View Full Version : I finally get to play my outrider! build help?

2010-11-08, 02:03 PM
I get to play, and I want to make my mounted halfling with a bow, eventually moving into the lance, as well. I've got the basics of the build down, knowledge devotion for a good multi-damage buff, quick draw for switching between the bow and the lance, conveniently picked up right when I actually start using the lance.

He's a strongheart halfling, I'm starting at level 6, he'll have a pack of riding dogs with him until level 9 when his paladin effective levels add up to 6, at which point he'll be switching to a medium sized dinosaur.

1 Paladin of Freedom (Point Blank Shot, Education)
2 PF
3 Ranger (precise shot)
4 Ranger (rapid shot)
5 Fighter (Mounted Combat)
6 Halfling Outrider (Mounted Archery)
7 Wild Plains Outrider
8 HO
9 WPO (Knowledge Devotion)
10 HO
11 HO
12 Fighter (Ride-by Attack, Quick Draw)
13 HO
14 HO
15 HO (Spirited Charge)
16 HO
17 HO
18 HO

Does anyone have any suggestions for this? anything I can rearrange, do differently, or anything like that? better yet, does anyone have a good idea for those last 2 levels? edit* I guess I should specify, I'm not interested in the uber-mount stuff, and my DM isn't allowing my HO levels to stack both ranger and paladin. just paladin. so the beastmaster thing isn't necessary. If anything, I want levels of something that improves the archery, the lance charges, or the survival/hide/move silent side of things.

I appreciate it.

2010-11-09, 12:06 PM
well. i'm thinking ranger for levels 19 and 20, for extra skill points, and the animal companion, which'd just be fun for flava.