View Full Version : 3.5e Lowest level for two tier 1's to Destroy an entire metropolis's Industry?

2010-10-18, 12:04 AM
Hi there... I was wondering what the lowest level, and with the lowest expenditure of resources, that a straight classed druid and a straight classed artificer (in a two person party, maybe with a few hireables) could work together to, uhm, annihilate the major source of industry and pollution of an extremely large and major Toril metropolis?

Cause I was looking for the 'most polluting cities on toril', and I think I found it...


Of course, this could be done a few ways -- either the whole 'do a major series of quests to resolve this issue and change the face of industry of this city'.

But... Cmon... it's a freaking Druid and a Freaking Artificer. They should totally be able to take the defenders of a major metropolis and destroy some foundries / kilns / mines / etc. and make it so that level of industry can never be practiced to that extent in that area ever again at low teen levels, right? I mean in a straight out assault? Right? Even if it's basically as strategic as, um, Detroit in World War II?

Assume that they can probably get however much money they need for any
particular specific item, but the wealth per level is simply 'above normal for an entire party' split amongst two people, with the artificer having the lion's share of the wealth (cause the druid has less need for stuff, and chooses to buy stuff from the ficer at full list price).

Assume it's straight classed druid and straight classed artificer. Assume this is for a high power, but not theoretical optimization game. Assume they are optimized to be powerful and versatile in general, but not to do this particular task with all of their resources.... this is for a REAL actually played game, guys!

What would you suggest to do this? Also, if the characters wanted to NOT BE EVIL, how could their resources be used to accomplish this goal? Do you have any ideas for replacing that huge metallurgy (and presumably steel) industry with a method of solving the same problem that is less polluting? I don't know much about foundries, metalworking kilns, and smithies... Would an extremely large amount of access to Wall of Iron, Fabricate, Shape Metal, and Metal Melt obsolete these polluting industries, or encourage them?

2010-10-18, 12:42 AM
Well first you'd need some good Gather Information checks to figure out the power heads of certain industries. Then it is just a case of Disguise Self spell to get close to them, assassinate them, and replace them. From there, make decisions that are at complete odds.

Make one guy look like the head of the teamsters union and the other a head of industry. Put each other at odds until a massive riot takes the city. Should only take a week or so.

Replace a minor worker to get access to factories, plant a bomb inside them (or alchemist fire) and boom.

Basically if no one is regularly checking for minor spells or illusions, its extremely easy to take down a political system/industry. If low level stuff doesn't work, Polymorph can only be seen through by True Seeing. 4th level spell though

2010-10-18, 12:54 AM
if you want to do it the good way, you could have ways to clean up the process. Elementals to concentrate the pollution and store it in relatively benign forms would do a lot. You could also have trees replacing some metal tools with home grown ones. Forest management is an industry that can be done right.