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2010-09-28, 02:49 AM
Rogues can't sneak attack enemies with concealment. So enemies with innate abilities to this effect, casters who cast Blur up, etc., are especially bad news for rogues compared to other attackers.

What are some nice ways around this? Are there magic items for granting see invis, blindsight, true seeing, etc? Maybe even something sneak-attack specific?

2010-09-28, 03:43 AM
The Veil of True Darkness gives you Blindsight 30ft (or 60ft if you use the 3.0 Arms and Equipment Guide version), which will negate some forms of concealment as well as granting you immunity to gaze attacks for the low, low price of 9000 gp.

Nothing else leaps to mind right away

2010-09-28, 05:52 AM
Dust of Appearance counters some basic concealment spells (Blur, Displacement, Mirror Image, etc...) and hinders normal hiding for a while. You might just want to UMD a Wand of Glitterdust, but that doesn't stop things like blur or displacement.

Dusk Eclipse
2010-09-28, 06:10 AM
Ignore magical concealment feat in complete mage....pre-requsites are iirc mage slayer feat, blind and 2 ranks ins spellcraft

2010-09-28, 06:11 AM
Convince your DM to let you play a Beguiler (Shining South). True Seeing!

2010-09-28, 06:18 AM
Get the Telling Blow feat and a weapon with a wide threat range. Telling Blow gives you sneak attack/skirmish damage whenever you make a critical hit, and thus you don't have to worry about

the target being more than 30' away
not moving 10' first, for skirmish

2010-09-28, 10:34 AM
Diadem of Purelight soulmeld grants you a radius of light of 10 ft + 10 ft per point of essentia invested in it, which negates the need for Darkvision or holding a torch, which is occasionally actual issue at low levels. When bound to your Crown chakra slot it negates all concealment (magic, psionic, natural, supernatural) less then Total Concealment (Invisibility) within it's radius. You can access it with two levels of Incarnate, or 2 feats (Shape Soulmeld and Open Least Chakra).

Keeneye Lenses soulmeld grants you a 4 + (2*essentia) bonus to Spot. When bound to your Brow chakra it grants you See Invisibility. When bound to your Soul, it grants True Seeing. But if you want See Invisibility you're better off with the cheap magic item that grants it in the Magic Item Compendium (I forget the name). And only high level Incarnates and Necrocarnates can open their Soul chakra pre-Epic.

Also, if your DM is throwing concealment and/or immune enemies at you on a regular basis, don't play a Rogue. Even if you don't want to be a caster, there many other more reliable ways to get Skills and bonus damage.