View Full Version : Metamagic School: Really Awesome?

2010-10-21, 07:14 PM
Imagine, if you will, a Focused Specialist Conjurer 5/Master Specialist 7. Gives up familiar for Abrupt Jaunt and Bonus Feats for Augmented Summoning.

Now, he gets Metamagic School (Conjuration). Can ... can he now Extend whatever summoning spells he has for free? Why ... I believe he can! Can he Shape Glitterdust and Grease for free? I believe so ...

The question for me becomes can he Shape and Extend some battlefield control spells ... for free?

Shade Kerrin
2010-10-21, 07:42 PM
I believe he can...three times a day.
Still useful, though

Keld Denar
2010-10-21, 09:26 PM
My favorite is when you get 4th level spells, you can quicken Benign Transposition 2 full levels early. Its a good thing!

2010-10-21, 10:12 PM
Yep this is a case of text trumps table. The text of the feat mentions that this only works three times per day.