View Full Version : Magic Weapon vs Divine Favor

Half-orc Bard
2010-09-30, 11:47 PM
What is the point of Magic Weapon? Doesn't Divine Favor do the same thing and give bonus damage, or am I just being a noob?

2010-09-30, 11:49 PM
They're not quite the same. Magic Weapon allows you to bypass DR/magic, for instance, while Divine Favor doesn't.

Also, Magic Weapon is both an Arcane and Divine spell, while Divine Favor is only Divine.

2010-10-01, 05:42 AM
Well ... one puts an enhancement bonus on your weapon (which applies to both hit and damage btw), while the other give you a luck bonus (which also applies to both hit and damage as you stated). Because they are on different targets, they both apply, hell even if they were on the same target they bonus types are different so they would still stack.

2010-10-01, 10:33 AM
Magic Weapon can be cast on other peoples' weapons. It also lasts way longer. While Magic Weapon does become obsolete later on with Divine Favor still kicking ass due to the scaling and rare bonus type, early on Magic Weapon is just plain better.

Once you get an actual magical weapon (let alone Greater Magic Weapon, now that is an awesome spell that you should cast on everyone's weapon in the party with Beads of Karma active for +4 CL), Magic Weapon is completely useless though. But yeh, early on it's awesome.

EDIT: Oh, and do note you can have both active at once. And they "stack"; heck, they aren't even enhancing the same thing so of course they work together just fine.