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2010-11-22, 02:26 AM
I am using a character that uses intimidate in combat most of the time because he can basically auto intimidate anything of his level. I was just wondering if there was a feat or some rule that I can use to increase the amount of fear I strike into my opponents (aka make it so that I get a better effect than shaken through a successful check)?

Keld Denar
2010-11-22, 02:28 AM
There are a couple guides around, if you look, but the best thing you can get is from Drow of the Underdark. Its a feat called Imperious Command, which pretty much makes for cower for 1 round, THEN suffer the normal effects of intimidate. If you can stack another, longer duration fear on top of that cower effect, the cower will last for the full duration of the secondary effect due to how fear effects stack. Its a good thing.

2010-11-22, 02:30 AM
^ This, plus the Never Outnumbered skill trick, plus Zentarim Fighter ACF or CW Samurai...someone else will explain in detail...

2010-11-22, 02:42 AM
I remember Shneekey (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=125885) did some silly things with Intimidate once...

2010-11-22, 02:43 AM
:smalleek: Imperious Command is really good. That should work really well. But any other suggestions will help. Also this is a pathfinder game so if that opens more options please post those.

2010-11-22, 06:12 AM
As posted in another thread:

Desert Half-Orc (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/races/environmentalRacialVariants.htm#desertHalfOrcs)
Half-Orc Paragon (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/races/racialParagonClasses.htm#halfOrcParagon) 3/Uncanny Trickster 3/Fighter 14 (Sneak Attack (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/classes/variantCharacterClasses.htm#fighter) and Thug (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/classes/variantCharacterClasses.htm#fighterVariantThug) variants).

01. Fighter: Craven
02. Half-Orc Paragon
03. Half-Orc Paragon: Intimidating Rage
04. Half-Orc Paragon
05. Fighter
06. Fighter: Imperious Command, Zhentarim Soldier (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/we/20060327a), Never Outnumbered Skill Trick
07. Fighter
08. Uncanny Trickster
09. Fighter: Instantaneous Rage, Zhentarim Soldier
10. Fighter
11. Fighter
12. Fighter: Extra Rage
13. Fighter: Zhentarim Soldier
14. Uncanny Trickster
15. Uncanny Trickster: Staggering Strike?

I guess I need a suggestion fot the last feat.

2010-11-22, 02:05 PM
The Pathfinder feat is called Intimidating Prowess and it lets you add your Str mod and Cha mod to Intimidate checks -not exactly what you were wanting but useful none the less