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2010-10-27, 12:16 AM
I Currently have an idea for 6 NPC characters that all share a similar theme but trying to get ideas on what classes / builds to use. The idea is that these characters will be semi boss / recurring characters for my pc's to fight.

I want to make the characters follow the theme of the 6 ability scores / the name of the spell that gives them a +4 (Bulls Strength, Cats Grace, Bears Endurance, Eagles Splendor, Owls Wisdom, Fox Cunning) So obviously the Bulls strength character would have to be a class that relies on strength and so forth.

I want to try and keep it so they are the race's from the PHB, Each one is a different race and I think I want the CR to be around level 7 for the first encounter.

Books Allowed
- Core (DMG, MM, PHB)
- Completes
- Races of Stone, Wild, Dragon, Destiny
- Magic of Incarnum
- Dragon Magic
- Unearthed Arcana

If any one can help me with this that would be wonderful, weather it's just quick summarys of an idea or actual builds.

Atm my PC's are (a rouge, a Druid (plans to be a shape shifter into bears), a Warlock (wants to PrC into acrolite of the skin), and a Cleric (PrC to a Storm Lord)

2010-10-27, 12:34 AM
Warblade who uses Charging Minotaur a lot (maybe homebrew a feat that lets him prepare multiple copies).
Barbarian / Bear Warrior
Cleric / Prestige Paladin with Giant Owl mount

2010-10-27, 05:44 AM
Goliath barb seems like it would make a good str npc. Maybe goliath barb2/fighter4/frenzied berserker1?

Or alternatively, Orc werebear barb2/frenzied berserker1. You can easily get base15+1lv+4racial+16werebear+4rage+6frenzy, or 46str.

For dex, catfolk rogue?

Wis...druid with wildshape?

Con...dragonborn (reflavoured) mongrelfolk dragonfire adept from dragon magic?

2010-10-27, 05:50 AM
Note: ToB does not appear to be on list of "books allowed".

Please check the OP.

2010-10-27, 06:54 PM
I like the Owl Mount Idea for the wisdom build =) Gave me an idea to maybe make each npc have an animal of the chosen attribute / be that animal like the catfolk.

Anyone have any INT or CHA ideas? haven't seen those yet though =/

Scorc and Wiz probably be the most common but if I stick with the animal theme gonna want to try and make it more flavorful. Eagle and Fox.

2010-10-27, 08:41 PM
I'd probably lean towards a Bard for CHA...his wide array of social skills showcases CHA better than a Sorcerer, IMHO...

2010-10-27, 09:00 PM
I might suggest Factotum for Int, but it looks like Dungeonscape isn't on your list of books used...

How about the Lord Shojo route? Give the Int-based character no PC class levels at all, but make them a brilliant planner and strategist who is always three steps ahead of the PCs. That might make a far more memorable "Fox" than simply a wizard.

2010-10-27, 10:15 PM
I didn't think of bard XD thats actually a neat idea since we rarely ever see those in any of our games might be fun.

And yea Factotum was first thing that came to mind when I though INT, but sadly yea we don't have Dungeonscape. but yea as far as the non PC classes goes, I think I could do that and make it so he put's the PC's through a ton of puzzle / trapped filed rooms in a dungeon, but I would need to look for some good puzzles.

I have searched the forums but allot of the puzzles weren't really that great imo based on the fact that I would want it related to the game kinda instead of a random puzzle. perhaps a few hinting towards a "fox" to keep the theme intacted a bit to.

2010-10-29, 12:24 AM
Ok so I have found something interesting in the MIC.

- Bearskin Armor (pg 16)
- Foxhide Armor (pg 18)
- Hawkfeather Armor (pg 19)
- Owlfeather Armor (pg 21)
- Tigerskin Armor (pg 23)

now they all give the ability to cast the +4 ability mod skills the only thing is There doesn't seem to be a Bull STR one.

Does anyone know if there is one that exists or possibly a few ideas how I could just make one myself that would kinda be on the same level as these armors?

I also found these armors are in the Race's of Wild, but they are more expensive and the ability's are a tad varied.