View Full Version : The City of Kaster (3.5 hombrew Setting) IN DEVELOPMENT (looking for help)

2010-11-05, 11:00 PM
Ok first thing:
I am looking for a team to help me, as I will give the concept (for the setting itself, the monsters, and other things such as locations), the names, and some additional rules on magic, along with a class for it.
I have no experience doing monsters stats, so that is especifcly the type of person I am looking for. But be aware that if you have an idea or wanna work in it in anyway you are free to do so.
Constructive critics are also welcome.

Basic concept (or better said, story)(you know, to know if you are interested or not)

The World is old. the suns are on the verg of death. The ladys that were the moons are now devasted profaned. all that once was the great nation of The Antique is but a merciless wasteland, litterd with ruins and sand. Even the Three Rivers (Zokles, Trosto and Kra in Ritual Lenguage) that were the cradle of The Antique are dried, all their green, flooded land is now but a merciless desert. But in that merciless desert the wizards of old managed to contain but a single lake, Resk, which can be roughly translated as Spark of the Sun. Soon, all remanants of The Antique that were still alive (or sane) were recalled to Resk to attempt to start what they called "The Last" or The Kaster, which is a building on the center of Resk, connected to land by 4 great bridges that floated along the lake without touching it. Two of the lakes, South and North, represented the entrance of the Suns, and the East and West, The exit of the Moons. Little by little, the inhabitants of the wasteland heard of Kaster, and inmigerated to the lonley lake. The Antiques (now they were known as The Ritualists, as the magic they masterd was that of Order) initialy accepted the masses, but Rusk was a small lake, and it could not support the millions of souls that came from the wasteland. So, The Ritualists builded a wall, almost 30km away from the lake, round so that it protected it from all sides.
This one is the old history, as such as how the city was born.
the whole setting is based around ttwo things:
Magic of the Being*, which is by far the most accesile magic in the world.
The City!: literlly, the last jewell of humanity, builded to save the world and start a new one (as new suns were made in the lake) but failing after the inheritors of the city took it more as a way to control what was little left of the world than as a way to grow the world.

The World is planed to be capable of being played at the start of the city, it's golden age, and it's fall.

*final note on introduction:
you may be wandering, what is The Magic of The Being?
well, it is a method discoverd by ritualists to use the living force of things to mold the world around them.
Even if this is the most common way of magic, one may be a normal wizard, but they are extreamly rare, as Arcane Magic only exisists now on the wasteland or on very old familys.
If you have any sort of doubt on the setting, may it be on lore, accesability or anything related to it, I am all ears.

(please don't be a grammar nazi, english is not my native language!!!)