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Prince Zahn
2010-10-30, 05:53 AM
here is a serious story about the young prince Zahn Sarrinor, an heir yet to rule the kingdom of Arkennon, and hopefully defeat the tyrant Sin-Ammed who has been terrorizing the world of Banthlitar for far too long.
Quwando(Que-Wan-Doe) is a magical sword created by a great warrior who tried to destroy Sin-Ammed a few thousand years ago, and Zahn as the last warrior Quwando was handed down to, needs this sword, along with 5 other magic swords, to defeat Sin-Ammed the immortal,

The story:
PrologueThere are many stories that can be told of in the history of Banthlitar, which was often judged as a world of war, or even more commonly a world of corruption. many of the people who lived on Banthlitar saw their life as “A walk through a meadow where blades replace seeds,” since the weak and scared see every little step as a dangerous risk, while the strong and brave see it as a challenge they can solve by picking up a sword, and marching through it proudly. There were many heroes that came from their world, yet only a handful of them lived to see their visions of the world come true.
This is one example of the heroism that took place in the unbelievable world of Banthlitar.

A few thousand years ago, there were six immortals - each of which possessed the power to control destiny with a flick of the wrist, these immortals have ruled Banthlitar with peace, love and acceptance – at least, until one evening which was then forever infamous as "The curse of the tri-lunar night."
Strangely, most people who you would ask about that night these days wouldn't know anything about a curse... As only the most loyal of knights to the kingdom of Arkennon can tell you (setting aside the fact that they probably wouldn't.) that it was that very night that Sin-Ammed was born.
Sin-Ammed was born as Banthlitar's first true Bizonus - a creature of human myth that is brought to the world by a special ritual made by one with a long life of evil and corruption, they are said to disguise as humans before exposing their true forms. - Nevertheless, Sin-Ammed possessed power that just a vivid description of his potential would traumatize even the great warriors of the day. Once he had achieved what he thought to be his greatest deed yet - to form an entire nation of Bizoni, - he decided to join the immortal beings and their pantheon and prove himself as an immortal.
Unfortunately for Sin-Ammed, a member of the pantheon Objected to the thought of letting him join the pantheon, as he explained -
"In order for Banthlitar to remain in peace with itself, we cannot allow a bizonus to join us, no matter how much he can achieve, and regardless of his questionable intent, because in the same way his soul was created from sins, tyranny and corruption, so will he bring all of those things to the world." Because of this statement they sent a messenger to tell Sin-Ammed about their decision.
Predictably, Sin-Ammed was furious when he found out about his rejection, and was outraged when he learned - why - they blackballed him.
Thus Sin-Ammed prepared to take his revenge by forging a sword, nothing conclusive is known about how he made it other than the belief that its blade was dipped in the blood of fallen bizoni tyrants - including some of his own, He has named this sword Azziggar.
After creating this unholy blade, he has left the bizoni nation with his army, every second getting another step closer to his goal - to redeem his revenge, take his place as a god and become the supreme ruler of Banthlitar.
The pantheon, on the other hand, has found out about Sin-Ammed’s plan, and was all well prepared for their battle as they each had a magic sword of their own.
Neither side intended to stand down while the rival side stood breathing. As the war went on, Banthlitar started tearing apart, along with Sin-Ammed's Sanity, until it seemed he had abandoned his senses logic, tactics and trickery and with all his anger recklessly started fighting the immortals one at a time, and while each of these mighty warriors battled Sin-Ammed, so has Sin-Ammed's legions of followers fought their respective armies of worshipers.
Aside from the fact that none of these warriors would want to leave Sin-Ammed alive, not one of them wanted to banish him from existence personally As much as did the legendary Gahyu Silverheart - the leader of these immortals - who waited at the end of Sin-Ammed's conquest – the far kingdom of Arkennon, until one day the tyrant showed up at last.
Sin-Ammed was carrying on his back six swords, the one he forged, and the other 5 from the rest of the immortals, Sin-Ammed knew who rejected his immortality right away, which made Gahyu the biggest obstacle in the path of his victory.
As the inevitable battle between Gahyu and Sin-Ammed began, each willing to risk his life to destroy the other, the blades met with the magic of shine and shadow bursting in flames. Silverheart thought he had a strong advantage on him as Sin-Ammed was cornered to the wall of the throne room, until suddenly Gahyu’s skin was slashed with Sin-ammed's poisoned blade.
After being poisoned by the painful cut of Azzigar, Gahyu desperately directed whatever energy he had left within his sword to create a mighty blast to finally destroy the demon, and with one glowing explosion, it was over. However Gahyu found out that Sin-Ammed somehow survived, lying on the ground heavily wounded in the ruins of the castle, but moments later Gahyu fainted on the ground since creating such a powerful blast cost him his life.
As Sin-Ammed watched Gahyu die, he suddenly felt no pain or injury, and burst out into a horrible laughter which was heard all across Banthlitar, which suddenly stopped when he saw Gahyu's sword rising in mid-air along with the other six collected magic swords that rose with it, slowly the swords began one by one to vanish in front of Sin-Ammed’s own eyes,leaving Sin-ammed angrier than ever before.
A few hours later a ship of Bizoni found him, took him back to his palace and took care of his wounds.
Sin-Ammed knew that the swords were hidden somewhere by Gahyu’s intervention, and Sin-Ammed vowed to find them all, to reclaim the swords and rule the world that belonged to him from the start.
After many years of search he has recovered his sanity, found Azzigar rusted and fragile, and reforged it while silently planning to recover the rest of the swords and take one last stand for revenge at Gahyu’s spirit, But the rest of those swords were never seen since...
Not until recently, At least.