View Full Version : Sarching for DM/ Adveturing creation tools

2010-10-27, 09:26 AM
HI all

In the last seasion I played I accidently said that I would like to DM sometimes but it must be a selvemade adventure. Well they here me and ask me to do that.

Now I to the real problem:
I wanted to create an adventure for a Pathfinder group and I need a map making tool or better a map of a castle that has several floors to fill up several metings. Cause the map needs no notes of traps or events or anything else it will be good to have a free map.

Doea anyone know where I can get this or has anyone such a map to share?

2010-10-27, 09:28 AM
Here (http://donjon.bin.sh/d20/dungeon/), every dungeon is unique, sort of...

2010-10-28, 02:12 AM
Thank you.
It is not really what I search cause the caves it create don't look like I would need them. I thought more of a Castle map where you reach nearly all rooms by one floor and haven't go trough most rooms