View Full Version : Fast+Dirty Druid Nerf

2010-11-19, 05:34 PM
Here, my buddy came up with this and it sounded like a really good way to nerf the druid for the DM on a tight time table:

A druid gets to pick two of the following things:

1) Wildshape as written
2) An animal companion as written
3) 1/2 spell casting (like the bard?)
4) full spell casting (obviously requires 1/2 spell casting as a prereq)

I figure this would take a tier 1 druid, and make it tier 2ish if they took the fullcaster option, tier 3ish as a half-caster plus either wildshape or companion, and maybe even tier 4 as a wildshape+companion class. Given that Tier 3 tends to be the "sweet spot" for me and many others, this get's us most of the way there with a simple, fast modification.

Maybe useless, maybe already known, just figured I would share.

2010-11-19, 05:53 PM
It's more elegant to just say that all druids use the shapechange variant from PHB2. You need to decide between decent physical scores for melee, or a good wisdom for spellcasting. That is of course assuming a point buy where you can't just have really high stats in all of them.

2010-11-19, 05:56 PM
The Shapeshift druid variant in PHBII is highly recommended, because it limits their wildshape to a few pretty-balanced forms instead of letting them suddenly turn into Fleshrakers and then use Venomfire on their claws, or Dire Polar Bears and cast Animal Growth, or other overpowered forms. This is definitely a good approach, though.