View Full Version : Love to Read?

2010-11-08, 07:15 PM

Finally Diversion Magazine is going to get started up again, and we're about ready to start getting in submissions. What I'm in need of is people to read through submissions and then either give them a thumbs up or otherwise. Don't worry, you won't be overloaded - no more than two or three submissions a week. If you're interested, give a reply here and I'll PM you with some more details.

2010-11-08, 09:17 PM
I might be interested (although I'm not sure what type of stories you're getting, which may affect my interest). I may also be able to help with proofreading if you need that sort of thing.

2010-11-24, 12:27 PM
I'm always up for more people sharing their stories outside of the mainstream publishing branches. If nothing else, got a link to more about Diversion? (I'd offer to triage for you, but I have a conflict of interest, I'd probably try and find and steal away anyone good for my own site. Heh. )