View Full Version : Multiplying damage on crits

2010-09-26, 01:19 AM
I've always thought that all critical hits did was multiply your base damage, so a 2D6 Greatsword rolling a crit would deal 4D6 and then add any other bonuses to that. I discovered recently that this was far from the case. Could you guys tell me exactly what kinds of damage are multiplied on a crit? Or, if it's easier to answer, are there any notable exceptions that aren't multiplied?

2010-09-26, 01:23 AM
Generally speaking, you get base weapon damage + any static modifiers on your damage roll. So weapon enhancement value, Str modifier, Power Attack bonus damage, and similar all get multiplied when you crit. Things like Flaming, Sneak Attack, and other variable bonus damage does not (this is incidentally a part of why enhancements like Collision and the Craven feat are favored- they take abilities that are normally not involved in crits and convert them to forms that are.)

2010-09-26, 02:01 AM
Dice that are not base weapon damage are not multiplied. Everything else is. If you've got a +1 collision (+6dmg total), +6Str, Power Attacking for +12dmg, and you land a crit with your Scythe, you're doing 8d4+96 damage. On the other hand, 10d6 of sneak attack on a dagger with no other damage mods and you'll only end up with 2d4+10d6 damage.