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2010-10-31, 07:26 PM
Hello to everyone, and thank you for taking the time.

I'm trying to help some of my friends incorporate more Eberron flavor into their 4e PC's for an upcoming game, when a comment was made that because of the new edition, previous 3.5 Eberron fluff was rendered null and void. After the proper tar-and-feathering/shoot-down/beat-down was finished on the hapless individual, we proceeded to educate him in the fact that his claim was in fact, untrue.

This led to a conversation in how the "PC's ARE special" aspect of 4e allows for a richer background to be created for characters, where as in 3.5 everyone knows its hard to start your level 1 wizard off as a hard ass former black ops agent, when he can't even cast a fireball.

Anyway, what I was hoping you could share is your characters (whether played, in reserve, or scratched out in the margins of a notebook) backgrounds. I'd like to see an emphasis on Eberron characters obviously, and feel free to incorporate either your own fluff or that from 3.5 or 4e material. Actual character builds are not so important, but if want to add them feel free.

Here are a few that I've come up with, they're a bit rough (I'm not much of a writer) but they are the kind of ideas I was hoping to hear from you. I drew much of the fluff from the ECS, 5N, FoE, PGtE and the 4e EPG. I hope you like them:

Female Changeling Rogue/Warlock

Veah was born and abandoned in Sharn on the streets of Lower Dura, was found and raised (like all good rogues) by a small gang of urchins and pick-pockets. One night she tries to filch the purse of a tall slender mark in a dark green cloak, and is promptly caught. After breaking away and darting down an alley, she was shocked to run face first into the mark she left behind her outside the alley. As she tried to fight herself free, the marks hood fell back, revealing an elven face, but not one like she had ever seen. His eyes were solid orbs of sky-blue, and his skin was paler than any she had ever seen. To this day she doesn't know why she did it, but she transformed her features to match those of her captor, so that he was looking at himself. The next thing she remembers is blackness.

She awoke within the eladrin feyspire of Shae Joridal, the City of Emerald Lights in the Feywild. As it would turn out her captor was now her master, he had brought her back with him to be trained as a spy and assassin for his master (working on name/background), one of the ranking arch-fey of the city. Her training was calculated and precise, and after a few years she was formally presented to the arch-fey, where she was imparted with a small measure of power (warlock multi-class). However, what Veah did not know was that her master, the one who had taken her from the streets, was planning on using her in a coup against the arch-fey in an attempt to raise his own status. After the attempt started to go badly Veah fled the spire and eventually found herself in what would become Darguun during the last years of the war. From there she began plying skills from her youth as well as those from her former teachers, doing whatever she has to to keep moving.

Especially since the effects of the Mourning have trapped the feyspires on this plane, Veah fears retaliation from the arch-fey. She doesn't know the status of her former master. She wears dark crimson leather armor under a black cloak, and carries two curved, bone-white eladrin daggers

Brother Allon
Male Human Wrathful Invoker or Infernal Warlock
Born a middle child to a large family in southern Thrane outside of Nathyrr, Allon was raised to be very devout to the traditions of the Silver Flame. Growing up he felt called to serve the Flame, and was taken in as a student by the local priestess, Mother Leena, a former paladin who had been disabled in battle during the war. Allon was caring, good-hearted and showed more wisdom in most matters than his elders. Showing true potential he was sponsored by Leena to attend the Psalm of the Flame Seminary in Flamekeep. After spending four years in training, he was at the top of his class, carrying a good deal of favor with the senior staff of priests, and judged to have unshakable faith in the Flame. Before his final tests and ordination into the Order of Ministers he was allowed to return home to see his family.

He found his home a very different place. The village that had been passed over in all the previous years of the war was razed to the ground. How could this have happened? Venturing into the old church, one of the few building still standing, he found his old mentor, Mother Leena. At first in turns overjoyed and angry, he approached her, only to feel an unholy evil radiating from her. After being quickly over-matched by a seemingly restored Leena, she told him the truth, she had given herself over to a demon that served the "Darkness in the Flame". The demon hoped to change those of strong faith to the Flame to faith in demon bound within, saying that "Faith is strongest force of all... What better weapon to shatter the chains that bind him?".

During the struggle that followed, Allon remembers little. What he does remember is waking up half-crazed on the altar of the church, the whole inside of the building scorched black, being alone, and feeling... changed. Stumbling outside he began making his way back to Flamekeep, haunted by terrible nightmares. After returning to the Seminary, he demanded to be enlisted into the Order of Friars, throwing away his previous hopes of rank within the Church, and the dreams of those set to groom him for their own uses. From that day he began wandering the roads of Khorvaire, in worn robes, staff in hand, destroying the enemies of the Church, but growing slightly more and more mad with every encounter.

Notes: Obviously the fight with the demon changed Allon in some way, it could have awakened the "spark of divinity within him" becoming an invoker, or maybe he now unknowingly harbors the demon that possessed his mentor, becoming a warlock. Or it Allon could be a deva character, and these memories are the only clear ones he remembers of all his previous lives.

Thank you in advance for all those posting!

2010-10-31, 08:17 PM
The first character that I made for Eberron 4e was a changeling rogue named Nen. She was a gifted shapechanger from the monster city Lost.

Although she wasn't evil (she was unaligned), she served the hags of Sora Kell, because she believed the hags would build the best future for her.

She is currently an agent of Daask in Sharn.

2010-11-01, 12:32 AM
Viva las hijas de Sora Kell!

2010-11-01, 01:52 AM
How do the PH3 or Dark Sun races fit into Eberron? I personally consider Shardminds to be 4e Psiforged, but what about Wilden or Muls? And I don't see anything in the EPG about Daelkyr Half-Bloods (introduced in MoE in 3.5.)

2010-11-01, 01:54 AM
How do the PH3 or Dark Sun races fit into Eberron? I personally consider Shardminds to be 4e Psiforged, but what about Wilden or Muls? And I don't see anything in the EPG about Daelkyr Half-Bloods (introduced in MoE in 3.5.)

The closest thing to Daelkyr Half-Bloods (Who are awesome), is currently one of the racial bloodlines in Psionic Power, IIRC. Not ideal by any means.

2010-11-01, 10:14 AM
Connor d'Orien (Swordmage/Warlock): He is a travel-mage of House Orien, specializing in escorting people to (and back out of) places they wish to go (or no longer wish to be.) He discovered a cult that believes that the Stars are actually entities that wish to show us The Way, and that by learning to understand their motions you can interpret their will. He has bought into the cult and uses the powers of the stars to help guide him (and the rest of his allies.) He is also interested in/friendly with certain fey entities that act as allies to House Orien.

Mechanically, he's a hybrid Assault Swordmage/Star-pact Warlock who intends to pick-up a dual Fey pact at Paragon tier. With Shared Pact, he will be granting his allies little bonuses and/or teleporting them around the battlefield when enemies go down. I have focused my points in Constitution and Intelligence, and ignore the Charisma and Strength-based things my classes have to offer. Optimal? Not at all. I'd be WAY better off with an Infernal pact. He's fun though.

2010-11-03, 10:29 AM
Thanks for the replies, sorry been a crazy few days at work, haven't been able to post.

The first character that I made for Eberron 4e was a changeling rogue named Nen. She was a gifted shapechanger from the monster city Lost.

Does anybody know where I can find some more info on this monster city? Droaam never really interested me too much, but the hags are a pretty good hook.

I have a few more that I've come up with, I'll fill in the details later.

Female Dwarf Two Weapon Ranger or Rageblood Barbarian, I haven't decided.
- Basically outcast from her family, a clan that has left its warrior traditions on the tails of House Kundurak. She's trying to redeem her clans "honor", while her now "civilized" and genteel family quietly tries to stop her from ruining their rep in the Five Nations. Carries the weapons of her great-great grandfather, very well made but a very old style.

Kerdan Hallus
Male Human Staff Wizard
- Born and raised in the fireburst wine vineyards beneath Arcanix,his father was a wizard of middling skill responsible for the magical treatment process. While attending Arcanix his fathers connections kept him enrolled for his entire education, (unusual since Aundair was at a low point at wars end, and most students where hastily graduated and sent out to the lines) making him one of the few fully "classically" trained wizards of this generation. Developed a reputation as "staff-breaker", a mage that takes on other mages. (I'm not sure how to portray this in 4e) Slightly more arrogant than the average Aundurian, but actually quite brilliant in arcane and tactical matters.

I really love the notepad on my Blackberry, now I can take down ideas whenever I have them.

I was kind of hoping somebody would share some ideas on some of the newer races, especially dragonborn. I had a hazy idea of a Dragonborn Fighter who used a scythe as a family weapon style.

2010-11-03, 10:41 AM
A little bit of cumin but mostly salt, pepper, and garlic. Yeah, it's not very original, I know, but it sure does taste good! :smallbiggrin:

2010-11-03, 12:52 PM
Xavion my Pacifist Cleric. He's a Kalashtar. His quori is evil as heck though.

This led to very cool body switches. The quori's stuck in me through my vows, but can still take control from time to time.

We got through half an encounter where I was fighting normally until they realized that I was the quori. He's been calling himself il'Lashtavar lately, since I can't think of a name, I just figured referring to himself as the Dreaming Dark would work.

Anyway, he's ridiculously interested in the DragonMarked Houses and Shifter rights, namely since his Defender is a Longtooth. He has like a "mockery" Mark of Healing. His best friend's from that House, so he's sort of an honorary member? I have the benefit without having the mark, it's weird, but my DM okayed it!

2010-11-03, 01:15 PM
Eberron backgrounds? Here's a few of mine, all were used in 3.5 Eberron games here in the forums. The full background is at the bottom of each sheet:

Seri Owler (http://pifro.com/pro/view.php?id=4033) A human with an strong aberrant mark. She was raised in Droaam with as part of a flight harpies, but moved to Sharn to try to injure the Daask, and therefore, the Hag's reach. Currently a member of House Tarkanan.

Jussio d'Cannith (http://pifro.com/pro/view.php?id=4378) A man from a strong branch of House Cannith whose claim went up in smoke along with Cyre. Determined to claw his way back up within the house.

Amir d'Zema (http://pifro.com/pro/view.php?id=4777) Another Cyran, a military man who saw his homeland turned to ashes from over the border. His incursion into the Mournlands with the remainder of his troops proved futil. He currently wants nothing more then to have the ones responsible pay. Currently living in Karnnath, and greatly considering letting the foreigners turn him into an undead so that he can walk back into the Mournlands.