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2010-11-06, 12:44 AM
I'm playing a Bard in a pbp on this site and wanted to have an actual song to post bits of for bardic music abilities. As such, I typed up a bit of something based off of this comic strip (http://www.diggercomic.com/?p=213) and am deciding to post it here in full. I might make more, but if you guys come up with some, and don't mind me using them from time to time, by all means post them, please.

Anyway, Repelling the Dark Elves is a Dwarven battle tune sung on marches and in the heat of battle to keep the mind off of exhaustion and overwhelming odds. It is based on an actual Drow Raid that was successfully thwarted some centuries ago. It is a favorite of many due to its ease of translation into common and its simplicity:

They said they were looking for peace,
But they lied lied lied.
Soon blood was seen everywhere,
As it flied flied flied.
We took up our trusty axes,
That we plied plied plied.
And we charged 'head with a war cry,
That we cried cried cried.
They tried oh so hard to kill us,
Yes they tried tried tried.
But we swung our mighty axes,
And they died died died.
They said they would surrender,
But they lied lied lied.
So we hacked at their necks and heads,
Oh they flied flied flied.
The battle field full of their swords,
That they plied plied plied.
They crawled shamefully in the dirt,
As they cried cried cried.
They ran swift from the underground,
Well they tried tried tried.
But we fought them to their last breath,
And they died died died.

2010-11-06, 12:56 AM
The War Song Of The Vikings

Let loose the hounds of war,
The whirling swords!
Send them leaping afar,
Red in their thirst for war;
Odin laughs in his car
At the screaming of the swords!
Far let the white-ones fly,
The whirling swords!
Afar off the ravens spy
Death-shadows cloud the sky.
Let the wolves of the Gael die
Neath the screaming swords!
The Shining Ones yonder
High in Valhalla
Shout now, with thunder:
Drive the Gaels under,
Cleave them asunder --
Swords of Valhalla!

2010-11-06, 01:00 AM
The Adventurer's Song
Drink a flagon
Slay a dragon
Go a whacking
Take a packing o' gold

Slay a dragon
Drink a Flagon

Draconi Redfir
2010-11-06, 01:09 AM
a short little song i wrote for my bard who can only communicate by singing. sadly it never got the chance to be sung.

(Sung to the chorus of "larger then life" by the backstreet boys)

All you Goblins* cant you see, cant you see?
How your raids' affectin our economy!
Every time you steal! You know how we feel,
and that makes your murder**

heyah... all of your time spent, being
Ali-ei-ei-ei-eive is a crime!

*interchangeable with most races, bugbears, orcs now, humans, zombies, ETC
**can throw in an additional "that makes your murder" if you like

sucky i know, but meh :P