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2010-09-19, 08:15 PM
Hey, long time no visit. While I never posted on this board with my own work, I loved to come and look at the awesome stuff here so when a friend and I wanted an opinion on artwork for our potential webcomic this was the first place I thought to ask. Honest opinions really needed on our character design and style. The style we are going for is Steampunk/Distopia/1920 St Louis if that even makes sense. We've mostly done just character art and a few test panels.

The main character of the comic, a vain han solo type.

An uninked version of a minor character, the chewbacca to the previous characters han solo.

An uninked first page we've been working on

The scanner we are using sucks and we don't have any other website to host these on other than photobucket yet so please ignore the the quality of the file if you can =P Anyways thanks guys for your help, we're looking forward to your feedback! If you want to see anymore artwork I got a few more pieces laying around I can show.

2010-09-19, 09:22 PM
Hey there every body I am the artist of the art work of this thread, and am the 'friend' working on the comic with our dear Ezlo.
Critiscism and advice is very much welcome.


Please excuse the style of the face in the large panel drawing, the anime looking one. largely because that is not the face that belongs there for the comic, and also because this comic is not going to be dont manga style when it comes to sketching out people. K thanks. ^_^

Yours truly-
- Switch

2010-09-19, 09:37 PM
Well, art-wise you're pretty good as is. Nice area shots. :smallsmile:

(Unfortunately there isn't really anything else to comment on, as you told us nothing about the story itself.)

2010-09-20, 06:26 AM
Well put Domochevsky.
The story is supposed to be in a sort of steam punk/ alternate universe to some degree. My good friend has suggested we make it kind of like 1920's st Louis, and have speak easies and such like during prohibition.
The plot , I wont outline here because we fully intend to make a webcomic, and I dont want to many spoilers, but it involves kidnapping, dirrigibles, fezzes robots. Theres a mad scientist, and a crazy general too.
as for scenery, 1920's ish for the place, 1800's to 1930's on style and fashion for clothing, there will be trains and old fashion cars, and as I said previously, a dirrigible, or zeppelin, not unlike the infamous hindenburg, though most likely smaller.
If you have any tips on how to make more of a steam punk look in the art work, that would be great.

2010-09-20, 02:08 PM
A steampunk look, you say... well, having it look more shoddy is a good start. Add cogwheels, steam and smokestacks and unnecessary decorative engravings in all kinds of things mayhaps. But i'm not really a expert on steampunk, so i may be talking crap. :smallsmile:

(But i think you're good if it looks like Wild Wild West (with Mr Smith).)

2010-09-20, 03:24 PM
The art is technically good, although a bit stiff. I would suggest trying to work with a lighter line. i'd say you need to work more on your comic page layout. It's hard to follow, and somewhat confusing.

2010-09-21, 12:55 AM
Not a lot to say, but I like how the arrow sign points toward the flow of the comic.