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2010-09-30, 09:51 AM
The concept of Project MOOTSer Manual is to be a collection of paper miniatures available for use as a role-playing game tool.

Details: Miniatures should be created on a 30mm scale. Submissions should include an image(jpg,gif,png), and preferably an svg file, so that users can customize the miniatures based on their needs.

Since my needs have been based on current play, I've been creating miniatures that reflect the Scales of War adventure path. As such I've based work off of the 4th Edition D&D monster manual for equipment. My recommendations would be to continue in this vein and create the miniatures needed for the different Monster Manuals, starting with the first one. However if you have a specific monster that you desire to work on, please feel free, and this can be from anything, it does not have to be a monster from a Monster Manual.

In addition, an svg of things like weapons and shields would be a great help to be able to use throughout the creation of the miniatures.

Monster Manual:


Hobgoblin Grunt svg (http://evil-incorporated.net/MM/1/hobgoblin.svg)
Hobgoblin Archersvg (http://evil-incorporated.net/MM/1/hobgoblin.svg)
Hobgoblin Soldier svg (http://evil-incorporated.net/MM/1/hobgoblin.svg)
Hobgoblin Warcaster svg (http://evil-incorporated.net/MM/1/hobgoblin.svg)

Helpful Links:

Inkscape (http://inkscape.org/) - a free vector graphics program
Learning Inkscape (http://www.trazoi.net/tutorials/inkscape/oots/) - An Order of the Stick Avatar Guide
One Monk Miniatures (http://onemonk.com/Home.html) - free paper miniatures and bases, great for reference
Guidelines.svg (http://evil-incorporated.net/MM/util/Guidelines.svg) - a template with 30mm scale bases and height markers
Avatar Helpers (http://www.gorbashkazdar.com/avatars/bodyshop.gif) - Body styles, Heads
Avatar Helpers (http://www.gorbashkazdar.com/avatars/armory.gif) - Weapons and Shields
Avatar Helpers (http://www.gorbashkazdar.com/avatars/wardrobe.gif) - Clothing and Accessories



Original content:

Has there ever been any talk/discussion of creating a library of OoTS style paper miniatures for use with RPGs? I made a few for an adventure I was running for my group, and I was generally happy with how they came out. I was curious if there had been any work with creating a resource for people who would be interested in using such minis for their own games?

If not, would there be interest in creating such a resource?

2010-09-30, 04:50 PM
Sounds interesting. You could probably use the default avatars as a start and then build up from there.

2010-10-01, 08:28 AM
I guess another question would be, does this conflict with copyright, or would it be considered fair use? I mean clearly, creating them for personal use, and never displaying them would not come into conflict, but if they're being published on a public forum, that kind of changes.

2010-10-06, 08:00 AM
So I think I'd like to go ahead with this project. I'll update the first post to include some guidelines/information. If you're interested in collaborating, let me know. I've got some web space available for hosting as well.

2010-10-06, 12:48 PM
This is a good idea! I tried to make oots style minatures a while back, but I couldn't really do it :smallannoyed:
But seriously, good idea!

2010-10-06, 01:20 PM
Body Shop

The Armory

The Wardrobe

This should be of use.

2010-10-06, 01:55 PM
Body Shop

The Armory

The Wardrobe

This should be of use.

Indeed, thanks. I'll add these to the Helpful links section.

2010-10-24, 11:00 PM
What's svg? Is that Inkscape format or something? I have a bunch in Illustrator format but I know most people use Inkscape not Illustrator so...

Anyways, here's a basic armory I've got.

I have a couple monsters that I'd be willing to contribute, but I don't have time to upload them right now. I'll post them up later.

2010-10-25, 08:02 AM
Correct, svg is the format used by Inkscape. I went with it, simply because it's the free alternative. There is probably a way to convert illustrator files to a format that inkscape can understand.

2010-10-26, 08:03 PM
Here's a few.

Giant Spider
http://i275.photobucket.com/albums/jj287/Silversnowe/GiantSpider-01-1.png http://i275.photobucket.com/albums/jj287/Silversnowe/GiantSpider-01.png

http://i275.photobucket.com/albums/jj287/Silversnowe/Wolf-01-1.png http://i275.photobucket.com/albums/jj287/Silversnowe/Wolf-01.png

http://i275.photobucket.com/albums/jj287/Silversnowe/Vargouille-01-1.png http://i275.photobucket.com/albums/jj287/Silversnowe/Vargouille-01.png

2010-10-26, 09:12 PM
Great job!