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2008-08-09, 04:31 PM
A new charterer!

NAME: bob the demon goblin
Race: half-demon half-goblin
Appearance: He looks likes my avatar
Height: 4 feet
weight: 60 pounds
Backstory: He was born to a demonic father and a goblin mother and learned the art of a warrior from a balor and also discovered his sorcerer powers at a young age and has come to the town to wreck havoc and do general chaos.

Current story: He is trying to pursue membership of AMEN.

EDIT: oops for got some stuff
Class: 10 fighter 10 sorcerer
Gear: One permanently poisoned longsword and one flaming one along with some full-plate armor and a metal horned helmet also he has the ability to fuse the two swords into one double-blade one and he can cause flames to spread in a 5 by 5 foot radius by stomping and he can fly and cause fireballs to burst out of his hands

EDIT: AND he is a male

2008-08-10, 12:25 AM
Name: Tarev Galakiir (Gemwhisper)
Gender: Male
IMPORTANT:Tarev is permanently invisible.
Race: Elf
Profession: Bar-boy at the dancing fox inn (Wizard)
Age: 150
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Description as told by Tarev:
My name is Tarev. I apologize for my -er- invisibility, but I have been like this for a long time. I used to be a well known wizard, but one day while I was at the arcane library writing invisibility into my spellbook, some young wizard practicing permanency had a mishap, and I was trapped like this.
This is what Tarev looks like:


2008-08-10, 06:08 PM
Name: Trizap
Gender: Male
Race: Catfolk
Occupation: Mad Scientist
Age: Unknown
Alignment: True Neutral
Personality:Curious, observant, clever, creative, imaginative, despises barbarism, hedonism and anything uncivilized, yet also hates authority and doesn't quite follow the law, believes deeply in freedom and progress, considers any technology not designed by him outdated, people thinks he is crazy, but it could just be a hoax concocted by his genius mind......or not, you never know with this guy

Description: slim build, Tiger-like pelt, has claws for fingernails, has long tail,
pointy cat ears, green eyes and whiskers that easily resemble a mustache.
wears a jumpsuit and lab coat, and is often seen with a bunch of technology on his person.

Backstory: Trizap used to be part of a barbaric, savage tribe of Catfolk, however he hated the ways of his people around him, always attacking others tribes for trivial things over territory, or attacking innocent travelers, and left, where he traveled to a city where learned about everything from theoretical science to zany advanced technology and bioengineering.
He designed a ship to travel across space and even dimensions, and has traveled for some time of his life. one day, he landed in a dimensional crossroads known as "The Town...."

2008-08-12, 05:15 PM
Name: Dipsnig
Gender: Male
Race: Goblin
Occupation: Thief, Spy, former Miner
Age: 25
Alignment: True Neutral
Appearance: Dipsnig is a slim, tall goblin with pale brown skin. He's more tidy and less ragged than most goblins, but he's got an air of sneakiness that surrounds the members of this race. He wears casual, grey and brown clothes.
Backstory: Dipsnig came to the Town preceeded by rumors of the mighty goblin clan gaining power in faraway mountains. Those rumors are true- Dragonbone goblin clan have risen to power and attempts to found thr first goblin nation in the world. The leaders of the clan plan to bring the goblin race into civilization, no matter what it takes. They have already persuaded many goblin tribes and clans to join them and threatened many dwarven and elven communities who tried to stop them- but at the same time they avoid war. They don't want hobgoblin and bugbears in their nation, but they see them as potential valuable allies. They made their capital in Dragonbone mountain where the clan originated and named their new quasi-nation "Dragonbone colony". Now they have sent many young, ambitious goblins into the world to gather useful information which might be helpful for the new, goblin state. Dipsnig is one of them and came to the Town in search of new experiences, treasure and maybe goblins to join his leaders' cause. In his colony and during his travels, he mastered the art of deception, stealth and close combat. He knows how to use throwing weapons and fight with a pickaxe- an unusual choice of weapon, but quite effective; before entering his current career, Dipsnig was a miner.
Personality: Dipsnig is in many ways a very typical goblin: sneaky, distrustful and not particularily brave. He's also a bit greedy and fairly opportunistic. He's also very touchy on racial subjects, displays a strong racial pride and dislikes dwarves and elves very much.
Equipment: Most of the time, Dipsnig wears casual clothing to blend into the crowd. He's always wearing a leather armor underneath though, and always has at least one dagger at him. When in action, he doesn't wear anything special, he just takes more weapons with him- his trusty pickaxe, a shortsword, a crossbow and three throwing daggers.

Name: Michalson
Gender: Male
Race: Half-Elf
Occupation: Wizard, former Bounty Hunter
Age: 47
Alignment: True Neutral
Apperance: Michalson is a thin, tall half-elf. He's got a goatee and always looks as if he needed a good shave. He dresses in a tattered grey longcoat with some casual clothes underneath.
Backstory: There's not much to Michalson's backstory. He grew up in a backwater village as a son of local wheelmaker and an elven sorcress who apparently "knew" his father for only one night and left her child with his father, who has no choice but to raise his son. Michalson's father was a good man and did all he could to raise the child, but was simply not prepared to the task, and the rest of the village didn't help much- they scorned Michalson's father for siring an illegitimate child with some "elven tramp" and treated Michalson himself with slight scorn. Michalson wasn't the one to make friends easily either; those two factors combined made him a generally disliked outcast. He didn't care though, beliving firmly that other inhabitants of the village are morons unworthy of his attention. He left as soon as he reached 18 years, setting fire to one of the farmers' barn as a "goodbye gift". He immediately headed towards the nearest big city, as his ambition from earliest days was to learn magic. After a big amount of effort, he finally managed to enlist into a magical academy in this town. He spent several years there, learning magic. He didn't do anything else, always found in company of books rather than other people. He continued to belive that others are not only beneath his attention but out to get him. After leaving the academy, he wandered the land, eventually becoming a bounty hunter. This life suited him, or so it seemed- he didn't have to talk to people, he just killed them and collected his rewards, other people from his party -he joined up with five other bounty hunters- did the talking. After some time though, his party decided it's time to part ways, as they were all tired with constant fights and bloodshed- Michalson as well, as deep down he's just a socially inept bookworm, not a killer. Recently, he came into town in search of knowledge and some peace.
Personality: Michalson is cranky, grumpy, a bit rude and arrogant and generally antisocial. He doesn't talk much, unless someone at least pretend to be interested in what he's got to say, and he's rather big-headed. He feels much better in company of the books than in company of other people.
Equipment: Michalson's possesions include his spellbook, magic staff and clothing- worn, tattered longcoat, a blouse and trousers, also a backpack with few scrolls, magical components and various basic items in it.

2008-08-13, 01:35 PM
name: Nelmer
gender: male
race: half gnome
profession: bard
age: 35
background: usually in the bar, Nelmer likes playing his schwam. He always has a few backups in his pocket. He doesn't travel a lot and usually just hangs out in the inn playing his schwam. He likes getting involved in conversations and usually sleeps on the ground.

2008-08-13, 10:19 PM
Name: Shock

Race: Human

Profession: Anti-terrorist units and intelligence collecting jobs.

Age: Looks 25

Background: Has been in law enforcement most of his life. Is efficent at taking down targets with firearms. Is skilled at using explosives too. His life is mainly kept secret by him and its unknown who or what originally trained him.

apperrance: Black hair, silver eyes, wears a tan shirt, black pants, and a multicam cap usually.

2008-08-13, 10:21 PM
Name: Micheal Lightlian
Class: lvl6 Fighter
Age: 23
Weapon of choice: Greatsword
Alignment: Neutral Good
Appearance: shoulder-length, blackish brown hair, full plate armor(helmet excluded), looking either bored, amused or happy, well built
Personality:Caring, Friendly, All-To-Eager, Selfless, Easily Aggravated.

Backstory:Michael had a generally quiet life during his early years; he lived the son of a Fighter, who was a part of an order of Clerics/Fighters/Paladins, called the Knights Tyrane, (king of knights) whose job was to protect his home city and other outlying cities from an ever present danger of Orcs, bugbears etc. He was often in the small castle (by castle standards) that the order based themselves, trying not to get in the way of the very busy clerics or paladins, who’d often scold him for doing pranks thought by the fighters, who are much more free minded than they, he still gets a snicker out of pranking a paladin. He finally became old enough to become a squire to this order, growing to a full fledged member at 20, longer than most, but mostly to learn a little about teamwork. The biggest event of his life was when he was on his first mission, with a friend named Peter Ikaltok, a Cleric, a childhood rival Jeffrey Rolkstar, another fighter who believed he was better than Michael, but in reality weaker in constitution in character. They were commissioned to fight with a large portion of the order, and since they weren’t officially fighting for the order’s army, they were able to slay many more creatures along the way, they finally got to the warlord, who immediately slew Jeffrey, who abandoned his teammates to his doom, a spear through the head, and when Michael and Peter attempted to attack, Peter was fatally wounded. Michael flew into a rage, attacking blindly at the warlord, leaving a very messy corpse. He returned to his dying friend, promising not to charge without regard for which he was fighting with, Peter died happily in his arms. He began adventuring after leaving the Order, saying he couldn’t keep living there, too many memories haunted him, he personally felt responsible for the death, feeling he could’ve prevented it. A few months into his journey, he met Samuel Amakiir, who being attacked by a few Orcs, he helped quickly dispatch the goblinoids and they became fast friends, now they are inseparable.

Sam Amakiir coming soon!

2008-08-14, 05:13 PM
Name: Milk (or Michael Kurt depending on his form...)
Class: Theif
Age: 147 (in cat years)
Weapon of Choice: Claws (or dagger)
Alignment: Fickle
Race: Umm...unknown? (some sortof polymorph cat-human)
Appearance: A small white house cat with black paws. Or a medium sized male that looks to be in his early 20's. The only pieces of clothing that morph with him are his black gloves.

Bio: Often forgets that his fur-covered cat form does not correlate to a fur-covered human form; hilarity insues. Being a cute adorable cat, he pretty much gets what he wants (hooray!) but will occasionally take what he needs (also hooray!).

2008-08-14, 07:22 PM
(reserved for future charactors)

2008-08-15, 01:50 PM
Name: Annalee
Class: Ranger
Age: Either in her late teens or early twenties, it is hard to tell.
Weapon of Choice: Bow and arrows
Alignment: Neutral-Good
Race: Human
Height: 5'8''
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black with green streaks. It is straight and falls to a little above her hips.
Clothes: She wears a long, deep green skirt that goes down to her ankles. She wears a tightfitting, sleeveless shirt of the same color. Her arms are tanned, but not too dark. Her shoes are worn brown boots. She has daisies in her hair.
Other: Her animal companion is a pseudodragon named Brightfyre.
Current Story: She has disappeared. This may have been connected with the man who killed her sister, or not. But it probably is.

This is her talking color.

http://i182.photobucket.com/albums/x280/kriskatarn/Avatar%20requests/HiT-1.pnghttp://i286.photobucket.com/albums/ll99/Kwarkpudding/HiTAnnalee.pngThanks to KidKris (left) and Kwarkpudding (right) for the pictures of Annalee.

Moofin Bard
2008-08-15, 05:11 PM
Updated Characters:

Name: Arielle Goswell (Ari)
Gender: Female
Race: Half-Elf
Profession: Animal Handler (Druid)
Age: 16
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Description: Ari has the trademark green eyes of an elf. They are not bright green but merely a muddied up brown green like this. She also has fair blonde hair like any elf or half-elf. It is a corn silk color like this. She wears her hair plaited. She is thin and slender without many muscles. She wears a green tunic over black breeches. Over her tunic is some black leather armor that was harvested humanely. She also wears black boots.
Personality: Ari loves animals more than she loves people. She's sometimes cold and distant towards people but she always loves having fun and will never hesitate to talk to you if you offer her something. Though she's not violent towards animals, she has no qualms with being violent towards people. She's a very tricky druid and could also be considered a rogue because she loves playing pranks on people.
Back Story: Ari was born into a traveling circus full of half elves. Her mother was a half elven bard and her father was a half elven wizard. From a time when she was very little, her job was to help take care of the animals that were used on stage. One day, she was playing with some of the animals in the forest and when she came back, everyone else was gone. From then on she traveled alone except for her animal companions. She recently joined HALO where she met Matt Goswell and it was love at first sight. She then found out she was pregnant and so the got married. She now has a husband and two little babies.
Common Knowledge: She's married to Matt, son of Tobias, and lives at HALO.

Name: Rose
Gender: Female
Race: Unknown, appears to be human
Profession: Bard lvl 6, Rogue lvl 7
Age: 22
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Description: Rose is of normal height for a human which is five feet and nine inches. She is slender but under her skin lies a ton of muscle. Her eyes are a deep blue and look sort of like this. Her hair is long and she never really ties it back. It is a very light, pale brown. She is wearing a a dress made of many colored scarves, mostly purple, red, and blue. Around the dress is a black belt holding several potions, a hidden dagger, and a small lap-harp. She is barefoot.
Personality: Rose is sneaky and sly. She flirts a lot. She's clever and shameless. There isn't anything she wouldn't do to get what she wants.
Back Story: Rose was born homeless. Her family was poor and so was she. She had to learn to pickpocket in order to feed herself. Later in her life, she became apprenticed to a bard. She used music to entrance people while she cut their purses from them.
Common Knowledge: She's new and musical.

Name: Horatio
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Profession: Cleric
Age: 21
Alignment: Neutral Good
Description: Horatio is a tallish looking man. He has pale blue eyes and dark blonde hair. His hair is long enough for him to put it in a short little ponytail. He has pale-ish skin and wears cleric type clothes.
Personality: Horatio takes it upon himself to ensure the health and welfare of those in his care. He's also very good in a crowd and seems to know everyone's name and what they've been up to. He's very nice and smart but tends to rush into things a lot. He's care-free and even though he's a cleric, he tends to be merciful rather than judgemental. He has a lot of love to give and gets restless when he's not around people.
Back Story: Horatio was raised by his mother and step father who also happened to be his uncle. He despised his mother for that even though he was an only child. As he was growing up, he joined the Church of Trogdor because he wanted to help people. While there he met Steven?. They became fast friends because they were really the only boys their age there. After a while, they became more than friends. Horatio found out that he was gay. Steven? is his partner. Trogdor doesn't really approve but there's nothing he can do about it. No one else really knows.
Common Knowledge: He's a cleric? Of Trogdor?

2008-08-15, 11:41 PM

name: Joel Chembryl
gender: male
race: human
profession: adventurer
age: 35
alignment: N/G
description: Joel is and extremely frail looking wizard with necromancer's robes and a shimmering cloak on top of it. he has Black hair with gray sides even though hes too young to normally grow Grey hair.
Joel while being a none too ignorable mage, and co-founder of the mage's guild, Is extremely forgetful, or massively Indifferent to most thing, as he will hear something once and then misquote it severely at a latter date.
Power Level= Low 6
New Kid

Name: William Crestguard Dead
Gender: Male
Race Human
Profession: freelance treasure reconnaissance specialist Assassin
description William is about 5'6", and has a gray cloak, nothing special about it, he's just usually wearing it under that he has black leather armor with about twenty small pouches affixed to it.

Before the incident William was a charismatic youth, but now his skin is mostly Grey as ash, With small parts of Caucasian flesh split into it, though its a rare sight to see him without his cloak tightly wrapped unless you pull it off yourself or if your being killed by him, as he will pull down the hood to show you that the return to life can be a most unpleasant ordeal.

Back story: Will went adventuring not by a lust for adventure but because he always had his eye set on a new magical item or device to take from someone else, but before he could steal that one a better one would generally catch his eye first. He has spent his entire life honing his rouge skills, and though he might be able to rob you blind, a small child could probably take him down if the mood struck them.
or at least that was him.
now he has given up on his goals or riches and relaxation, he now thirsts for something more- power, and revenge. this startling change came about after he was having one of his childish exploits, By his second day in this god forsaken town he had already been blasted within a inch of his life. But still he retained his good spirit and attempts at fun. That changed on the second day in the town, trying to reassure himself that this place couldn't be a total soul sucking abomination of a good spirit, he tried to have a little fun during the chaos of the Dancing Fox Inn unfortunate destruction. By the end of the event, William had gotten on the wrong side or a high level ranger, a paladin, and worst of all, a vengeful Gold dragon. In the end moments of his life he was forced to live through the igniting of his own flesh, and lay there, helpless while the three got there "justice", luckily for William his Cinder of a Corpse was mistaken for someone who died in the Flames of the Dancing Fox, he was then Brought back to life by an unsuspecting Cleric.

Now William Is only interested in getting revenge, abandoning his training as a Rogue, he has taken up a much more potent class, assassin. Training and biding his time, William now waits for the sweet taste of revenge when He'll get to spray his enemy's blood across the wall in front of there loved ones, Or in the reverse order if at all possible.

And now even that has been put behind him, after he was killed and brought back after getting some revenge in, he is now trying to get back to his childish nature, although it doesn't seem to be working too well.
power level=5

2008-08-17, 03:09 PM
Nerick Zinecamcen

Stats: Elan Psycic Warrior

Description: Nerick looks like a bard happy and cheerfull. In accuality, however he is a psycic warrior making use of his Powers in many different ways. From acomplishing everyday tasks to increasing his ability to fight (unarmed) he always maintains his aloof aditude. He also has a thing for random magic items and looks like a merchant when just out and about. His motto is "Always have a little something, for a lot of everything."

Backstory: Nerick was an adventurer until a curse from Farlangan prevented him from leaving any given city except at midnight on the new year. After running away from his previous life Nerick found himself at the Town, waiting for the New Year to come...

Common knowledge:
1. Nerick fights unarmed using his powers to back him up
2. Nerick always carries a large amount of random magic items.
3.He is always reasonably happy

Ongoing story: He has been employed at the Dancing Fox Inn as the waiter

2008-08-18, 03:31 PM
Twisted Jack

Class:Warlock 10/Warmage 10/Eldritch Theurge 10
Occupation:Basicly a mercenary and assasin for hire
Looks: like my Avi
Background: His mother was a Succubus that fell in love with a gnome peasant farmer, Not out of lust but out of love, a rare thing for succubuses. The peasant farmer and Succubus disguised as a beatiful human female eventually married, but when they Conceived a child, the Farmer saw his beloved for what she really was, a demon. Out of fear and hate the farmer tried to kill his son but the succubus wouldn't let him and was forced to kill her husband, seeing no place for a half-demon, half-something on her plane or the material plane she gave the son to an assasin's guild where he was taught to harness his prowess with his demonic power and combine it with magic taught by the guilds head mage, after a while he gained a reputation as the vile assasin, twisted jack.

2008-08-19, 02:37 PM
Name: Terry
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class/Occupation/Profession: Blue Mage, and is hireable for vigilante purposes.
Age: 14
Height: 4'9"
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral mostly.
Visual Description: Dressed in common Blue Mage garbs, the really only thing you can tell him by is his longish brown hair. Fair skin, but looks like it has endured many types of brutal attacks.
Personality: Mostly does things in whichever way can benefit him more, but his actions and personality vary from situation and environment, and above all, unpredictable. His actions can be good or bad, but they aren't always done in the most "organized" way. Hence, Chaotic.
Backstory: N/A (For the time being)
Common Knowledge: People can tell he is a spellcaster of some sort, from his clothes. But more of a battle mage, since he carries a saber.
Weapons: Saber

2008-08-20, 11:58 AM
Name:Verna Tealeaf
Class:Cleric level 13
Arms and Armor:+2 Shortsword, Light Crossbow with 50 bolts, +2 full plate, +3 large Steel sheild
Visual Description: as most obviously, she is very short and light, made a little better by armor. she is a nice-looking halfling, and very devoted to Yondalla, goddess of the halflings and her patron. her hair is interesting, what appears to be tight wrapping of the hair is a 50gp worth of gold bands that hold her hair in place, she owns 3 of these, two cover her temples and drop to her shoulders, while the one in the back (the one that looks like a ponytail) drops down to the halfway point of her back.
Personality:kind and willing to heal whoever needs it, she however, also can be sarcastic and rather impatient
Backstory:born to a family of magic users of all kinds, they all had one thing in common, a love of their patron goddess, Verna found the lure of cleric-dom too enticing and gave in. she is now on a mission sent by her church as a diplomat to other churches.
Common knowledge:

1: she is a cleric of Yondalla, one of 20 in the immediate area
2: she is on a diplomatic mission
3: she is always willing to baptize another into her faith

2008-08-20, 12:10 PM

Name: Kigganaku Railstorm (Kigg)
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Profession: 70 level Mage
Age: 34
Alignment: NG
Description: Yellow hat, Light Blue robes, non-descipt cane that occasionly glitters a pale blue, yellow boots, flask of wine.
http://i247.photobucket.com/albums/gg124/Kigganaku/drawing-42.png Personality: Usally helpful, and can normaly be found at the Dancing Fox Inn or the Mage's Guild.
Back Story: Raised as a mage from his parents. He has wandered into the Town after his life of adventuring. He currently is the Co-Guildmaster of the Mage's Guild.
Common Knowledge: Has a grand love of Chimera Cabernet which he has an ever replenishing flask of. Also non-religous. When he doesn't have his hat on he has a semi-spiky yellow hair. Musician.


Name: Rakkar Railstorm
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Profession: Were-wolf
Age: 24
Alignment: CN
Desciption: Fairly non-descript unless you look at his hands, which have a crystal embedding in it. Allowing him to make anything of crystal that he needs. Aside from that, the only other notable thing is his attitude.
Back Story: Kigg's Brother, were-wolf.
Common Knowledge: Kind of a negitive person.

2008-08-21, 08:09 PM
Name: Ryu,
Race: Unknown, Part elf,
Class: Part Druid, Part Priest, Part Monk,
Alignment:Unknown, while respects evil and will not harm it unless provoked, he would also rather help than hinder,
Age: Looks to be only 24, but is 1,564,
Height: 6'5",
Weight: 215lbs of pure muscle,
Looks: He has long black hair and grey, determined eyes. He is tall and skinny, covered in tattoos, and usually adorns a smile. He also has large red wings, a black cat tail, and horse ears atop his head.
Clothes: He wears a simple brown robe with brown leather pants underneath, wooden sandals, and hand and feet wraps. He also wears an earring, a locket, a tribal bracelet, two bangles, and a brown leather utility belt.
Equipment: He only carries a jug of water and Rosary beads as well as a pan flute, tea leaves and pot, and an ever-glowing lantern he uses to summon spirits. Also, a holy locket, possessing the Selesnya signet on it.
Weapons: Ryu carries a staff, but also wields great magical abilities in the areas of light and summoning magic and has potential in fire and water.
Backstory: Ryu comes from a the Selesnya Monastery. He eventually was banished...for reasons unclear too him. He doesn't remember much of his past and tries to forget what he does. Ryu wishes only to live life day by day, he cares for the future, but does not concern himself with it too much.((If you really want to know his backstory, look at page 42 of GLoG IV))
Personality: Ryu is very optimistic, noting the bad things, but choosing too think about the good instead. He can always put a smile on someones face and is very wise. He is good at listening and giving advice. He prefers to do good, but knows he can't always. He is very humble and shy as well.
((P.S. He's my avatar, in case you couldn't tell. Also,"He talks like this."))

2008-08-23, 09:59 PM
name: Shadow
race: currently unknown even by him.
alignment: Dirty hairy neutral. (You fellin' lucky eh punk?!)
class: none that comes to mind, more of afreeform materilizer, he creates objects out of shadows, and can even make advanced mechanical objects such as mini guns, or rocket launchers, he himself can also disperse into nearby shadows, thus avoiding most attacks.
weight: nonexistant
equpiment: a ring of shadow conjuration. (I think he makes shadows with it.)
weapons: Whatever he thinks would be useful in the situation.
backstry: Shadow is a extra dimesional being, who particpated in a alien invasion of another universe, that was until he got stopped by a zomie armageddon, long story short the zombies ate the aliens, and shadow only escaped, because well he's living shadow, that can interact with the world, and create things from shadow in a instant. After finding a portal to the past he apperead in fron of the dancing fox inn, and then went in to get a much needed beer after zombie inpsection.

Kris on a Stick
2008-08-25, 05:07 AM
Name: Khiansa Bladesong (Key-AHN-sa) also known as Khiansa the Fortunate or 'That Outworlder'
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Peninsula)
Age: 27
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Cleric/Bard (Wacky eh?)
Description: Thanks to me for the avatar.:smalltongue:
A youngish dark skinned man with brown eyes and dark brown hair, verging on black. He typically wears an elephant leather chestplate with a tunic on top, and fold over pants. He also has leather vambraces and an elephant leather shoulder pad on his right shoulder. His holy symbol, a gold coin inset with the sigil of Tyche, a goddess from his realm, hangs from a golden chain around his neck.
Equipment and Abilities: Khiansa's weapon of choice is a magic Qiang, taller than he is, with a smooth handle made of elephant ivory and a long silver blade inset with a holy emerald, shaped roughly like a willow leaf. The weapon is good aligned, and is enchanted specially by Tyche, the goddess of fortune to strike true no matter what (plus to attack, increased critical chance and no range penalty, will fly forever.) and to always return to the hand of the bearer if lost.
The Qiang can be thrown or used in melee as a slashing weapon. A Cleric of Mercedes, Khiansa is gifted with great fortune, and he has honed his abilities as both a cleric and bard, to the point where he can use his music to deliver spells.
Backstory: Khiansa is a traveler from a dimension known as 'The Heart' complete with it's own planes and gods. He came to the town through a rift, which has since closed. He seeks a way to eventually get back to his own world, but is willing to spend his time here if need be.
Common Knowledge:
Khiansa isn't native to this world.
Khiansa seems to be extremely lucky, to the point where he strikes true with ridiculous ease and is very difficult to hit if caught in combat.
More knowledgeable types will know he comes from a dimension known as 'The Heart', and arrived through a dimensional rift that opened up near the town.
Even more knowledgeable types will know that his great fortune comes from being a devotee of Tyche, The Heart's goddess of fortune. (Chaotic Good by the way.)

2008-08-25, 10:00 PM

Race: Making the best he can out of this human body.
Class: Rogue/Fighter
Alignment: CN, has widely varying good and evil tendency's. He might make a cake for someone he just met, or chop off the hand of a childhood friend.
Haircolor: Redhead.
Eyecolor: Also Red.
Age: Not really applicable...
Hight: 5'9''
Gear: Runic Sword, Burning Cloak.

Description: Logalmier looks like a fair young human. However, closer inspection reveals red eyes and scarred crooked lips.

Backstory: Into the dream, after the end, into a mind, at the bend.

2008-08-26, 04:12 PM
Name: Kate
Class: Cleric
Profession: She works at The Arena Of Champions.
Age: Fourteen
Alignment: Chaotic-Good
Race: Human
Height: 5'6"
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Short light brown hair that goes down to her chin.
Clothes: She wears a yellow tank top and jeans when she isn't in battle.
Current story: She hangs out at The Arena of Champions, healing the fighters after their matches.

This is her talking color.

2008-08-27, 05:53 PM
Name: Barro
Race: Human
Class: Druid
Alignment and Temperament: Neutral, typically sleepy
Age: Late twenties
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 160 lb
Hair: Brown, cut very short
Weapon: Darkwood club

Overall appearance: Barro constantly wears a wooden mask with a stylized animal's face on it. It is not always the same mask, but he shows a preference towards wearing dog or bear masks. He wears a standard adventurer's outfit (leather gloves, leather boots, a shirt and pants made from rough fabric) with a rope belt.

Backstory: Barro doesn't like to talk about his past. He has lied and told people that the reason he wears the mask is to hide his identity from his enemies. The truth is that he wears the mask because he is easily embarrassed and wants to hide his emotions from people, figuring that even if he starts to blush, people won't be able to see it.

Common knowledge:
-Likes to take naps in the middle of the day
-Face looks perfectly normal underneath mask, but still refuses to let anyone but close friends see his face.
-Eats alone and has a big appetite none the less.

Rutil Veneficus
2008-08-29, 02:29 AM
Name: Rutil Veneficus
Race: Human (demon)
Class: Sorcerer 88
Alignment and Temperament: Chaotic Evil. non existent, if anything gruff and stubborn
Age: unknown
Height: 5 feet, 0 inches
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair colour and length: Onyx Black hair, mid-back length
Eye colour: bright red/dim red/Onyx (depending on mood)
Weapons: quarterstaff, custom dagger, sorcery

[notes] avoid offending...

[appearance] wight skin, with a black cloak. dagger worn on hip belt. quarterstaff in right hand

many years ago, a much younger Rutil, fell down a well. inside this well was a possessed rat named Everto. this rat explained the very essence of the arcane arts to Rutil over the course of one year. after the year of his imprisonment, Rutil finally managed to climb out of the well and brought the rat with him. they set off adventuring for many months and eventually Rutil began to tire. Then came the rat's betrayal. as Rutil slept the the demon that had slumbered inside the rat for so long began to awake and the rat began to commence demonic rituals to change Rutil into a demon. They succeeded. as Rutil awoke, he noticed the changes that had irreversibly disfigured his soul into that of a demon. he plunged his dagger into the rat's abdomen but the demon would not be quieted. the rats form changed as well into that of a true demon. the the pare of demonic creatures faded from record concealed by a cloak of black darker than the dark side of the moon only to appear out of the mist to the town of his prior residence..... this one....

the story of the dagger:

during their adventures, Rutil and Everto stumbled uppon a cave of odd nature. inside they found a dwarf dwelling beside a river of liquid silver. They bought a dagger from the dwarf and engraved runes of power and detriment into both the hiltstone and the blade. many month's later as Rutil stabbed Everto, the power of the demon inside Everto flowed into the metal and runes of the dagger (stat's below) and thus an indestructible weapon of mass power was born.

Dagger stats:
Max hit: 36
hit ratio: 100%
di:six d6es (one's dont deal damage unless all number's are ones in which case a 36 is dealt)
weight: 1 lb
speed: deplorable as sneak attack
sneak attack: does 20 + 3d6 (one's rule applicable)

Name: Everto Silverfoot
Race: rat (familiar (demon))
Class: rouge 16, sorcerer 10
Alignment and Temperament: Chaotic Evil. talkative and demanding
Age: unknown
Height: 8in on back legs
Weight: 1lb
Hair colour and length: Onyx Black hair, fur
Eye colour: bright red/dim red/Onyx (depending on mood)
Weapons: teath, claws, sorcery

[notes] Rutil's familiar. found scampering around Rutil's feet

2008-09-01, 02:08 PM
Name: Gig

Race: seems human


Weight 180lbs

Age: looks 20


Back-story: An almost-human who loved the sea he ran away from his home a long time ago. He worked on ships all his life. He eventually got bored of his line of work. He doesn't know where he is from or his life before the sea.

Equitment: Wears a thin suit without the hood and a cloak. On the Thin suit is a utility belt which has numerous items a sword, and a six shot revolver.

Appearance: Black hair light blue eyes look 20.


-A human who works on the sea. Looks 20

-Gig, A human who works on the sea. Looks 20

- Gig, good with a sword and loves the Sea, can hold his breath for a time that is non-human, he is good at moving unseen, and is fast. Looks 20

Uncle Festy
2008-09-02, 08:38 PM

Name: Homer (or so he says)
Race: Human (as far as we know)
Class: Expert (well, technically he's an author and artist, but that's the best we can do)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, tending towards Chaotic Good
Hair color/length: Grey hair – he's balding, so he's only got hair on either side of his head, and not much at that.
Eye color: Green
Age: Unknown, but the balding and gray hair suggest that he's in the later half of his life.
Gender: Male
Equipment/Weapons: Um… a toga? See, Homer is a master of improvised equipment. Those who have attacked him unarmed have come to fear the wrath of a bar stool or trash can lid.
Backstory: Homer just showed up in the town one day, with no connections to anything. Any background checks on him will turn up a blank. Homer himself claims that he's the famed Homer who wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey – but how that is possible is unclear, and Homer sure ain't telling…

2008-09-03, 05:05 AM
The Future Gods

Race: Android.
Age: Indeterminate.
Gender: Nominally Male.
Alignment: Lawful Good.
Appearance: Exis was once a powerfully built warrior. His face has been replaced with a single smooth plate. Both arms are mechanised, as well as one whole leg and the other up to the knee. Along his spine are a number of elctro-neuro spikes that glow yellow in the dark.
Abilities/Equipment: Exis' arcano-cybernetic enhancements give him incredible physical abilities. Beyond this he has powerful psionic abilities as well as an arsenal of cnocealed weaponry.

2008-09-03, 06:11 AM
"Take Jack Sparrow's evil side. Give it a mask, two swords, and three gallons of espresso coffee, and you have Zealot" -Plot-central NPC


Name: Zealot. Not THE Zealot, just Zealot.
Age: Likely into the hundreds, although he appears to be in his early twenties.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
Occupation: Demigod of Zealotry and Fanatacism
Information: Working on it. But needless to say, Zealot is quite insane, no matter how much he mantains the image of 'just a little over zealous'. Flat out. Hopping. Crazy.

Text: Light blue. But it's rather ERRATIC.

2008-09-03, 10:02 AM
Just so I can post everywhere in this section...

Name: Topsy Kretts (Deceased?)
Race: ?????
Age: ?????
Gender: Possibly male
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Appearance: ?????
Abilities/Equipment: Topsy carries an umbrella similar to Felix the Cat's tail (early version). As well, his cloak has darkness permanently cast on the inside of it.

Mr. K never fights, but instead he plays with opponents. He mocks them without ever touching them. If he ever wishes to attack, he will blast shmog from his sleeves, hood or even from underneath his robe. It's like smog, but with a very bad effect if touched. Smog is just bad to breath in.

Lord Loss
2008-09-03, 07:32 PM
Stats and Description

Race: Elf
Class:Rogue 6/ Sorcerer 3/ Dragon Disciple 4
Age: Unknown
Height 6'5
Weight: 123
Alignement: Neutral. He will do anything in his quest to find the Truth about his past, the truth about Veritas. He is rather mysterious and keeps to himself, passing unnoticed in highly defended areas or places out of bounds to civillians.
Hair: Long, Silver-Gold
Eyes: Veritas has one silver eye and one golden eye.
Skin: Very Pale White
Distinctive Features: He has a large scar in the middle of his face
Weapons: Crossbow, Longbow, The Sword of Veritas

Backstory: Veritas knows very little about himself, knowing only that he has some connection with the ancient Gold-Silver Dragon, the Veritas. He knows little about him, and vows to discover everything about them and his past. He awoke one day to have forgotten his past and identity, with only the mysterious Sword of Veritas and the psychic link with Veritas in his mind.
Recently he discovered that Veritas was in a nearby temple for several months, recovering from something he has not yet discovered.

Common Knowledge Um, people know he is from another land, his hair and face tip them off. People know nothing else about him, but are curious of his fascination with Veritas.

Current Storylines: He is currently planning his search of the temple of Veritas...

2008-09-05, 04:51 AM
Name: Decker
Gender: Female
Race: Half swanmay, half demon
Alignment: Chaotic Insane
Affiliation: AMEN
Age: Thanks to time walking, has lived through the entire history of the universe twice. Sort of like Marvin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marvin_the_Paranoid_Android), only she's not depressed about it.
Appearance: Decker looks like a teenage girl with white hair, devil horns, glowing purple eyes and silver feathers
Special Abilities: Flight via feathered cloak, time/dimension walking as an extraordinary ability, the ability to go ethereal, ripping holes in space/time,
Combat Proficiencies: None



Name: George Shackleton
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Affiliation: GLoG
Age: 40ish
Appearance: Large middle aged guy with a thick beard and a bit of a beer belly
Class: Mystic Theurge worshipper of Thor
Combat Proficiencies: Hammer
Common Knowledge: Always cheerful, fond of workout dvds and showtunes, partner to Czernov
Uncommon Knowlege: is sometimes visited by the ghost of his late wife, Sophie Shackleton.

Name: Happy Turtle Amakirr
Race: Humanish shapeshifter
Gender: Usually female
Class: Barbarian 7/Sorcerer 6/Rainbow Servant 3
Alignment: Variable, but currently NG with Chaotic tendencies
Affiliation: GLoG
Age: 26
Default Appearance: Generally appears as a human female in her early twenties, with long brown hair (worn loose) and brown eyes. Average height. Above average weight which is all muscle. Usually wears miniskirts, but sometimes switches into combat fatigues. Appearance subject to change due to shapeshifting.
Special Abilities: Greater Spork Attunement, psychic turtle shell armor (active when raging), shapeshifting (cannot change size unless shapeshifting into a turtle), incredible pain tolerance (physical pain only)
Weapon of Choice: Holy Staff (given to her by Saint Nil), Holy Warspork, a giant sharpened spork that can act as a piercing or slashing weapon, and can catch spells in the spoon and fling them. Also uses throwing sporks, which act like daggers, and (occasionally) handguns.
Weaknesses: Is driven by her emotions, which makes her easy to manipulate. Tends to act before she thinks. Poor judge of character.
Background: Happy was an evildoer but was reformed to good with the help of Fan Amakirr, a redeemed vampire, and was later chosen as a Rainbow Servant by the goddess Neirian

Name: Ian Summers
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral
Affiliation: NO
Age: 20
Appearance: Hair coloured hair, unremarkable eyes, neutral clothing
Class: Cleric
Combat Proficiencies: shotgun, crowbar
Special Abilities: Can turn water into beer
Common Knowledge: Former liaison to the Holy Shepherd Church, recently converted to neutrality, dislikes GLoG


Name: Susan Elliott
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Alignment: Neutral good
Affiliation: GLoG
Age: 27
Appearance: Long blonde hair, always worn up, blue eyes, dresses in regency style
Class: None
Combat Proficiencies: None
Special Abilities: Plot Immunity
Common Knowledge: Kind, helpful, plays the piano, talented at needlework


Name: Tessa Camlar
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 17 Anywhere from 17 to 87, depending on what point on her time line she came from
Alignment: Lawful Good True Neutral
Affiliation: GLoG Unaffiliated
Class: Wizard
Description: Tessa looks even younger than her age. She has brown eyes, blonde hair, and a thin build. Though wizards generally wear robes on her home plane, she's travelled enough to have acquired a taste for blue jeans and tshirts. Tessa's hair will be blonde or white, depending on her age. She always wears glowing green bracelets that cannot be removed, and her eyes often glow blue. If she consciously represses it, they appear brown again.
Equipment and Abilities: Tessa does not carry any weapons, but is loaded down with magic items, wands, and scrolls. Her most powerful item is a Scholar's Satchel which holds hundreds of books while weighing as if it only held one. When she reaches into her Satchel, it delivers the book she is thinking of into her fingers. The satchel works for anyone, but they must know which book they want. Browsing doesn't work, and the only written index of its contents is held in the archives of the temple of Woden. Tessa has the index memorized.
Backstory: Tessa was apprenticed as a scribe in the temple, where her magical talent was discovered and encouraged. Though not a cleric, she is exceedingly devout. Her life is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, and she'd far rather be at her books than adventuring. But when Woden commanded her to join GLoG, she obeyed. Later, she got lost time walking with Vespe, and was forced to absorb the mana of an entire plane in order to repair it. Having this much power changed her outlook completely, and she left GLoG soon afterwards. Later in her life, she developed a friendship with Vespe Ratavo, despite the two of them having next to nothing in common.
Common Knowledge: She always has her head in a book. She's freakishly smart and physically very weak.
Uncommon Knowledge: She has a puppy-love crush on her teacher back at her home temple. She writes in her journal ever night, without knowing that everything she writes appears in a duplicate journal in the temple archives. Yup, she's being spied on. She married a fellow archivist (not her teacher) soon after returning to Candlekeep. She eventually has 3 children and numerous grandchildren.
Special Skills: Scholar's Lore (aka 'I read that somewhere') works like Bardic Lore, but without all the singing. Due to her mana bracelet, she can cast spells from any class's spell list without preparation.


2008-09-05, 05:16 PM
Name: Litraiis
Race: Aasimar
Alignment: Currently unknown
Age: Unknown, but appears young. About 17-20
Appearence: Liraiis has light, fair skin, sparkling blue eyes, and a kind look on his face. He wears a dark green robe, with a quaterstaff with a snake wrapped around it. The wood has been painted so that it's hard to tell that the snake on it is actually alive, and not just carved into the wood.

Abilities: He appears to be some sort of spellcaster, but not much is known, as he has just recently came into town. No one noticed him enter. He was just all of the sudden there.
Common Knowledge: None.

2008-09-06, 09:49 AM
Sequinox - Magic Detective for hire (Sorcerer 16) (Incomplete)
Chaotic Good leaning towards neutral good.
Race: Human (at least by appearance, actual race a secret)

[Stats and Description]
S 14
D 17
C 13
I 13
W 10
Ch 20
HP 88
AC 18
Weapons: Flametongue [Flaming Longsword, d8 + 1d6 fire damage, +x3 on a critical (flaming burst)]
Armor: Magic Trenchcoat (+5 to AC)
Spells: Evocation and illusion. (Complete list at a later point in time)

Appearance: Sequinox stands at six feet tall. Exactly six feet. He has shoulder length dark brown hair and brown eyes. He has a magic black trench coat that he is almost always wearing that has a beat up, overused look to it. That same look could describe him in a nutshell. Overused and beat up.

Sequinox (no abbreiviation) wandered in town broke except for his sword and trenchcoat. He has no particular story to him (yet), at least not one that anyone knows, (again, incomplete).

He speaks in dark red.

[Common Knowledge]
Sequinox wants to raise enough cash, one way or another, to open his own business as a private investigator.

Claims to have wandered from a heavily magical (high fantasy) world called Nidar.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Trying to raise enough cash to open a business as PI. Nothing spectacular.

2008-09-07, 02:10 PM
Traaver Shortcloak2
Name: Traaver Shortcloak
Gender: Male
Race: Halfling
Class: Expert 3
Age: 28
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Equitment: His cart, a sling with a pouch of small bullets, and the items he sells
Description: Traaver is as short as they come. He's not praticulary strong but he's got a sharp wit. Although silly at times he knows how to have fun, but when you spend time with him be sure to watch your pockets. He's a con artist at heart, he can fool even a historian that a dulled swort sword was actually the sword of a hafling hero, used to slay a golden dragon.

Backstory: Traaver was born in a simple log cabin. His family were farmers and had no money to give him proper training for anything. At a young age he fell in love with a female hafling and they had no kids. Dispite no money Traaver has barley managed through by making an attempt to sell stuff he finds on his cart. Or that's what he'd tell you.
he's actually a normal hafling, born and raised in a middle class family and learned the trade of the merchent/con artist from his pop. He now has taken over the family business, er...cart.

Maiae Killetlarn4

Name: Maiae Killetlarn
Gender: Female
Race: Elf/Vampire
Class: Rouge 5/Assassin 10
Age: 175
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Equitment: Assassin's Dagger, Sword of Subtly, Dagger of Venom
Description: She's emotionless, except for anger. She will gladly kill anyone or anything to gain power or knowledge. She is usually quiet, rarely talking unless she needs to.

Backstory: The house of Killetlarn, or People of Mysteries, were an elven group that were outcasts from their own race. They became rouges and left their homeland to build a single stronghold. In this stronghold they took upon any elves to join their cause, Maiae was one of them. She excelled at the arts of the stealth and at a young age was sent to help protect a man crossing a dangerous path, little did she know she'd be the one in need of protecting. She was attacked a vampire and turned into a spawn, she returned to her people as this "abomination to life" as they called her and banished her. She grew angry at the beast her cursed her to the life of being banished and trained in the ways of the assassin to kill him. She returned and begged the house elders to reconsider, for she was an outcast to her own race and banished from the only people who would accept her, they dined her. In her anger she killed everyone in the house and burned their stronghold down. Now she is the last of the Killetlarn and she wishes to gain power and knowledge, as all elves do. Recently she's come upon the first town and wants to see if there's an Assassin's Guild she might be able to join.

Caistine Darkeyes3

Name: Caistine Darkeyes
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Fighter 10
Age: 35
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Equitment: nothing. Not even a weapon...odd:smallamused:

Shoshenq II7

Name: Shoshenq II
Gender: Male
Race: Human/Mummy
Class: Sorcerer 20
Age: 350
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Equitment: a really awsome costume:smallbiggrin:

Grand Moff Feth6

Name: Davin Feth
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Aristrocrat 15/Fighter 10
Age: 54
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Equitment: His uniform, badge, his scmitar "Pride" (http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31QXF97PKQL._SL500_AA280_.jpg) and his dagger "Vengence" (http://jodysamson.com/images/daggers/dark-dagger.jpg)
Description: Davin Feth is a man with a vision, and he'll stop at nothing to have this vision come true. He's a stuborn man and will never accept he's wrong, he's a harsh ruler because that's the way he was treated in the Imperial Order.

Backstory: few would know this but the town use to be ruled by an Imperial Order. Davin Feth was accepted as a cadet and acted as a soilder, he fought in several wars and after years of anguish filled training and experiences he reached the title of Grand Moff. After a civil war amongst their people the empire crumbled and Davin Feth found himself demoted from Grand Moff to lower than a commoner. Enraged and depressed by these events he plots to bring the Empire to rise and claim his postion as the Emporer.

2008-09-11, 03:38 PM
Hmm... My first town character...

Name: Ralthos Adosin, 19(?)
Race: Human ...-ish. (Really plot ridden stuff, so I'll put this down later)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Apperance: Wears baggy grey jeans with a thick black leather belt. The belt buckle is a in the shape of an eye. He also wears a greyish-blue short-sleeved shirt underneath a flowing dark-blue trenchcoat that goes down to his ankles.

Accessories: A silver cross with a red jewel embedded in the center hangs from a leather string around his neck. Also bears a signet ring of a scull surrounded by roses. Wears thin but very wide and round glasses. Tinted green.

Also: Bright-green eyes. Thick brown hair cut just above his ears. 5'11", 210lbs.

Personality: Ralthos is very polite most of the time, but also very laid back and relaxed. He deals with things as they come. His favorite saying is "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it,". Sometimes he has to be explained things, but he's able to see connections that no-one else really would think of (Hence his value to the Order). He hates anything that would cause harm for selfish reasons. Other than that he's pretty accepting of people's actions, mostly because it's his job to see all sides of a story. Overall, he seems like a pretty harmless guy.

I emphasise the word "seems".

Random stuff, like backstory: Ralthos was born on a planet that was going to be devoured by the scourge of the universe: a black hole. This particular black hole had risin above the muck of it's own sad fate enough to gain back it's intelligence. It decided to postpone the destruction of this world, but only on the condition that they found other worlds to feed this monster.

"Most things escape my grasp," it said in a terrifying voice "You will pull down any and all planets that I ask for into my reach, and you will live with this purpose."

So, for a long time, the people did this. Eventually, though, people grew tired of being the slaves to this Celestial Glutton. So, they tried to fight it. They failed, and were devoured. The whole planet was destroyed in the process.

How Ralthos managed to escape this fate is something he never speaks of. I guess we'll find out later.

Now, Ralthos works for the Order, travelling with the power of the Infinite to places and times spanning the entirety of the multi-verse. He's seen many things, and met many people. This is only the begining.

I almost forgot! Weapons!

Ralthos carries dual single-edged short-swords at his left hip. When he draws, he holds the one in his right like a normal sword. However, the sword in his left is backwards compared to the other. They have round hand gaurds and straight blades about 2 1/2' long and almost 3" wide. Think a cross between a gladius and a rapier.

Although he rarely uses it, he also carries a hand-gun that is vaguely musket shaped. It's powered by both the crystal around his neck and his sheer force of will, so it's not your everyday weapon. He keeps it in it's holster at his lower back, underneath his coat.

You might not think this a weapon, but Ralthos also uses an ocarina. He's very good at playing it, but it's true purpose is to acivate the crystal around his neck, and do magic things with it (Cast spells, teleport, etc.).

For those of you not familiar with the wonderous instrument known as the Ocarina, shame on you, and use google.

Military Man
2008-09-12, 04:54 PM
Character: Peter Redwing
Age: 21
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Good
Height: 5' 8''
Weight: 135 lbs

Description: Peter has short light brown hair with dark brown eyes. he wears a suit of chain mail with a shield with a picture of a battle ax on it. his weapon is a longsword with an amethyst in its hilt it used to be his grandfather's (along with the shield) in the great goblin wars.

Backstory: Peter was born into a merchant family. At age 14 he started to sail on his father's merchant ship sailing all over the world, to various human kingdoms, the great elven forest (where he learned elven) and many other places beside. However, he was more interested in being a fighter like my grandfather, who fought in the great goblin wars and was also knighted afterwords. My father was a little disappointed, he wanting me to become a merchant like him self but, in the end he gave me my grandfather's sword and shield he used in the goblin wars, and a small amount of money. The sword seems to have a enchantment on it that makes it more powerful when fighting undead monsters as well as fiends. Now in 21 and ready to take my place in the world.

2008-09-12, 08:16 PM
My old Town characters have now been retconed into Discontinuity, due to their lack of impact on IC Town. Behold, Ganurath:

Name: Ganurath
Race: Half-Orc
Class: Necromancer
Age: 31
Appearance: The half-orc's most prominent article of clothing is a loose, dark gray robe with plain red trim. The robe has an open front, showing a black shirt and pants seperated by a red sash, and leather boots of a similiar red and black scheme. An astute eye would note that the interior of the robe was ladden with pockets, or that he doesn't actually lean on his polished black cane that's topped with a silver skull.

Background: A more detailed version will come at a later date, but a short version for now: He was raised in an orphanage after being taken from an annihilated orc warband by a team of adventurers. The community was hostile toward him, though, which made him want to bring fear and death to those who insisted he suffer for what he was. He was smarter than most, so he made it into an arcane academy... Where he put up with even more trouble from peers who thought he wasn't fit for arcane magics. A tiefling teacher who specialized in necromancy saw the willpower to do what he had to in him, though, and introduced him to a book that magically bolstered his intellect, as well as putting him on the path to learn lost forms of necromancy. After a period of bloody revenge he wouldn't be willing to go into detail about, he gathered what peers he had that didn't disrespect him and made an arcane college of his own outside Town.

2008-09-13, 06:43 AM
Okay, first Town character, ACTIVATE! *whoosh*

Name: Mortimer
Race: Human
Class: none yet, but he'll get one later, honest.
Age: Unknown, even to him, he's just never really looked at a calender.

Appearance: He has often been mistaken for a small yeti, but actually he is just a tallish human covered in a mass of white body hair which leaves no skin exposed. His only possessions are a large grey wizard hat and a cheap wooden staff.

Mortimer has never done anything, he was thrown out of his parents' house for not having a job when he was in his late fifties.
After leaving home he wandered the forests for an unbelievably long time, surviving on the mushrooms he found as he went until he eventually decided to take a nap in a deep cave.
He has no idea how long he's slept, but upon waking his clothes had all rotted away. As he began to wander through the forests again he realised that he was bored sick of mushrooms and vowed to never eat them again.
As he crested a hill he saw something completely alien, how could there be enough people to even fill half of those buildings? He had seen the Town.
When he reached it he found a charming old hat and a sturdy curtain rail, both of which had been thrown away, neither of which had a purpose.
Mortimer didn't think too deeply into it, he was too hungry for that.

Kris on a Stick
2008-09-13, 09:10 PM
Name Kris
Age 19
Race Human
Class Scout/Shadowdancer (roughly 7/3, though may gain class abilities at the power of PLOT.)
Appearance A dark skinned teenager with brown eyes and dark brown hair, verging on black. Wears a T-Shirt, cargo pants and specially made black leather bomber jacket with concealed holsters. Wears a wide sword belt with a pistol holster on his hip and a bandoleer under his jacket.
Equipment A single edged saber, A SIG P226 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SIG_P226) worn in the hip holster and 2 Micro Uzis worn concealed under his jacket. His bandoleer is covered in small pouches which contain multiple types of bullets, from silver and cold iron bullets to things like Good-aligned bullets.
Backstory A slayer for the government. Think of him as an 'Adventurer for Hire'. More to come later. Not that it's going to ever be important. You know, since he comes from a different universe and all. Oh yeah, he comes from a different universe.
Common Knowledge None. Alternate Dimension

He speaks like this

2008-09-14, 09:52 PM
First character.

Name: Chris
Race: Human
Age: Young in his appearance, but old in his eyes. (He looks to be about 17)
Class (If needed):single class fighter
Looks:Fair skinned, arien, generally wears a stained tuxedo undercoat, a duster, and slacks. He has a scar going from his chin going down his neck into his shirt.
Equipment: Masterwork Longsword, and a hand crossbow in his coat.
Backstory:He looks about 17, but according to locals who know of him he's been that way since before they can remember. He used to be in the army, but now he works as a bodyguard for hire. He is not very willing to divulge his backstory.
He sounds like this.

2008-09-17, 10:16 PM
Name: Charles Ronald Day VI
Race: Human
Class: Aristocrat with at least six sorcerer levels
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Hair color/length: short and brown
Eye color: dark green
Gender: Male
Weapons: magic, and a crossbow.
Backstory: Charles is the former duke of a small duchy known as Durturisony which is over a hundred miles to the west. A recent revolt in Durturisony caused the Day family to be removed from power. Charles fled to The Town to escape the revolution and attempt to plan his return to power.
Common knowledge: He's a noble, he's nearly powerless, and he is not happy with that fact.

What color for a noble but royal blue?

2008-09-22, 08:40 AM
Professor Rigby
Stats and Description
Name: Professor Lexington Atticus Rigby
Race: Human
Alignment & Temperament: True Neutral. Very calm and logical.
Age: 32
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 150 lb
Hair: Light brown, short, messy. A little stubble due to absent-mindedness.
Eyes: Pale yellow.
Equipment: Assorted scientific instruments and books. His glasses have various yet-to-be-determined properties, from a mixture of enchantments and technological whatsits in the bulky frames.
Clothes: Typically a suit with a lab coat over it instead of a jacket, and glasses.

Something of a freelance researcher, Professor Rigby’s interests range from all varieties of magic, Psionics, etc. to advanced electronics and engineering, to philosophy and psychology. He has written several books on these subjects, some on the interaction of more than one of them, e.g. on the psychological effects of schisms, mind seeds, etc.

Common Knowledge
In some academic circles, Professor Rigby is known for being very focused on his work, to the near-exclusion of all else.

The fields in which Professor Rigby is an expert include magic. As such, he can conduct magical research (With impressive results), but he can't actually cast anything himself.
Useless in a fight. Please don't attack him.

Speech looks like this.

Stats and Description
Name: Winchester
Race: Human
Alignment & Temperament: Chaotic Neutral. Hot-headed and aggressive.
Age: 27
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 187 lb
Hair: Very dark brown, long.
Eyes: Unknown as he never removes his sunglasses.
Equipment: Various weapons, including but not necessarily restricted to a Winchester rifle, a fairly ornate scimitar, a couple of kukris and some knives and pistols. His trenchcoat is bulletproof, and his sunglasses have some special properties including night-vision.
Clothes: Sunglasses, a black trenchcoat, and some sort of body armour. Sometimes wears a bandolier containing additional weaponry.

Winchester is left-handed, but still good with his right.

Speech looks like this.

JT Jag
2008-09-22, 08:37 PM
Name: JT Pyros
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Profession: Swordmage
Age: 23
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Description: This (http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb285/aznsyko87/swordsman.jpg), sans the spikes.

Personality: In the two years since graduating from the academy, Pyros has done little but disappoint the people who have taught and advised him. A free spirit to the end, he goes where destiny leads him--- and when he's not, he gets drunk. Alcoholism is not a favorable hobby for someone whose life depends on precise usage of magic combined with exact swordplay, as his tutor and family often scold him. Despite that, he's generally a kind person who will help out someone in need.

Back Story: Born from a line of warriors, JT was sent to a heralded combat academy. His natural skill in the line of swordplay immediately attracted the attention of a sorcerer on staff, who offered JT lessons on the arcane arts in his spare time. While he picked up these skills rather quickly, he graduated with a mediocre class rank because he never focused on honing a specific set of skills as was preferred. During his time learning he gradually developed a somewhat unique style of combat using the magic taught to him to enhance and compliment his skills in swordplay.

Common Knowledge: Adept swordsman with access to magic. Utilizes magic in strictly a complimentary manner to his melee skills. Friendly in general, but has a degree of trouble socializing. Dangerous when angry, dangerous but sloppy in combat when intoxicated. Surprisingly insightful whenever he shares his thoughts. Much more intelligent then he lets on, but has an image to protect--- and "studious scholar" compromises it.

Weapons: The broadsword as seen in the image


Name: Zonin Regal
Gender: Male
Race: Xeph
Profession: Psion (Soulknife)
Age: Unknown, appears to be in his late 20s
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Description:Dark skin and near-luminescent green eyes. Medium-length black hair worn in a seemingly messy and disheveled fashion. Wears clothing dominated by the colors black and light-blue. Lithe, with a body designed for fast and constant movement rather then a stand-up fight.

Personality: Makes friends easily. Can insert himself into the conversation with relative ease. Intelligent and well-versed in most topics. Slow to anger, but very dangerous when it goes over the line. Flagrant disregard for the law, lives the way he sees fit.

Back Story: No one yet knows why Zonin left his ancestral forest home, and he's not talking. Accepts any job that he views as a "challenge", and doesn't discriminate based on the employer's alignment.

Common Knowledge: Is an unscrupulous mercenary who specializes in assassination. Speaks 4 languages. A socialite in his spare time.

Weapons: His mind blades. Also carries at least 4 daggers on his person at all times in case he runs into a psionic nullification field or something similar.

2008-09-27, 07:31 PM
Name: Ly'rea Ipsulkiir (Li-ray-ah Ip-sal-keer)
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Profession/Class: Wizard/Druid (her schools are Evocation and Transmutation, her barred school is Necromancy.)
Age: 132
Alignment: Chaotic good
Description: Slim, long dirty blonde hair, green eyes, often wears silver robes with a blue trim, particularily elfish in body shape, a necklace with a dragon head as the amulet

Personality: very bright and very curious, and is often very hyper, at other times she is calm and cool, she loves a good joke and has a high humility. she has a fear of aberrations and an odd obssesion with magical beasts, often bringing in dire animals for study. lately, she has been even more excitable than usual...

Back Story:
Living in the elven lands for most of her long life, she took a liking to magic and soon went into apprenticeship with a half-elf named Ralph Austrimar, after learning everything about transmutation, she was soon required to go into evocation school after an attack of goblins nearly shut an abjuration school down (there were ALOT of goblins). she went into a druidic order to better understand her odd fascination with big, dangerous critters. she came to the town because the order told her of an abundance of dire animals. she also has another reason, but to quote her "It's for me to know, and you to find out" *giggle* :smalltongue:

Common Knowledge:
-She is better with Transmutation magic rather than evocation
-She's often admiring her necklace
-She smuggles Dire creatures into the mages guild
-She is an Elf (shocking, right?)
-She can use maximized and quickened transmutation spells

2008-10-02, 04:00 PM
Name: Lindsay Everett
Class: Fighter
Age: Thirteen
Weapon of Choice: Shortsword
Alignment: Neutral-Good (claims to be True neutral though)
Race: Human
Height: 5'3"
Eyes: Blue-green
Hair: Straight, long, and strawberry blonde. She wears it in two braids.
Clothes: A turquoise shirt, a purple sweater, and jeans. She also has a charm bracelet.

This is her talking color.

2008-10-02, 11:32 PM
Name: Beau Ciderbottom
Race: Halfling(more hobbit like)
Profession: Cook/Brewer
Age: 34
Height/Weight: 3'3"/ 70 lbs.
Description: Short and plump, brown trousers, green tunic, black vest, copper short curly hair, hazel eyes
Personality: Fun and easygoing. likes jokes, puzzles, games, riddles. always enjoys good food, drink, and friends.
Background: Born to farmers he grew up helping cook food for his huge family. Married a beautiful farmer girl who helps him run his inn "The Daring Dagger"
Common Knowledge: Owns inn "The Daring Dagger"
Gear: Short sword, sling with bullets, cloak/cape,

Kris on a Stick
2008-10-03, 08:53 PM
Name: Killer Robot-15 or KR-15 or Kay Ar - Fifteen or Kilo-Romeo-One-Five
Age: Robot
Race: Robot
Gender: Masculine Programming
Class: Combat Droid 20
Appearance: A circular head with a cycloptic eye and a permanent scowl painted on it atop a robotic body with a Compartment of holding on it. The head can detach and float of it's own accord, and has concealed weapon panels all over it.
Equipment: Many Concealed weapon panels all over the head section. A slim jump pack. Automatic Blaster rifle. Blaster Pistol. Compartment of Holding in chest. Rocket launcher. Several other (small) concealed weapon panels in main chassis. Also has several other bodies ranging from tanks to giant mecha (japanese or battletech style) that the head can clip onto and control.
Backstory: Previously PR-Drone Unit-1, KR-15 spent an unfufilling life talking to people at the GLoG visitor's center. Until the day Darkcomet of AMEN came to visit. Wanting a drone of his own, DC stole the drone, and reprogrammed to be eeeeevil. To bad that he wasn't genre savvy enough to know that evil droids always break their obedience programming. After a bout of confusion and trying to kill as many of his successor drones in creative ways, KR-15 now has new meaning, and is now a mercenary for the ACRONYM ORGANIZATIONS, serving as a way for KR-15's player to take part in PLOTs with little story justification other than 'I wanna help too.'
Common Knowledge: Not really. He's too recent for that.

Informative Statement: If you hear this voice, start running Meatbag.

2008-10-04, 11:43 PM
Amberwolf Campaign Characters:

[Stats and description]
Name: Kroy
Race: Human Actually a Laguz
Class: Sword Ranger (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=91186&postcount=1)
Power Level: 7
Alignment and Temperment: NG. Kroy enters combat only when prevoked. Normally cheery and helpful.
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 160 lb.
Equipment: Eroh, Artifact blade. Arctic Fox named Whitey with 6 int and a collar of endure elements(witch can use disinigration 3/day). A knife with concetrated drow knockout poison on it. And a pouch of 240,000 gold.

Kroy is brother of Bronz, the captain of the Scout. He's spent the last 4 years(Of memory, in his previouse reincarnation) on his brother ship.
[Common knowledge]
Kroy is known mainly for his fox, which despite being from the arctic, can survive in the desert.
Kroy is the sixth reincarnation of the original Kroy. If Kroy dies he cannot be ressurected, he simply gets reincarnated, and becomes level 1. On his seventeenth birthday he regains all his old powers, along with his memories. He was killed, but he does not know what happened to his brother, who has the same reincarnation ability.Kroy's real name is Kilroy, but [B]nobody calls him that. Kroy talks like this
And looks like this:
Made by Nevitan

[Ongoing storyline]
Kroy is dead. My character I based him off of died in the fight against the BBEG.



[Stats and description]
Name: Whitey
Race: Arctic Fox
Class: Sorcerer, Cleric
Power Level: 3
Alignment and Temperment: CG.
Age: 423(Whitey does not die from old age)
Height: 1' 2"
Weight: 9 lb.
Equipment: A collar of Endure Elements and disinagration 3/day
Whitey has been with Kroy for four of his seven lifetimes, little is Known of Whitey
[Common knowledge]
Whitey is known for sudden bursts of intelligence or stupidity.
Whitey talks like this: Whitey: Hello/Fox Tongue
[Ongoing storyline]
Whitey lives with Kroy and follows him where ever he goes. Kroy leaves the town often to search for some of his old friends. He has currently located Bronz, Theo, Martin, and 9 of his old crew.


[Stats and description]
Name: Bronz
Race: Human Actually a Laguz
Class: Fighter
Power Level: 7
Alignment and Temperment: LG
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 200 lb.
Equipment: Erah, Artifact blade Pure black wolf named Evo(Short for Evocation), and 140,000 GP.
Bronz is brother of Kroy. After thye death of his brother, he hired a mage to send him 17 years into the future to find Kroy, for 10 million GP.
[Common knowledge]
Bronz is Currently staying at the DFI[Notes]
Bronz is the fith reincarnation of the original Bronz. If Bronz dies he cannot be ressurected, he simply gets reincarnated, and becomes level 1. On his Ninteenth birthday he regains all his old powers, along with his memories.
Bronz talks like this
[Ongoing storyline]
Bronz has just entered town, and is currently staying at the DFI


[Stats and description]
Name: Evocation
Race: Black Wolf
Class: Sorcerer
Power Level: 3
Alignment and Temperment: CE. He is very evil, but very loyal to Bronz. The only thing keeping him from going on a killing spree is his loyalty. He does not like Kroy, and detests Whitey.
Age: 426(Evocation does not die from old age)
Height: 1' 6"
Weight: 13 lb.
Equipment: A collar of Fireball 5/day and undetectable alignment.
Evo has been with Bronz for three of his six lifetimes, little is Known of Evo
[Common knowledge]
Evo is known for his great intelect and careful calculation no matter the danger.
Evo talks like this: Evo: Hello/Wolf Speak
[Ongoing storyline]
Evo lives with Bronz and follows him where ever he goes.

[Stats and description]
Name: Martin
Race: Half-elf
Class: Wizard
Power Level: 4
Alignment and Temperment: NG. Martin fairy good tempered, occaisonally going beserk.
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 140 lb.
Equipment: An old magic staff, a spell component pouch, and a spellbook
Martin was a good friend and companion of Bronz and Kroy, until he got killed by a cannon ball. After that incident, Bronz kept a piece of bone of Martin, to ressurect later. Later, after Kroy died, Theo led 36 other men onto an enemy ship to save Bronz. During the struggle, Theo and nine other men died. Bronz has recovered various bodyparts and seeks a cleric to raise them.
[Common knowledge]
Martin just got ressurected!
Martin talks like this
[Ongoing storyline]

[Stats and description]
Name: Theo
Race: Human
Class: Bard
Power Level: 4
Alignment and Temperment: NG.
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 157 lb.
Equipment: A magic rapier, a lute, a chain shirt underneath his cloak, a cloak, a bag of holding, boots of speed (+15 ft.), and a bottle of wine.
After Kroy died, Theo led 36 other men onto an enemy ship to save Bronz. During the struggle, Theo and nine other men died. Bronz has recovered various bodyparts of the deadmen and seeks a cleric to raise them.
[Common knowledge]
Theo talks like this
[Ongoing storyline]

Je dit Viola
2008-10-05, 12:25 AM
Noelani Kane
Class: Rouge (unless she's in another personality - she has 2 others)
Generally cheerful and helpful.
Around 18 years old
Probably human, by appearance (but pretty tall)
Height: 7'6" (without shoes, seeing as she doesn't have any)
Weight: 167 lbs.
Equipment/Appearance: A skirt and leather shirt/thing. Has a blouse on, green, over the leather thing. Wears no shoes and has a quiver on her back. Holds a bow in her left hand and a dagger in her right, when fighting. Otherwise, the dagger is in her dagger belt, and the bow is in her quiver. And Blonde hair, in a ponytail (usually) with a green bow. Really tall.

Was born with multiple personalities (or got them as she grew up). Is one of triplets, has two brothers that are identical, who are both 9 feet tall. One was training to be a paladin, the other a death knight. Both were captured saving her from an army. Resulted in her split (tri) personality become thus - one for her, the other two for her brothers. Trusts desperatly in Fate.
[Random Facts about Noelani Kane]
She can hum Gregory Nequam's Sonatina in A Major (in 12/8 time)
She also recently found out what a mage is
And she also worships shape-shifting wolves. (mistakes werewolves as them)
And thinks tea is Evil.
She is a triplet. Her two brothers are identical.
One is a Paladin, 9 ft tall.
One is a Death Knight, 9 ft tall.
Father: Noelani doesn't like him much. Plays several instruments, taught Noelani some of them.
Mother: Probably an enchantress, cleric, or sorceress of some kind.

[Common knowledge]
Has a split personality - most likely to change when fighting or provoked. Or mad. Also was a gymnast.
MP's:(Death knight has been used)Paladin- Wears white, silver, blue. Has a cape, a skirt, and a breastplate. Also can have wings (white and silver). Calls herself Ualoheke Akua, but will respond to Kane. When Noelani transforms into this one, she gets struck by a 'holy' lightning (which is blue and white) and blasts nearby things. Bow transforms into a sword, dagger transforms into an arm shield.
Death Knight -Appears same as the Paladin, also calls herself Ualoheke Akua, and will also respond to Kane. Colors:Red (instead of blue), Black (in place of white), and Gold (silver). Also can have wings. When transforming into this, she gets engulfed in a 'dark' fire (red and black). (all of this is really complicated, I know);
Changes abruptly, usually when threatened.
[Ongoing storyline]
Is deperately looking for her brothers. And maybe the army that took them. Has gotten their whereabout scried -- they're both in the middle of a wilderness. Can't control her Multiple Personalities yet. Oh, and she speaks like this. Franklin Gothic Medium SeaGreen

Alariana Beastcrusher, nicknamed Alara
Class: Fighter? (Is that right? She uses her fists, feet, body, 'tail', and anything she can get her hands on.)
Pretty kind, but abrupt. Admires power.
Around 18 years old also
Height: 6'0" (also doesn't have shoes)
Weight: 126 lbs.
Equipment/Appearance: Blond also. Looks basically like a (prehistoric times) jungle woman. If you've ever played Chrono Trigger, she looks similar to Ayla. Wears (basically) what looks like a bikini, except with a white tiger (and tail) for the bottom, and an eagle (with wings) top. Also doesn't have shoes. Has a pet hawk.
From a village stuck in the past. I have nothing else so far.
[Random Facts about Noelani Kane]
None yet.
Unknown so far.

[Common knowledge]
Fights with her hands and feet. And everything else she can see or grab. Doesn't know many technological or magical things. Also has a pet Hawk. Named "Dino".
None so far[/SIZE]
[Ongoing storyline]
None so far. She [B]speaks like this. Olive Arial Black

2008-10-05, 10:22 AM
Name: Calamity (Full name: Kalzev Xami)
Age: 24
Race: Tiefling
Gender: Male
Class: Rogue 14/Wizard 5
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Often mistaken for Evil)
Weapons: Twin Daggers.
Appearance: Has demonic red skin, horns, pointy ears, a devil's tail and yellow eyes that almost glow. His hair is long, straight and black. He is also often mistaken for a female.
Backstory: He does not like to reveal much of his story, but it is known that his parents were of conflicting alignments, and that it resulted in him running away from home at around age 14, to eventually find shelter in a small secluded town.
Common Knowledge:
-He's known to respond very badly to personal insults, and being mistaken for a girl, or for being Evil.
-He like likes to balance the tip of one of his dagger on one of his fingers, to the point where it can become irritating to others.
He talks like this.

Name: Taark (Full name unknown at this time)
Age: 28
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Paladin 15
Alignment: Lawful Good
Weapon: Longsword.
Appearance: Has messy brown hair, about medium length for a male. Wears clean white armour, along with a green cape with a white stripe and green boots.
Backstory: Often sent on solo missions (Not because he is disliked, but because he tends to more efficient alone), Taark regards helping others in need above all other things. He will always offer Evil-doers a second chance, but is wrathful if they deny that chance.
Common Knowledge: -Taark seems to have a lot of patience.
He talks like this

2008-10-05, 02:41 PM
Race- Tiefling
Age- 27
Power Level- 5
Description: Thoven is a pretty standard Tiefling, He has scaly orange skin, a thick tail, Curvy horns, and sharp teeth. he also has long Blue hair.

Backstory: Thoven had been going around Murdering and stealing for years before he decided to do some massive damage. He had decide to join someone very powerful, and try to kill a large amount of people doing it.

He found out about a Mage who was in the business of stealing life and wanted to join him, and get some power for himself. While he was making his way to the master's quarter's in the Mage's Tower he say quite a few magical items and took them as he went. Just before Thoven got to the Main Room he grabbed a Orb of fire, and walked in.

In the Room the Wizard was Stealing the Life force of an Angel, Very Impressed Thoven went to talk to the Wizard, but He tripped on the Mage's Rat familiar and Dropped the orb of fire at the Mage's feet, which promptly caught him on fire, ruining most of the Stealing spell. After that the angel Killed the caster and thanked Thoven then Left. Thoven pillaged the tower and all its creations, then left for home.

Two days later the Angel appeared to Thoven saying he was Sabreal Archangel and was going to Save his soul and deliver him to Heironeous. Thoven naturally said no, and after that he kept ignoring the Archon's attempts to turn him to good.

In a few days a group of bandits that Thoven had Wronged showed up to take back there gold and Kill Thoven, who was clearly out matched. He would have Died if it wasn't for Sabreal's intervention in the fight, swaying it to Thoven's victory.

After that Thoven has let Sabreal travel with him, helping and fights and carry treasure and those sorts of things, even if Sabreal is always preaching.

Equipment- Thoven is a warrior who uses his Greatsword and Natural armor to smash apart his opponents.


2008-10-06, 08:37 AM
Scarvaxian Race: The enigmatic Scarvaxian race (made up). The race themselves are comprised of children-like pairs of beings that are nearly identical to humans. The beings are paired at birth with their decided mate, and the two develop an unbreakable bond. This bond feeds their domination over aspects of magic (females) and physical prowess (males). Although both partners share power with each other, the females are the source of that power, and so the inherited roles for the male are generally as a guardian to the keeper. Once the bond forms, the two are inseparable, as isolation from each other causes the guardian to become sick and weak. If separated for two long (ie: several months) the guardian will usually die.
They look and age as normal humans do until they reach their mid teens and then they seem to stop. The lifespan of each is virtually indefinite as long as the two remain together. Most live several hundred years before entering the final sleep, when both partners chose to die. As well, if one partner is to perish unnaturally before the other, the other will usually die alongside shortly after. If the female dies, the male will defend the corpse until he dies from the lack of power from the female. If the male dies, the female becomes emotionally distraught and will usually die of starvation or exposure. Suffice it to say, that one cannot live without the other.
Scarvaxians are divided in terms of emotional and intellectual capabilities. The male, usually shows nearly no emotion and is more intellectually capable, where as the female is more impulsive and acts on feelings and emotion rather than logical thought. Female Scarvaxians nearly all act on pure emotion. This contrast makes contact with other races and communities outside of their covens difficult, as a female does not understand the difference between right and wrong, only what feels good and bad to her. Because situations like these are misunderstood in other communities, Scarvaxians are discouraged from interaction with other races, but not forbidden.

I hope this isnt too long...:smalleek:

Name: Lady Xefa of the Frozen Night
Gender: Female
Race: Scarvaxian (read bio)
Profession: Keeper
Age: appears 12
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Description: One of the few pairs of Scarvaxians to venture out of their arctic homelands, Xefa is more of an emotional time bomb than most other females. Terribly impulsive and extremely curious about the world and other things. She was paired with Teslan at a late age of 3, but developed a bond with him none the less. She stands a little over four feet tall with long white hair and silver eyes common to their race. Her lips and fingernails are white as well, giving the illusion that she is some kind of celestial. She wears a long and elegant sleeveless robe that hugs her small frame. Her robe is a lighter grey with an elegant embroidered trim of gold thread (resembles a Chinese dress with the slit in the front instead of the sides) and flows smoothly down to her ankles. She wears leather lace up sandals that lace to her knee, reminiscent of roman style sandals. Her nose and lip are pierced with small diamond studs on her fair complexion.

Personality: Xefa is very energetic and seemingly more emotional than most normal Scarvaxians. She loves learning new things and exploring her curiosity. With a lack of a moral center (aside from Teslan telling her whats right and wrong), this curiosity can sometimes be a bad thing. She is usually a very happy person and loves to smile. Will cling to Teslan when shy or intimidated.
Back Story: As most females are, Xefa was born to a royal house in the Scarvaxian society. With a prominent family backing, she is assumed to take a the position as head of the family for the next few generations when she becomes of age (time when the partners get old enough to separate and survive on their own. Happens around 900-1300 years from birth). Because of this, she was offered many prestigious guardians from many different covens and houses, but she never developed a bond. When she reached the age of three, she came across a slave who served as a vassal to the family’s home, and developed a bond with him. From there, the two went to the noble schools together where she was raised as a keeper, and Teslan was taught how to be a guardian. Her proficiency with magic was staggering but Xefa never liked using it, as she saw that everything that needed to be done, could be done by Teslan. At the age of 399, Xefa wanted to travel the world and indulge in its wonders outside of what the frozen arctics could provide, and so left her coven with Teslan.
Common Knowledge: Acts like a happy child with her energetic behavior. Scarvaxians are a rare sight but not unheard of, so most well traveled areas would know about their personality quirks. To most, she would just appear to be a normal 12 year old human girl with white hair and eyes. Most mistake her and Teslan for celestials. With Xefa’s elegant clothing and piercings, she passes off as a rich man’s daughter.
Weapons: She almost never fights, only using magic when she throws a tantrum or feels that her or Teslan’s life is in danger, and there is nothing Teslan can do.


Name: Teslan
Gender: Male
Race: Scarvaxian
Profession: Guardian
Age: Appears to be 16
Alignment: True Neutral
Description: Having short snow white hair, and gleaming silver eyes like his counterpart, he is often mistaken for a celestial. He stands around five and a half feet tall with a muscular build. His skin is darker than Xefa’s and he has a scar that runs across his left cheek. He wears a long sleeve grey with gold trimmed jacket that ends mid thigh. He wears a slightly darker grey puffed out pants that end in polished leather boots. He wears an off black, leather belt with a simple leather bound scabbard. His fingernails and lips are also white, but slightly off shade than Xefa’s. He is strong and stable, as well as intelligent.

Personality: Acts as Xefa’s protector and moral balance. He is in love with Xefa as she is him, but he will never admit to feeling that, or any other emotion. He smiles rarely and will usually only address issues involving Xefa’s involvement. He misses the arctic’s and the coven. Is embarrassed at the fact that he was once a slave. Has Beaming eyes which make most others around him uncomfortable. Does not talk much, but has been known to yell out of frustration at Xefa’s acts. Is only slightly curious to the outside world.

Back Story: Teslan was born into Xefa’s coven as a servant boy. Most children of that age are not subject to emotional drain until they bond with their mate, but even before this, Teslan was a quiet and undisturbed child. He would never play with the others and would seem to never smile. Although slaves are treated fairly and respectfully in their culture, he could never get over the fact that he had no rights to his own life. When he was 7, he formed a bond accidentally with Xefa. This caused an uproar within the house of the Frozen Night, but seeing how once a bond forms, it is permanent, decided to release Teslan from his bonds as a slave and raise him to the stature of a noble servant. Teslan always hated the noble life but stood by Xefa’s side through most of the ordeals in the family life. Although he was in love with Xefa due to the bond, he always felt that his true mate was elsewhere, thought he would die before telling Xefa that.

Common Knowledge: Does not trust most other races. Always looks uncomfortable when surrounded by people. Is known, as all scarvaxian males are, for their incredible speed, strength, and near supernatural reflexes. Does not appear older than 16. Comes off as cold and evil to most. His stare makes most people uncomfortable.

Weapons: He carries a small Arabian style cutlass and a jeweled dagger in a scabbard, but prefers to fight with his fists. Only uses his cutlass in situations where hand to hand combat is ill advised. The jeweled dagger is ceremonial in nature and not used for combat.

2008-10-07, 10:06 AM
change of plans. sorry for any inconvenience.

2008-10-09, 12:35 AM
New Characters
Rabbit Vasque (Va-sk. Like Mask with a V)
Name: Rabbit Vasque
Age: 18
Hair: Deep chestnut brown, falling right to about the small of her back
Eyes: Hazel, which means that, depending on the light source available, her eyes can go from a light brown to the deepest of forest greens
Alignment: Current Chaotic Neutral with a leaning towards evil acts...this is bound to change soon. Very soon.

Rabbit Vasque (her last name self-chosen) was an ordinary child, really. Close to her sister and a mediocre student, there wasn't much to her childhood.
Except for the day she took a wrong turn home, and watched as a witch was burned upon a stake for being a 'heretic'.
From that day forward, Rabbit knew in her heart that religion was wrong*, and fought with every tool she could to bring down the local temples. Though some of her tactics were... less than tasteful, and some even downright wrong, Rabbit shrugged aside her conscience; she was, in the end, doing the world a service. How was she to care how it was done?

Nearing the end of her preteens, her grandfather, who she had been incredibly close to, passed away. Rabbit mourned...until she found his cold corpse sitting at the kitchen table the next morning, munching on Cap'n Crunch.
It was the beginning of her relationship with the undead.

Rabbit has some as of yet unexplained connection to Ambrosius, though even she herself does not know it. The two look oddly identical aside from their eye color.

*This is not the belief of the Player, and is merely a fictional plot-thing

Ambrosius Arietta Reginaldi III
Image by Wukei (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v296/Hito-chan/valdis0002.png)
Name: Ambrosius Arietta Reginaldi III, sometimes just "The Hatter"
Age: Unknown. Looks to be about twenty, though
Hair: A dark, straight umber brown, reaching just above her bottom
Eyes: Bright, bright sky blue
Alignment: Chaotic

Not much has been known about Ambrosius in her short time in Town/AMEN/HALO/GLoG, except that she's a bit...out there. It seems she can materialize things at will, and also has some level of necromancy.
She keeps with her an animated doormouse, whom she calls "Mr Squeakums", and who almost appears to have a personality that contradicts with Ambrosius. This is not true, as ever action he takes is dictated by his mistress.
Ambrosius has also shown a dislike for gender roles..

((Both have the ability to jump between the universes of AMEN/HALO/GLoG/NO and Town))

2008-10-09, 07:47 PM
Name: Xole(aren't I original?)
Race: Human-looking
Class: Wizard(Pyromancer as a specialty)
Age: Appears to be in his thirties
Weight: average
Alignment and Personality: chaotic good. Kind, honest, loyal, and helpful. Unless someone is evil. Then he fights them whenever possible. Slightly blood thirsty.
Hair: Blonde, long and messy.
Eyes: brown, white when angered. Has a penetrating stare.

Equipment: Has a Black staff with a red gem encrusted in the top which he holds in his right hand. Staff is covered in runes. Carries no other weapons.

Description: Wears a black robe with a red trim, and is red on the inside. Has a ruby ring with protection from dieties in it on his left hand. He has no beard and few scars.

Backstory: Was born in a village far away from the Town. As he grew up he showed his skill as a wizard and his affinity for fire. After he finished training under his teacher, he was told to go out into the world. After years of traveling and adventuring, he ended up in the Town.

Currently in: nothing, really

will add more as time goes by, will fix stuff later.

2008-10-11, 10:12 PM


Race: Human.

Age: Looks around 20.

Gender: Male.

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Appearance: A dark-robed (or dark-cloaked) man, sometimes wearing a hood.

Abilities/Equipment: Telekinesis. He carries an array of weapons with him, including several daggers and knives he tries to stab people from afar with. His advanced mind allows him resistance to mental attacks. He's developed mind-reading abilities, but he can't do mind control yet.

Affiliation: AMEN/K-Corp (secretly)

Backstory: No one knows where he's from, but some is known. After joining AMEN, he experienced the demilich Draken's anger after nearly unraveling one of his plots by mistake. He's despised his coworker ever since, and recently had a near mental breakdown after starting to have flashbacks.

Personality/Common Knowledge: Darkcomet doesn't normally attack at random, but dislikes when others target him. He likes being in control, which led to the creation of KR-15. DC enjoys watching the actions of the plot from afar, trying to influence them subtly. He eventually started getting involved directly after several failures. Overall, his greatest weakness is looking for sensibility where there may be none. At times, he seems to be more of an antihero, doing the right things like fighting Draken and Alek but for all the wrong reasons.

Uncommon Knowledge: DC is working for K-Corp.

2008-10-13, 04:41 PM
Name: Wenomir Rawicz
Race: Demonblooded Human
Occupation: Former Demonhunter(Fighter 6/Demonhunter 5 by D&D)
Age: 31
Alignment: Lawful Neutral, tries to become LG
Backstory: Little is known of Wenomir's past. He used to be a warrior in some noble's retinue until something made him agree to take part in a dangerous alchemical experiment known as "Demonhunter project". This experiment involved injecting a group of individuals with demonic and devilish blood to turn them into perfect hunters with supernatural abilities. The experiment turned out to be a partial succes- only 40% of subjects survived, but they did become perfect killing machines capable of taking down demons that'd tear regular warriors of their skill apart. They were also neraly emotionless and obeyed their masters without question. At some point though, Wenomir's emotions began to go back. During a mission that involved cutting down some cultists who were merely misguided rather than corrupt, he snapped. He ran away without completing the task and vanished. Now he wants to stop being a killing machine and start living again. But his former masters aren't going to just let their weapon run loose.
Apperance: Wenomir is a tall, wiry man. He's not particularily muscular, but quite athletic nevertheless. However, he's unnaturally gaunt and his eyes glow red. He's got an impressive collection of scars.
Abilities: Wenomir is a skilled swordsman in his own right, but he also posseses several abilities granted to him by his blood. He's extremely fast and agile as well as capable of evoking sudden bursts of demonic power that make him stronger, more resilient and blindingly fast for a while. His blood also gives him supernatural ability to resist mind control as well as banish outsiders. Wenomir's fighting style focuses on quick, precise slashes rather than stong blows. He has also learned how to deflect magic spells with his sword. He posseses an inherent hunter instinct, yet another trait of his blood, but it often doesn't work well because he's neither very bright nor used to creative thinking.
Equipment: Wenomir's equipment include a rag-tag scale armor, a black cloak and his magical sword(a +1 Keen Greatsword).

2008-10-19, 02:35 AM
[Stats and Description]
Name: Talic
Race: Sentient Human Zombie (male)
Overall Appearance: As the image on my profile suggests. Typically, the sword is not drawn, however well it may have been drawn in the picture. (pun intended).

Originally a mindless minion in the distant nation of Amnach (350 years prior), Talic was a zombie controlled by an ambitious necromancer. He wanted to create something of a foreman for his zombie construction crew, a zombie with limited intellect. When he succeeded, and easily, he decided to see how much he could advance the zombie intellect.

He succeeded wondrously, recalling all the memories and experiences that Talic had in life. Originally a street rake, running afoul of an influential assassin was what provided the corpse for the necromancer's research.

Talic escaped, feigning ignorance of many of his restored talents, then picking the lock of his cell, and escaping into the night, with the necromancer's notes. Talic's been a nomad for over 300 years since, learning what he can from darkened alleys, staying clear of view of "civilized" society. He's long learned that the typical 'good' attempt to destroy him on sight, and so, has endeavored to learn how to not be seen. Those occasions he has had to deal with the 'righteous', he has either outwitted them, left them dead, or distracted them long enough to escape. He has since kept the secret of zombie sentience, though he doesn't possess the prowess of the magical arts required to use it.

[Common Knowledge]
Roguish look about him. Zombie state of decay is advanced, denoting an old age. Members of clergy will note a tense attitude whenever Talic notices them. He's not well known, but those who do know of the sentient undead known as Talic have heard so from foes he has outwitted or fled from, or who fled from him. As such, almost all accounts of Talic depict him as wholly evil. Talic hasn't tried to reach out to others often, as it had disastrous results the few times he's tried it. Thus, there are little countering claims. Most people who have heard of Talic will believe him evil, based solely on available lore.

The secrets of Zombie Sentience are hidden in a location that only Talic knows, and attempts to read his mind have never been successful, for obvious reasons.

[Ongoing Storyline]
New to the Town!

Garuk One Ear
2008-10-19, 09:50 PM
[Stats and Description]
(Avatar coming soon!)

Race: Half-Orc
Class: Barbarian 10/ Fighter 2/ Frenzied Berserker 8
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Height: 6'9
Weight: 240
Age: 36


Garuk was once a mighty chieftain of the Kadohadacho(True Chiefs) tribe, a Barbarian tribe consisting of Orcs. They were very highly respected amongst other tribes, as they were not only strong but also very wise. Garuk himself was not always liked by others even within his own tribe though, because he was Half-Orc and not of "Pure" blood. He had gained his status through killing the older Chieftain of the tribe, however he had never wanted to kill Hikson. Hikson thought that Garuk regarded him as weak because orcs began rumors against the half-orc, twisting the Chieftains views of him. Garuk was challenged, and brought Hikson down, his wit and intelligence in his fighting besting the older orc.

After about 13 years of ruling, another tribe called The Black Hands came with others in the night and slaughtered all of Garuk's tribe, leaving him alive in shame. Garuk now lives to regain his lost honor and to avenge his lost tribesmen. He sees two ways of doing this. Slaying those who shamed him and his families, or marrying into another tribe for self honor, and then going to war with The Black Hands.

[Common Knowledge]

-Garuk is pretty much a loner, but will always try to make some talk.
-Speaks properly
-Although a "Frenzied Berserker", his fighting is a true art form and wonder to behold. He uses strong, flowing and swift movements combined with rage(but not blind rage) and intelligence to tear down foes.
-Hunts the Blackhand tribe, although has never been able to fully redeem himself.


-Don't be too afraid of him, he could always make a great ally if you offer to help kill those who have shamed him so horribly.
- After his first day in The Town, Garuk is already adjusting to the life in the city rather well.

[Ongoing Storyline]

He is currently trying to find the scientist that had a golem attack him at the Dancing Fox Inn.

2008-10-20, 03:12 PM
Name: Xavion
Race: Human male
class Cleric
alignment: lawful good
age: 21
Picture: *lots of pointing to avatar*

when he was 11, his two brothers and father went to war. They never came back. At 19, he left home and searched for his brothers Extation and Pavion, and his father, Farion. He found the charred skeleton that belonged to Extation, Found his father (yet, he didn't know it was him) and then he died and told Xavion to become a cleric. So now he is looking for his brother, Pavion.

Speaks common and usually will let problems sort themselves out. However, you get on his bad side, and he willl bring RETRIBUTION upon you. But, being a cleric, it is hard to get on his bad side. Also, dislikes "greenies" (orcs, goblins, etc.)

2008-10-20, 11:16 PM
I'm finally describing my main characters!

Quinsar Octarvio
Name: Quinsar Octarvio
Race: Human Like
Class: Puppeteer Illusionist
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Description: Octarvio is tall. Around six feet nine inches. He's very thin, and now, is actually pretty well toned. His hair is dirty blonde, and falls past his face. His eyes are a solid yellow color. No pupil, no iris, not even any white. Solid yellow. He wears a black robe with a trim of golden runes. Anyone trying to read it magically should start to go insane. Around his next is a poker chip attached to a silver chain. Five notches are carved into it.
Temperment/Attitude: Quinsar is easily upset, and has a tendancy to bottle things up, then release them at another point in an insane rage. His rage usually leads to violence. Something he realizes, and tries to direct at evil. Quinsar is very overprotective. When in a relationship, he'll sometimes guard his partner to the point that he'll carry her around.
Backstory: Quinsar was born into the royal family of Wirule. Evil rulers of the nation of Kher'eldran. As aged he found himself diffrent from the rest of his family. Not wanting to do evil. His father, who had been teaching little Quinsar magic, was the root the root of the problem in his mind. He decided to try and kill him. Quin was easily defeated, leaving the scar that eventally changed his eye color.

2008-10-24, 11:02 PM
Grumble grumble grumble...

Screw you and your prophecy, Shorey
Name: Alexander Reinhardt
Race: Beorc (Human)
Class: Trueblade
Rank: Captain in the Daein Army ?
Alignment: LG
Age: 19 years
Alex is the son of a skilled Daein General and a quiet woman about whom not much is known. His father tought him to use the sword at a young age, and when Alex turned 13, he was accepted into the Daein Military Academy at Nevassa. He moved out of the country into the city and had to adjusted very quickly to the completely different life. As per custom, Alex spent his final year at the academy, the year he turned 17, as a 2nd Lt. in charge of an expierienced reserve platoon. He saw some minor combat against a group of bandits during this time. Afterwards, what with the downsizing of the Daein Army, Alexander left the service and wandered around, selling his considerable skill with the sword in mercenary contracts. He found his way into Town, fell in love with Jessica, married her, took her child under his care and made a baby boy with her. They live in a house in the woods. Shortly after getting married, Alex was called up into active duty to repell a Laguz attack in Northern Daein. He was promoted to Captain and given command of a company then.

Alexander's father died in a civil war between Daein Federalists and Loyalists a short while ago. It is unknown if his older sister, a Gold Knight, remains alive or not. What with the Federalists winning, Alexander is out of an officer commision with his former army. But he seems to have another source of income...

A 16 year old version of Alex, still at the Academy, has wandered into Town from a Time paradox and is hanging out there for now.

Aiding other people is paramount to all other petty concerns
Name: Father Harry Callahan
Race: Human
Class: Cleric
Rank: Highpriest of Civiron; Officer in the Vulpanian Army
Alignment: NG
Age: 40

[Description to come]

Crapload more to come later...

Kris on a Stick
2008-10-27, 06:09 AM
Khiansa Bladesong

Gender: Male
Race: Human (Peninsula)
Age: 27
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Cleric/Bard (Wacky eh?)
Description: Thanks to me for the avatar.:smalltongue:

A youngish dark skinned man with brown eyes and dark brown hair, verging on black. He typically wears an elephant leather chestplate with a tunic on top, and fold over pants. He also has leather vambraces and an elephant leather shoulder pad on his right shoulder. His holy symbol, a gold coin inset with the sigil of Tyche, a goddess from his realm, hangs from a golden chain around his neck.
Equipment and Abilities: Khiansa's weapon of choice is a magic Qiang, taller than he is, with a smooth handle made of elephant ivory and a long silver blade inset with a holy emerald, shaped roughly like a willow leaf. The weapon is good aligned, and is enchanted specially by Tyche, the goddess of fortune to strike true no matter what (plus to attack, increased critical chance and no range penalty, will fly forever.) and to always return to the hand of the bearer if lost.
The Qiang can be thrown or used in melee as a slashing weapon. A Cleric of Mercedes, Khiansa is gifted with great fortune, and he has honed his abilities as both a cleric and bard, to the point where he can use his music to deliver spells.
Backstory: Khiansa is a traveler from a dimension known as 'The Heart' complete with it's own planes and gods. He came to the town through a rift, which has since closed. He seeks a way to eventually get back to his own world, but is willing to spend his time here if need be.
Common Knowledge:
Khiansa isn't native to this world.
Khiansa seems to be extremely lucky, to the point where he strikes true with ridiculous ease and is very difficult to hit if caught in combat.
More knowledgeable types will know he comes from a dimension known as 'The Heart', and arrived through a dimensional rift that opened up near the town.
Even more knowledgeable types will know that his great fortune comes from being a devotee of Tyche, The Heart's goddess of fortune. (Chaotic Good by the way.)

On a bus.

Kris the Slayer

Age 19
Race Human
Class Scout/Shadowdancer (roughly 7/3, though may gain class abilities at the power of PLOT.)
Appearance A dark skinned teenager with brown eyes and dark brown hair, verging on black. Wears a T-Shirt, cargo pants and specially made black leather bomber jacket with concealed holsters. Wears a wide sword belt with a pistol holster on his hip and a bandoleer under his jacket.
Equipment A magic longsword, A SIG P226 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SIG_P226) worn in the hip holster and 2 machine pistols worn concealed under his jacket. His bandoleer is covered in small pouches which contain multiple types of bullets, from silver and cold iron bullets to things like Good-aligned bullets.
Backstory A slayer for the government. Think of him as an 'Adventurer for Hire'. More to come later. Not that it's going to ever be important. You know, since he comes from a different universe and all. Oh yeah, he comes from a different universe.
Common Knowledge None. Alternate Dimension

KR-15 (various)

Age: Robot
Race: Robot
Gender: Masculine Programming
Class: Combat Droid 20
Appearance: A circular head with a cycloptic eye and a permanent scowl painted on it atop a robotic body with a Compartment of holding on it. The head can detach and float of it's own accord, and has concealed weapon panels all over it.
Equipment: Many Concealed weapon panels all over the head section. A slim jump pack. Automatic Blaster rifle. Blaster Pistol. Compartment of Holding in chest. Rocket launcher. Several other (small) concealed weapon panels in main chassis. Also has several other bodies ranging from tanks to giant mecha (Gundam, armored core or battletech style) that the head can clip onto and control.
Backstory: Previously PR-Drone Unit-1, KR-15 spent an unfufilling life talking to people at the GLoG visitor's center. Until the day Darkcomet of AMEN came to visit. Wanting a drone of his own, DC stole the drone, and reprogrammed to be eeeeevil. To bad that he wasn't genre savvy enough to know that evil droids always break their obedience programming. After a bout of confusion and trying to kill as many of his successor drones in creative ways, KR-15 now has new meaning, and is now a mercenary for the ACRONYM ORGANIZATIONS, serving as a way for KR-15's player to take part in PLOTs with little story justification other than 'I wanna help too.'
Common Knowledge: Not really. He's too recent for that.


Age: Physically 20ish, actually only a couple of months old.
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Combat Droid 20/Force Adept 2
Equipment: A variety of guns, swords, lightsabers and other weapons.
Backstory: Previously the main copy of the deadly assassin droid known as KR-15, this unit was transformed into an organic construct by Kaela. After a few events that I can't be bothered recounting, KR managed to 'acquire' a soul, and shot himself, getting someone else to Reincarnate him with a spell. The new body was female. It's all very interesting, and all on the various threads, so why not see for yourself?
Common Knowledge:
Uncommon Knowledge: KR is in actuality, the mastermind behind K-Corp.

Age: 750 (physically 27)
Race: Human/Greater Archon
Gender: Female
Class: Wizard 20/Divine Emissary 10
Equipment: Freya's Gift (major artifact): A shapeshifting uberweapon with a variety of powers, Freya's Gift was given to Phyllis as protection.
Backstory: One of Freya's finest warriors, after her death she was accepted as one of Freya's chosen, and was transformed into an archon, using a trumpet archon as a base. She has gone to GLoG for reasons unknown.
Common Knowledge:
Uncommon Knowledge: A bit of a neat freak.

Age: Pre-Death: 39. Post-Death: Several Thousands.
Race: Human/Diety?
Gender: Male
Class: None, previously Wizard.
Appearance: None, but can manifest himself in a variety of forms. In his home realm, he chooses the form of a man, dark hair and pale skin, loosely based on his original appearance.
Equipment: None
Backstory: An accomplished wizard for his age, he was challenged to a duel by a powerful Sorceror and lost. Thinking death too light a punishment, the Sorceror bound him to the words and books he scorned, thinking it ironic the puny wizard would spend eternity dwelling in the books he had loved so much. But in the end, the wizard won.
Common Knowledge: Most people believe upon meeting him is that Lore is an omnipresent entity, one who has been around since the first word was written. This is only half true.
Uncommon Knowledge: Lore is not his real name. Lore was once human.

Kid Kaon or Kris
Age: 16
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Superhero
Appearance: Genetically identical to Kris the Slayer, but with slight differences in appearance do to (predominantly) civilian lifestyle. Usually wears a one-quarter (Robin) style mask as opposed to a one-half (bandana) style mask when going civilian, though he wears the proper mask when in costume.
Equipment: Various superhero regalia and gadgets, including a kickass sidekick motorcycle.
Backstory: Backstory here. (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=95411) :smalltongue:
Common Knowledge: Not much.
OOC Stuff: An experimental character who lives in between the Town and ACRONYM.

Hobo Strange
Age: ??
Race: Hobo Sapien
Gender: Male
Class: Drunkard
Appearance: Hobo-like
Equipment: An artifact in the form of a bottle, which can create any liquid in unlimited amounts (including potions)
Backstory: A hobo. What more do you want?
Common Knowledge: That one Hobo.
OOC Stuff: DFI character.

Goblin Music
2008-10-28, 12:42 AM
Name: Varx Esh
Race: Xeph
Class: Ranger 4, Psion 5
Alignment: lawful Neutral
Description: Varx is a tall humanoid who travels wearing a large obscuring cloak that covers his whole body.
rough pic
Backstory: Varx was a rather plain child, he studied to be a ranger and then learned some psionics. he adventured for the adventurer's guild often taking on bounty hunting missions, and one of them has brought him to the Town
Common knowledge: Varx is a Nomad Psion but he often does not use his psionic powers, preferring to use innate talent over mystic force
Uncommon knowledge: Varx is allergic to sunlight.

2008-10-28, 06:23 PM
Name: Iwo'Q Vossik
Race: Troll?
Occupation: Barbarian/Cleric
Age: 23
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Backstory: Not much is clear about his past aside from the fact that he was hated by his brethren for his odd appearance.
Appearance: A little small for a Troll, Iwo'q stands at about eight feet 9 inches tall and weighs 447 pounds. Following the trope that all trolls are different Iwo'q has short stubby legs, a long torso, and arms that are so long his knuckles almost always touch the ground. His skin is red, he has tusks, and long green matted hair, his eyes are also green.
Abilities: 10 Foot Reach, Rage, Turn Undead, Whirlwind Attack, can grapple just about everything and likes to use his natural weapons when doing so. He is strong and hearty like most trolls, however he is by far wiser and more intelligent.
Equipment: Mithral Fullplate, Belt of Giant Strength, Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Hammer of Thunderbolts.

Name: Augh
Race: Decaying Murloc Cyborg
Occupation: Fighter?
Age: ??
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Backstory: RwlRwlRwlRwl, ahem sorry... Aughburgle is an evil genius, though his father a mere puddlejumper he has come far. He fashions many evil plots though most tend to be flops. He isn't really the Third, he thought it made him sound more villainous, he isn't even the second to be honest. He acts rather childish and always is trying to seem more like a mature gentleman of a villain. He was put back together along with the machine he was found with. He doesn't want to talk about how it happened though.
Appearance: Pale white body, probably from cave life or the fact that he is decaying, and rusting cyborg sections. His lower jaw and eyes have been replaced, along with his left arm and both legs. He rides around in a larger bipedal machine that is falling apart.
Uncommon Knowledge:

2008-10-30, 08:36 PM
Race: High Elf
Class: Crossbowman
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 124
Height: 5'4"
Eyes: Blue
Hair Black
Level ???
Description: Anondurl is and elf dressed in a mottles cloak of green grey and brown. He wears a pack to carry his equipment. He usually shows up just as an arrow shot from the darkness.

Backstory: Anondurl was raised to be the elite of the elite, an arcane archer. born and raised in the elvin capital he was born to a wealthy family, in fact the king and queen. the prince anondurl was the only survivor of the revolt that defeated his family's dinasty. one day he hopes to claim his rightful throne.

Gear: 2 crossbows a snipers and a 4 shot. and a spiked chain.

Common knowledge: he is known as an adventurer and nothing else.

2008-11-01, 08:13 AM
Xallace Ja'Mord

"Nobody expects the Fevran'dik Inquisition!!!"

Name: Xallace Ja'Mord
Other Names: The Inquisitor, The Secret Keeper, the Knower of a Ten Thousand Obscure Facts (Ra'atel Venmorang Tor'vasen), the Thought Stealer, the Thoughtbroker
Race: Fevran'dik (AKA Secretkeepers, Shadebrokers)
Occupation: Inquisitor
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: 9000+ Over Nine Thousand!!!!
Appearance: Xallace is one of an all but extince race of monstrous humanoids known as Fevran'dik. These creatures are tall, with dark blue skin and elongated heads. Xallace has orange, glowing eyes and commonly wears a dark blue and orange, rune-studded cloak, along with black boots and a very high collar. His hands are long and clawed, and his mouth is wide and filled with white, needle-sharp teeth. His alternate form is that of a humanoid in his forties, with brown hair and a pleasant demeanor, and who wears similar blue-and-orage robes, albeit much simpler than Xallace's in his natural form.
Backstory: Xallace is one of a race obsessed with gaining knowledge. Now one of the last and oldest, Ja'Mord is, quite literally, the Knower of Ten Thousand obscure facts, and then some. His childhood has been lost to the sands of time, and he has no regrets about his past. Travelling the planes, always hungering for more information, Xallace acts as an information broker, selling and buying facts and knowledge. Sometimes, he will use... less than civilized ways to get information, but for the most part he can rely on his massive charisma alone. Currently, he has found his way into Town, and hopes to learn much. It should indeed be an interesting excursion...
Xallace Talks like this.

2008-11-04, 12:03 AM
Name: He has been known by nearly 40 names, but he is currently using the name Hyozo
Race: Changeling
Class: Warlock
Age: 33
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Abilities: Warlock invocations
Equipment: Vestments of many styles, assorted wands and AC boosting magic items.
Common Knowledge: He is hiding from somebody, most of the things he says aren't true, He did not gain his powers from evil outsiders, and he will not react well to claims that he did.
Uncommon Knowledge: He is hiding from agents of a foreign Lawful Neutral government he tried to overthrow (which he doesn't know actually was successfully overthrown in his absence, largely because of his actions). Most of his lies contain a small amount of truth. He gained his powers from fey who also wanted the government mentioned before to be overthrown. He usually has more planned than he lets on, but currently his only goals are to lie low and find some semi-reliable allies.

Hyozo speaks in dark orange and will probably join one or both of the two evil organizations.

Earl of Purple
2008-11-07, 07:14 AM

Race-Bugbear brain, robotic body
Height-6ft 6ins
Alignment and Temperment-Chaotic Neutral, quite friendly but also a bit of a loner.
Equipment-Armour plated, knuckledusters, bag of sugar, pencil, pet toad named Hopsalot.
Looks like a Storm Trooper (Star Wars), but instead of legs, he has a single wheel. He is also robotic.
When he was 25, he got run over by a speeding motorist. His adoptive parents were rich human aristocrats (his real parents were killed in a paladin raid on a Bugbear village, and he was taken by the paladins and adopted. He cannot remember any of this, as he hadn't had his first birthday), and they paid for his brain to be transplanted into a robot when it became clear his spine was broken and he had a punctured lung and wouldn't survive long.
Common Knowledge
When he falls over, he cannot get up again without help. He prefers using firearms with very little recoil for this reason. He is technicly a cyborg, not a robot, as he has one organic componant-his brain. He runs on sugar. He speaks in this colour, Purple.
Ongoing Storyline/Goals
None yet

2008-11-08, 09:06 PM
Name: Itthiel Kaapo Acelin

Race: Near human faster and stronger than normal humans.

age: older than you(unknown)


back story: Raised in a unknown city, till age 12 when he witnessed the sack of the city. Now sometimes feels protective of other people. He always feels in a way lost without no direction. He is skilled with almost any weapon due to his unknown travels. Is great at covering up his movements and leaving no trace. He remembers none of most of his early childhood and has always wanted know who he was.

Equipment: shirt/Armour that is flexible like normal fabric except when attacked, It's hardens in certain spots if you strike it due to the creation of static energy while you swing since an electrical current runs through it but not enough to harden it ( sworda like batman begins cape can harden). Also he has a blaster rifle.

http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/9/9f/Elitecarbine.jpg he also carries some blade weapon.

Eyecolor: Dark Green

Hair color: black

Hair style: .......

Height: 6'3

weight: average

looks: Great

wears: cloak and shirt/armour plus black dress pants and shoes.

Shades of Gray
2008-11-08, 10:43 PM
I'd like to join your town... thing.

Name: Bergartin
Age: 64
Class: Cleric
Gender: Male

Description and backstory" Bergartin is a cleric of the god of prophecies. He speaks in different rhyme schemes, sporadically (i.e. Limeric, Couplet, Iambic Pentameter) . He speaks in Indigo.. He wears a hooded cape, and has a long gray scruffy beard. He may appear mad at times, but is a great sage.

Common Knowledge: He mainly hangs out in the streets or taverns, telling proverbs to people that pass by. Plots: None

Dirk Kris
2008-11-11, 10:01 AM
There's a puff of acrid, sulphur-scented smoke, accompanied by a harsh cough. Standing slowly and stretching is an odd-looking man. He appears to be in his mid-30's, but with long, snow white hair flowing down to the middle of his back. He stands about 6 feet tall, with an olive skin tone in odd contrast to his wispy locks. He blinks and looks around, one eye icy blue, the other an odd, burning orange-red. Wings, leather-framed with delicate-looking feathers, stretch and flutter lazily into place behind him. He smiles, teeth bright white, canines elongated just enough to be noticeable. When he speaks, his voice is a little raspy, like he has a sore throat. A faint twang of an exotic accent, not quite Australian, makes itself heard. He smiles faintly as he starts to tune his instrument, a guitar engraved and painted with two wings that seem to be made of fire cooling into ice.

Dirk Kris

Race - half-angel, half-devil
Class - Bard
Age - appears to be in mid-30's
Height - 6 feet
Weight - Average
Alignment and Temperment - Chaotic Neutral, cautious, nonchalant
Equipment - guitar engraved and painted with two wings made of fire cooling into ice
Description - see above
Backstory - UNKNOWN
Common Knowledge - Dirk has to remain carefully balanced in all he does. His two halves are constantly warring with each other, and if he does not maintain balance, he will go insane. He can do minor acts on one side or the other without counter-acting them, but there are consequences. He speaks in this manner and color.
Ongoing Storyline/Goals - none yet, just having fun

2008-11-12, 02:52 PM
Martin [Last name omitted]

Race: Terran
Age: unknown (around 25)
Gender: Male
Physical appearance: Shaved bald, 6' 10", Radon-green eyes, muscular build.
Class: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Temperament: Cold, Calculating, Inquisitive, Dry, dark, and sarcastic wit.
Back story: Martin fled to this realm to escape persecution by his superiors for an as-yet unknown deed. He brought his friend, Oscar, with him.
Common knowledge: Martin is a genius. His work in fields of science not yet discovered in this realm are nothing short of astounding. He is almost never without his Marine Powered Armor, for which he has developed countless modifications, and his accompanying weapon, a modified C-14 Impaler gauss rifle. As he has no magical abilities himself-a grave handicap in this world- his development of compensatory technology has begun outstripping even his previous best efforts.
Commonly Carried Equipment: Martin is almost always wearing his Powered Armor or some variant of it. He is always armed with his C-14 Impaler, and often carries other weapon systems.
Speech: Martin speaks like this.

Oscar [Vorzhak Brood]
Race: Zerg Hydralisk
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance: He's a hydralisk, he's impossible to miss.
Class: Unknown
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Temperament: Vicious, Playful, Friendly, Easily bored, Cruel, odd, and murderous sense of humor.
Backstory: Before his arrival in this realm, Oscar lived in a flat with Martin. Why he didn't kill him and eat him is unknown, but Oscar is fiercely loyal to his friend. Martin saved Oscar's life and took him with him when he fled their universe.
Common knowledge: Oscar is vicious and capricious, as likely to present a person with a gift as he is to viciously murder them and devour their body. The only person he will ever willingly obey (and sometimes not even then) is Martin. Oscar's Zerg evolution was enhanced by his passage into this realm, and he is an incredibly dangerous opponent when roused, as he will absorb almost any attack and come back even stronger than before. His murderous tendencies are only slaked by blood or a good party.
Commonly Carried Equipment: Oscar carries no equipment, as he fights with his natural weapons.
Speech: Oscar speaks like this.

2008-11-13, 03:18 AM
[Stats and Description]
Name: Wren
Race: Human
Alignment and Temprament: neither good nor evil nor neutral - she does what she wants, when she wants - her wishes can coincide with any side at any time
Age: 21
Hair colour and length: Venetian red (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Shades_of_red), somewhat curly, about shoulder length
Eye colour: bright, grass green (think the color of grass after it's been burned and regrown)
Skin: pale
Weapons: a simple hardwood staff of six feet tall

Wren grew up at home with her mother and father. Her parents were very controlling; they scheduled her entire day from waking to sleeping. They never once asked, or cared about, what she wanted. She made perfect grades in school, and got a full ride to a prestigious university. After graduating high school at seventeen, Wren ran away from home in order to get away from her parents and live her own life. She has no last name because she basically disowned her parents.

She is very selfish, liking to do and get what she wants, when she wants. This is most likely a product of her parents control over her. She never got what she wanted with them, and therefore does so now. For the most part, Wren is uncaring about others; she is neither kind nor mean.

Wren is a slight precognitive. She Sees in water, but only when she is not trying to. Her visions come unbidden, about random topics, and don't always come true; she does not have very good control over them.

On a side note....Wren's favorite drink is orange soda.

Wren talking is written in lime green.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Wren is looking for a new life in a new town. She was unlawfully banned from her last city for false reasons. She came to this town because she Saw it in a vision and thought that it looked interesting.

For anyone who cares to read my point of view about precognition:
The future is a product of the choices people make in the present. One person could have a hundred different choices, creating a hundred different futures. And if there is more than one person invovled, then that could be thousands or millions, billions, of choice combinations and futures. One person trying to See all these possible futures would, more than likely, go mad.

A good representation would be this: imagine that you are standing outside in the rain. Time stops and the drops of rain hang in the air. There are thousands of them. In each droplet, you can See one possibility for the future.

Do you see my point? It would be impossible to know exactly what would happen without knowing everything the people invovled. Only with this knowledge, might one make an educated guess on the outcome.

If you have any thoughts, feel free to PM me. I am always looking for someone to have a deep conversation with.

2008-11-13, 04:51 AM
[Stats and Description]
Name: Noir
Race: Human
Class: Sorceress
Alignment and Temprament: Evil - when kids are little, they want to be firefighters, policemen, nurses, etc., etc.; Noir just wanted to be evil. So, she is. She will not make an evil choice because the choice is eveil, but because she is evil and/or the choice is appealing to her.
Age: 22
Hair colour and length: dark, 'more-red-than-brown' color (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Shades_of_red)(somewhat close to Falu red, with a little more brown in it), slightly wavy, little bit past her shoulders
Eye colour: dark, deep, navy blue - think the color of the midnight sky in the middle of the country (as in, away from cities, towns, bright sources of light...)
Skin: pale
Weapons: a simple hardwood staff of six feet tall; also would like to carry daggers, but she hasn't found any that suit her yet

Unknown - she doesn't remember much of her past, only a few memories here and there.

Noir likes to mislead others for the sake of entertainment. Sometimes she is nice, but this is mostly to be mean in the long run. She will normally not do anything of this sort to someone that she likes and respects, but it takes a lot for this to happen.

Noir holds grudges for life unless she feels that the other has properly paid for the infraction; she will carefully and coldly construct and execute the demise of one that she does hold a grudge for.

She is a seductress of sorts - knows how to get her preferred outcome of any situation by twisting her words and the words of others; also by playing people against one another. Noir carefully studies those around her and learns their personalities, strengths, and weaknesses - finds out what they will do anything for. She believes that everyone has a price, the trick is to simply find it.

Noir is precognitive. This started out as just randomly Seeing visions; she worked on it until the ability became strong and more fine-tuned. She Sees only those futures that are more likely to happen - her "magic"(for lack of better word) itself looking at what choices those invovled in the vision are most likely to take. Many of her visions come true.

Noir also delved deep into magic. She studied sorcery and became very adept at many spells, working hard on spells that came naturally to her and harder on those that were most difficult.

On a side-note....Noir loves tea, especially Chai Spice Black with a little sugar.

Noir talking is written in navy blue.

[Ongoing Storyline]
Noir is looking for an interesting town in which to take up residence. She left her last town because it was too boring, and she was exiled and banned from ever coming back. There were several people that had slighted her, and she took revenge. These people banded together and told the mayor of the town. While a disciplinary meeting was being held, which she was not allowed to attend, parts of the mayor's three-story home exploded and the rest was burned to the ground. Noir did not do this, but she was blamed anyway and, consequently, exiled.

2008-11-13, 05:19 AM
[Stats and Description]
Name: Dexter, he goes by Dex
Race: Human
Class: Alchemist
Alignment and Temperment: Insanely evil
Hair colour and length: A very soft pink color - goes down past his shoulders - is normally worn in a horsetail
*******Eye colour:
Skin: pale, more from lack of sun rather natural pale-ness
Weapons: His brain is his best weapon; he is a mad genius, after all. He mostly uses the typical ray guns, but also likes killer robots, manufactured viruses and various diseases, cranes (the machine), and pretty much anything made in a science lab that can kill a living thing (and sometimes a dead one, too).

Dex has a horrible temper and no control over it. Someone does something to displease him, he will do something worse to that someone. Blow up their house, turn the offender into some animal, take their lolipop--it really is whatever violent and just plain mean thing that comes to his mind first.

Dex can see the past of whatever person/object he is touching. Because of this, he is never caught without his gloves on.

[Ongoing Storyline]
He may have burned down the house of the mayor of the last town he was in, it's possible that he killed off all the fish in a nearby lake (it was an accident!), or perhaps he just stole one too many lollipops--point is, Dex needs a new universe to crash in (and mayhap burn to the ground).

Chas the mage
2008-11-13, 09:53 PM
Chas (the dashing swordsman)
Race: elf
class:sashing swordsman6 (http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Dashing_Swordsman_%28DnD_Class%29)/dashing swordsman1 (http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Dashing_Swordsman_%28DnD_Prestige_Class%29)
age: 113
Alignment Chaotic good
Height]: 5' 11"
Eyes: blue
Hair: blonde, fairly long
Weight: 135
Weapons: a keen rapier, and a silver dagger
armor: none

Basic appearance: see avatar

Chas's mom was a bard, and his father was a duelist, and had a long line of theives and robin hood like characters in the family. He wanted to combine his 2 sides of the family talent, so he became a dashing swordsman. One day his father was assassinated, and the only thing left from his father was the keen rapier, the rest was stolen.

Talks in dark red


class: paladin 5/ cleric 7/ gold templar 3 (http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Gold_Templar_%28DnD_Prestige_Class%29)/ Disciple of the holy flame 5 (http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Disciple_of_the_Flame_%28DnD_Prestige_Class%29)/ flame born 2 (http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Disciple_of_the_Flame_%28DnD_Prestige_Class%29)
age: 23
Alignment: lawful good
Height: 6' 2"
Eyes: orange red
Hair: black, and it goes down to his neck, where it has obviously been cut with a blade
Weight: 210 (its all muscle)
Weapon: A holy, flaming, flaming burst bastard sword; A holy flaming mace; a flaming dagger.
Armor: He is wearing improved fire resistance full plate (has a reddish hue), masterwork tower sheild.

Talks in red.

2008-11-14, 11:47 AM
Well, might as well create a character... based on the last part of my name. :smallamused:

Name: Taron Trekko.
Race: Vulphead. Basically, an anthropomorphic fox.
Class: Rogue//Homebrew Swashbuckler (http://forums.gleemax.com/showthread.php?t=911743) Gestalt.
Alignment: Lawful Good. By Lawful, I mean "likes logic, fully-developed plans and developing one's own laws."
Age: Young. :smalltongue:
Height: Over six feet tall.
Weight: 110, give or take five pounds.
Fur color and length: Firey red tipped with black at the edges. White fur from neck, down chest and to the legs. Long and kept very clean.
Eye color: Turquoise blue, bright as the morning sea.
Weapons: Custom-made Rapier, several dirks in his belt.
Clothing: Taron wears a shirt of elven Leafweave armor made in autumn, while the leaves were turning orange and red - a gift from his parents. Above that he wears a green jerkin with many internal pockets, where he keeps a plethora of items, including his reading glasses. A kilt with several dirks at its belt finishes his esemble.
Artwork: This (http://seynadarkwolf.deviantart.com/art/Female-Fox-50174437) is how I've always imagined him looking. Yes, I know it's supposed to be a girl. I guess he's bishie.
Character Sheet: At Myth-Weavers. (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheets/view.php?id=91691)

Backstory: Raised in exile from his land, Taron spent all of his youthful days in the Great Library. The Great Library. He learned about traps from manuals and journals, read treatises on fighting techniques - especially with a rapier - and on anatomy from various texts. Most of all, he liked to read books about heroes and adventurers, wishing to become one. Most of his physical education was spent running along bookshelves, hunting down rare books and testing things he learned - especially blacksmithing, where he made his own rapier. He matured into a knowledgeable young man, his personal journal packed full of particularly interesting information and facts.
His parents still seek to head back to their land, but they allowed Taron to explore and discover the lands he lives in now. In this town he's in now, life is most interesting and enigimatic. With a head full of books, Taron prepares to face the real world.

Common Knowledge: He's a fox with strange clothing, strange and advanced vocabulary, a love of books and very good swordsmanship skills. Introduces himself as "Taron Trekko, Bookhunter."

2008-11-16, 06:08 PM
Name: "Ace"
Race: Cyborg Frog Puppet
Age: 50 Man Years
Height: 4 feet
Appearance: See avatar
Backstory: In a dimension long forgotten, a children's show aired. This children's show was known as Sesame Street and it is here the unit known as Kermit entertained kids with educational sketches. Happily doing his job for countless years his life suddenly came to an abrupt stop. Humanity had created Skynet.
A true massacre ensued as Skynet began hunting down all humans with machines known as Terminators. In this difficult times Kermit bravely tried to bring some happiness for the few remaining children. Eventually Skynet send a single modified Terminator to capture Kermit and demoralize the remaining humans.
This Terminator is known as the Miss Piggy X9000.
Succeeding in her mission, the piggy bot brought Kermit to the Skynet modification plant. Where he was outfitted with several machinery and brainwashed into believing that humanity is a plague and he is the cure.
Several years later and after having hunted down many humans he came upon his creator: Jim Henson.
Trying to stay alive and reverse the brainwashing, Jim Henson screamed "This is my last ace in the hole" and activated an experimental device which caused a rift to appear between dimensions which sucked Kermit through.
Waking up in front of a place called "The Dancing Fox" the last thing he remembers is the word "Ace"

Chainsaw Arm: Ace has a chainsaw arm which is exactly what it sounds like, it runs on a power core inside his chest.
Claw: Also exactly as it sounds like, has to power to crush titanium.
Robot Eye: Able to identify most objects and also indicates the threat level of creatures encountered.

The chainsaw and claw have their own AI in case Ace is unable to function or connection with Skynet has been re-established.

Abilities: He's a good singer and quick on his feet

how's this? (first timer here)

2008-11-16, 07:24 PM
Name: BelkarsBadSide(AKA BBB)
Race: Halfling
Class: Ranger (archer specialist)/Beastmaster Prc
Age: 29 yrs
Height: 3 ft
Appearance: See avatar
Backstory:Youll find out as you get to know him

Equipment: Quiver of fire arrows, magic Longbow, wolf animal companion sheet of lead

Abilities: Very good archer, hunter tracker, and assasin.

2008-11-16, 11:07 PM
Name: Nairadinc Quarterelven
Race: 75% Human, 25% Elf, 100% badass.
Age: He dosen't know it, but he's going on 100.
Height: 5'4"
Appearance: He dosen't particularly take after either aspect of his heritage; the closest representation to what he looks like I can think of is Bill Nye (http://jerkmag.files.wordpress.com/2008/03/bill-nye-globe.jpg). His short black hair is parted to one side, he has no facial hair, slightly enlongated but not obviously elven features, and wears the outfit of a priest. His only armor seems to be on his arms; great, hulking metal plates that give off a puff of steam every so often and whistle slightly if he gets angry, a guage or two dialing into the red. His black belt has a small, purse-like attachment that carries a small fox, who seems to constantly look around and growl at random things.
Backstory: After a demon ravaged Nairadinc's brother, Nairadinc discovered that he could perform simple incantations involving holiness. While the demon, known as a vampire, started to drain his brother's blood, Nairadinc (severely wounded) asked for his brother's blood to be turned into water. The small prayer, uttered with Nairadinc's very soul, turned his brother's blood into holy water, burning the vampire from the inside out. From then on, Nairadinc has been traveling through the Artifacts, ancient relics that take the form of doorways if you know what to say to them.

Steam Arms: He crafted them himself in his home world, where the power of steam was magic-like in potential. He understands the workings of steam without trying: he says that this is his true blessing.
Armor Crystals: Small crystals of varying shapes and colors, that become armor when he prays over them. He currently has four- Spirit Armor, Healer Armor, Balder Armor, and Steam Armor. They only summon a breastplate and helmet, though.
Healer Armor: brings to mind a grotesque hummingbird. When he wears it, he gains the flight ability, and can heal wounds with a touch. The crystal is blue.
Spirit Armor: gold and noble-looking, possibly roman. Makes a fine impression in a social setting. Also makes others calm down if they are feeling hostile towards him. The only power of this armor- aside from making his immune to poison- is that he can trap demons in the empty crystal temporarily. He can see invisible spirits through the helmet's visor, though.
Balder Armor: oddly translucent, this armor has a partial ability to protect him from magic, and is incredibly tough- not even a full-force dragon tail slap could harm it (proven on one occasion.) However, he can still be hit in the legs by wooden objects.
Steam Armor: Makes him immune to mind control, telepathy, and a host of psychic powers. Unfortunately, it gets too hot and starts to burn him if he wears it for too long.
Zerda: His pet fox, found in a holy city. She can detect ghosts and demons.

2008-11-21, 01:51 PM
Name: Jonlas IV
Race: Shapeshifter
Age: 6 Months
Height:6’1” (Preferred Humanoid Form)
Weight: 186 (Preferred Humanoid Form)
Alignment: Neutral
Equipment: MageWeave Clothing (capable of changing form with him,) a wizard's wand of unknown power, a history book on The Town, and his Assassin's Dagger (concealed.)
Background - Jonlas IV was the artificial creation of the wizard Jonlas Lankhannen. He was the fourth incarnation, but the first to be given sentience. He was formed from the combination of both corpses of various magical and mundane creatures and specially-mixed alchemical components. With the ability to shift his form into any living creature that he has seen, the wizard Lankhannen used him to spy on his enemies and assassinate those who caused him trouble.
After performing an assassination on a rival wizard, Jonlas happened upon the woman’s library. Curiosity and naivety overcame his directive from Lankhannen, and he opened a tome about a place called “The Town.” After spending hours perusing the dead wizard’s library, Jonlas decided to find this place called “Town.” Taking a single wand from his target’s study, and the book on The Town’s history, Jonlas headed out on foot. The journey was long… and harsh, but Jonlas eventually arrived in Town, nearly collapsing in the streets from hunger and exhaustion.
Common Knowledge: In his typical form, he resembles a younger version of his former master. He is tall, of medium build, and quite handsome with long, shaggy brown hair that occasionally hangs over a pair of brown eyes. However, he can assume many different forms, though he will only occasionally do this. He has a natural talent with fighting with various forms of blades and sneaking, having extensive assassination training from his master. He is still incredibly ill-informed of the outside world and is thus extremely open to suggestion. He has no knowledge of good and evil, knowing only orders. He has grown aspirations of becoming his own master, one day. But this will largely depend on if his internal growth is properly guided.
He speaks in this color.

2008-11-22, 11:52 AM
Ok, this is my first free form character, so I will probably be editing it as I go along. Enjoy!

[Stats and Description]
Name: Jere Wanderer
Race: Human
Class: Ranger, Two-bladed Style
Alignment: Unaligned
Equipment: He wears a simple adventurer's outfit, over hide armor that has dark streaks running down it, with a cloak, vest, leggings and boots. His clothing leans toward greens and browns and is not always in the best repair. He wields a doublebladed sword, with both
ends generally kept sheathed. This has the effect of making his weapon look like a quarterstaff. The sheaths are steel, but are generally rather tarnished, so without someone looking closely, it looks just like polished wood. When he needs to unsheath, he flourishes his staff around his head, and slips the sheaths off with a quick sleight of hand. He has pockets in his leggings for his sheaths.His hair is jet-black, and his eyes are a brilliant green. He stands about 6'3 and is 200 lbs. He wears a gold ring on his right hand. He has a bag of holding strapped to his left leg.

Jere was raised by his father and uncle in the forest near Waterdeep. When he was 19, his father and uncle were murdered by a previously angered demon from their adventuring days. Jere was hunting at the time, and got back just in time to see the demon leave. His father gave him his gold ring with his dying breath. Jere left the forest to avenge his father's death. He has been adventuring since then, always on the lookout for the demons that killed his father and uncle. He changed his last name to "Wanderer" to signify his chosen profession.

[Common Knowledge]
Jere is an extremely capable combatant, but he prefers to solve problems by diplomacy. Jere tends to be quiet until he sees some injustice, and then does his best to resolve the problem without bloodshed. He hates demons and devils, and will be extrememly hostile, if not attacking on sight. Jere talks in this color.

Jere is not yet in any plots.

Stats: Jere Wanderer, Human Ranger 10 (4e)
Strength: 20
Constitution: 16
Dexterity: 18
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 17
Charisma: 12

HP: 78 Bloodied: 39
Resist 5 Necrotic and Poison

AC: 25 (27 Vs AoO)
Fort: 22
Ref: 22
Will: 19

Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Dungeoneering, Endurance, Insight, Nature, Perception
Feats: Toughness(from Rgr), Quick Draw, Lethal Hunter, Two-Weapon Defense, Two-Weapon

Fighting, Weapon Focus-Heavy Blades, Defensive Mobility, Skill Training-Insight

Languages: Common, Elven

Equipment: Bag of Holding, Adventurer's kit, +2 Flaming/+2 Frost Double Sword, +2 Deathcut Hide Armor, 2500 GP

Ricky S
2009-01-24, 03:31 AM
[Stats and Description]
Serrin Northwind
Height: 5'5
Weight: 85lbs
CG Elf Cleric
movement 30ft

A lean young and wise elf from the North Forrests. Not particularly intelligient and rather awkward in social situations. Serrin is a skilled archer and battlefield cleric.

25 poit buy
Str 14 +2
Dex 12 +1
Con 10
INt 10
wis 20 +5
cha 6 -2

Ac 20 Hp 31

Masterwork Composite Longbow +2 ,D8 + 2 damage

Feats (* denotes bonus feat)
*points blank shot
Rapid Shot
Zen Archery
*Bow profficiency
*Longsword Profficiency

No turning
Bonus feats: Endurance
Add speak language and survival as class skills

Skills (inclusing ability modifiers)
Concentration 8
Listen 7
Spot 7
Survival 10
Speak Language (extra 3 languages)

Storm Domain, Elf Domain

common elvish draconic orc sylvan

Full Plate
Masterwork Composite Longbow +2
Boots of Running
Masterwork Bucklar
Ring of Flint
Arrows 60
Blunt Arrows 20
Gas Arrows 10
Rope Arrows 10
Water Arrows 10
Fire Arrows 20

Weight carried 81.5
Flight Arrows 20

Born into a typical elf village located in the forests to the north. Serrin had a typical elf childhood, raised by both parents, his father was an avid warrior training Serrin in the martial aspects of war. Serrin's mother on the other hand was the village healer and trained Serrin in the more humane aspects of life. How to care, heal and understand people. He began training as a battlefield cleric very early in his life. On his 65th birthday the village was assaulted by a particularly voracious band of sea scum. They had moved silently into the village during the night. They had made their way from the river which flowed through the north forrest. The townspeople awoke to the sound of the nightwatch bell. The resulting fight was short but bloody, the entire village was razed to the ground. However the townspeople where able to escape and only a few brave souls died that day. After the attack he bid his people fairwell in the hope he could help others in need.

[Ongoing Storyline]
After leaving his home forrest to the north Serrin has been seeking adventure in the southlands. Currently residing in Bayside and working for a trading company, Gotred's Trading Co, translating and healing the trade people.

2009-08-07, 02:21 PM
Well, if anyone's been playing Pathfinder of Pathfinder Chronicles...

Vorenus Beastmoor

Lawful Evil Cleric of Asmodeus/ Loki
Eyes: Yellow
Faction: Cheliax/Greasky City
Domains: Fire,Evil

Vorenus is a natural-born Cheliaxian. Born from the rich parents, the life of Vorenus was very easy. He learned everything about Asmodeus and the sealing of Rovagug. So, he decided that he will become a Cleric of the God of contracts. The Temple near to the home of Vorenus was a dreadful place for young boy, and its allergency corrupted soon young Vorenus.:smallbiggrin:
But, the peace will not last forever. The Paladins, clerics and all other freedomfighters from Andoran raided the church and the Temple, wrecked the house of Vorenus and then, fleed back to Andoran.
Vorenus vowed his revenge on those, who destroy the temple of the Asmodeus, and set on his journey. he meet a Pathfinders, and joined the Pathfinder Community near the borders of Cheliax. They made a Contract:
1. Vorenus becomes a Emissairy of the Pathfinders, trying to estabilish as many as possible Pathfinder communities across the golarion. He also promised to keep a Journal of his long journeys to the wildlands of the golarion.
2. Vorenus is banned from the pathfindersm if he try to spread the word os Asmodeus to the places, where the Pathfinders have made contacts.
3. If Vorenus follows the contracts, Pathfinders try to find the Andorans who destroyed hes home, and gives information to the Vorenus.
4. Vorenus can keep the items that he finds on his journeys.

And so, the Contracts were made.

2009-12-28, 05:13 PM
Race: Dragon/Human
Age: Unknown
Height: 5"7
Weight: 156lbs
Name: Jai
Hair Color and Length: Jet-black and shoulder length.
Eye Color: In human form, grey; in dragon and half-dragon form, bright yellow. His eye color occasionally changes depending on his mood.
Equipment: None
Description: Jai has 3 forms; dragon, half-dragon, and full human. In his full dragon form, he is 20 feet tall, green-scaled, with two large ramlike horns protruding from his head and a pronged, devilish tail, and huge leathery wings. In half-dragon form he retains the tail, wings and horns; however, everything else about him is resemblant of his human form, albeit his yellow eyes. On top of this, patches of green scales run along the side of his body. He is most often seen in half-dragon form, and often mistaken for an incubus.

Viera Champion
2009-12-28, 05:18 PM
I just wanna let everyone know this is not a place to make new characters. Thats what the character registry is for. This is what I think is a place to get your characters into a second directory??...:smallconfused:

2009-12-28, 05:18 PM
I just wanna let everyone know this is not a place to make new characters. Thats what the character registry is for. This is what I think is a place to get your characters into a second directory??...:smallconfused:
This is the old directory. I think.
We use the new directory now.

Viera Champion
2009-12-28, 05:21 PM
Oh well that makes sense. It's just someone posted a new character here. Or what I think is a new character... It's the person right above my post.