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2010-09-22, 05:54 AM
Heyo :smallsmile: Long time browser, first time homebrewer. This is just something that was bouncing around in my head today, and it's my first ever thing, so I apologise for any general crappiness/bad formatting, heh. So, without further ado;

Dawnfeather - A magical Longsword

Description: Dawnfeather is an enchanted longsword made for Medium sized creatures. It is made to look like a rooster, with the tail being the blade of the weapon, the claws on both sides of the blade, with the wings being the hit, and the body and head being the grip and pommel respectively. The blade is slightly curved at the tip, with the edges and coloring resembling that of a roosters tail plumage.

Stats: Dawnfeather is a magical longsword +2, with a +4 bonus to basilisks. It does 1D8 damage +2 per successful attack, with a critical hit on a natural 18 to 20, for double damage.

Special Abilities: Dawnfeather has a couple of abilities, the most powerful being the ability to cast the divine spell Searing Light 3 times daily. The ray is cast from the tip of the sword, and counts as a standard action. This ability must be recharged though, the only way being to hold the sword in a sunbeam at dawn.

Minor abilities are; The roosters head on the pommel lets out the cry of a rooster at every dawn, unless the pommel is covered. Great for annoying your party members :smallwink:. The other ability is that the roosters head will always point towards the east, unless the holder is underground.

Be nice to me? :smallredface:

Lix Lorn
2010-09-22, 06:04 AM
I like it:
Minor things; it's a +2 longsword, +4 against basilisks. Does that mean it's a +4 longsword against them, or a +6, or is it a +2 with an additional +4 to hit?
Maybe say 'Against basilisks, it is instead a +4 longsword.' Also, could I recommend Bane?
Instead of 1D8 +2 for each successful attack, why not say 'Each hit deals 1d8+2 damage'?
VERY minor thing: Traditionally, it's 1d8, not 1D8. :smalltongue:

Morph Bark
2010-09-22, 06:07 AM
Since you say it deals 1d8 damage +2... I think you just mean "it deals damage as a normal longsword, plus the magical enhancement bonus, plus Strength as normal"? If so, I don't think you really need to include that, as it is already implicit in you saying that it is a longsword.

2010-09-22, 11:24 AM
Does holding it in a sunbeam at dawn only recharge 1 charge, or all 3... IE does it take 1 day's effort to recharge it, or 3?

Also, if you use it just before dawn, then recharge it, you can get 4 or 6 (depending on your answer to the last question) charges out of it in a short-ish period.... which I don't object to in the least. IE I would NOT enforce the 8 hour rule.