View Full Version : Looking for a picture

2010-10-04, 03:26 PM
I haven't seen this since...wow my freshman year of highschool back when I tried to create a RPG club. That was in the neighborhood of five years ago.

But I'm sure it still exists. And this place is my best chance of finding it again!

The picture depicted a fight between a party of adventurers and either a red or blue dragon. The coolest part of the picture was that the dragon's breath was depicted in squares.

Also, the cleric's Holy Weapon spell was depicted as a square around the weapon and the name of the spell.

It was basically a classic fantasy battle with the elements of the actual game thrown in for coolness. And it worked WELL.

I'm really hoping this rings some bells. I'm an RA and I want to use it for my floor program advertisement on DND. Campus wide, five games in total. It's gonna be AWESOME!