was always the wielding of a shield alongside a one-handed melee weapon. This option is often ignored in Dungeons & Dragons due to the Animated shield enhancement. My goal is to liven the usage of each of three main fighting styles and distinguish them to more than a preference of numbers. Shields have a few new rules designed to this end. Furthermore, this (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=123630) thread is recommended for those interested in optimization.
The Animated magical quality does not exist. No spell animates shields and allows them to be used without a hand or proficiency. Self-wielding shield effects are covered by the shield spell. Get a shield ring.
Shields add their shield bonus to your Reflex save as well as Touch AC.
Light shields have a +2 shield bonus and a -1 armor check penalty. You can use spells and spell-like abilities with somatic components with the hand holding a light shield if you are proficient in its use.
Heavy shields have a +3 shield bonus, but a -3 armor check penalty
If you can make multiple attacks during a full attack (bab +6 or higher), you can use a different weapon for each attack as you see fit. This does not count as two-weapon fighting, just switching what you're hitting someone with.
You no longer suffer any penalty to attack from using a shield in one hand and a weapon in the other.

Revised Feats
Agile Shield Fighter (PHB2): During a full attack you can make an extra attack with your shield with your full base attack bonus, but all attacks you make during this round take a -2 penalty. Shield Mastery eliminates the penalty.
Shield Focus (Core): This increases the shield bonus of the shield, thus also aiding your Reflex save. Any feats normally requiring Shield Specialization as a prerequisite instead require this feat. Shield Mastery increases the bonus from this feat to +2.
Shield Master (Core): This feat grants new bonuses to a variety of other shield-based feats but no longer affects attack roll penalties, as the penalty it affected no longer exists.
Shield Slam (Core): This feat does not require two-weapon fighting. Shield Mastery gives a +2 bonus to the Bull Rush check.
Shield Ward (PHB2): Adds the shield bonus to your touch AC and your Combat Maneuver Defense.

New Feats
The following are new shield-related feats. See below for prerequisites and a summary of abilities.
Shield Pummel: When you hit an opponent with your shield twice in the same round they must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 your level + your Str mod) or be stunned for 1 round. Shield Master increases the DC by +2.
Overpower: When you hit an opponent with your shield the third time in a round, the attack automatically threatens a critical hit. Shield Master increases the critical damage to x3.
Assault: When making a full attack with only shield bashes, you can lower the iterative penalty to the attacks to -3 in exchange for a cumulative -4 penalty to damage. Between each of these attacks you may take a 5-ft. step toward the opponent you are attacking. Shield Master lowers the damage penalty to -2.
Shield Defense: Fighting Defensively with a shield increases it's shield bonus by +2. Shield Master increases this bonus to +3.
Shield Balance: You take only a -1 penalty to attacks when fighting defensively with a shield. Shield Master eliminates the penalty.
Shield Expertise: Fighting defensively while wielding a shield grants you a +4 bonus to Combat Maneuver Defense.

Shield Feats Table
Divine Shield|Proficiency with shields, Channel Energy|Expend Channel use to add Cha bonus to shield|Complete Warrior

Improved Buckler Defense|Proficiency with shields|Apply buckler's shield bonus to AC and Reflex while using off-hand weapon|Complete Warrior

Improved Shield Bash|Proficiency with shields|Retain shield bonus to AC and Reflex in the same round as making a shield bash attack|Core

WShield Charge|Proficiency with shields, Improved Shield Bash, BAB +3|Free trip attack with shield during charge|Complete Warrior

WWShield Slam|Proficiency with shields, Improved Shield Bash, Shield Charge, BAB +6|Use shield to daze opponent

Phalanx Fighting|Proficiency with shields, BAB +1|Bonus to AC and Reflex while fighting in shield wall|Complete Warrior

Shield Defense|Proficiency with shields|Gain +2 bonus with shield when fighting defensively|Compendium

Shield Balance|Proficiency with shields, Shield Defense, BAB +2|Take only a -1 penalty to attacks when fighting defensively with a shield|Compendium

Shield Expertise|Proficiency with shields, Shield Defense, Shield Balance, BAB +4|Gain +4 to CMD when fighting defensively with a shield|Compendium

Shield Focus|Proficiency with shields|Gain +1 bonus to use of shields|Compendium

WActive Shield Defense|Proficiency with shields, Shield Focus|Make attacks of opportunity without penalty when fighting defensively|PHB2

WAgile Shield Fighter|Proficiency with shields, Shield Focus, Improved Shield Bash|Make extra attack with shield at a penalty|Compendium

WWShield Slam|Proficiency with shields, Improved Shield Bash, Shield Focus, Agile Shield Fighter, BAB +6|Make free bull rush attempt with shield bash|Core

WWWShield Pummel|Proficiency with shields, Improved Shield Bash, Shield Focus, Agile Shield Fighter, Shield Slam, BAB +7|Stun target with second shield bash|Compendium

WWWWOverpower|Proficiency with shields, Improved Shield Bash, Shield Focus, Agile Shield Fighter, Shield Slam, Shield Pummel, BAB +11|Automatically threaten critical hit with third shield bash|Compendium

WWWWWAssault|Proficiency with shields, Improved Shield Bash, Shield Focus, Agile Shield Fighter, Shield Slam, Shield Pummel, Overpower, BAB +15|Trade damage for attack bonus with shield bash full attack|Compendium

WShield Ward|Proficiency with shields, Shield Focus|Add shield bonus to touch AC and CMD|Compendium

Shield Master|Proficiency with shields, Improved Shield Bash, Agile Shield Fighter, Shield Slam, BAB +11|Gain bonuses with shields in combat|Core

2011-02-24, 02:25 PM
Fighting Styles
The three classic fighting styles of a melee combatant are two-weapon fighting, weapon and shield, and two-handed fighting. In classic 3.5, two-handed fighting is the reigning champion for a variety of reasons. The following sections seek to distinguish these three from each other and balance them.
Two-Weapon Fighting
Weapon and Shield (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=10439757&postcount=56)
Two-Handed Fighting
One-Handed Fighting (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=11480361&postcount=60)

2011-07-19, 05:31 AM

Weapons (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=11448743&postcount=59)


2011-07-19, 06:27 AM
Weapons here are designed using a system made by Seerow (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=202722). I have modified some of the weapons available and added a handful of exotic weapons.

{table=head]Simple Weapon | Dmg | Critical | Range | Type | Special
{colsp=5}Light Melee Weapons
Dagger | 1d4 | x2 | 10ft | Piercing or Slashing|5
Punching Dagger | 1d6 | x3 | - | Piercing|-
Spiked Gauntlet | 1d6 | x2 | - | Piercing or Bludgeoning |11
Light Mace | 1d6 | x3 | - | Bludgeoning |-
Sickle | 1d6 | 19-20x2 | - | Slashing |-
{colsp=5}One-Handed Melee Weapons
Club | 1d8 | x2 | 10ft | Bludgeoning |-
Heavy Mace | 1d8 | x3 | - | Bludgeoning |-
Javelin | 1d6 | x2 | 30ft | Piercing | -
Morningstar | 1d8 | x2 | - | Bludgeoning and Piercing |-
Shortspear | 1d6 | x2 | 10ft | Piercing | 6, 16
Sling | 1d4 | x2 | 50ft | Bludgeoning | -
{colsp=6}Two-Handed Melee Weapons
Longspear | 1d6 | x3 | - | Piercing | 1, 6, 16
Quarterstaff | 1d6/1d6 | x2 | - | Bludgeoning | 3, 4
Spear | 1d8 | x3 | - | Piercing | 6, 16
{colsp=5}Ranged Weapons
Heavy Crossbow | 1d10 | 19-20x2 | 80ft | Piercing | -
Light Crossbow | 1d8 | 19-20x2 | 100ft | Piercing | -

{table=head]Martial Weapon | Dmg | Critical | Range | Type | Special
{colsp=5}Light Melee Weapons
Throwing Axe | 1d6 | x3 | 10ft | Slashing | -
Light Hammer | 1d6 | x2 | 30ft | Bludgeoning | -
Handaxe | 1d8 | x3 | - | Slashing | -
Kukri | 1d4 | 18-20x2 | - | Slashing | -
Light Pick | 1d6 | x4 | - | Piercing | -
Sap | 1d8 | x3 | - | Bludgeoning | 8
Short Sword | 1d8 | 19-20x2 | Piercing | -
{colsp=5}One-Handed Melee Weapons
Battleaxe | 1d10 | x3 | - | Slashing | -
Flail | 1d8 | 19-20x2 | - | Bludgeoning | 11, 12
Longsword | 1d10 | 19-20x2 | - | Slashing | -
Scimitar | 1d8 | 18-20x2 | - | Slashing | -
Rapier | 1d6 | 18-20x2 | - | Piercing | 9
Heavy Pick | 1d8 | x4 | - | Piercing | -
Trident | 1d8 | x2 | 10ft | Piercing | 6, 16
Warhammer | 1d10 | x3 | - | Bludgeoning | -
{colsp=5}Two-Handed Melee Weapons
Falchion | 2d4 | 18-20x2 | - | Slashing | -
Glaive | 1d10 | x3 | - | Slashing | 1
Greataxe | 1d12 | x3 | - | Slashing | -
Greatclub | 2d6 | x3 | - | Bludgeoning | -
Heavy Flail | 1d10 | 19-20x2 | - | Bludgeoning | 11, 12
Greatsword | 2d6 | 19-20x2 | - | Slashing | -
Guisearme | 2d4 | x3 | - | Slashing | 1, 10, 12
Lance | 1d8 | x3 | - | Piercing | 1, 7
Ranseur | 2d4 | x3 | - | Piercing | 1, 11*
Scythe | 2d4 | x4 | - | Piercing or Slashing | 12
{colsp=5}Ranged Weapons
Longbow | 1d8 |x3 | 90ft | Piercing | -
Shortbow | 1d8 | x3 | 70ft | Piercing | 17*

{table=head]Exotic Weapon | Dmg | Critical | Range | Type | Special
{colsp=5}Light Melee Weapons
Kama | 1d8 | x4 | - | Slashing | 4, 10, 12
Nunchaku | 2d6 | 19-20x2 | - | Bludgeoning | 4
Sai | 1d6 | 19-20x3 | - | Bludgeoning | 4, 11*
Siangham | 2d4 | x3 | 30ft | Piercing | 4
{colsp=5}One-Handed Melee Weapons
Bastard Sword | 2d6 | 19-20x3 | - | Slashing | 19*
Katana | 2d6 | 18-20x2 | - | Slashing | -
Dwarven Waraxe | 1d10 | 19-20x4 | - | Slashing | -
Thinblade | 1d8 | 18-20x2 | Piercing | 9, 18*
Whip | 1d4 | x2 | - | Slashing | 1*, 8, 11, 12
War Sling | 2d4 | x4 | 50ft | Bludgeoning | -
{colsp=5}Two-Handed Melee Weapons
Orc Double Axe | 1d10/1d10 | 19-20x3 | - | Slashing | -
Spiked Chain | 2d4 | 19-20x2 | - | Piercing | 1*, 9, 10*, 11, 12
Dire Flail | 1d12/1d12 | 19-20x2 | - | Bludgeoning | 11, 12
Gnome Hooked Hammer | 1d6/1d6 | 19-20x4 | - | Bludgeoning/Piercing | 12
Two-Bladed Sword | 1d10/1d10 | 19-20x3 | - | Slashing | -
Dwarven Ugrosh | 1d8/1d8 | 19-20x3 | - | Slashing or Piercing | 6
Minotaur Greathammer | 2d6 | 19-20x4 | - | Bludgeoning | -
Dwarven Greataxe | 3d6 | x4 | - | Slashing | -
Fullblade | 2d8 | 18-20x2 | - | Slashing | -
Halberd | 1d10 | 20x3 | - | Slashing or Piercing | 1*, 6, 10, 12 [1]
War Scythe | 2d6 | 19-20x4 | - | Piercing or Slashing | 12
{colsp=5}Ranged Weapons
Hand Crossbow | 1d10 | 19-20x3 | 80ft | Piercing | 15
Repeating Crossbow | 2d6 | 19-20x3 | 80ft | Piercing | 13
Easy Load Crossbow | 1d8 | 19-20x3 | 80ft | Piercing | 14
Repeating Hand Crossbow | 1d10 | 19-20x2 | 80ft | Piercing | 13, 15
Easy Load Hand Crossbow | 1d8 | 19-20x2 | 80ft | Piercing | 14, 15
Greatbow | 2d6 | x3 | 90ft | Piercing | -
Shuriken | 1d4 | 19-20x4 | 30ft | Piercing | 4
Arbalest | 1d12 | 18-20x2 | 100ft | Piercing | -
Bolas | 1d8 | 19-20x2 | 30ft | Bludgeoning | 2, 8, 10, 12[/table]

{table=head]Masterwork Only Weapons | Base Weapon |Dmg | Critical | Range | Type | Special
{colsp=6}One Handed Melee Weapons
Daggertail | Special | 1d10 | 19-20x3 | Slashing | 1, 10, 12
Whip-Dagger | Whip | 1d6 | 19-20x2 | - | Slashing | 1*, 8, 11, 12
{colsp=6}Two Handed Melee Weapons
Talenta Sharrash | - (Exotic) | 1d10 | 19-20x4 | - | Slashing | 1, 10, 12, 16*
Swordchucks | Two-Bladed Sword| 1d10/1d10 | 19-20x2 | - | Slashing | 1*, 10, 12, 16*
{colsp=5}Ranged Weapons
Composite Longbow | Longbow | 1d8 |x3 | 110ft | Piercing | 2
Composite Shortbow | Shortbow | 1d8 | x3 | 90ft | Piercing | 2, 17*
Composite Greatbow | Greatbow | 2d6 | x3 | 110ft | Piercing | 2[/table]

1= Reach
2= Str to range damage
3=Double Weapon
4=Monk Weapon
6=Can be set against a charge
7=Double damage on charge
8=Deals nonlethal damage
10=+2 to Trip
11=+2 bonus to disarm
12=Can be used to trip
13=Repeating Property
14=Easy Loading Property
15=1 handed crossbow
16=+2 to crit confirm
17=Reduce Mounted Archery penalty by 2
18=+2 to attacks of opportunity
19=+2 to critical confirmation rolls

*=taken twice for x2 bonus

Firearms deal bludgeoning damage and must be reloaded as a move action after their shots have been depleted.{table=head]Weapon | Dmg | Critical | Range | Type | Shots
Revolver| 2d6 | 20/x2 | 40 ft. | Pistol | 6
Musket | 2d8 | 19-20/x2 | 80 ft. | Rifle | 1
Shotgun | 2d10 | 20/x3 | 30 ft. | Rifle | 2
Hand Cannon | 2d8 | 20/x3 | 40 ft. | Ex. Pistol | 5[/table]

2011-07-23, 12:37 PM
One-Handed Fighting (Dueling)
In the real world, one of the most efficient methods of fighting is holding a single weapon in your main hand and using your offhand for balance. In the world of dungeons and dragons this is plain stupidity. The following feats intend to make a trained Duelist as dangerous as any other sort of warrior. The basic feat may seem overpowered, but it has to make up for not using a shield or other weapon or stronger weapon.

Duelist [Combat]
Prerequisites: BAB +1
Benefit: While wielding a single weapon in your main hand and no other weapons or shields, you gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls, a +1 parry bonus to AC, deal +2 precision damage with your attacks, and get a +2 bonus to critical confirmation rolls.
Under the feat design philosophy of my revision, every feat should have a noticeable effect. A +1 to hit is something you can honestly forget you even have. However, an array of small bonuses like this is noticeable and nicely represents the overall edge a duelist has in combat.

Run Through [Combat]
Prerequisites: BAB +1, Duelist
Benefit: While using the One-Handed fighting style you do not suffer a penalty to AC for making charge attacks and get a +4 bonus to your precision damage when you make a charge attack. Additionally, any time you move toward an opponent and make an attack, that single attack gets a +2 bonus to the attack roll.
This has a deceptive drawback. All of these bonuses are extremely hard to use against creatures with reach. However, against a single opponent of your size the benefits are excellent, especially at starting a fight.

2011-07-26, 11:44 AM
Characters are now proficient in weapon groups. Proficiency in a weapon group grants the character proficiency in all non-exotic weapons of that group. The exotic weapons in each group are there for the purposes of using feats like Weapon Focus. Such feats select a weapon group now, or a martial discipline weapon group.

Martial Disciplines: Martial adepts are proficient in all non-exotic weapons of their disciplines. The full weapon lists of each discipline are listed Below for convenience. Army of One
Black Heron
Black Rain
Chthonic Serpent
Coin's Edge
Crescent Moon
Dancing Fox
Dancing Leaf
Desert Wind: falchion, light mace, light pick, scimitar, spear.
Devil Tiger
Devoted Spirit: falchion, greatclub, longsword, maul.
Diamond Mind bastard sword, katana, rapier, shortsprear, trident.
Dread Crown
Fool's Grip
Golden Saint
Heaven's Arc
Iron Heart: bastard sword, dwarven waraxe, longsword, two-bladed sword.
Iron Tortoise: battle axe, dwarven waraxe, handaxe, longsword, shields, shortspear, short sword.
Jade Throne: bastard sword, greatsword, longsword, rapier, scimitar, short sword.
Jade Viper
Kaleidoscopic Dream
Narrow Bridge
Oncoming Storm: dagger, handaxe, light pick, rapier, sai, short sword.
Riven Hourglass
Sanguine Lotus
Scarlet Bravura: bastard sword, lance, greatsword, rapier, and spiked shield.
Setting Sun: nunchaku, quarterstaff, short sword, unarmed.
Shadow Hand: dagger, sai, siangan, short sword, spiked chain, unarmed.
Silver Crane
Sleeping Goddess
Steel Serpent
Stone Dragon: greataxe, greatsword, heavy mace, unarmed.
Tiger Claw: claw, greataxe, handaxe, kama, kukri, unarmed.
Twin Spirit
White Raven: battleaxe, greatsword, halberd, longsword, warhammer.

2011-07-26, 04:56 PM
The Factotum is an all-around excellent class. The revisions here are based on design principles I hold dear. One, no dead levels. I do not consider a default progression of abilities to negate a dead level unless those abilities are completely awesome (Tier 1 spellcasting), and even then I don't like too many of them. Two, scaling. I believe that all classes should have abilities that effectively scale by level just like spellcasters do. I have made a handful of minor changes to the Factotum to handle these intentions.

HD: d8
Fort: Poor
Ref: Good
Will: Poor
BAB: Average

Lv. 01: Inspiration, cunning insight, cunning knowledge, trapfinding
Lv. 02: Arcane dilettante (1 spell)
Lv. 03: Brains over brawn, cunning defense
Lv. 04: Arcane dilettante (2 spells), cunning strike +2d6
Lv. 05: Opportunistic piety
Lv. 06: Arcane dilettante (3 spells)
Lv. 07: Heroic Muse
Lv. 08: Arcane dilettante (4 spells), cunning strike +3d6, cunning surge
Lv. 09: Moment of Greatness
Lv. 10: Arcane dilettante (5 spells)
Lv. 11: Cunning breach
Lv. 12: Arcane dilettante (6 spells), cunning strike +4d6
Lv. 13: Cunning dodge
Lv. 14: Arcane dilettante (7 spells)
Lv. 15: Improved cunning defense
Lv. 16: Arcane dilettante (8 spells), cunning strike +5d6
Lv. 17: Greater Heroic Muse
Lv. 18: Arcane dilettante (9 spells)
Lv. 19: Cunning brilliance
Lv. 20: Arcane dilettante (10 spells), cunning strike +6d6

NOTE: All abilities not specifically mentioned are as normal for the Factotum.
Cunning Insight: As normal, but adds an additional bonus of +1 for every 5 Factotum levels.
Trapfinding: As normal in the system - grants a bonus to Disable Device and Perception checks made to find or disable traps equal to Factotum level.
Arcane Dilettante: As normal, but spell progression slightly advanced as shown above.
Cunning Defense: As normal, but adds an additional bonus of +1 for every 5 Factotum levels.
Cunning Strike: As normal, but can only be activated once per attack and adds sneak attack damage as listed in the table above.
Opportunistic Piety: By spending an inspiration point you can Channel Energy as a Cleric of your Factotum level. You choose whether to channel positive or negative energy with each use of this ability. Additionally, at the beginning of each day you may convince some divine force to smile upon you. While selecting your spells known for the day, select one Domain. At any time you may spend an inspiration point to gain access to the Domain Powers of that Domain for one minute (10 rounds) and use them as a Cleric of your Factotum level.
Heroic Muse: The Factotum may spend one inspiration point to gain a temporary feat. This ability can only be used during an encounter and is lost when the encounter has ended. You must qualify for this feat just as if you were going to take this as normal for your character. You may only choose one feat at a time, though you may choose to spend another inspiration point and change the feat during your turn.
Cunning Surge: As normal, but can only be used once per round.
Moment of Greatness: Once per day as a free action the Factotum can gain a number of Inspiration points equal to his Intelligence modifier. These points last until the end of his next turn, then are removed from his pool.
Improved Cunning Defense: As normal, but gained at level 15 instead of 16.
Greater Heroic Muse: The Factotum can spend 2 inspiration points when activating Heroic Muse to gain 2 feats instead of one. You may use the first temporary feat as qualification for the second feat.

FEAT: Font of Inspiration
You have unearthed of well of inspiration from within your soul.
Prerequisite: Inspiration as a class feature; Wis 13 or Cha 13.
Benefits: You gain 2 inspiration points, plus 1 inspiration point per 3 character levels.
A feat should be very tempting for a character, but not an automatic given to take. More importantly, you do not get enough feats for it to be very fun to spend 3 feats on one trick (more IP). This way, you can spend one feat and be a Factotum with more inspiration, or spend that feat on something more focused.

Special Thanks to: Draz74 (Font of Inspiration revision, balance discussion), Vuann (Heroic Muse abilities, inspired Moment of Greatness).

2011-08-01, 06:44 PM
NOTE: You will need the Machinesmith class for reference.
Making magic items isn't as special in Pathfinder as it was in 3.5, because now anyone can make wondrous items and magic weapons or armor and there's no XP cost to do so. My goal is to make the Artificer more fun. It will still require a DM saying "No you can not do that, stop it," to be balanced when given a great deal of time to prepare, but it should be more fun for an average player... and certainly have more options.

Hit Die: d6
Class Skills: Appraise, Concentration, Craft, Disable Device, Knowledge (arcana, architecture and engineering, local, nobility and royalty, the planes), Perception, Profession, Spellcraft, Use Magic Device.
Skill Points per Level: 6 + Intelligence modifier.
Fortitude: Medium
Reflex: Medium
Will: Good
Proficiencies: Medium armor, heavy shields, simple weapons.

The Artificer
{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Special|Item Creation|1st|2nd|3rd|4th|5th|6th

+0|Crafter, Gizmos, Greatwork, Infusions/Prototypes|Scribe Scroll|1

+1|Schema, Trapfinding|Brew Potion|2

+2|Power Source|Craft Wondrous Item|3

+3|Schema|Craft Homonculus|3|1

+3|Upgrade|Craft Magic Arms and Armor|4|2

+4|Metamagic Spell Trigger, Schema| |4|3

+5|Axiom|Craft Wand|4|3|1

+6|Schema| |4|4|2

+6|Power Source|Craft Rod|5|4|3

+7|Schema, Upgrade| |5|4|3|1

+8|Metamagic Spell Trigger| |5|4|3|2

+9|Schema|Craft Staff|5|5|4|3

+9|Skill Mastery| |5|5|4|3|1

+10|Schema|Forge Ring|5|5|4|4|2

+11|Upgrade| |5|5|5|4|3

+12|Schema| |5|5|5|4|3|1

+12|Power Source| |5|5|5|4|4|2

+13|Schema| |5|5|5|5|4|3

+14|Greater Axiom| |5|5|5|5|5|4

+15|Legendary Schema, Upgrade| |5|5|5|5|5|5[/table]

Crafter: As normal for the Machinesmith.

Gizmos: The artificer selects a number of cantrips from any spell list equal to 3 + his Intelligence modifier. He may use these at will through a variety of small devices he keeps on his person. These devices stop working if the Artificer does not have them for one whole day due to loss of energy, which the Artificer can restore with an hour of keeping them on his person or one minute of working with them.

Greatwork: As normal for Machinesmith.

Infusions/Prototypes: As normal for the Artificer and Machinesmith, except the two share uses per day and extra uses per day are gained by Charisma, not Intelligence.

Schema: Over time an Artificer learns how to craft various kinds of items, how to augment spells. An Artificer learns one Schema at 2nd level and another at every even level after that, except 20th. Bonus Feat: An Artificer who chooses this Schema gains a bonus feat. An Artificer can take this Schema multiple times, each time she may choose another feat to learn. The list of feats the Artificer may choose from is: Attune Magic Weapon, Improved Spell Focus, Improved Spell Penetration, Magical Aptitude, Skill Focus (Craft or Use Magic Device), Spell Focus, Spell Penetration, Wand Mastery, any Item Creation feat, any Metamagic feat.
Exceed Safe Levels: An Artificer with this Schema can increase the potency of her Prototype by pushing them beyond their normal limits. 3 + Int modifier times per day, as a swift action the Artificer’s effective caster level increases by 2 for any Prototype she uses that round. For every 6 levels past 6, an Artificer may take this Schema again; each time the caster level increase stacks. After using this ability with a Prototype, she may not use another Prototype for one full round due to an over-expenditure of mobius energy. An Artificer must be at least 6th level in order to choose this Schema.
Machinesmith Trick: Any Machinesmith Trick can be taken as a schema, though the Artificer must meet the prerequisites.
Overchannel: An Artificer with this Schema can make her devices harder to resist. 3 + Int modifier times per day, as a swift action the save DC of any Prototype or Magic Item she uses increases by 1 for that round. For every 6 levels past 5, an Artificer may take this Schema again; the DC boost stacks. An Artificer must be at least 6th level in order to choose this Schema.
Overload: An Artificer with this Schema can cause a Prototype to overload and explode with deadly force. The Prototype can be rigged to explode and then thrown up to 30 feet as a full-round action that provokes an attack of opportunity. The Invention explodes upon impact, dealing 1d6 damage per 2 Artificer levels (rounded down) in a 10 foot radius. The damage type is the same as the Artificer's Power Source. The Prototype is destroyed upon impact. An Artificer must be at least 4th level in order to take this Schema.
Improved Overload: An Artificer with this Schema can design his inventions with more powerful detonators. For each level the Prototype has (ex: Guardian Drone is level 1) has, it does an additional 1d6 damage. An Artificer must be at least 8th level in order to take this Schema. Prerequisites: Overload.
Salvage Scrap: The artificer gains the ability to salvage the crafting materials from a magic item and use those materials to create another magic item. The artificer must spend a day with the item, and she must also have the appropriate item creation feat for the item she is salvaging. After one day, the item is destroyed and she adds the base material cost of the item to a special "scrap" pool she can keep wherever she creates items. This pool of scrap can be used to pay for up to half the cost of any magic item she creates using her magic item creation feats.
Trapfinding: At 2nd level, the Artificer adds half his level to Perception skill checks made to locate traps and to Disable Device skill checks. An Artificer can use Disable Device to disarm magic traps.

Power Source: At 1st level the Artificer selects a single power source to become an expert at using. Each power source has an associated element and some special ability. Additionally, the Artificer can use some special device he owns to release a burst of energy a number of time per encounter each to his Intelligence modifier + 1 for every 5 Artificer levels + 1. This blast has a range of 30 ft. and works like a normal ranged attack that is usable as a standard action. The damage increases by 1d6 every two levels (2d6 at 3rd, 3d6 at 5th, etc.). Finally, any homunculi made by the Artificer shares his elemental resistance. Chemical (Acid): 1/day + 1 per 3 Artificer levels, a Chemical Artificer can boost one of his own physical attributes (Str, Dex, Con) by 4 for 1 minute. This enhancement staks with any other ability enhancements. This effect lasts 1 minute per class level. At 9th level and 17th level this bonus increases to +6 and +8, respectively.
Combustion (Fire): 1/day + 1 per 3 Artificer levels, a Combustion Artificer can ignite himself in flames, damaging all who touch him or whom he touches. He deals an additional 1d6 damage with a successful melee attack, and enemies who attack him in melee without reach weapons take 1d6 fire damage. The effect lasts 1 minute per class level. At 9th and 17th level this damage increases to 2d6 and 3d6, respectively.
Cryo (Cold): 1/day + 1 per 3 Artificer levels, a Cryo Artificer can slow down his opponents with a freezing device. All creatures within a 30-ft. cone of the Artificer must make a save DC 10 + ½ artificer level + Int modifier or become slowed as the spell for 1 round per class level. At 9th level this effect also fatigues the targets, regardless of save. At 17th level this also functions as Time Stop for the Artificer for 1 round.
Electric (Electricity): 1/day + 1 per 3 Artificer levels, an Electric Artificer can accelerate his own movement speed. This functions as a Haste spell for 1 round per class level. At 9th level the Artificer gains a 50% miss chance from all attacks during this period. At 17th level the Artificer gain a 50% miss chance from all magical attacks during this period.
Resonance (Sonic): 1/day + 1 per 3 Artificer levels, a Resonance Artificer can cause massive destruction in her wake. First, all creatures within 30 feet must make a Fortitude save or be deafened for 1 minute. In addition, waves of sonic energy explode out of the device, causing all targets to make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 Artificer level + Intelligence modifier) each round or take 1d6 sonic damage. The effect lasts for 1 minute. At 9th and 17th level the damage increases to 2d6 and 3d6, respectively.
Upgrade: As normal for the Machinesmith.

Metamagic Spell Trigger: As normal for the Artificer, but you also gain a free bonus Metamagic feat that has a +1 or less spell level adjustment.

Axiom: As normal for the Machinesmith.

Metamagic Spell Completion: As normal for the Artificer, but you also gain a free bonus Metamagic feat that has a +2 or less spell level adjustment.

Skill Mastery: As normal for the Artificer.

Greater Axiom: As Axiom, but it functions as Greater Dispel Magic and requires sacrificing a 6th level Infusion/Prototype slot.

Legendary Schema: The Artificer reaches the peak of their craft at level 20, learning two new schema as well as one powerful Legendary Schema chosen from the list below.

War Forge: Create a factory that makes an army, warforged possibly included.
Paragon Schema: Massive buff to construct.


Special Thanks to: Chronologist from the ENWorld forums (Schema idea and Power Source), my friend Frank (for the idea of sharing uses of Infusions and Prototypes) and Paizo for making the Machinesmith.

2011-08-01, 07:31 PM
Pathfinder (http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/races.html) covers all traditional races, but some are still left out. Below are updated races for use in my revised system.

As in the Eberron Campaign Setting, except...
+2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma.
+2 racial bonus to Acrobatics and Athletics checks and these skills are always class skills for them.

2011-08-13, 09:29 PM
Cataclysm Mage
The Cataclysm Mage, from the Explorer's Handbook (Eberron) is an awesome but impractical class. Losing a caster level is bad, especially when the class grants you nothing equal to the ninth level spell slot you lost. However, the large amount of added versatility this class will now offer should be enough to make up for the lost caster level and the other prestige goodies you're missing out on.

As in the Explorer's Handbook (page 58) except...
[list] Skills: 4 points per level. Knowledge: any added to list.
Spellcasting: The level where casting progression does not continue is changed from 1st to 10th.
Dhakaani Secret: As a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity you can add the bane, keen, mighty cleaving, thundering or vicious ability to a weapon, or the arrow catching, bashing, blinding, light fortification, shadow, or silent moves to a suit of armor. This ability cannot stack its own effects and has a duration of 1 minute per class level.
Xoriat Secret: Once per encounter you can cast Confusion as a spell-like ability, caster level equal to your hit dice (DC = 10 + class level + Intelligence modifier).
Cataclysm of Flesh: Saving throw DC equal to 10 + class level + Intelligence modifier.
Cor'dran Secret: Once per day per two class levels you can cast a maximized Repair Critical Damage spell as a spell-like ability with a caster level equal to your hit dice.
Dal Quor Secret: You gain a +4 bonus to saving throws against mind-affecting effects. Additionally, you can use Nightmare as a spell-like ability once per day, caster level equal to your hit dice (DC = 10 + class level + Intelligence modifier). Finally, you gain Telepathy out to a distance of 10 ft. per class level.
Cataclysm of Dreams: Saving throw DC equal to 10 + class level + Intelligence modifier.
Ashtakalan Secret:
Haka'torvhak Secret:

2012-08-26, 02:11 PM
The Warlock

Hit Die: d6
Class Skills: Acrobatics, Bluff, Concentration, Craft, Disguise, Intimidate, Knowledge (arcana, the planes, religion), Profession, Sense Motive, Spellcraft, Stealth, Use Magic Device.
Skill Points per Level: 4 + Intelligence modifier.
Fortitude: Poor
Reflex: Poor
Will: Good

{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Special| Blast|Essences|Invocations

+0|Eldritch Power (Blast, Essence, Invocations), Shadow Walk|

+1|See All Evil|

+2|DR 2/cold iron|

+3|Fell Activation|

+3|DR 3/cold iron, Energy Resistance 10|

+4|Lesser invocations, Speak All Evil|

+5|DR 4/cold iron, Telepathy|

+6|Demonic Fury 4|

+6|DR 5/cold iron, Eldritch Reach|

+7|Energy resistance 20|

+8|DR 6/cold iron, greater invocations, Hear All Evil|

+9|Imbue item|

+9|DR 7/cold iron, Demonic Fury 6|


+11|DR 8/cold iron, Energy Resistance 30|

+12|Dark invocations, Twin Invoking|

+12|DR 9/cold iron|

+13|Demonic Fury 8|

+14|DR 10/cold iron|

+15|Fiendish Apotheosis|

Eldritch Power, Blast: As normal for the warlock except for the range of effect. The Eldritch Blast is now a 30 ft. line or a 15. cone, chosen each time the ability is used.

Eldritch Power, Essence and Invocations: As normal for the warlock, except Essence and Shape invocations are gained separately, as in the table under Essences. Invocations used by the Dragonfire Adept are also available to the Warlock now. Breath Effects of the Dragonfire Adept are Essences, with the level 2 effects being Least, level 5 Lesser, Level 10 Greater and Level 15 Dark.

Shadow Walk: You gain concealment until the beginning of your next turn if you use a move action to move at least half your base land speed.

See All Evil: Starting at level 2, as standard action you can use detect magic as the spell. Additionally, if you pass a Sense Motive check against the target's passive Bluff you can sense their alignment. If your check passes by more than 5, you can also see their aura which will indicate any current strong emotions, as well as whether the target is undead, an outsider, a construct, possessed or cursed. This ability replaces the standard Detect Magic.

Damage Reduction: As normal for the warlock, but the ability progresses at a faster rate as shown on the table above.

Fell Activation: A 4th level warlock can ignore arcane spell failure for wearing light armor when activating a spell completion item, can take 10 on Use Magic Device checks even when distracted or threatened, and can fool a magical item into believing he is up to one step away from his alignment in both direction (So a Chaotic Evil warlock could fool Holy sword into treating him as though he were Neutral). This replaces Deceive Item.

Energy Resistance: As normal for the warlock, but starting at level 5. At levels 10 and 15 this ability improves, growing by 10 each time. The amount of resistance is shown in the table above.

Lesser Invocations: Starting at level 6 you can learn Lesser essences and invocations.

Speak All Evil: At 6th level you gain the Dark Speech feat regardless of whether you meet the prerequisites. See Fiendish Codex 1: Hordes of the Abyss.

Telepathy: A 7th level warlock gains telepathy out to 100 feet.

Demonic Fury: Starting at 8th level, the warlock gains the ability to enter a state of enhanced power. This ability can be used once per day as a free action and lasts for 20 rounds (2 minutes). While in this state, the warlock gains a bonus to Dexterity, Charisma and a rate of fast healing as listed in the table. This ability can only be activated when the warlock is below half his maximum health. This ability replaces Fiendish Resilience.

Eldritch Reach: At level 9, the range of your eldritch power doubles. The basic eldritch blast cone becomes 30 ft., the line 60 ft, and the range/radius of all essences and invocations you use is similarly enhanced.

Hear All Evil: At 11th level, you gain Blindsense out to 30 feet.

Imbue Item: As normal for the warlock.

Wings: At 14th level, the warlock gains the ability to grow a pair of demonic wings as a free action that granted a fly speed equal to twice his base land speed with a (good) maneuverability. These wings can be dispelled as a free action.

Twin Invoking: Starting at 16th level, a warlock can activate two standard action invocations as a full-round action. This ability cannot be used with Dark Invocations.

Fiendish Apotheosis: The warlock's creature type changes to outsider (native) and their energy resistance becomes energy immunity. The damage reduction changes to DR 10/cold iron and good, as well.