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2010-09-02, 08:14 PM
Hey everybody.

So I'm going to be playing a cleric in a Pathfinder game in the near future & I'm finding myself kind of disappointed with the combat options I've found, spellwise.

I'm playing a NG cleric of Sarenrae, level 8, with Fire & Healing domains, & I'm trying to keep the character more thematically based, but it's not super necessary.

Can anyone give me some advice as to some additional options for being blasty & unleashing the power of the sun at people?

2010-09-03, 06:32 AM
If you're looking for blasty it may be worth asking your DM if you can use the PHB 2 variant that allows clerics to spontainiously cast their domain spells.

You may need to pick a different domain (such as the Fire Domain) for this to really be more blasty though.

2010-09-03, 07:17 AM
Moon Bolt from the APG is a good spell. Also remember that you are a cleric. There is a reason you have medium BAB and armor. You can hit things.

2010-09-03, 11:45 AM
@Nero24200 I do have Fire as one of my domains. The spontaneous-cast thing is definitely a good idea, though.

@satorian Well, yeah. :smallsmile: Plan 1 is to beat the hell out of people with a flaming scimitar. But I would like to be able to hold my own if that fails for one reason or another. And I apparently don't have the APG (which is being acquired atm), so thanks for drawing my attention to that.