View Full Version : Natural Armor Stacking

Half-orc Bard
2010-11-18, 11:31 PM
Does natural armor stack? Like if I'm a race with natural armor, and I'm a druid when I wild shape does the natural armor stack?

2010-11-18, 11:36 PM
I'm pretty sure it won't.

Your natural armor comes from your body - it would be scales, tough hide, fur, whatever. When you change shape, chances are you're going to lose that aspect of your body because you are, say, turning from a snake-man into a bear. A bear would have fur instead of scales, and whatever natural armor bonus it provides.

Although if someone is willing to look up specific rules, there probably is one somewhere in DMG or PhB... I don't have the books on my hands right now.

2010-11-18, 11:38 PM
Depends on the source. Generally, anything you get as a result of the shape you happen to occupy won't stack. Most other sources of Natural Armor bonuses do stack, however- either they'll be a Natural Armor Enhancement (Barkskin, Amulet of Natural Armor, etc) or they'll be worded such that they increase whatever Natural Armor you already have instead of granting a new and separate bonus that might conflict with the stacking rules.