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2010-10-12, 03:23 AM
The Tarrasque seems like a non-thretening encounter for a group of epic characters, but when it has the brain of a level 45 psion: Telepath discipline, just barely enough caster level to cast mindswitch, true on the weak willed creature, and able to use a dominate/psychic chirurgery combination to force psions to learn psychic chirurgery and in turn use it on him to teach him all non-epic psionic powers. Standard practice (DMG) dictates that this is a level 45 CR, period. However, the (ab)use of the loosely bound rules of psionics, and the chance to catch the PCs off guard, (especially when the psion uses a certain magic/psionic item to appear like or temporarily become a small or medium size humanoid, despite his new true body)

What's your take on what CR I should put this at? Given that the Tarrasque's only conceivable weaknesses are covered by a psion's adaptability.

Note, I know there's other better classes than psion, but that class is the only way that I could make it work within the rules of the game, so the PCs don't whine about how what I did was impossible.

2010-10-12, 05:21 AM
I honestly wouldn't know how to CR it...but if you are worried about how tough the encounter is...leave a way out!

Let the players realize that they can perform a tactical retreat, go and get more powerful then come back to settle the score!

they can get some XP as well, put a number of rounds on the fight, the amount of rounds they stay in they get X amount of XP so they dont like it was a complete waste of time and resources

2010-10-12, 05:33 AM
Seriously? I doubt it would be anywhere past cr30. But then, the elder titan (cr30, 70 outsider HD, lv29 caster) seems to set a very dangerous precedent on how tough a creature should be for its cr.

If your PCs earned their way to epic lv, I wouldn't underestimate their resourcefulness.