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2010-10-29, 07:32 PM
I've been hearing about the game "Call of Cthulhu", and was wondering where I could learn the rules and stuff. It sounds very interesting. What time period is the most common?

2010-10-29, 07:42 PM
The 20's to 30's is generally the most common setting.

2010-10-29, 09:02 PM
Ah, cool. Anywhere I can get info on it and learn the rules?

2010-10-29, 09:06 PM
Its done by Chaosium. Heres the rest of my cthulhu style rpg links as well:

Chaosium http://www.chaosium.com/
Cthulhu Character Generator 2.0 http://www.vyomlinks.com/download/cthulhu-character-generator-2.00-121588.html
Cthulhu d20 Character Generator http://www.pathguy.com/cthulhu.htm
CthulhuMud http://www.cthulhumud.com/
Delta Green http://www.delta-green.com/
Heroic Cthulhu http://heroiccthulhu.proboards105.com/index.cgi
How Cthulhu Works http://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/cthulhu.htm
Play@Yog Sothoth http://www.callofcthulhu.org.uk/index.php
The Black Seal http://www.theblackseal.org/
The Mana Bros. Call of Cthulhu Pages beware popup http://www.fortunecity.com/tattooine/zenith/134/cthulhu.htm
The Official Chaosium Digest Archive http://pages.prodigy.net/chaos-digest/chaos-digest/
The Temple of Dagon http://www.templeofdagon.com/
The Unbound Books http://www.unboundbook.org/
Triad Entertainments http://www.triadentertainments.com/
Tynes Cowan Corporation http://www.tccorp.com/home.html
Yellow Dawn http://www.davidjrodger.com/yellowdawn.htm
Yog Sothoth http://www.yog-sothoth.com/index.php

2010-10-29, 09:29 PM
I didn't see it in Bhu's post, so sorry if he already posted this, but here's a link (http://www.chaosium.com/article.php?story_id=87) to a page on the Chaosium site where you can download a quickstart guide.

2010-10-29, 10:04 PM
Thanks, guys. I might want to ask for a tutorial run, in the 'Finding Players' subforum. Sound like a good idea?

EDIT: I got the COC Quick Start PDF from the Chaosium website.