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2010-12-16, 05:26 PM

I made this for one of my classes. The assignment was to create a scene... any scene, original or from an existing work... and model it. The video itself was optional. Because I plan on going into game design, I went with a cave scene... I figured that if it turned out well, it could later be adapted to part of a level and if not it would atleast be a good learning experience. The project took me longer than I thought it would so it had to be scaled back a fair bit, but I'm still fairly happy with how it turned out.

For example, I had originally planned on having a second, smaller area connected to the one that is shown in the video through a series of tunnels. The torches, textures, and video setup were all tossed in at the last minute because the cave itself took longer than I had expected (the biggest pain being getting the ramp to look right). I had also wanted to add stalagtites and stalagmites and maybe a few crytstals or giant mushrooms or something (never really decided between the two honestly), but as I said... time constraints =/.

Anyways, I thought I'd upload it and get some input...

2010-12-16, 09:50 PM
Other than the horribly cliched opening and closing credits, pretty good. The wall textures could use more work, though it could partly be the video quality. It looks more like fog than walls.

2010-12-16, 11:33 PM
It might be partly that and the dim lighting probably didn't help things, but yeah... the textures were rushed and if I had more time (or if I go back to it later, I don't have access to the program right now), I'd put more time into getting them to look right.

As for the opening and closing, when I set it up for the Youtube upload, I only had access to Windows Movie Maker. Its not a big enough deal that I'm gonna bother redoing it just for that =P