View Full Version : Need help designing a unicorn centaur (3.5)

2010-09-22, 09:22 PM
One of my players have a love for the really exotic, but neither of us can work it out to any clear satisfaction. May I ask for some helpful input?

The idea is basically a centaur but with the abilities of a unicorn. Or if you prefer, a unicorn with a human torso (but with the horn in place). I'm sure you get the general concept.

The problem is how to approach it rules-wise. I've considered using Tauric Creature (Savage Species) or making a half-creature template (Book of Templates) but every design either waters down the powers or gives excessive LA for things the creature already has. Really, the design is just a unicorn with functional arms and some cosmetic stuff, if you think about it. Is there a template that gives arms?

Thanks in advance.

Keld Denar
2010-09-22, 09:28 PM
If you went Centaur (4 RHD/ 2LA) Totemist, you can bind Unicorn Horn to your Totem and get the Gore attack on top of everything else. Thats about the least clumsy way I can think. If you try to include ALL of the Unicorn stuff, you are gonna get WAY bogged down in LA due to all of the Unicorn's SLAs and abilities.

If you do do the Totemist idea, you an also either multiclass into Incarnate, or just take Shape Soulmeld to pick up a couple of soulmelds that represent Unicornesque abilities, such as Planar Ward's Protection vs Evil effect and Lifebond Vestaments to simulate healing.

2010-09-24, 08:12 AM
Not exactly what we were looking for, I'm afraid - I wanted a genuine unicorn, not decked out in class features trying to look like one. LA is not an issue here - staying close to the concept is. Taking actual class levels shouldn't be necessary.

2010-09-24, 08:15 AM
Use unicorn stats. Give them a human torso (i.e. give them arms). Look at the LA for unicorns as a cohort. Realize that +4 is probably too high for a unicorn. Lower to taste. Increase by 1 since they have access to hands.

2010-09-24, 08:17 AM
If staying close to concept is the only concern, why not just say:

"you're a unicorn with arms" *bam* ?