View Full Version : Needing help with Feats for a Dread Necromancer!

2010-09-04, 10:38 AM
Hey guys I'm building a Dread Necromancer and there are about 20 feats that I need to make my undead army amazing...only problem is that as a human and a dread necromancer I only get the one bonus feat in the beginning and just the standard feats every 3 levels. Without taking a lot from the spellcasting part any way any one can help me get extra feats would be great!

2010-09-04, 10:42 AM
Ask about taking flaws.

2010-09-04, 11:58 AM
One of the better guides for Necromancers of all kinds (http://community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/75882/19872470/New_Dread_Necromancer_Handbook); be prepared to pull your hair out building a viable one.

2010-09-04, 12:01 PM
You'd be better off asking in the Roleplaying section.

Or reading the class text again, because it has a disclaimer that the Dread Necromancer's undead aren't really meant to be fighting level appropriate opponents, likening them to followers...I think it was intentionally impossible to do what you're going for.

Or you could ask about stripping down the casting progression to bardic levels and having some bonus feats.

2010-09-04, 01:55 PM
Just take Tomb-Tainted Soul and Spell Focus-Necromancy. The corpsecrafter tree just isn't worth it, not when you've got instant-kills from level 4 onwards. Plus, the corpsecrafter strength bonus doesn't stack with undead mastery, and there are easier ways to buff minions.

However, if you just need feats, try taking flaws, anti-feats (kalamar), items that grant feats (base 10,000gp according to Arms and Equipment), dip into loremaster (full spellcasting and bonus feats if your intelligence is high enough) or convince your dm that 5000xp is worth a feat, and start wishing with scrolls.

2010-09-04, 02:17 PM
I personally like this guide better.

It's not about having lots of feats, its about having the right feats. Nothing like a retrubitive (Heroes of Horror) Harm spell, or blindness, or shivering touch (Frostburn) to effect anyone that hits you in melee. That way if anything Does get through your wall of unholy flesh, they usually regret attacking you.

Tomb tainted soul is a must. As cheesy as it is, unlimited healing is fun (New party trap detector).

Other than that, the DrN doesnt need a lot of help beyond Spell focus and Greater spell focus. Half the time, you can sit back and file your nails while your minions do the work without much of a problem.

Then there's the one about the DrN who got fell-animate and divine metamagic to coup de grace 2 humans with a fell-animating inflict spell+Charnel touch+unarmed strike to get two human zombies at first level.

2010-09-06, 08:06 PM
For added fun and profit... well, let's just say people seem to like the first, separate, block of critters in my Full List of Homebrew (IE Extended Sig) and it adds a lot of versatility to mindless undead (ignore anything with an intelligence score, it will be much too specialty purpose).

2010-09-06, 08:39 PM
There is a reserve feat that grants you rebuke undead attempts. I'm not sure what it's called though.