View Full Version : Mixing Pathfinder and 3.5

2010-11-28, 01:39 AM
Restarting a campaign that's been on hiatus for a couple months. Contemplating Pathfinder, trying to decide if I want to use it... considering maybe allowing its varient base classes for new PCs, wondering whether that might be OP compared to the extant PCs.

Party currently is Druid, Battle Sorc, Factotum. Two new PCs need to be made... one wants a Ranger, other hasn't specified. lvl 5 atm.

2010-11-28, 02:29 AM
No, the new PCs aren't going to be OP compared to a factotum and a druid. In fact, unless you change the druid over to a pathfinder druid, that's still going to be the one with the most potential power of the bunch between his pet fighter and wild shape.