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2010-12-02, 05:21 PM
Hello my fellow GitPers.

I thought I'd offer up my growing collection of short stories for people to read - something like 25 of them (and over 110,000 words) so far.

I make no great claim to them being literary - what I aim for is fun and escapism in the old fashioned pulp style, and I hope that I have achieved it.

They cover a number of genres, though heavily towards fantasy. There are a couple of sci-fi stories of a comedic bent, and the first 8 parts of an ongoing UF serial.

Even the fantasy ones cover a number of different fields, ranging from stone age myths to gunpowder fantasy, set in a time akin to the Napoleonic era on Earth.

The main ones at the moment are The Chronicles of the White Bull, four stories (with more coming) about Nhaqosa the minotaur, an escaped gladiator slave, trying to make it home through the ruins of a fallen empire in a dying world.

Comments are more than welcome.

The collection is currently residing at http://mistandshadows.com/pure-escapism/

2010-12-04, 11:02 PM
Hmmmm...very intrigued. Everything here is written by yourself, yes?

I haven't the time to read one at the moment, but I am definitely going to. Just...finals in a couple days. So I don't exactly have the time. However I have quite a lot of interest in looking into your writing.

What about it would you call pulp style?

2010-12-05, 12:16 AM
Yup, its all my stuff. A couple of years worth - should have been more but I'm a bit lazy at times.

By pulp I mean that they are about action and adventure and all that.

2010-12-06, 11:36 AM
same, was going to read them friday, just getting around to reading them now.

okay, first things first.

Have the text on the website. Don't make people dl a pdf to read it (And I know you have other formats, im saying, make it on the website directly)

Also, for the pdf's.... the two column layout is REALLY distracting.

2011-01-09, 05:04 PM
I've started to redesign things a little based on suggestion - some of the shorter stories have been put up as text. Given a bunch of them are 10-15K words long I'm not certain that they'd work just been lumped up like that. PDF redesign is next.

I've also posted up the opening chapter of a novel I'm almost finished on - just doing a last polish/edit of it. The sample is here - Chapter One (http://mistandshadows.com/novels/tears-of-the-mountain/)