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Anonymous Man
2010-11-13, 08:25 PM
I'm writing a book. It's going well and everything, but I realized that it needs a picture for the cover. So I came here to ask for that.

In the sblock are a bunch of notes on what I would like my cover to look like. I would like it to be in pencil/greyscale, by the way.

Okay, so this is a badly-done MS Paint version of the cover I want.
See? Horrible. Anyway, to make it more clear, the main characters are all standing on the tip of an obelisk-thing with the main villain's (Master's) head in the background.
The guy on the left is Jarl. He could wear a blindfold, or not, I don't care. He should be looking off to the left, up, and out towards the reader. Please base him off this picture, but younger:


In the middle is Cyra. She's not looking the the right, she's looking down and out towards the reader. Her hair goes over one eye, I don't care which, and she's crouching. Please base her off this picture, but younger:


On the right is Drax. He (it?) is looking to the right and out towards the viewer. He's in a fighting stance, half-crouched. Please base him off this picture:


And then Master's head looks down on them all from the backround. Please base him off this picture:


Please, please, please make a cover, anyone who's a better artist than me. Don't get the impression that I drew the pics of the characters; there's a program called HeroMachine that I used.

If you do make a cover, just put it in the thread so I can save it onto my computer and use it in the book.

super dark33
2010-11-27, 02:57 PM
HeroMachine? i used to use it

Man, this program is good.

2010-11-28, 09:09 AM
You're probably going to need to pay someone for a good quality cover like this; either way, I recommend asking on the forums at cghub.com.