View Full Version : Spellthief Components

2010-11-17, 11:35 PM
So as I read it, spellthiefs require the material components/focus for any spell they steal. Is it just me or is that incredibly inconvenient? What are some ways to get around this apparent ability to not cast spells with material components of any kind?

2010-11-17, 11:56 PM
Eschew Materials handles the costless ones. For the rest, you'll need the goods/foci on hand.

Remember though that you have other uses for the energy. Arcane Strike, or just plain powering one of your own spells for instance.

Note that you need divine foci for cleric spells as well.

2010-11-18, 01:20 AM
Those components should be exactly a DC 40 Sleight of Hand check away.

Wait.........spell thieves don't get that skill? WTF?

2010-11-18, 01:23 AM
Carry a components pouch and a holy symbol of whatever god you follow. They're not restricted to Wizards and Clerics by any means, and they'll take care of 90% of the spells you steal.