View Full Version : A Phoenix in Darkness--WFC Reading

2010-10-26, 12:27 PM
The room was white: white walls, white ceiling, white tiled floor, and a white sheet covering the pale, pale body lying on the table at the center. It was a woman with long dark hair, only her head and bare shoulders left uncovered by the sheet. A tube as big around as Seth’s thumb, made of some black substance, emerged from her mouth to crawl its way up to the bottom of a glass cylinder filled with dark liquid, resting on a pedestal beside the table. Other, smaller tubes snaked beneath the sheet covering her, connecting her body with other glass containers set both on the pedestal above and on the floor below the table, each filled with a different pigment of bilious liquid. The black lines were clearly visible through the cloth as they indecently twined her body. It took Seth a moment to realize that she was young and pretty beneath the gruesome tubes and her deathly paleness. It was even longer before he saw her breast rise and fall with her breath.


That's the first paragraph of a reading that I will be doing at this year's World Fantasy Convention in Columbus, Ohio this weekend, as part of the Black Gate reading. I'm looking forward to it.