View Full Version : The Order of the Stick - now in pencil-o-vision!

Glass Mouse
2010-12-16, 03:12 PM
A few months ago, I did this drawing of the OoTS team, to remember the good ol' days when they were still obliviously bumbling adventurers in #120.
However, instead of letting it rot on my hard drive, I thought I'd share.



2010-12-16, 03:52 PM
hmm, i like, except roy's face bugs me somehow, and Belkar should be stockier, I think. Less proportional.

Glass Mouse
2010-12-16, 06:07 PM
Roy's and Elan's faces were actually really hard to get right. Elan, especially, ended up looking stoned IMO (and, somehow, slightly Asian :smallconfused:).
What's wrong with Roy's face? (if you'd like to elaborate)

I see what you mean about Belkar. Mostly I was going by the proportions presented in the D&D PHB, but yeah. I guess he isn't your average halfling.

2010-12-16, 08:08 PM
Elan, especially, ended up looking stoned IMO

Just Elan? They all look stoned! Not a bad drawing though.

Glass Mouse
2010-12-17, 06:00 AM
Haha! I see what you mean!

I had (and still have) trouble drawing open mouths without them looking too anime-sque. So instead I chose.... stoner-smiles. Yeah, that was a good choice :smalltongue:

2010-12-17, 09:59 AM
looking at it more closely... his face is fat. he looks a lot like Michael Clarke Duncan when he gained weight for a role (green mile, daredevil) but the body is too toned.

he looks like this
http://www.allmoviephoto.com/photo/tom_hanks_michael_clarke_duncan_the_green_mile_001 .html

when he should look like this,

2010-12-17, 07:58 PM
Very nice except Belkar doesn't have enough knives. I mean, can you really have too many knives? :smallwink:

Glass Mouse
2010-12-17, 09:53 PM
I think I get what you mean. Thanks for elaborating :smallsmile:

Haha, true that! I do that with all my rogues - with careful writing-out of every hiding place, so I'm always ready to explain to my GM :smallwink:

But then again, with Belkar, you'd expect him to hide them so well that no one would ever suspect a thing before they felt the cold, stabbery touch of death!

*runs off to celebrate dodged bullets*