View Full Version : Request a Drawing (or other form of art)

Lord Loss
2010-09-28, 10:31 AM
Not sure if there's a thread for this, but I thought it might be useful to have a request a drawing thread similar to the request an OOTS-Style avatar thread (or the request a homebrew thread). I can't draw myself, but I will try and help by finding existing art that suits your needs.

I'm in need of a piece of art depicting a scary-looking, undead skeleton of a miner (from some point in the 20th century).

2010-09-28, 10:40 AM
I didn't do these, obviously, but here's what DevianTart has to offer:http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2010/098/7/3/Mardok___Character_Portrait_by_JesterCapp.jpg

Lord Loss
2010-09-28, 01:54 PM
I really like the last two (this is for my CoC game) thanks a million, serp!