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2010-12-09, 01:44 PM
This is a call out for some help with a magic item that is cursed.

After killing a dire wolverine and searching its burrow, my parties ranger found some loot, part of which was a magical brooch. Said brooch is from a kingdom far away which only works for the right blood line/right person/mindset/etc.

All of my creativity is wrapped up at the moment in the plot and bad guy and would like some help with nifty ideas for what said item could do, dont want it to be vicious like a scarab of death or the like, but an item with backlash or flaws. Any and all help with this would be appreciated.

Oh, the person it belonged to is a now dead swordsman who used a defensive fighting dagger and Rapier. Just incase that might spark any ideas.

2010-12-09, 02:16 PM
1. The item is enchanted against theft. As such, it alerts those around it to its stolen nature. (This can either be direct or subtle; personally I favor the idea of the party constantly getting shifty looks and guards following them unusually closely until they get rid of it. Getting rid of it may prove hard, because if they try to sell it, the merchant will refuse, saying it looks too shifty and might be hot.)


3. It attracts attacks, making nearby enemies more likely to go for the wearer.

4. It convinces enemies that it is an artifact of incredible power, leading the party to be ambushed and betrayed more often.

2010-12-09, 02:22 PM
I remember hearing about an annoying cursed item called a "Rug of Mothering." Basically, it would constantly browbeat its owner about "motherly" things (Did you wash behind your ears? Remember to eat your vegetables? Why wont you settle down and get married?! etc.)

Maybe this item could do that, as well as being some sort of strong protective item (maybe a scarab of protection, or an infinate brooch of shielding.)

2010-12-09, 03:05 PM
I'd make it enhance divinations, such that when worn any divination spell trying to find it or the bearer always works extremely well and gets improved. Furthermore, when the wearer rolls a 1 to hit, they attack themselves and always do full sneak attack damage, plus it's considered a critical hit. Thus, it's good for dealing with thieves! On the right bloodline, it does something else (like shields against divinations and lets you deal double sneak attack damage on a successful critical hit). Identifying it tells you that's what it does in general.


2010-12-09, 07:11 PM
Interesting concepts with the drawing in of attacks or divination beacon. Still looking though, might take a few of these and mix them together, but still interested in more ideas.