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2010-10-29, 09:40 AM
For an upcoming evil campaign, I will be playing a Tibbit Psion Thrallherd, pretending that my wilder thrall (who's name will incidentally be The Black Cat) is my actual character. I'm going to tell my party members that I convinced my DM to let me have a familiar (my cat), and I will pump my Concentration check so that I never make any displays of power by accident. Does anyone have any good advice for fooling detection magic and other ways that someone might find out my secret identity?

Dubious Pie
2010-10-29, 10:51 AM
Familiars always ping when within 20 ft. of their master, stay in range, you are fine.

2010-10-29, 11:19 AM
Eventually somebody is going to glance your way with a True Seeing effect. There's only two ways I can think of to really deal with that (well, there are a few more mechanically, but they're rules-questionable and mostly not available to your class anyway.)

The first is to hope that whoever ends up with the True Seeing isn't curious enough to ask what they see about your character, and your DM doesn't bother telling them. They'll have the knowledge in-character, but not be aware of it out of character, so that's roughly the same as not knowing at all.

The second is to convince your DM that a Tibbit's cat form is a 'true form' for it, and so when you are seen with True Seeing you are just seen as a cat, and not as a cat-with-a-halfling-overlay or however your DM decides to describe True Seeing's ability to reveal something's true form.

2010-10-29, 09:01 PM
Anyone else know a way around True Seeing? I don't fancy putting up an Invisible Invisibility just on the chance of it.