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2010-09-21, 10:34 AM
help me bit playgrounders.

my memory is failling me, but i recall there is a build wich with several feats the marshall with his auras can freight or leave shaken the enemies.

for this exercise all splat are allowed, lev 9, human race. no seting feats or books.

go weird.

2010-09-21, 10:56 AM
Marshall is a name. The class you're talking about is called a Marshal.

The best thing to do with a Marshal is to get huge charisma and add it to your Intimidate. Obviously you've got this. Spellscales and Hellbred get charisma bonuses without level adjustment but that's out already.

Unfortunately one of the best feats for intimidation builds is outside your scope; Dreadful Wrath. That still leaves the Imperious Command feat from Drow of the Underdark and the Never Outnumbered skill trick from Complete Scoundrel as the two things you're definitely going to want to get, plus a handful of raging Barbarian feats for intimidators, found in Complete Warrior.

Imperious Command makes people cower for a round before being shaken when you use Intimidate to demoralize in combat. This is exactly as overpowering as it sounds, no catches.

The Never Outnumbered skill trick costs you a measly two skill points for the ability to make one of your Intimidate checks against everyone within 10 feet of you once per encounter.

Picking up a level of Barbarian (or even just taking the rest of your levels in Barbarian after 1 level of Marshal) can get you Rage. Take the Intimidating Rage feat in CW; this lets you demoralize someone within a 30ft range (most other demoralization attempts have to be right next to the target, so this is significant) when you activate Rage, which is a free action (obviously more Intimidates per round will disable your enemies faster). Instantaneous Rage can be taken to do this even when it's not your turn, but isn't necessary. I'd rather take Extra Rage, personally, but it's your choice.

The Avenging Executioner prestige class in Complete Scoundrel has a couple abilities to make people within 30ft make an easy Will save against being shaken: Bloody Blade at first level to do it whenever you deal Sudden Strike damage (which the class grants) and Bloody Murder at 5th for when you drop someone. At second level you get the real good bit (and I would stop taking Avenging Executioner levels here): Rapid Intimidation. You can demoralize as a move action. So now you can demoralize as a standard action, then a move action, then again as a free action with your rage.

Pumping up your Intimidate checks isn't too hard.
The big contributor is probably a level of Marshal. You've got that bit. High Charisma and Charisma-boosting items and all that helps here.
There are two Traits in Unearthed Arcana you can use. Abrasive gives you +1 to Intimidate, -1 to Diplomacy and Bluff. Illiterate can be used to get any skill and as an unnamed bonus stacks with Abrasive if you choose Intimidate.
Skill Focus also helps. :smalltongue:

I think there's a "fear handbook" on Brilliantgameologists somewhere if you're willing to search for it. It's much more comprehensive.