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Stubbed Tongue
2010-10-11, 07:08 PM
OK so here goes;

1)I have some questions on how you play dispel magic('area' version).
The text reads that you attempt to dispel the spell with the highest caster level...well what if a PC has 7 different spells on him of varying spell levels yet all at the same caster level. How would you DM which spell gets dispelled(possibly) and in what order?

2)Say the caster from above has 'spell turning' as one of his spells. What would be the most reliable way to dispel it? You couldn't really rely on a targeted dispel because that would be bounced back at you, an area dispel has a chance of getting it, and the part where it reads in the PH where you could target a spell that seems the best yet wouldn't it still be bounced back at you?

2010-10-11, 08:08 PM
1) Not specified by the rules. Make up whatever you want. I would suggest checking the highest level spells first and resolving ties by rolling dice.

2) Targeted dispel, targeted on the Spell Turning spell. This would not be bounced back at you because Spell Turning very specifically only turns spells targeted on its target creature. You are not targeting the creature, but rather one of the spells that happens to be targeting it. In exchange for not getting the dispel Turned, you only get to roll a dispel check against that one single spell.