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2010-09-25, 02:31 PM
Trying this again, since my computer froze up last time I tried this:smallfurious:.

I am planning on taking the power Metamorphasis next level (level 8), due to a near TPK. I am a Gray Elf Egoist Psion, and I require suggestions of beasties to transform into. These creatures fall into 3 catagories;
1. Damage sponge
2. Damage dealer
3. Running away!

Please list what level I can turn into each thing (level 8 being the most important, of course), and what book they are in. I originally did not take this power because I knew that I would over-shadow the melee capabilities of our Soulknife in a flash, but it is apparent to me that our party needs this when the feces hit the fan.

Long story!.

Gray Elf Psion, Zamfir Popo
Warforged Warmage, Maximus
Halfling Soulknife, Kara Shaniqua Bonquiqui
Wild Elf Ranger, Fargoth :smallannoyed:
Wolf, Fangor
Human Artificer, Wolfgang Rockistanski
Homunculus Box Thing, Watson
*Yes, we do suck at coming up with names, what of it?*
Okay, we're doing the Eberron campaign book Eyes of the Lich Queen, and have just gotten to the cave with webs acting as the floor. We fight the first spider, kill it no problem. But now, HERE is where our problems begin. We have to fight a few zombies and another big spider. In a brief moment of pure stupidity, I light one of the zombies on fire. Guess what? The webs, AKA our floor, are now burning up at a rate of 5' a round. Wolf dies due to the fire, everybody else escapes into the next room with about half health (except for Maximus, who couldn't make it that session). We stop until the next session.

The next room half a pedastool, 5' diameter, 5' off the ground. We activate it with our Artificers dragonmark of making, and the stairs shift to let us down. Ceiling above us collapses upon us, and we're all knocked down to about 1/4 health. This is where we realize something. We forgot to heal at the beginning of this session. $#&*! Than two zombies crawl out of the rubble, and all I can think is "oh god no." First round: Artificer, AKA healer, is knocked out. He later stabalizes using an action point.

In the following rounds Watson is killed, Fargoth is knocked unconscious, Kara Shaniqua Bonquiqui is killed, and I am left to try and fight two near-full-health zombies by myself. I use Psionic Dimension Door straight down, and, through a really lucky guess, manage to land myself on the bottom stair of the staircase below. I buff up, manifesting Inertial Armor, Vigor, and Biofeedback, using up the last of my PP. I than sprint up the stairs, drawing my Dorje of Energy Ray (ML 3), and yell for Maximus, who is at the beginning of the cave somewhere, due to his player not being at the session again.

Our DM allows for Maximus to run along the bottom of the cave, which, as we found out earlier, has poisonous gas or something, but, since he's a warforged, can run it safely. I hold off the zombies for 5 rounds, battling heroicly against the creatures, doing my very best to keep alive. Just as Maximus climbs up into the room we're in from the ground below, I am knocked unconscious at -8 and use Autohypnosis to stabalize. I than play Maximus, who pulls out his rod of maximize (guess where he got the name), and fires maximized searing rays at the zombies, and kills them in 3 rounds flat. He survives with 1 health, and force feeds Wolfgang a potion, who proceeds to heal us all.

2010-09-25, 05:00 PM
The Intellect Devourer is a lot of fun...

Otherwise this link (http://community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/75882/19872134/The_Complete_Polymorph_Thread_3.5) might set you in the right direction. Keep in mind your character will have the (su) abilities of the new form.

Another creative use is to share the metamorphasis with your psicrystal. Astral Construct is a versatile form. One you are of sufficient level, I am sure you can think of nasty things to do with the various types of Golems.