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2010-12-02, 06:49 PM
Looking for any advice on how to play these two, personality quirks to give them, where would be the best place for a final confrontation with them, or any other advice you could give. Thanks!:smallsmile:

Okay, so I have a two npc team set up to fight my PCs at one point. They aren't just two npcs who are lovers though (that was merely me simplifying for the thread title), but also the former lover of one of the PCs and that PC's archnemesis.

Pyrus is a Ur-Sublime Lyrist (a monster of spellcasting caused by multiclassing between the Ur-Priest, Sublime Chord and Fochlucan Lyrist classes, mechanically I've tricked this guy out with every spell to boost his survival in battle)

Fluff: He and Reina (see below) are both survivors of the destruction of the elven homelands. They formed a party together and have been adventuring for ten years now. Their party recently broke up because of a massive political upheaval that killed most of their benefactors, as well as at least three members of their nine person group are missing. Anyways, he used to act as the bodyguard and advisor to the city's lich ruler until he was overthrown by an order of paladins, so now he's out of a job. While he was the bodyguard, he began a relationship with the lich's apprentice, a jade phoenix mage, manipulating her with his charisma and skills in deception. Though she is in a relationship with another person, and she attempted to call it off with Pyrus multiple times, he has always succeeded in manipulating her into bed again. It was only when she became pregnant with the other man's child that she found the courage to break it off for real, and Pyrus now intends to break her, get rid of the child and make her his once more.

Reina is an elven ebon phoenix mage (evil version of the jade phoenix mage, check out Krimm Blackleaf's homebrew for the stats, though it's pretty much a jade phoenix mage)

Fluff: Reina is quite simply a monster. Her nature was never good to begin with, but when she awakened the ages old fiendish spirit inside to continue it's cycle of reincarnation, she became a beast simply concerned with killing and bloodlust. Unbeknownst to Pyrus, she has a string of lovers to satisfy her lusts, and she is by all means the evil side of love, lust and pain, to mirror the jade phoenix mage's positive traits (she's a crusader devoted to love, it's corny, but meh) She has even seduced the jade phoenix mage's true love, as well as revealing to him the JPM's infidelites with Pyrus.

So, I'm looking to see how I should play the final encounter with these guys, if I should have any mooks to kill or if it should just be a straight fight, and any other advice you guys have.