View Full Version : Help a Dyslexic with the D&D 3.5 Magic item creation rules

2010-12-17, 08:31 PM
hi all as the text says i am dyslexic, i struggle to make magic items would be very greatful if someone could help talk me trough it.

Zeb The Troll
2010-12-31, 01:52 AM
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2010-12-31, 05:31 AM

Let's sum it up.

First your charakter needs the appropriate feat for each category of magic items. If you want to enchant weapons, you'll need 'craft magic arms and armor', if you want to create magic items, such as Boots of Elvenkind [1], you'll need 'craft wondrous items' and so on.

Each magic item has a price.

Let's look at the Boots of Elvenkind again: You need Craft wondrous items first, then it says Market Price is 2500 gp, so you need half of that as material components when creating it. This would be material worth 1250 gp in this case. You also pay 1/25 of the cost in XP, in this case 50 XP.
You also need at least 5 casterlevel for the Boots of Elvenkind, as is written in the description.

Other Items have spells in their discription. Let's look at Boots of Levitation [2]:
Market Price is 7500, Casterlevel 3rd, and levitate.
So you need material components worth 3750 gp, 150 XP, you must have at least 3 casterlevel and you have to cast levitate while creating it. It is also possible that a friend of yours casts it.

It takes some time.

you need an 8 hour workday for every 1000gp cost to create. Creating the Boots of Levitation would take 4 days.

For other Magic items the process is pretty much the same, feel free to ask. :smallsmile: