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2010-09-08, 04:16 PM
I took over a Pathfinder campaign from a friend and decided (after several sessions) that the stock monsters are too confining.
There is a slight chance someone from my group comes to this forum, but i doubt it.
As I only have been actively playing D&D for a year (slightly less in fact) I don't really go along with the Monster creation rules, but create what I think is awesome. However this obviously creates the problem of CR-indexing.

That is why I'd like your opinions about my monster designs and suggestions on what CR they should have.
When considering the power of these monsters also please keep in mind, that this campaign as of now has seven players.
Most of these aren't completely finished as I haven't been having much time to refine them yet.

A writhing mass of organic material with actually high intelligence encased (except on the side that has contact with the ground) in a crystal armor which is created constantly by reorganizing minerals extracted from the ground.

Size: Colossal
Type: (None useful)
Init: -1
Tremorsense 150feet

AC 20
HP: 320
Fortitude: +10
Reflex: (Does not apply)
Will: +7
Armor: 360hp of armor in any given square, hardness 5

Speed: 10feet per minute
Melee: crystal-stab +18 (2d6+6) (range 10') (or more taking a -2 cumulative on attack for each more)

special attack: crystal-throw +13 (1d10+6) (ranged 75/150) can be used every 1d4 rounds, splash radius 5' for 7 damage. The attack actually only impacts one round after being fired and creates three small crystal spiders on top of the damage.

small crystal spider

These small almost robotic creatures are employed by the crystal amoeba to find organic material and water for its own survival. They are incredibly fast.

Size: small
Type: construct
init: +10
Tremorsense 20', Darkvision 60'

AC: 23 (touch 16, flatfooted 15)
HP: 70
Fortitude: +5
Reflex: +12
Will: +2
DR: 5/adamantine (to consider the crystal hardness)

speed: 60' (50' if transporting material)
Melee: 2 clawes +16 (1d4+3), bite +11 (1d6+5)
All of the above have:

vulnerable sonic
resistances: fire (20), acid (10), electricity (15), (cold 10)
exception: being hit with both fire and cold in the same round causes damage equal to twice lesser damage *1.25.
example: hit with 30 points of fire and 20 points of cold. Usually it would deal 10 fire and 10 cold. but in this case both are increased by 5 (cold damage is lesser and 50% of it is 10) so it would deal 15 cold and 15 fire.
more info will follow.