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2010-09-24, 04:49 PM
The title pretty much explains it all. I'm planning to make a swordsage for an eventual game I might play in the future, and I'm unable to find any swordsage guides on either giantitp.com or any other place on the internet, while google allows me to find a guide for nearly every other class in dnd 3.5e. Does anybody know where I can access a swordsage guide? If it doesn't exist, could you guys perhaps give me some general tips on the swordsage and swordsage builds?

2010-09-24, 04:58 PM
The Tome of Battle for Dummies has sections on each class:
Direct link to the Swordsage section (http://brilliantgameologists.com/boards/index.php?PHPSESSID=51nnkp6rt25b1lit8as5lkpv70&topic=357.msg6905#msg6905).

2010-09-24, 10:16 PM
Guide to Swordsages

1. Kill stuff.
2. Be awesome.

There you go, you're good. :smallcool:

In all seriousness, the issue is that Swordsage is a flexible enough class that you may end up going any of several very different directions with it. Optimizing a TWF Swordsage is very different from optimizing a sneaky stabby (but one-weapon) Swordsage, which is quite different from optimizing a strong whack-with-a-big-weapon Swordsage, which is quite different from an I'm-a-Monk,-only-better Swordsage.

2010-09-24, 10:27 PM
The only general-purpose swordsage advice I can come up with:
a) Pick a concept and stick with it. Don't go after every single school's maneuvers just because you have access.
b) Get Adaptive Stance
c) Wisdom is nice

If you've got anything more specific - a concept you'd like to play or something - just ask. Swordsage can fill damn near any concept, so we really need you to lower it down.

2010-09-25, 01:12 AM
b) Get Adaptive Style (a feat)

Fixed that for you.

Chipp Zanuff
2010-09-25, 01:51 AM
Aside from the handbook linked above, not really. Only two of the BoNS classes has a handbook (and both of them need updating).