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2010-12-07, 04:40 PM
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The tent-fortress-barrack city of Dawntread is alive. You can cut the anticipation with a blade. This place is the start of something immense, world-changing, irrevocable. It's almost too much for you to bear.

Like an ugly heap on the thawed hills, Dawntread is sprawled out over a seven mile radius. In a way, the rows and paths between the great tents where soldiers are sleeping are it's roads: the armories are it's shops, the training pits it's active, bustling center. Everything here is made for war.

No one who comes here pays much heed to the immensity of this war camp, so dominated it is by the Portal.

The Portal is clearly a thing out of place, clearly having no right to exist within space or time, but subjugating both by it's mere existence. A doorway in mid air, it's thirty feet wide and twenty feet tall, framed by an archway of bones. At all hours, four concentric rings of guards surround this Portal, ensuring no soldier tampers with it or tries to rush through early. Many of the guards are undead. Behind these guards, specially trained individuals maintain the Portal. In front of the guards, people worshiping the Portal as a sign of divine providence can occasionally be seen.

It is noon. The sun is high in the sky, casting painfully bright light off the thin layer of snow and ice crystals. The camp is alive: makeshift bars, sparring pits, training rings, the clang of armories as they struggle to equip as many soldiers as possible. This is the Day: as the sun sets in six hours, the march through the portal will begin, so the word is.

Yesterday, you were introduced to your squad, the team accompanying you as you go through as one of the first and finest teams through the portal. The meeting was brief; names, the theaters you had fought the Alien in, your martial inclinations. You are due to regroup with them in an hour: meanwhile, your time is your own. This will probably not be true for the next month - how do you busy yourself? (This applies to all characters.)

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2010-12-07, 04:46 PM
Anticipation. Revon hadn't felt the likes of it in years; any real hope of ever returning home had long since left him, and this rude reawakening was almost more than he could bear.
But even stronger was the feeling of pride. Pride to be given the honor of being part of the first assault. Failure was not an option, and he intended to use his time well.
Seeking out a person who might provide him with such, he intended to spend the hour he had studying any sort of map they had of the area surrounding the other side of the portal; Be prepared, he thought, and nothing will be unexpected.

2010-12-07, 06:40 PM
Nathair.... That's what his superiors told him he would be called. The snake. Fitting, given his aptitude for poisons. Still, they could have picked something less ironic. Maybe something like black lotus or another cool code name.

The young ninja was snapped out of his daydream as he bumped into someone. What was his name? Revly? Riley? Oh, right, Revon. Ah, pardon friend...

2010-12-07, 06:52 PM
Revon had hardly even noticed bumping into the man. It was the speech which jarred him from his thoughts.
"Nothing to forgive." He studied the man for a moment. He carried himself with a certain grace; like a snake, in many ways. He had yet to see the man fight, but he did not think he would be disappointed. "I was planning to search for any old maps I could find of the area just outside the portal. Care to join me?"

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 07:49 PM
Ogrash looked up at the alien sky. He would soon never have to see it's horrible hues of purple and green ever again. He looked again, this time straight ahead. He saw two of his groupmates, Nathair and Riley he belived it was. "Hello, friends, would you like to discuss what we do on the other side of the portal ?" he said with a grin.

2010-12-07, 07:55 PM
Nathair's eyes took on a deadly gleam. That information is not to be discussed in the open. You never know if there are any spies or informats lurking about.

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 07:59 PM
Of course, I apologize for not considering such things. May we discus it over there?" Orgrash pointed at the barracks.

2010-12-07, 08:03 PM
Revon had never been able to stand brutes. He'd work with them, for sure, but he did not think he would ever come to enjoy their company. Still, he thought, I suppose it pays off to know your allies.
"Nathair is correct. I suggest we use these last moments we have here to prepare ourselves as best we may. I would suggest you two find the rest of our little band and familiarize yourselves with them, or for that matter discuss whatever you wish in private, for I must be leaving." With that and a nod to both men, he strode off to find that damn map.

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 08:11 PM
"In order to prepare ourselves we must speak of tactics! Even a warrior such as myself knows this. Having a weapon that can split a skull with one blow is great, but it means nothing without a plan. We no nothing of what the aliens have turned our world into. They are most likely aware of the portal. They probably set a trap for at the other side. We must prepare for everything they can do, and more. We discuss tactics either in the open or in secret, but we will discuss tactics!"Orgrash yelled. "Without them we will die."

2010-12-07, 08:18 PM
Pathis walks over, startled by the shout. He is a tall man, clad in faded blue cloth. His eyes are wide, and are equally blue.
'I belive I am part of your squad? If so, may I ask you to keep the noise down?'

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 08:22 PM
If your name is Pathis you are, and you may but nothing will come of it until tactics are discussed. I don't care where, so long as it's safe from spies. I rather like living don't you" Orgash replied, in much softer tone than before.

2010-12-07, 08:26 PM
Nathair's right hand twitched a bit. "No, it's bad to poison your new team mates. Even if he is a shouting moron that would get the entire group killed. It sets a bad precedent." He thought.

Giving a fake smile, he turned to Orgash, "Yes, it is good to protect things from spies... Let us head to the bunker then. After you?"

2010-12-07, 08:30 PM
'I agree. Forward, then...'
Pathis walks to the bunker and goes inside, gets out a whetstone and begins sharpening his halberd.

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 08:30 PM
"Oh no, after you. I insist." said the tall, violent barbarian wielding a weapon made out of elk horns and wood.

2010-12-07, 08:34 PM
Here he stood. At the absolute brink of the coming storm and he was here to see it through. The tense anticipation buzzed in the air, mixing with the low hum of the portal. This white noise sent El-Hamin into an almost meditative state. "This is where I belong. On the line with the men. The Alien will pay." he thought to himself, gazing at the wondrous altar. "Shame they didn't let me bring some of my 3rd legion boys. They were good men, dependable. This squad however.. they're unorthodox to say the least. But that may be just what we need."

Snapping out of his meditation, he grimaced and pulled his cloak around him. As he turned and set out to the bar, muttering to himself "I'm getting too old for this..."

2010-12-07, 08:47 PM
Pathis steps out of the bunker.
'Are you coming?'

2010-12-07, 08:49 PM
Nathair stepped out of the bunker behind him. Who are you talking to? he asked.

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 08:50 PM
"Hmm. oh ya, I'm comin', I'm comin'." said Orgash.

2010-12-07, 08:53 PM
Pathis whirls around, halberd at the ready, iniating a whirlwind of sudden bladed strikes, but stopping about halfway through the attack sequence.
Dealing 69 damage, apparently. He beats the living daylights out of a patch of stone in the door way, sending shattered chunks of stone raining down.
EDIT: Hrm. Can I crit a doorway?

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 08:54 PM
"What in all nine of the hells are you doing?" Orgash called to Pathis.

2010-12-07, 08:55 PM
Nathair, seeing the halberd attacks coming at him, began to dematerialize. He stopped, however, when Pathis pulled back from his attacks. Don't do that.

2010-12-07, 08:56 PM
Pathis begins shaking wildly and hyperventilating, his knuckles white on the halberd.

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 08:56 PM
Orgash, adding onto Nathair's comment says "Ever again. Ok, he's gone crazy, can I put him down?"
OOC: just added to my post since he posted while I was typing my post.

2010-12-07, 08:59 PM
As the shaking slows, his breaths begin to return to normal.
After about thirty seconds, he shakes his head ruefully.

2010-12-07, 09:01 PM
A single occupant, a 20 year old soldier in offduty civilian garb, scurries out of your bunker. You notice a scroll under his arm. Everyone make a Spot check. You succeed if you get 25 or higher.

OOC: Roll here or in OOC thread? I have no preference.

2010-12-07, 09:02 PM
He who stands with me shall be my brother.

Viktor Kickass, Eldest of his brothers and Scion of War, was in his clan's tent preparing his armor for battle. He carefully polished the immense black-painted plates himself, reciting the verses of ancestral prayers, battle hymns, anthems, vows, and oaths of loyalty passed down from father to son, some since the early Glory Days of the Sehmet Empire.

For as Long as I Serve the Empire, I shall never falter

Eventually, he was satisfied with his inspection and maintenance of the centuries-old relic, still as durable and functional as the day it was forged. Some of the enchantments had faded over time, particularly with the sudden destruction of the Empire, but they would be restored in time. A pair of skeletal servants in the service of his Clan came forward to help him don the suit, working swiftly and diligently to turn him from merely an impressively-built human into a black-plated living machine of war.

The Fallen shall be forever remembered as the Empire's finest

Armored within six minutes by the undead servants, Viktor stood plated from the top of the towering shoulderplates to the bottom of the broad, sturdy boots in glossy black-painted adamantine, save only the helmet. Smooth, contoured plates blended well with each other along the limbs and on the nearly invisible joints, though decorative, gold-plated ridges were aesthetically set onto the obvious ridges of the shoulder plates, forward shin guards, base of the three-digit gauntlets, and along the stylized chest plates, with the emblem of the Sehmet Empire emblazoned boldly along the chest.

Not even in Death shall my duty end

As was customary, he took a moment to test the armor's mobility. Despite the extreme weight and bulk of the plates, he moved in it almost effortlessly, wrists, shoulders, thighs and feet rotating freely, crafted such its entire weight rested entirely upon itself, and joints lubricated and machined to rotate, pivot and slide naturally on itself with minimal effort, though the weight couldn't be completely migitated, slowing him down to deliberate, powerful motion.

No Servant of the Empire Shall Fall in Vain if I can Help it.

Satisfied, he took the helm of his armor, a stylized skull crafted from pure Adamantine and plated with a Black Nickle finish and painted black in the grooves to give it relief. As he put it on, the ruby lenses protecting the large eye-sockets flared, becoming completely translucent on his side, yet shining bright red from the other with a Death's head glare. As the skeletons moved away, he picked up his immense, double-decked crossbow and held it across his chest, and moved out. His voice echo inside the acoustic interior of the helm, amplified into a powerful reverbration.

I am the Empire's Will made manifest!

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 09:03 PM
"He's still crazy, can we kill him. He'd just be a liability " said an obviously annoyed Orgash. "We can't risk being killed because of him, it'd be better for us all. Besides, we'd be doing him a mercy. "

2010-12-07, 09:05 PM
Pathis steps to the side, and swings his halberd to point at Orgash threateningly, his bright blue eyes glaring.

2010-12-07, 09:11 PM
Nathair sighed. A small *shink* later, a blade was retracting into his left hand, a puncher wound in Pathis's armor the only evidence that anything had been done. I am sorry for this, but perhaps some rest will do you good.

2010-12-07, 09:13 PM
Those of you who got over a 25 perceive that the person rushing past you, terrified of your combative theatrics, has a map of some sort, wound up like a scroll, under his arm.

You perceive the word, ''Dorin'' on it.

2010-12-07, 09:16 PM
Pathis whirls again, and shouts, his voice hoarse.
'Get back! Back!'

2010-12-07, 09:16 PM
How embarrassing. Can lead a legion of men halfway across a continent and I can't find a bar.. trudging through the convoluted walkways a sudden flurry of activity caught his attention. Squinting at the nearby bunker he realized that it was his squad, the funny one was caught off-guard. Good reflexes. might be worth it afterall.. whats this? "Gentlemen!" El-Hamin says aloud as he approaches. "Stand down!"

2010-12-07, 09:18 PM
Pathis turns, eyes wild. He is, once again, hyperventilating and shaking.

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 09:19 PM
As Pathis is distracted I ready my weapons for a non lethal strike. While they are ready, Orgrass does not move, waiting for Pathis to strike first, not noticing how he's now shaking and breathing hard.

2010-12-07, 09:21 PM
In the briefing yesterday, it was shared with you that, for all acting purposes, El-Hamin was designated as your leader. He would be the voice of Command in the field, and the Eyes and Ears of the Strategos and Officers.

His order to stand down resonates in the bunker. Unsure of what is going on or what to do, but realizing El-Hamin probably out ranks him, the individual who was rushing out of your impromptu combat zone stops, pulling the scroll close to his chest in a panic.

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 09:24 PM
Orgrash, noticing the soldier for the first time (but not the scroll) say's "Who might I ask, are you?".

2010-12-07, 09:26 PM
Pathis's breathing slows to normal, and the shaking ceases. He lowers the halberd, and sheaths it. He takes several deep breaths.
'Sorry, sir.'

2010-12-07, 09:27 PM
The young soldier stammers, frightened of all the hulking, thoroughly armed commandos, seeming particularly terrified of Orgash.

"P-p-private Malu, si-sirs..."

2010-12-07, 09:28 PM
Having wandered around the area for a while, looking for someone who might be in a position of power, Revon was nowhere closer to success. His feet soon brought him back to where he'd met the two other members of his group, thinking he might find them there again.
He found a good lot more.
Stepping up beside El-hamin, yet slightly behind him, he bit his lip surveying the scene; remaining silent unless spoken to.

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 09:29 PM
"And you are hear because?" say's Orgash, who is clearly loosing patience.

2010-12-07, 09:30 PM
Yjama, make a DC 25 spot check to notice the scroll.

The soldier stammered.

"Th-thi-this is my squad's bunker...sir. My squad is out right now. I was studying this map of the entry zone for 8th company."

2010-12-07, 09:32 PM
Revon raises his eyebrows at the mention of a map. Addressing El-hamin, he asks "I'll take that, if I may?"

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 09:33 PM
"You will give it to him if you know what's good for you" said Orgash violently.

2010-12-07, 09:34 PM
"If you please Mr. Orgrash! Private Malu here knows how to follow orders and you will not question him in this manner, nor disrespect him. You two are one and the same in the eyes of the Alien. Private, may I have that map?

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 09:36 PM
"El-Hamin, the only way to keep a subordinate in line is through fear. If they're terrified, they won't rebel" said Orgash definitively

2010-12-07, 09:37 PM
Believing that following El-Hamin's instructions will result in Orgash not pasting him, Private Malu rushes over to you, just about tripping to give El-Hamin the scroll.

Private Malu looks at Orgash and cringes. "Please don't eat me."

2010-12-07, 09:42 PM
Pathis steps over to El-Hamin.
'Sir, requesting permission to examine the map in preperation for the commencement of the mission, sir!'

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 09:42 PM
"I wouldn't have eaten you, though I may made you unable to sit for several years" said Orgash, brandishing his weapon.

2010-12-07, 09:42 PM
Fear is not what my men felt when the Alien charged on the fifth day of the siege of Nhaalvail. Fear is not what they felt when the lines fell. They knew that they were the superior warriors, that they were cheated of their glory. Private, do you wish to die cold and afraid? Would you trust Mr. Orgrash when he tells you to go over the top? that everything will be okay?

2010-12-07, 09:43 PM
Viktor follows the voices of his Comrades, most notably Orgrash, to the bunker. "Commander El-Hamin, sir," he greeted the squad leader respectfully, before continuing, "Sergeant Victor Kickass Reporting for Duty,"

At Orgrash's threat directed at the Private, Vicktor rebuked him. "Hold your tongue, Brute. He is no less an Imperial Defender than you!" Immediately afterward, he realized his breach of chain of command, and apologized. "Sorry Commander. ...Permission to speak, sir? Why have we assembled at Company 8's bunker, instead of a designated Deploymen Zone or R&R, if this is informal?"

2010-12-07, 09:45 PM
Malu steps away from Orgash a bit.

He gets a hopeful little glint in his eyes and seems like he's working to get his composure back.

"Ah...no sir...with respect, your group seems...unhinged. I have no doubt your unit of madmen will butcher the enemy. I just hope my platoon never ends up within a square mile of you...who knows if you can tell friend from foe when battle comes?"

With that, Malu does a nervous bow and salute, and scurries off. Soldiers are packed densely around these parts, and he only needs to move about five feet before you start losing him in the crowd.

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 09:47 PM
"You called that pitiful battle to prove you point! In my wanderings I met someone who survived that battle. Your men were terrified. It hardly counted as siege, I'm surprised it lasted over a day, much less five. said Orgrash, who was trying to hit a nerve.

2010-12-07, 09:47 PM
With all due respect. If you see me from a mile away, or even an inch away, then I have failed my duty. Nathair notes calmly.

2010-12-07, 09:47 PM
Pathis looks at El-hamin, smile fading from his face.
'With all due respect, commander, when your men felt no fear at Nhaalvail, they died to a man. To be blunt, sir, i'm not sure that "knowing they were the superior warriors" helped much when they were hacked down. The only way to gurantee survival is through ceaseless dedication to survival. Sir, if the lines fell, clearly that had not been taught to them enough. And with respect, perhaps your cowardice in refusing to take on your responibilities as commander lead to that, sir.'

2010-12-07, 09:47 PM
Looking at Pathis, Revon seems rather irritated. "I'll leave the brunt of the fighting to you. Leave the tactics to me; I find that things tend to have a happier ending when everyone sticks to their designated role in the hierarchy."

Catching up edit: "And you do not address your commander such!" he shouts, inching forward with a glare at Orgrash and Pathis.

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 09:50 PM
Pathis, of course his men felt fear. You'd be a fool not to. None the less, we must kill each and everyone of them said Orgash calmly.
EDIT:I will address him until he proves he can keep his men in line the proper way! Orgass yelled.

2010-12-07, 09:50 PM
Your heated argument and back and forth has caused a few of the milling soldiers to stop and watch. Someone jeers, ''You going to take that?" from behind the crowd.

Soldiers love provoking other soldiers.

You also know that it's a pretty bad offense and that you'll be beaten like a southern-state orphan catholic stepchild by your superiors if you're caught brawling.

Command hates soldiers provoking other soldiers.

2010-12-07, 09:50 PM
Pathis turns to Revon.
'Yes, I agree. But it also tends to turn out better if all people can actually do that role.'
Pathis shakes himslef, and looks away.
'Come on. Lets go.'
He steps past the damaged doorway and into the bunker.

2010-12-07, 09:51 PM
handing the scroll to Evan ((Revon)) El-Hamin eyes Nathair. "Denied. Ahh Mr. Kickass. No this is mere happenstance. remarkable that we all converge at the same locale in a 7 mile tent city. well we were selected for this mission for a reason, I hope we can(glaring at them)all learn to use our skills against our true foe. You are all dismissed. Evan, stay put.

2010-12-07, 09:51 PM
Sighing, the ninja slowly backs into the crowd, vanishing among the many soldiers.

2010-12-07, 09:53 PM
Viktor's gauntlet boldly resounded from the impact with the top front of his own death-faced helm. "How did such insubordination and poor morale seep into the ran ks of the Empire's Defenders?" he exclaims in frustration.

2010-12-07, 09:54 PM
Pathis steps to the side, and, suddenly, slumps unconscious, hitting the ground with a dull thump.

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 09:55 PM
"If our commander had a spine he could end it too" said Orgash.

2010-12-07, 09:55 PM
Setting his jaw firm, Revon accepts the map, turning to El-hamin "I will retire to the sitting hall* for now to study this, if I have your leave. I will be there if you need me."

Assuming that you grant me permission, Revon walks off with the map.
*Assuming there is a sitting hall of sorts. Otherwise, replace that with any appropriate location.

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 09:56 PM
"The crazy one's down, we could cave his head in now!" yells Orgash.

2010-12-07, 09:57 PM
"This place created a weak and selfish generation. do not worry soldier, our people will once again be raise----- seeing Pathis slump to the ground, El-Hamin pushes forward to catch him, calling out for a medic

2010-12-07, 09:59 PM
Viktor explodes in anger at Orgrash. "If I had the authority, I'd have you executed for the disgrace you bring on our Brothers in Arms!" he exclaims, pointing his bolter at the brute. "You have done nothing but slander our cause, forces, and integrity. You, and those like you, are Why We Failed!

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 10:00 PM
"We could kill him. He's crazy and it'd help the group. Besides a medic should be helping the sane anyway" said Orgash.
EDIT: Those like me! A weak commander breads a weak group. We should have a a better commander. Like you for instance. yelled Orgash.

2010-12-07, 10:02 PM
Soldiers jeering you moan in disappointment, but some whoop again in surprise and delight at seeing him collapse. The more intelligent and responsible ones run off calling, ''Medic'' and in about three minutes, a young woman shows up at the scene. She has red hair and almost delicate, pale skin, unlike that of almost any of your people, and is rather mousy at five feet tall.

She bends down and examines your companion for all of ten seconds before she sighs. "What idiot poisoned him? This is going to cause Base Security to froth at the mouth again."

Any of you still nearby see her pull out a vial, fill it with water, and then spill some greenish blood from her own veins into the vial. You see her pour this elixir down Pathis' throat.

OOC: Pathis - you awaken to water going down your throat. You have been purified of poison.

OOC: Yes, Revon, there is such a place. What, in particular, are you looking for?

OOC: I didn't think I'd be introducing this chick until later in the session.

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 10:04 PM
"Why are you healing him? Stick a knife in him and be done with it" said Orgash.

2010-12-07, 10:05 PM
After pouring the elixir down Pathis' throat, the woman looks up at Orgash and Victor, then to El-Hamin.

"Do you boys need a time out?"

Her voice is cool and quiet, and you hear the qualities of a frighteningly intelligent mind in it's sibilance.

2010-12-07, 10:05 PM
Pathis staggers to his feet. He staggers over to Viktor and, grabbing his shoulder, pulls himself up.
'What just happened?'

2010-12-07, 10:06 PM
Mr. Orgrash you have been dismissed. I recommend you return to your quarters. Allow Mr. Kickass to escort you. El-Hamin motions to Viktor.

Edit: Taking Parthis' weight, El-Hamin says to the medic, "Tension. Will he be alright?"

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 10:07 PM
"Treat me like a child will you medic! I should kill you for that." said Orgash.
EDIT: "I can find my own way." said Orgash leaving everyone else behind.

2010-12-07, 10:10 PM
You hear her soft, mocking chuckle behind you as you leave, Orgash.

"Such a strong man. I can smell the weakness in your mind and soul."

She turns to Pathis and El-Hamin.

"Drow sleeping poison, administered via a direct piercing wound. The wound was clean enough that I believe Pathis did not detect the injury - the wound shows no attempt at evasion."

She smiles. "I'm going to sniff around for Drow Sleeping Poison and have a nice chat about proper use of toxic items with whoever did this, don't you worry, okay?"

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 10:12 PM
"I hear that!" Orgash readies his weapons and attacks.

2010-12-07, 10:12 PM
Eyes once again wide, Pathis turns to El-hamin.
'Thank you. If you don't mind, Commander, would you please accoupany me to have a little chat with Nathair?'

2010-12-07, 10:13 PM
Behind El-Hamin, Nathair tapped out in sign language of what happened. He attempted to strike at several people after suffering a mental breakdown. I took the most appropriate course of action to control him. Also, he owes me twenty five gold for the poison.

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 10:14 PM
Roll failed
And I deal 16 damage to her.

2010-12-07, 10:17 PM
Pathis whirls, halberd at the ready.
'Sir! Requesting permission to respond to Orgash's unprovoked treachery with lethal force, sir!'

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 10:19 PM
"It was not unprovoked! She insulted me!" Orgash yelled.

2010-12-07, 10:20 PM
The woman is shocked by your attack and screams out in agony, but quickly recovers herself.

(I'm assuming no one gets over 26 for Initiative.)

You see a strange tentacle unfurl from her right shoulder and stab out at you.

OOC: Is your armor class less than 22? If so, roll a DC 33 Fortitude save.

2010-12-07, 10:21 PM
to Parthis, "You'll be alright son. I'll speak to him.

to Orgrash:"If you ever. EVER wish to see our world again YOU WILL CEASE AND DESIST! YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO LEAD THIS ASSAULT! The first of many that will give to our people our land! Our country! It is cold here. YOU WILL COOPERATE. We are a team soldier - and your only means off of this forsaken rock. You have been dismissed soldier!

EDIT: was writing before the attack.... oh well...

2010-12-07, 10:21 PM
From out of nowhere, a fist comes crashing at the barbarian's head. From the side, the blurred form of Nathair could be seen.

attack roll: [roll0]

2010-12-07, 10:22 PM
OOC: This is kind of beyond words at this point. You aren't really able to get all of that out before the Apothecary retaliates. Just to keep the flow of events clear.

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 10:24 PM
"I submit, you have shown actual leadership, but do not let insult me again" said Ogrash.
OOC: I'll roll the AC save in OOC
Was responding to the order our commander gave us.

2010-12-07, 10:26 PM
"I submit, you have shown actual leadership, but do not let insult me again" said Ogrash.
OOC: I'll roll the AC save in OOC
Was responding to the order our commander gave us.

OOC: To clarify. He gets it out. Just not before that freaky tentacle lashes out at you. Need to roll save, I think.

2010-12-07, 10:27 PM
[EDIT: Nevermind... **** went down.]

"Permission to execute the traitor, sir?" Viktor forcefully requested, crossbow leveled at Orgrash.

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 10:30 PM

OOC: To clarify. He gets it out. Just not before that freaky tentacle lashes out at you. Need to roll save, I think.
In which case I do surrender. Thanks for the clarification. I'll roll the saves in my next post in OOC

You have proved yourself a worthy leader. I will only serve under the strong, and you have shown you are. said Orgash

2010-12-07, 10:31 PM
OOC: To clarify. He gets it out. Just not before that freaky tentacle lashes out at you. Need to roll save, I think.

((OOC: so its: attack, I speak, then ninja?))

((if yes then:
"And yet you insult your superior freely? HAH. prepare to know fear.

2010-12-07, 10:33 PM
Pathis steps forward, halberd at the ready. He shoots a quick look at El-Hamin. 'Sir, does your order to not attack still stand?'

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 10:34 PM
"I will not fight, to resist punishment would be to go against what honor I have" said Orgash, who stayed perfectly still.

2010-12-07, 10:34 PM
The woman raises a hand to quiet you all.


She looks coldly to Orgash.

OOC: Going to simplify this next part. Checked character sheet. Orgash's AC is under 22, and he cannot make a DC 33 fortitude save as he has only a +11 bonus.

"You're about to need a medic. I suggest you ask your brothers in arms for a stretcher."

She clears her throat. "Allow me to clarify that I possess enough influence to see you all executed mostly for making me annoyed. You will all stand down. This is not a command. It's a fact."

2010-12-07, 10:37 PM
Parthis sheaths his halberd, and stands to attention.

2010-12-07, 10:38 PM
Viktor stands down as soon as the order is established. "Yes, Sir." he replies to her as he lowers his crossbow, a faint tone of resentment in his voice.

2010-12-07, 10:38 PM
Ma'am, if you don't mind me asking, what in the name of our ancestors was that that grew out of your arm? Nathair said, standing at attention with his arms crossed behind his back.

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 10:39 PM
I am truly sorry for my sins. This will never happen again. I only wished to test the commander and it got out of hand. I will do anything to make it up to you all" said Orgash apologetically.

2010-12-07, 10:40 PM
Suddenly, Orgash, there's an odd, numb feeling spreading from what you realize is the place the tentacle hit you - on the underside of your dominant arm, your sword arm.

You look at it. The flesh has turned black. Quite suddenly and all at once, your heart seems like it's in your throat. You can hear nothing but the rushing of your own blood in your ears. Froth begins to escape your mouth as you fall rigid to the ground, face first, unable to catch yourself. Your breath is coming in heaving, painful gasps. Your muscles feel like they are crushing your bones. You want to scream but have neither the breath nor the capacity to move to do so.

2010-12-07, 10:40 PM
'Commander, requesting some form of orders regarding our mission. We are sceduled to go through the portal in some minuites. Should the remainder of us continue as planned?'
EDIT: On seeing Orgash'es collapse, Parthis rushes up to him and catches him. 'MEDIC! MEDIC! Ahh.. Commander, would you be willing to lend assistance? If not for him, then for the success of our mission, if it goes ahead.'

2010-12-07, 10:41 PM
"Naturally Mr. D'eri. (noticing the command in her voice) Mr. Kickass if you please. Mr. D'eri, return to your quarters. Nathair, assist him" (motions to Orgrash)

((EDIT:for clarification, my first statement was back before she told us to do so))

2010-12-07, 10:44 PM
The woman looks at you coldly, El-Hamin.

"Belay that. Here's what's going to happen. You're all coming with me. You're going to carry him."

You see her point to the prone form of Orgash. Those who look closely see that tears have began flowing unhindered from his face.

"I will make the sensations your fallen comrade feels look like a paradise if you so much as complain."

"Then you're all going to follow me, to Command. Your meeting is happening early. You're bloodletters. You're letting each other's blood, with nothing better to do. We need you out in the field, if only to prevent you from destroying one another."

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 10:48 PM
With all of his remaining strength Orgash manages two words."I'm. Sorry". He then goes back to not being able to move a muscle do to the intense pain.

2010-12-07, 10:52 PM
I'm getting too old for this...

Ma'am! Snapping to attention, El-Hamin gives a quick salute. ((OOC: his orders to Viktor and Nathair were to carry Orgrash, sorry if the redirection of command wasn't presented well, I'm still learning))

2010-12-07, 10:53 PM
I'm getting too old for this...

Ma'am! Snapping to attention, El-Hamin gives a quick salute. ((OOC: his orders to Viktor and Nathair were to carry Orgrash, sorry if the redirection of command wasn't presented well, I'm still learning))

OOC: Mkay, my bad. The pace is making my reading comprehension go down just a touch <_< or several touches. I'm actually sweating, lol.

2010-12-07, 11:02 PM
Soldiers, in the meantime, have been standing about, watching in stunned silence. They keep a good distance. The tentacle, by the way, just now coils back into her right shoulder.

She looks to them. "Find me a soldier named Revon attached to this band. Tell him to report to his HQ to meet with his unit, as scheduled."

Everyone within sixty feet is moving to obey, chattering between themselves as to where they saw your squad's second in command go off.

OOC: I'm going to assume that, in light of someone that your characters have reason to obey, you're following along. You can inform me of any actions you take along the way - speaking to one another, speaking to her, etc.

She leads you along, eventually guiding you to a large command pavilion, a massive tent who's flap is guarded by a pair of skeletal pikeman, whom part ways on sight. She informs you to wait outside for your comrade.

OOC: Is there anyone else who is not with the group at the moment?

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 11:05 PM
OOC: I'm going to assume that, in light of someone that your characters have reason to obey, you're following along. You can inform me of any actions you take along the way - speaking to one another, speaking to her, etc.

Orgash moans in pain and weeps a little.

2010-12-07, 11:21 PM
A brawny, desperate looking six foot tall soldier is leading Revon at just under a jog to your command tent where you are gathered.

Revon, you see Orgash held on the arms of Pathis and Victor. He's moaning, and his body is in a horrid rictus of pain and immobile tensing. (Unless you two set him down. Your orders were to carry him. But you're at your destination. Up to you for interpreting orders.)

2010-12-07, 11:26 PM
Revon tucks the map under his arm, falling in quietly an arm's length from the rest of the group; his stance and expression the picture of resignation.
What has this world done to our people, he wondered, sighing inwardly.

2010-12-07, 11:27 PM
OOC: So yeah. You guys think you have a bit. You may actually all just get forced to wait out here until the predetermined briefing time. You don't know. Are you talking about anything?

2010-12-07, 11:35 PM
he needs medical aid. What an interesting situation. He didn't really understand bloodletters, it only ever resulted in hindering the unit. "well then. Gotten that out of your systems? Mr. D'eri, switch with Mr. Kickass. Understand this gentlemen, when a comrade falls, it is the unit who suffers the consequences. I expect, if you are still on this mission, better of you. What have you to say for yourselves?

2010-12-07, 11:38 PM
Nathair sat on a nearby stair, taking deep calming breaths. I think I busted up my hand on his thick skull.

Rob Roy
2010-12-07, 11:39 PM
Orgash, in between sobs and cries of pain makes a sound that sounds like "The group comes first". Of course, you could just be hearing things.

2010-12-07, 11:43 PM
And... I think I'm in love... he said, though he sounded a bit confused, even to himself.

2010-12-08, 12:00 AM
Parthis puts on his helmet, and soon all that is visible of his face is his bright blue eyes. He steps away from the recumbent Orgrash, and leans against a wall. 'So, it begins. Commander, what is your plan for dealing with any events like this in enemy territory?'

2010-12-08, 12:43 AM
Your commander does not answer.

About a minute later, the woman comes back out. Her face is deadpan. Suddenly, she gives a warm smile and starts laughing, seeming genuinely pleased.

She strides over to where Orgash lies and kisses his cheek, then pulls out a syringe and sticks it in his bicep.

Orgash, you are free from the grips of that horrifying toxin.

With a delighted smile, she looks to all of you.

Rob Roy
2010-12-08, 12:47 AM
Thank You Ma'am. With all do respect to a being of power such as yours, but what in the Nine Hells are you, and what was that tentacle? Orgash said with a tone that sounded like a mix of apology, confusion and thanks.
OOC: I am never pissing her off again.

2010-12-08, 12:48 AM
Revon raises his eyebrows in surprise. Apparently whatever had occurred wasn't quite as serious as he'd assumed. His stance relaxes, and he takes the few short steps needed to fully join the rest of the group, map still tucked beneath his arm.

2010-12-08, 12:51 AM
She pats your cheek and pulls you to your feet.

"Toxic tentacle, a biological implant created by surgically removing a tentacle from an octopus and then taking the venom sack of a poisonous creature and applying magic and alchemy to enhance it's toxicity threefold."

She looks around and takes a second to assess the atmosphere.

"I pleaded your case to command. They were inclined to discharge you. I told them that they should make you my responsibility. They immediately knew that you would no longer be an issue."

Rob Roy
2010-12-08, 12:54 AM
"And for that I am eternally grateful Ma'am, I will do whatever I need to in order to repay you" Orgash said sincerely.

2010-12-08, 01:04 AM
She bows to all of you.

"I am Apothecary Illiria. My friends call me Valentine. You are not my friends. You will call me First Apothecary-Captain or Apothecary or Captain. I own you now. You're my responsibility. All of your screw ups fall on my head. All of your successes contribute, in part, to my glory. Did you catch that last bit? You get some credit for success, but I get all the blame if you screw up. That's fine with me, because you won't screw up. I'm working on a project called Plague Soldiers. This project involves turning soldiers into walking breeding grounds for disease. I am being given all disloyal, mutinous, insubordinate soldiers for the purpose of weaponizing this project. Imagine the sorriest existence you can. Now imagine living it eternally. Now realize that this existence you imagine is nothing but a pale -freaking shade- of what being rolled into my research program will do to you."

She smiles, takes a second to catch her breath. She looks to El-Hamin.

"For the time being, he is command's chosen leader. I see no reason to override that. You will be allowed to critique his effective use of his rank on the return from missions or in between missions. You will obey direct orders as he sees fit, however. Particularly orders to stand down."

She looks over all of you. "My apprentice, Junior Apothecary Lodan, is going to make me look like a tool when it comes to pet commando squads. He is commanding a group calling themselves Alpha Squad. Not a single one of them is a finer soldier than any one of you. Their strength lies in their brotherhood: they share the name and identity Alpharius. I will not tolerate looking like a fool. For you to match Alpha Squad's effectiveness, you must be brothers to each other."

She takes a second to exhale and inhale again. "Does this capture my point, or does Captain Hamin need to order a group hug?"

2010-12-08, 01:06 AM
'Well then. Shall we begin?'

2010-12-08, 01:13 AM
Staring the Apothecary in the eye during her speech, Revon admittedly felt rather intimidated. This was definitely not a woman to be trifled with, yet he could not help but think she came off as hypocritical.
Nonetheless he conceded to her superiority, inclining his head in a half-bow and remaining so, deciding not to speak unless addressed directly.

Rob Roy
2010-12-08, 01:14 AM
"We, or at least I, am being turned into a walking plague for a research program that has the presumable goal of using said horrible things against the invaders of our home? Well, could be worse, and no Captain, I do not believe a group hug would be necessary" said Orgash.

2010-12-08, 01:19 AM
She shakes her head.

"I'm not that angry with you yet. Your immediate leap into violence makes me happy. It shows promise. It shows that your souls are watched by dark things. We'll need that. So, you won't be turned into my Plague Soldiers yet. You can redeem yourselves."

She looks over her shoulder. "Enter. Do your tactical briefing as you were to do in the first place. We're going to pretend this didn't happen. Except the bit where I told you what happens when you upset me. Remember that part. Then you'll go through the portal and be in grips with the enemy. Just avoid killing each other until then."

She growls and walks off, rudely shoving past Naithan. (Was that your name? Turalisj's character?)

2010-12-08, 01:26 AM
Pathis turns to face El-Hamin. 'Well then. Are we ready? If you would prefer to have a prearranged cambat system, I suggest that Naitan comes in from behind, perhaps while the majority of us move in from the front? What do you think?'

Rob Roy
2010-12-08, 01:30 AM
"Nathair is an assassin, he can get in and out quickly, if anything we should sent him ahead as a scout" interjected Orgash.

2010-12-08, 01:32 AM
'That's waht I meant. He should go ahead, maintaining cover, and then join the battle from beyond the opposition to cut off any escape route.'

2010-12-08, 01:33 AM
"Tactics cannot be applies to everything beforehand. The proper response to a situation varies depending on said situation; especially in a squad such as ours," Revon says, rather condescendingly. "No plan survives contact with the enemy. We go into the portal with minimal knowledge; establishing any sort of tactics beyond 'you hit them with your sword,' or 'you shoot them with your bow' is just asking to lose."
"What we need to establish are our tactics outside of combat; but this can be discussed after our briefing." He looks at El-Hamin. "After you, captain."

Rob Roy
2010-12-08, 01:35 AM
Ah, I thought you meant that we march ahead while he looks back to see if we are being followed. said Orgash, with comprehension dawning on him.

2010-12-08, 01:38 AM
'I'm sorry. I should have made myslef more clear. Commander, shall we leave?'

Rob Roy
2010-12-08, 01:45 AM
"We need to find some sort of group lineup that makes the fact that we're all insane a strength instead of a weakness. In addition, you won't be randomly attacking walls and pointing weapons at the rest of us anymore will you?" said in a violent, and questioning manner. Though it didn't sound as near a psychotic as he sounded before his "pleasant" experience with the horrifying poison. Indeed, there was a sound of fear in his voice, though it most likely was because of the medic rather than Pathis.

2010-12-08, 01:49 AM
Pathis grits his teeth.
' I will try. I can't promise any more than that.'

2010-12-08, 02:57 AM
"Major." he says bluntly, a glazed look over his face."They promoted me when I was inducted into the Imperial Court." Snapping to he regains focus, and slightly harsher he says Evan speaks true. I trust you all are capable of accepting my experience as enough proof that I will not lead you astray in combat. Let's get this briefing over with and end this day. El-Hamin moves to the entrance, awaiting his squad to join him.

2010-12-08, 03:09 AM
Pathis follows, standing at attention.

2010-12-08, 08:09 AM
OOC: Breaking this into spoilers, to diminish the wall-of-text feel. Feel free to read all of it, the only part you absolutely must read is your own deployment orders, which will be labeled as such. Although you are probably pretty lost if you don't read "The Command Tent" intro to learn who General Horus is.

The Command Tent

The command tent is a large, domed canvas structure that reaches twenty feet high. It's dominated by a large table in the middle, containing a map.

OOC: Any of you educated in Knowledge (Geography) perceive it to be a map of Sehvor, the continental homeland of the Sehmet Empire back on Dorin.

Around this map are seven individuals in quiet debate, four squires holding books, maps, scrolls, and communiques, three spellcasters projecting illusory replicas of whatever the generals in the center want, and two odd, robed men, who occasionally make a comment but otherwise hold their silence. Sixteen people in total.

You enter, and a Squire raises a hand to bid that you be silent. Twenty seconds later, he taps a general's shoulder once. Four of the other figures he was talking with do a small bow and leave. You note that every single one of them bears a symbol of the Bleakmoon clan, penned over a statute of rank.

The remaining three figures wait a moment as they leave. The spellcasters converse and the images dissipate. The most commanding figure in the tent, you recognize as General Abaddon.

He motions to the map of Dorin, and a red arrowhead appears magically above a spot to the north of the continent. It is about a week's ride south of the recognized northern sub-continent, where the Orcish hordes brew and breed.

General Operational Objectives
General Abaddon explains without preamble. "This is a spot we are designating as our landing zone. It's a gamble. Either the Alien has occupied our lands and is attempting to leave the Orc hordes alone, and the Orcs are well enough behind their recognized boarders, or the Alien is attempting to exterminate the Orc as they thought to exterminate us, and we're moving our armies into a warzone."

Abaddon allows this to sink in, carefully watching you all.

"Either way is plausibly a win win. If we show up and the Alien has minimal presence along this boarder, we can begin instigating the Orcs into combat with the Alien, using them to screen our own activities. We can also begin deploying while raiding for supplies unmolested and immediately, reclaiming the immediate settlements in the northern reaches of our former empire."

Abaddon grins. It looks like a grimace. Sharpened teeth display prominently. "If, however, the Alien has deployed his forces, they will be locked in fortifications that they have erected to prevent Orcish attack. We can isolate these fortifications, and then lay siege to them as our time allows. Best case scenario, in panic and surprise, they meet us in the field."

Abaddon growls happily at the thought. "And then we kill them all."

Your Deployment Orders

At this point, the figure to the right of General Abaddon steps forward and motions you to circle around the map table and take it in. The person in question looks like a fearsome warrior: interlocking metal plates the color of burnished bronze form a rare suit of full plate armor, and he sports a monstrous composite longbow, as well as an odd warhammer/battle axe hybrid that's mounted on a half-stave. He is easily seven feet, and his thick features and pugnacious jaw combined with his shaven scalp give you the impression of a juggernaut, an implacable warfighter. Nonetheless, his voice is calm and quiet, no louder than it has to be to reach your ears, and despite his warrior stature, the clear erudite tone of a lifelong intellectual is perceivable.

"I am General Horus, the Overwatch General of all special forces. I decide your deployments. I'm the most experienced individual remaining to our people with special forces training, and have personally arranged to have the six of you working together."

He sighs and closes his eyes momentarily. "I understand that there has been a brief hiccup with regards to this. Allow me to personally vouch for some of my choices, if only so that you may fight with faith regarding to those at your side. Pathis' sanity is well within acceptable deviations. For the time being, you will not take it upon yourselves to, 'put him down.'"

He turns to Orgash. "I understood there would be issues with you. And that they would be worked out. Your violent nature is known to me. Things have been worked out."

He turns to the rest of you. "Smooth sailing from here. Remember that out in the field, these are the men who die for you. Without them, you cannot fulfill your duty and drive the Alien back. Without them, you cannot right the egregious wrong that has been done to us. You are all very talented. None of you alone is sufficient to do what I need of you - and, more importantly, what your people need of you. Untold millions are still alive to count on you. To let them down would be a thing your soul will hate itself for in death."

He sighs and indicates the map. "Barring some extreme and urgent strategic alteration in our expected enemy deployment, your primary objective is to go to the settlement of Alede. You will mingle with the enemy civilians there to get a feel for their condition, survey the enemies assets, defenses, and patrols at length, and come up with a recommendation for General Abaddon here as to what to do. You will perform any acts of sabotage while there that you think will make the retaking of the settlement easy. Our desire is to obtain badly needed resources from the settlements. The enemy must not be besieged, else they consume the resources. Find me a clear and decisive victory in Alede, and then do the same in Palanth & Corae. We suspect it will take you roughly three weeks to accomplish this, in which time your point of arrival will have been turned into a fortified relay outpost."

Any of you who look at the map see that the settlements General Horus speaks of. They are roughly fifty six miles south of your drop zone, deep in the Alcerat mountains. The settlements themselves are deep in the most thickly forested woodland in all the empire, a woodland specifically allowed to grow overlarge so that it could be used as lumber by future generations. Conditions in wood like that will entail visibility going no more than three hundred feet at best, and the undergrowth will make the movement of mounts impossible. The woodland stretches for six hundred miles to the east and west, posing a barrier almost as difficult as the Alcerat mountains themselves, where the army is delivering themselves. Mounts will be near impossible to use, even if your people had any, although it will prevent the enemy from using the mounts that they definitely have, including to run pleas for help.

The settlements are built into the woodland, and are all within about sixty miles of one another, four days foot travel if you make good pace. These settlements were large, and provide home from a hundred and fifty thousand a piece. Those of you with Knowledge: Geography and/or Knowledge: Nature can roll to learn more of this environ.

General Horus has pulled out a box, each containing medals. His massive figure strides gracefully (and, to those mindful enough to note, silently!) over to you in his full plate. He sets the medallions on each of you.

"You'd best keep these on. These determine your drop zones. Without them on, we don't actually know where you'll end up. As a secondary effect, you can send a 25 word message to us using these medallions, once a day. As a tertiary effect, it can teleport you and one individual you touch here. Into this command tent. A word of warning. If you do that, I want the news that ends the war. The teleportation effect isn't for you to get away with your lives if you get over your head. The teleportation effect is to that if you discover something urgent, you can tell me, General Abaddon, or even Warmaster Arladius, personally. Woe betide you if you misuse that: if it's not news of their god walking the earth as an avatar of war poised to slaughter us, don't use it. That last ability has exactly one use, and it ruins all the other uses of the medallion."

He has adorned each of you in these medallions as he finishes saying that. They aren't much to look at: silver chains with heavy platinum discs. They throb with power in time with your own hearts, however.

"Are there any questions?"

2010-12-08, 10:16 AM
"Yes, General, I have a question." Waiting for permission to speak ((and assuming it is granted)), Revon leans over the map, tapping a finger on the dense woodlands. "We do, of course, not know what may have changed during the fourteen years the Alien has had to twist the land, but from what I know, this woodland will take much longer than that to traverse; especially if it rains, which depending on the season it very well might.
He runs his hand over the map, up to the mountains. "Our hunting may have driven some of the creatures that inhabited that area away, but there's no knowing whether the Alien have kept up that practice; not to mention that the Iso lily is likely to fuel their predatory instincts. Again, our people may have known enough to regularly scour the area for Iso lily, but I doubt the Alien were even aware of it, not to mention its effects.
Lifting one hand to rub his chin, he adds: "And the terrain itself is treacherous. Again, assuming a cold and wet season, we'd need changes of dry clothing, shelter every night, and enough fuel to keep the fire going in such a damp environment. And the effects of the Iso lily on humans are recorded to be dangerous as well.
To conclude, he straightens his back, locking hands behind it, before saying: "I have much experience with traversing wilderness. On my own, I might be able to make it in days, but with two giants and a guy in heavy plate, my estimate is that this will take at least two times the time you've allotted to us, probably three times. Sir."

2010-12-08, 10:53 AM
Then we had better run fast to get there. Nathair said simply from behind Revon.

2010-12-08, 02:32 PM
'And we don't have much time to waste. Time to go.' Said Pathis from his position to the side of El-Hamin.

2010-12-08, 02:53 PM
El-Hamin surveyed the map, eyes moving quickly, estimating distances and calculating. Logistics. The one thing command was guaranteed to get wrong. They'll get us killed this way... he thinks to himself. still..

"Sir, he's correct. Even if the Alien maintained the forest, it would take us at least a week to get to Alede. Counting the time it takes to return to the outpost, any information we receive from Alede will be useless, because of the haste necessary. Sir, that is only Alede. We won't have the time to make it to Palanth and Corae. General, I request an extension of the time frame, If nothing else, it will ensure our information is perfect.

Straightening himself he looks to Revan and concludes, "Movement as a single unit will be slow, though a two man team moving ahead of the unit would save time in terms of reconnaissance, and it would be easier to explain to the local townspeople than a friendly six man deathsquad. You and Nathair should move ahead, determine the situation at Alede. Myself and the rest of the unit will travel as quickly as possible to Alede." Looking first to Orgrash then to General Horus he added, "That is if I'm allowed to lead my own men of course."

2010-12-08, 03:11 PM
Nathair didn't speak, but only watched the others speak, his arms crossed. To those observant, the could notice a subtle twitching of his fingers, directed towards General Horus. Should I let them know about my skill set? Or would you rather they not find out until absolutely needed?

[roll0] vs anyone else but Horus who might see what Nathair is saying. Using the sign language if it wasn't clear.

2010-12-08, 04:21 PM
"General Horus, sir," Nathair said. The tone of his voice was... different. Whereas before it was laid back and relaxed, even timid, now he was speaking with a crisp sharpness one would expect from a fresh special operations recruit. "I would like some time to explain to my... fellow soldiers just what my abilities are. And then, after that, I would like to suggest that an hour of sparring be allowed. It is my theory that everyone on this team has a distrust of each other, and only by being allowed some time to vent that distrust and frustration will we be able to effectively operate as the team we need to be. Sir."

2010-12-08, 04:35 PM
General Horus looks to Nathair, pursing his lips thoughtfully. After a moment of contemplation and consideration, he nods in approval.

"Plausible. I can keep Valentine on standby in case you get out of hand. Meantime, there is a solid five hours before your gate deployment. An hour of sparring could be done. Do discuss your abilities at some length. Showcase them to one another how you can. You should all do so. Identify the team members you should be working the most closely with. Nathair, for instance, your toxins weaken the enemy considerably and would best be used on enemies Revon and El-Hamin are targeting. The two of them are not purely warriors - and good riddance, your group has many of those. Meanwhile, your scouting can also factor in where you can tell Victor to position, where he'll be out of reach and have a solid field of fire."

General Horus looks to the map, then sighs in disappointment and looks to Revon. "Revon? If this commando business proves not to your liking, feel free to talk with the Intelligence department. They need more intelligence. You have Intelligence and intelligence."

He turns to the rest of you.

"I'll give you the time you need. You have ten weeks to secure this objective. Your people really cannot wait any longer for those supplies and the recon information that will beget them. Remember, your job is to scope it out. If the army can handle the place, let the army do so. Sabotage and personal involvement should be considered only if necessary to allow the army to do such. Assume the army will be capable of an outright assault on the walls and gates without being detected until they are on top of the settlements, and that we will attack with two thousand strong."

2010-12-08, 04:49 PM
Nathair nodded. "Then I'll be clear about my abilities." He began to take dozens of hidden throwing blades out of his sleeves, from inside of his shirt, and from in his pants, laying them on the table. He also took out small vials of liquid, some clear, some of various other colors, and put those on the table. He fiddled with something on his left wrist and pulled out a gauntlet-blade contraption. Finally, he took out the case that was on his back, removed the violin from it's place, and opened up the compartment, taking out a dismantled hand crossbow.

"I am an assassin. I kill people, I lie to people, I destroy people. Not as any of you do. You will not see me on the battlefield except as a mirage, a fleeting image to be forgotten as soon as it is seen. My way of killing is not as 'noble' as straight up combat. It is something that forever curses you to seeing others as targets and non-targets. What the General said is true, my toxins can aide you. I can create poisons that will dull your mind, cause your insides to liquefy, or sap your strength. Or, as Pathis has already found out, remove you from the conscious world for a time.

I do not ask that you treat me as a 'brother' or even a friend, only that you know of my talents."

2010-12-08, 04:50 PM
Viktor shakes his head at Nathairs suggestion. "Discipline and trust are not built by crossing blades," he responds, louder than he intended. "And despite evidence to the contrary, I am not a walking suit of metal, though storing and re-assembling the armor may prove problematic," he adds with a tone of amusement, though the skull of his helm predictably remained expressionless. "Is it possible to requisition a skeletal assistant to aid the mission?"

2010-12-08, 05:00 PM
Horus looks at Victor and chuckles.

"Consider it done. It will rendezvous with you at the portal."

He pauses for a moment. "You can abstain from the, 'crossing of blades' should you wish."

2010-12-08, 05:06 PM
Nodding his head in response to the General's words, Revon answers with a simple "Thank you, sir," before regaining his composure. "If I may, I would like to be given leave to retire. If we still have five hours to spare, I believe my time will be best spent searching for as much information as can be found regarding our destination."

2010-12-08, 05:21 PM
a bemused look upon his face, El-Hamin regards the assassin. "Your talents have been noted." to Revon he says "I am unfamiliar with the north, my commission kept me on the southern plains. I will accompany you."

2010-12-08, 05:33 PM
[My previous post was supposed to come before Brom's... not sure how it was delayed]

"All who are sworn to the Empire are brothers to me," Victor replies to Nathair's disclaimer. "If we are to spar, I shall attend as well."

2010-12-08, 05:33 PM
"If any wish to spar, I will be at the training grounds. Feel free to bring your weapons and armor, but I will not use my poisons." The ninja said after putting away his gear. "By your grace General, if we may be dismissed?"

2010-12-08, 06:02 PM
Pathis follows Nathair. 'If you are willing, I would join you...'

2010-12-08, 06:13 PM
Horus turns away from you, speaking one final thing. "This is not a time for weakness or fault. Bury your pride, and you may be the ones who get to bury a blade in the neck of the Alien Emperor. Fight, and fight to win, by every means available."

Abaddon growls, his pointed teeth flashing. "Dismissed."

Rob Roy
2010-12-08, 06:50 PM
Orgash follows them both."If there's any violence to be done, I'll be there."

2010-12-08, 08:42 PM
OOC: Group Actions Allow me to see if I have this straight:

El-Hamin and Revon are looking at the map.
Pathis, Victor, Orgash, and Nathair are sparring.

Anyone doing anything else to occupy themselves for the next several hours, or should I fast-forward to the deployment through the portal?

2010-12-08, 08:43 PM
Viktor turned to leave, and then turned back to face the Generals as his slower mind finally comes up with a question. "If the opportunity for our party to completely destroy the towns defenses and force a surrender, shall we sieze it? No servant of the Empire shall fall if I can help it, and sparing the bloodshed of an assault would save many of our Battle Brothers' lives."

2010-12-08, 09:02 PM
El-Hamin smiles slightly. He was beginning to like this Viktor character. "If we do find Aliens who think as ourselves we could attempt to topple the local authority with minimal Sehmetian blood. Possibly gain control of the entire forest before our real troops are even sent out." He said said, looking up from the map.

2010-12-08, 09:19 PM
Abaddon takes pause, and Horus looks at him. The two exchange comments for a while in sign language, not allowing your party to see this discussion. Horus, in particular, makes no effort to turn away from you, but goes through the gestures of such so quickly that it's indiscernible.

After a minute, Horus turns to you.

"...Yes. If you were able to take even one town without dying, you would ensure full measure of resources. You would have to think of a way to deal with their civilians, however, because our primary necessities are foodstuffs and ammunition, and if at all possible, horses so we can start active, fast moving recon formations. The Alien is very fond of the horse."

Horus pauses, seemingly deep in thought. "I am not sure what such a possibility would look like though. Still, these things often come up. Be vigilant, and you may well get the glorious killing blow you're looking for. Anything that results in more resources left over is a victory."

Horus glowers, and then confers in sign with Abaddon for a moment, who merely nods. "I'll share a secret. We have more men than we can feed. We would rather take these settlements with egregious casualties and seize their resources wholly than suffer minimal casualties but only get a third of what we could have in resources. This is particularly true with the Novitiates training under Arladius becoming particularly powerful: every fallen member shall be given new form in undeath. Do not share this knowledge: it would cripple morale."

2010-12-08, 09:40 PM
"Sir, when I requested more time, I did so because the capturing of those settlements was my intent the entire time. Not just capture them sir, but that they would willingly support our men. I said it would ensure perfect information sir. Ten weeks and I'll give you that."

2010-12-08, 09:43 PM
The glowing ruby lenses of Viktor's skull dim at the news. "Slaughter is not the answer to Logsitics! The land of Our Empire shall provide for our needs," he growls through his helm, and immediately turns about-face and walks off.

2010-12-08, 09:48 PM
Horus grins appreciatively to you, El-Hamin.

"Ambitious. Good. I can work with ambition. I just hope this isn't to overcompensate for the losing battles in which you were a leader. The past is the past. This a new dawn, and we shall paint it red with the blood of our enemies."

He does nothing but sigh as Victor leaves.

2010-12-08, 10:58 PM
Engrossed in the map, Revon speaks up"I might be able to cover this in one day. From the portal, here..." he traces a line on the map with his finger, "to Alede." Looking up, he regards El-Hamin and anyone else still present ((did the rest of the squad leave for the training grounds?))
"That would make it possible for me to assess the situation beforehand, as we'd discussed. How long do you think it would take the rest of you to catch up?"

2010-12-09, 01:42 AM
looking back to the map El-Hamin replies, I certainly hope you can make in one day. We'll be arriving late the following day."

"What is this Iso Lily you mentioned before? As I said I'm unfamiliar with the north."

2010-12-09, 01:56 AM
"It's a flower native to the northern forests. During rain, it secretes a gas-like substance that's know to fuel predatory instincts in creatures, ranging from large cats to ogres. Drives them absolutely crazy. It's suspected to have rather adverse affects on humans as well, but I don't recall any definitive example of such a thing ever occurring," Revon explains, engrossed in the map.

2010-12-09, 04:30 PM
The hours pass as each of you attempts to make the best use of their time, bracing minds and stretching out bodies. The high noon sun begins to set; the low light of evening comes and the great war city of Dawntread is alight with torches, pushing away the dark with the fervor of men done wrong.

When the time comes to assemble, it happens without preamble. Skeleton riders in purple & blue livery and cowling gather the men, spreading word in sibilant voices: "Arladius wishes to turn you loose upon the Alien now, to let you do as you feel you must."

"Gather at the portal. Commandos dominate the inner ring. General platoons get the outside ring."

The skeletal rider affixes you with a baleful glance when speaking of commandos, and then rides off. Cheers and great, blood lust filled cries of war soon fill the camp. Generals soon come out to add some order to the procession, each resplendent commander using sheer weight of voice and command to turn whooping soldiers into a disciplined gathering.

By the time the Generals have lead their men to the base of the Portal, men are moving universally in lockstep, and the ground shakes with the disturbingly synchronized movement in such a way that you feel your body has a second heart beat. Seven miles, filled with soldiers, all moving in time with one another as the sound carries and sets the pace, rolling in on the Portal.

Once you arrive, the inner ring is dominated by about four hundred commandos, each an unusually armed individual possessing weapons of great quality, with fierce demeanor.

The outer ring...is dominated by hundreds of thousands, and covers two miles, following a concentric path around you. No one would have guessed that the Clans still had this to muster. Looking through the gaps in the regiments, you see an even greater force take position...

...The deathless Legions of Arladius, polearms strapped to blue-black flags which fly in the air like pennants, massive longbows held in most of their skeletal hands, vast swords in others. This third force is larger than the first two combined.

In the center of these inward facing rings is the Portal, and standing nearest to the Portal is Arladius. The commandos are close enough to see him: he is a man who, while distinctive, does not seem as if he would carry the power he does. He is 5'8, with long, greasy black hair coming down to his shoulders. His features are pallid and twisted in a cruel mask from a life spent suffering to make others suffer. His bones feature prominently. When he speaks, his voice carries effortlessly, however.

"My brothers of Sehmet, were there not an Alien to drive out, I would embrace you all! The sacrifice you are about to make shall be one of blood - not yours, but the enemies! The war we now wage is one of justice - a righting of wrongs that is too long in coming. We should have done this fourteen years ago, at the height of our power! Had we known."

He pauses to let his words sink in. As he speaks, he gesticulates dramatically. You're watching a master-class Orator, and the commandos whom you can see are visibly moved.

"So it is with that in mind that I say: they must pay the cost for what they have done to us, with fourteen years interest, and I think being purged off Dorin entirely is a good down payment. Who is with me? Who is here to make the Alien pay?"

Roars roll from the crowd, and he gestures, a black lance of energy leaping from his hand to the Portal behind him, which he does not so much as turn to face, keeping his eyes in a feral snarl on the crowd, mirroring the bloodlust of the crowds. The portal pulses once, crackling and sparking, blurring, before a sonic detonation of the same black energy pulses outwards, rendering the gate the color of hellfire.

"They have burned our Empire to ashes! And so we must make them unto ash! They have stolen what is ours! And thus we must take our birth rights! Seize the day! Seize the enemy by the throat! This conquest is not for me - it is for you, brothers, and I am gladly the architect who paves the path for your worthy vengeance!"

Huge roars of approval, and the generals begin to surge forth. You hear their soldiers, still in lockstep, behind you, and the skeletal legions moving forth also. You see commandos moving forth now, forming into their units and sprinting towards the Portal. Arladius turns and faces the gate.

"For the Sehmet! In the name of the empire!"

Arladius swells in size, growing to the size of three men, and bone armored plates cover him. In his hands, a great scythe, a legendary weapon known as Manreaper, appears. Black necromantic flame dances in harsh contrast to the roiling hellfire of the portal.

He charges in with a roar, leading your host onwards.

On a partially related note, Victor, two skeletal squires have showed up besides you, unnoticed in the drama, and they now look to your lead.

2010-12-09, 06:55 PM
This is it, Revon thought, and he could feel that the rest of the soldiers were thinking much along the same lines. He looked at the rest of his squadron with a slight smile. "After you, Captain."

Rob Roy
2010-12-09, 06:58 PM
Wonderful Orgash thought. We will spill so much blood.

2010-12-09, 07:39 PM
"So... it begins..." Nathair thought. His arm was still a bit bruised and his ribs had pretty much healed, but he was still a tad sore from the sparring earlier. At least he found out how well he compared to one other person in the team.

2010-12-10, 01:06 PM
Up ahead of you, there is a second thunderous retort from the gate. The first of the commandos come within fifteen feet of the monstrous swirling hellfire, and disappear. A black pulse of necromantic energy surges forth from the gate.

You somehow feel the souls of those who willfully damned themselves to this state coiling over your body and weapons. For a torturous second, all you can hear is a horrid shriek as Martyrs explain their existence to you in ways you can only half-comprehend.

{OOC: Your weapons gain the Merciless quality. On any successful attack, your weapon surges forth in your hand and finds blood once more. This can only happen once per round.

You are infused with the strength of the damned who have turned their souls into infusions of power for this very purpose. You gain a +3 bonus to all weapon damage and attack rolls, and a +2 profane bonus to armor class. This benefit lasts for the next five days as the shrieking soul coils itself around your own spirit. You can dismiss this any time you want.}

2010-12-10, 11:26 PM
While the armies assembled Viktor scanned the ranks for any of his brethren in the House of Kickass, specifically the massive form of his once-dead Father. But, once Arladius began speaking, he listened intently, taking in the rhetoric as fuel for his Zeal.

"The Emperor is with us even in death, through Arladius his chosen scion! We shall Prevail!" Viktor shouts clearly over the din of the army. "Forward Brothers! Into the Malestrom of Battle!" Psyched up and driven by the Guiding Veteran's spirit, he charges toward the portal for deployment.

[A shame only NPCs can gain the benefits from becoming a Fanatic... If Viktor weren't a PC, he'd be getting a +2 to STR, CON, +1 to Will, and -1 AC for the next [Arladius's CHA modifier] days about now.]

Rob Roy
2010-12-10, 11:39 PM
"Even the Damned help us in our slaughter. The invader shall soon feel pain that there puny bodies will be unable to tolerate and that there minds won't be able to comprehend!" Orgash yelled above the shrieks of the damned souls."I can already hear there shrieks of pain as they refuse to accept their rightful fate. They will receive this fate, and it will be worse than death itself" Orgash whispered to himself with a sadistic look in his eye.

2010-12-12, 01:12 PM
As the lines were forming up, El-Hamin pulled from his small haversack his relic blade of the Sehmet court. Soon you will again feel the warmth of our lands. Too long you've slumbered in this waste. Strapping on the blade, he felt the air, already thick with anticipation, tighten as silence befell the amassed army, Arladius' voice overwhelming his senses. Politicians. As Arladius gave his final cry he steeled himself, the moment he'd awaited for 14 years approaching at last. For the Emperor. "Major" He grunted, hearing Revon over the cacophony of the scene.

2010-12-12, 01:45 PM
Nathair did not join in the shouting. He stood there quietly, waiting for orders. This was it. They were going to take back their lands and remove the filth that had infected it.

2010-12-13, 06:37 PM
Your squad surges forth. As the mass of commandos and the fastest of the soldier legions arrive, the press of bodies begins to separate you. You even lose sight of one another. As you approach the swirling hellfire, a moment of fear occurs where you realize you're about to run headlong into a roiling lake of fire swirling vertically in the air.

You need not fear, though: as you approach the hellfire, a lance of flame strikes out, blanketing the entire area where you stand, and all goes to red. All you can hear is the roaring of the flame. It occurs to you that maybe you are being burned alive, and yet you feel no pain, only immense disorientation.

You can choose if you look through the sheen of fire surrounding you. Looking out through the flame, you see maddening, bewildering sights: colossal buildings floating in a black void, alien creatures with four legs and a giant mouth fighting with a giant worm, yourselves lying dead, impaled on an Alien spear.

It must have only been an instant. You find yourself on a cliff, looking down over a sloping mountain, a rock overhang under your feet. Further down the slope, a sparse forest begins and quickly turns into an immense, overgrown labyrinth. Beside you is all of your comrades.

The air, however. The air could make you cry.

It smells like home.

Rob Roy
2010-12-13, 06:59 PM
"Did you see those monstrous four legged things?" Orgash asked the rest of the party. "There's an ill omen in this."

2010-12-13, 09:19 PM
Viktor Kickass stood tall in his shining armor once he emerged, hefting his crossbow. I saw nothing that I would not be afraid to face for our Emperor," he answered Orgash's concern. "With all haste! To the Objective Point and Claim it in the name of the Empire!"

Rob Roy
2010-12-13, 09:23 PM
"You would not be afraid to face your death at the hands of the enemy? If we die we all fail, you must realize this" Orgash muttered under his breath as he followed Victor.

2010-12-14, 12:50 AM
Pathis shrugs his shoulders and begins to walk.
'Shall we?'

Rob Roy
2010-12-14, 12:51 AM
"Of course, Crazy, nothing to do but go through" said Orgash.

2010-12-14, 12:52 AM
"This from the man who would strike a woman." Nathair said under his breath.

Rob Roy
2010-12-14, 12:55 AM
"Cease talking Nathair, I'm sure you've killed many more than I've attacked" Orgash muttered in response.

2010-12-14, 01:18 AM
His heart ached. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply. At last he was home. "Quiet. Revan move out." He pulled his relic blade from its scabbard. It hadn't left its scabbard in fourteen years, for El-Hamin refused to expose it to Calar. The blade now hummed slightly, reacting to the environment, recognizing home."We move fast. My blade hungers for the blood of the Alien. Purge it from this world! We will deal with those monstrosities when they come."

Rob Roy
2010-12-14, 01:20 AM
"Indeed, and may we eventually purge them from all other worlds, even there own!" Orgash yelled.

2010-12-14, 01:22 AM
You're all fairly sure that everything you saw is in some other place, far removed, and that you merely traversed some insane ocean in which they swam, and that your world is an island safe haven.

Going forward, you have to begin dealing with a way to get down the cliff. You did not arrive at a terribly convenient place: it is somewhat inaccessible, situated on a rocky overhang built into the cliff, with the mountain sloping down before you. You're not sure if this was error in applying the newfound magic on a mass scale, or a deliberate (and possibly foolish) decision on the part of Command. Horus would doubtless know.

It seems the best way to get down would be to set up a rope and rappel down onto the slope below the cliff.

2010-12-14, 04:35 AM
Viktor drops down and looks over the edge, attempting to estimate the distance from the edge of the overhang to the slope of the mountain.

2010-12-14, 05:14 AM
It's quickly clear that it's a solid 50-60 foot drop.

2010-12-14, 05:24 AM
Presuming that it does not look overwhelmingly hard to climb down, Pathis climbs down.
Atheletics Check:

2010-12-14, 05:25 AM
It's going to take a while, but yes, a 31 is a sufficiently high result to see you down the face of the cliff. Well done.

You get onto the slope. You'll have to move slowly down the slope, or else make Balance (acrobatics?) checks.

2010-12-14, 06:02 AM
Viktor doesn't even bother to climb. After standing up from his prone position, he jumps down to the bottom, trusting in his faith, armor, and legendary endurance to see him safely to the bottom.

With an audible crash, he stands up from his impact point with only a mild bruise and headache to show for his impact, checks to make sure his armor didn't get too dusty, and measures the resulting crater. ...Or, he just rolls down the mountainside after impact with the ledge. WHEEEEE!!!!
Jump Check to negate 10 ft damage: [roll0]
Assuming a 60' drop, potential damage recieved: [roll1]
...What do I roll to determine crater size?

Total: 4 damage negated by jump check, 5 damage negated by Damage Reduction, 6 converted to Nonlethal due to successful jump check(Not that it matters), Total: 8 Lethal, 6 nonlethal. Or, 1 nonlethal and 13 lethal.

2010-12-14, 03:47 PM
"Amateur." Nathair snorted. He began climbing down the cliff, grabbing onto the smallest of hand holds, moving at a rate that would get anyone untrained killed. About 30ft down, he jumped from his position, going into a spinning dive that ended with him rolling along the ground to cushion the impact of the fall. "That's how you move quickly down a sheer cliff." He said to the brute.

Speed Climb 30ft down the cliff face.
[roll0] jump check, +4 from Great Leap
[roll1] tumble check to cushion the damage.

2010-12-14, 04:22 PM
Pathis looks back at Nathair.

Rob Roy
2010-12-14, 07:27 PM
Orgash, after seeing Victor roll down the cliff, decides to climb down instead.


2010-12-15, 04:33 AM
All right. What is your lot of unlikely heroes doing now that you're on the slopes?

2010-12-15, 09:09 AM
Viktor heads to the objective at the fastest possible pace. Even if it means going head-over-heels down the slope. The occassional 10 ft of falling damage he might take from such action should be completely negated by his armor's DR, and the potential 6th point of damage would be negated by his Vigor Aura.

2010-12-15, 03:11 PM
Pathis will follow, cautiously.

2010-12-22, 12:03 AM
OOC: Going to assume you guys are waiting on my post to describe what happens.

Using various means - be it your personal toughness or your fleet-footed expertise - your commando squad descends, unimpeded by a mere mountain. You, after all, have an entire race to displace and a schedule to keep.

Revon, your party scout, is quickly off ahead of you. (I'll allow you to decide, Revon, if you leave them wholly behind or try to plan with Nathain. Not sure which plan you all wanted to implement.)

It is only a mile of travel to the base of the mountain and into deep forest. Strange smells float to your nostrils, and in the distance, leaves rustle. You hear the movements of large creatures around, ahead, and above you at various points, none coming close. You hear faint animal cries as well.

(You may roll Spot checks if you'd like.)

The trees here are astonishingly tall and obvious old. This place is soaked, and wet, sodden leaves and dirt bend under your collective boot soles. You can tell that it gets darker further in. Treat illumination as shadowy while here (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/exploration.htm#visionAndLight).

In some places, you know the overhead foliage may entirely block out the sun of this world.

Going down the mountain, you realized it was about 3 PM anyways. You're chasing daylight. The sun was headed for the horizon and you figure you have about three or four hours of travel before nightfall.

What are you up to?

2010-12-22, 01:57 PM
Forward! Pathis straigtens his armor and continues walking.