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2010-09-22, 08:39 AM
I wonder what people think of the character concept/build a friend and I came up with and are trying to sell to our GM.

Each of us plays 1 head and 1 arm of an Ettin, with the winner of inititive controlling the legs. :-)

The PF rules for playing monsters are that you treat their CR as their ECL, which for an Ettin is 6, and then give them an extra free class level for every 3 they gain for a number of bonus levels = to half their CR rounded down. For the Ettin this would be 3 Bonus class levels.

Because we are looking at 2 PCs I thought we should treat it as if it was two CR3 monsters, so we would each get our 1st class level at 4th level, and would gain a single bonus class level 1/2 way between 5th and 6th level.

We would get all the hit points from the Ettin Racial HD but class level hit points would be averaged out (round down). This would mean below 8th level we would have more HD than 2 normal PCs, but above 8th we would slowly drop behind total HD when compared to 2 normal PC's.

We would each get half the Ettins 10HD to count for skill points and Feats.
Each head would have it's own mental stats, Each Arm woul have it's own Str and Dex with the Con been the average of our two Con stats (round down).
AC bonus for Dex would be the vaerage (round down) of the 2 Dex scores.

Item Slots. -
We would each have Head/necklace slots. 1 Ring each. 1 Pair of Gloves and Boots between us as well as 1 set of Armour. Belts would be as an Armband boosting only 1 PC, or as a full Belt boosting both players, but 2x the cost. If either arm uses a Shield the entire body gets the AC boost, but if both use Shields only the best shield AC bonus applies.

We each roll seperately for our initive on the 1st round of combat creating 2 init slots, and each round we roll of again with the winner getting the 1st slot. The 1st head to act always gets to control the legs for that round.

We are looking at 1 playing a Bard and the other playing a Fighter (specalising in Heavy Spiked Shield).

4th level -
Fighter - 5 Ettin HD, 1 Fighter level
Bard - 5 Ettin HD, 1 Bard level
11HD of hit points

8th level -
Fighter - 5 Ettin HD, 6 Fighter level
Bard - 5 Ettin HD, 6 Bard level
16HD of hit points

12th level -
Fighter - 5 Ettin HD, 10 Fighter level
Bard - 5 Ettin HD, 10 Bard level
20HD of hit points

What do people think about it?:smallbiggrin:

Stephen E

PS. Ettin Racial stat mod - +12 Str, -2 Dex, +4 Con, -4 Int, +0 Wis, +0 Cha

2010-09-22, 09:00 AM
sounds fun.
I would have done it

2010-09-22, 09:26 AM
I agree this sounds really fun. I think it would end up being OK balance-wise because there sounds like you'd have some pretty hefty negatives as well.

and beyond anything else, the rule of cool say this should happen.

I might have to yoink the idea, and use as an NPC or something.

Good Luck!