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2010-10-26, 07:02 AM
I have this character idea that has been slowly building and floating about for some time. Below is the current advancement list for the character.
I'd just like critiques of the character as well as help on a couple of things.
#1: Any feat, class feature etc. that gives some bonus based on the number of [VILE] feats (you will note that I have a few).
#2: Ways to recover CON damage very quickly (I have 3 feats and 1 racial ability that burns CON)
#3: Magic items that would be of great help.

The idea is that he stuns opponents with psionics, magic, dark speech/racial ability. High Intimidate to cause layers of shaken to cause panic. Half Decent grapple to grab and gnaw their face off or deliver a series of psionic touch attacks easily. Has assistance from a variety of vermin (re: crappy poisons). Can shift into a vermin. Uses magic/psionics to take control of target's mind (or the stun effects from above if he is quick) so that he can mate with them to recover his tantrist spells, only need one such victim per day though.

At high levels his priority becomes mindseed.

STR: +0
DEX: +2 (min 13)
CON: +0 (secondary stat)
INT: +4 (primary stat)
WIS: +2 (min 15 by level 9)
CHA: +2 (min 15 by level 9)

Level 1: Mind Ripper 1//Psion 1 - Telepath
Level 1: Aberrant Blood (Flexible Limbs) [ABB]
Flaw: Iron Will [GEN]
Flaw: Verminfriend [VILE]
Vile: Willing Deformity [VILE]
Psion: Psionic Body [PSI]
Level 2: Mind Ripper 2//Psion 2
Level 3: Mind Ripper 3//Psion 3
Level 3: Improved Grapple [GEN]
Level 4: Mind Ripper 4//Psion 4
Level 5: Ranger 1 - Wild Shape ACF//Psion 5
Psion: Overchannel [PSI]
Vile: Abominable form [VILE]
Ranger: Track [GEN]
Level 6: Tantrist 1//Psion 6
Level 6: Natural Spell [GEN]
Level 7: Vermin Keeper 1//Psion 7
Level 8: Vermin Keeper 2// Psion 8
Level 9: Vermin Keeper 3//Psion 9
Level 9: Dark Speech [VILE]
Level 10: Vermin Keeper 4//Psion 10
Psion: Talented [PSI]
Vile: Dark Whispers [VILE]
Vermin Keeper: Extra Wild Shape [GEN]
Level 11: Vermin Keeper 5//Psion 11
Level 12: Arachnomancer 1//Psion 12
Level 12: Filthy Outburst [VILE]
Level 13: Vermin Lord 1//Psion 13
Level 14: Vermin Lord 2//Psion 14
Level 15: Vermin Lord 3//Psion 15
Level 15: Inhuman Reach [ABB]
Psion: Psionic Talent [PSI]
Vile: Willing Deformity (Tall) [VILE]
Level 16: Vermin Lord 4//Psion 16
Level 17: Vermin Lord 5//Psion 17
Level 18: Vermin Lord 6//Psion 18
Level 18: Durable Form [ABB]
Level 19: Vermin Lord 7//Psion 19
Level 20: Vermin Lord 8//Psion 20
Psion: Psionic Talent [PSI]
Vile: Willing Deformity (Face) [VILE]
Level 21: Vermin Lord 9//Psion 21 (Epic)
Level 21: Improved Manifestation [EPIC][PSI]
Level 22: Vermin Lord 10//Psion 22

As you can see he really comes into his element from level 15+

2010-10-26, 07:25 AM
1 lv in binder (tome of magic, for naberious) lets you heal 1 point of ability score damage of each ability score every round.

Strongheart vest (magic of incarnum) reduces ability damage taken by 1.

Of course, no use of dark speech is complete without this obligatory link. :smalltongue:


2010-10-26, 08:04 AM
Gah that use of Darkspeech is stupid. lol.

The vest could work as often small amounts of Con damage at a time.
I want to avoid any more level dips.

Sir Swindle89
2010-10-26, 08:23 AM
Leadership, get a cleric cohort with greater restoration?

Is becoming immune to con damage an option, or not haveing a con score to damage?

2010-10-26, 05:42 PM
No. I need to be able to take Con damage or else the abilities and feats do not function.

Think of this as a pain deck from Magic the Gathering.

Keld Denar
2010-10-26, 06:04 PM
Depending on how many feats you have, assuming you don't want to burn class levels, Shape Soulmeld: Strongheart Vest would protect you from 1 at a time. A second feat for Extra Essentia would protect you from a second point per round, and each Extra Essentia feat would protect you from one more. If you swapped the 2nd Extra Essentia for an Open Chakra feat to bind Strongheart Vest to, then your Extra Essentia feat should give you a 2nd point of Essentia, giving you 2 neat abilities and the ability to ignore the first 3 points of ability damage per source for three feats.

2010-10-26, 06:57 PM
Sounds like it may work. I'll do some juggling.

Note: The full progression to level 22 is in the spoiler.

2010-10-26, 08:14 PM
Worhsipping an elder evil gets you a bonus vile feat 1/5 levels...

2010-10-26, 08:58 PM
Worhsipping an elder evil gets you a bonus vile feat 1/5 levels...

Which is exactly what I've got. 1, 5, 10, 15 and 20.

2010-10-26, 09:23 PM
Must've missed that...didn't see Elder Evils mentioned...

I misread #1 as you were looking for additional sources of vile feats.

2010-10-27, 01:19 AM
No I was just wondering if ther else anything like Psionic Body or the similar feat for the Abberant feats he has, so as to gain hp or something for having lots of Vile feats. Thats all.
I haven't been able to find anything.

2010-10-27, 02:45 AM
The cleric spell Body Ward in Complete Champion sounds like the spell for you, unless there's some special wording in your build (I recognize very little of it). It's great because it's proactive, absorbing more ability damage ("regardless of it's source") than you'd heal with Lesser Restoration, and you can use multiple castings to get more buffer (see spell description). Other than that, the Rod of Bodily Resoration in the MiC can heal 12 points per day while costing less than a 2nd level wand, just make sure you can heal after every fight.

2010-10-27, 05:11 AM
A custom body ward item would do the job exactly. Almost entirely solves the problem. Just one of those "cast x/day" is all I need.

Thanks. :)